ARLHS World List of Lights (WLOL)

List of the world's lighthouses by the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society

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Lighthouse NameARLHS
CoordinatesGridsquareIOTA# of
Abbot's Harbour (Le Village Historique Acadien)
Abbot's Harbour, NS H
CAN 001Hist -Nova Scotia43° 39.0' N065° 50.0' WMapFN73cp--
Abbot's HarbourCAN 001HHist -Nova Scotia43° 39.0' N065° 50.0' WMapFN73cp--
Active Pass/Georgina Point (Mayne Island)
Georgina Point/Active Pass (Mayne Island), BC
CAN 002- -British Columbia48° 52.0' N123° 17.0' WMapCN88iu--
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 003- --------
Addenbroke IslandCAN 004- -British Columbia51° 36.0' N127° 52.0' WMapCO61bo--
Albert HeadCAN 005Hist -British Columbia48° 23.2' N123° 28.7' WMapCN88gj--
Alberton Inner Range FrontCAN 006- -Prince Edward Island46° 48.0' N064° 3.0' WMapFN76xt--
Alberton Inner Range RearCAN 007- -Prince Edward Island46° 48.0' N064° 3.0' WMapFN76xt--
Alberton Range FrontCAN 008Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 48.0' N064° 2.0' WMapFN76xt--
Alberton Range RearCAN 009Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 48.0' N064° 2.0' WMapFN76xt--
Amphitrite PointCAN 010- -British Columbia48° 55.0' N125° 32.0' WMapCN78fw--
Annandale Range Front/Banks Point
Banks Point/Annandale Range (Front), PE
CAN 011- -Prince Edward Island46° 16.0' N062° 25.0' WMapFN86tg--
Annandale Range Rear/Juniper Point
Juniper Point/Annandale Range (Rear), PE
CAN 012- -Prince Edward Island46° 16.0' N062° 25.0' WMapFN86tg--
AnnapolisCAN 013- -Nova Scotia44° 44.0' N065° 31.0' WMapFN74fr-1
Apple RiverCAN 014- -Nova Scotia45° 28.0' N064° 51.0' WMapFN75nl-1
Baccaro PointCAN 015Hist -Nova Scotia43° 27.0' N065° 28.0' WMapFN73gk--
Badgeley Island Range Rear/Badgeley Island (Georgian Bay)
Badgeley Island/Badgeley Island Range Rear (Georgian Bay), ON
CAN 016Hist -Ontario------
Balache Point Rear Range
Balache Point
CAN 017- -Nova Scotia45° 38.9' N061° 24.9' WMapFN95hp-1
Ballenas Island/Ballinac Islands
Ballinac Islands/Ballenas Island, BC
CAN 018Hist -British Columbia49° 21.0' N124° 10.0' WMapCN79wi--
Bare Point (Chemainus Bay)CAN 019Hist -British Columbia48° 56.0' N123° 42.0' WMapCN88dw--
Barret RockCAN 020Hist -British Columbia54° 15.0' N130° 21.0' WMapCO44tg--
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 021- --------
Basin Head HarbourCAN 022- -Prince Edward Island------
Bass RiverCAN 023- -Nova Scotia-----2
Battery Point BreakwaterCAN 024- -Nova Scotia44° 22.0' N064° 18.0' WMapFN74ui-1
BayswaterCAN 025- -New Brunswick------
Beach Point (Breakwater)CAN 026Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 1.0' N062° 29.0' WMapFN86sa--
Bear RiverCAN 027- -Nova Scotia-----1
Beaver IslandCAN 028- -Nova Scotia44° 49.0' N062° 20.0' WMapFN84ut--
Belle River BreakwaterCAN 029- -Prince Edward Island------
Belliveau's CoveCAN 030- -Nova Scotia44° 23.0' N066° 4.0' WMapFN64xj-1
Belyeas PointCAN 031- -New Brunswick-----1
Berens Island (Victoria Harbour)CAN 032Hist -British Columbia48° 25.0' N123° 24.0' WMapCN88hk--
Berry HeadCAN 033- -Nova Scotia45° 11.0' N061° 19.0' WMapFN95ie--
Betty IslandCAN 034- -Nova Scotia44° 26.0' N063° 46.0' WMapFN84ck-1
Big ShippaganCAN 035Hist -New Brunswick------
Big Tignish/Judes Point
Judes Point/Big Tignish, PE
CAN 036Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 56.8' N063° 59.7' WMapFN86aw-1
Big Tignish BreakwaterCAN 037Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 57.0' N064° 0.0' WMapFN86aw--
Bilhook Island (Front)CAN 038Hist -Prince Edward Island-----1
Bilhook Island (Rear)CAN 039- -Prince Edward Island------
Bird Rock/Rocher aux Oiseaux (Magdalen Islands)
Rocher aux Oiseaux/Bird Rock (Magdalen Islands), QC
CAN 040- -Quebec47° 50.3' N061° 8.7' WMapFN97ku--
Black PointCAN 041- -New Brunswick------
Black RockCAN 042- -Nova Scotia45° 10.0' N064° 46.0' WMapFN75oe-1
Black Rock Point (Bras d'Or Lake) (New)CAN 043Hist -Nova Scotia46° 18.0' N060° 23.0' WMapFN96th-1
Blind RiverCAN 044- -Ontario------
Bliss IslandCAN 045Hist -New Brunswick-----4
Blockhouse Point/Rocky Point - Charlottet
Rocky Point - Charlottet/Blockhouse Point, PE
CAN 046- -Prince Edward Island46° 11.0' N063° 8.0' WMapFN86ke-1
Boar's HeadCAN 047Hist -Nova Scotia44° 24.0' N066° 13.0' WMapFN64vj-1
Boat BluffCAN 048- -British Columbia52° 39.0' N128° 31.0' WMapCO52rp--
Boblo Island/Bois Blanc Island
Bois Blanc Island/Boblo Island, ON
CAN 049Hist -Ontario45° 45.0' N084° 28.0' WMapEN75ss--
Bonilla IslandCAN 050Hist -British Columbia53° 30.0' N130° 38.0' WMapCO43qm--
Port Borden BreakwaterCAN 051- -Prince Edward Island46° 15.0' N063° 42.0' WMapFN86dg--
Port Borden PierCAN 052Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 15.0' N063° 42.0' WMapFN86dg-4
Port Borden Range FrontCAN 053- -Prince Edward Island46° 15.0' N063° 42.0' WMapFN86dg-3
Port Borden Range RearCAN 054Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 15.0' N063° 42.0' WMapFN86dg-2
Bouctouche Bar/Bouctouche Head/Bouctouche Dune
Bouctouche Dune/Bouctouche Bar/Bouctouche Head, NB : Bouctouche Head/Bouctouche Dune/Bouctouche Bar, NB
CAN 055- -New Brunswick-----1
Bourgeois Inlet/River Bourgeois
River Bourgeois/Bourgeois Inlet, NS H
CAN 056Hist -Nova Scotia45° 38.0' N060° 57.0' WMapFN95mp--
Boyd IslandCAN 057Hist -Ontario------
Brébeuf Island/Brébeuf Range Front (Georgian Bay)
Brébeuf Range Front/Brébeuf Island (Georgian Bay), ON
CAN 058- -Ontario44° 52.7' N079° 53.1' WMapFN04bv-1
Brockton Point (Vancouver Harbour)CAN 060Hist -British Columbia49° 18.0' N123° 7.0' WMapCN89kh-1
Bruce MinesCAN 061- -Ontario-----1
Beacon Light/Bunker Island
Bunker Island/Beacon Light, NS
CAN 062- -Nova Scotia43° 49.0' N066° 9.0' WMapFN63wt--
Burlington Canal Main/Burlington Main (Lake Ontario)
Burlington Main/Burlington Canal Main (Lake Ontario), ON
CAN 063- -Ontario43° 17.9' N079° 47.7' WMapFN03ch-8
Burntcoat HeadCAN 064Hist -Nova Scotia45° 18.0' N063° 48.0' WMapFN85ch-1
Bustard Rocks (Georgian Bay)CAN 065Hist -Ontario------
Byng Inlet Range Front (Lake Huron)CAN 066Hist -Ontario------
Cabot Head (Georgian Bay)CAN 067- -Ontario45° 14.7' N081° 17.5' WMapEN95if-1
Cabot IslandCAN 068Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 10.0' N053° 22.0' WMapGN39hd--
Cameron IslandCAN 069Hist -Nova Scotia45° 49.0' N061° 0.0' WMapFN95lt--
Campbellton Range BackCAN 070Hist -New Brunswick------
Candlebox IslandCAN 071Hist -Nova Scotia43° 40.0' N066° 3.0' WMapFN63xp--
Borden\'s Wharf Historical Display
Canning, Borden's Wharf, Light in the Hayfield, Fieldwood Heritage Society
CAN 072M- MuseumNova Scotia45° 9.4' N064° 25.3' WMapFN75sd--
Borden Wharf
Canning, Light in the Hayfield, Borden's Wharf
CAN 072HHist -Nova Scotia45° 8.7' N064° 24.0' WMapFN75td--
Canoe Gully Inner Range FrontCAN 073- -Prince Edward Island46° 27.0' N064° 6.0' WMapFN76wk--
Canoe Gully Inner Range RearCAN 074- -Prince Edward Island46° 27.0' N064° 6.0' WMapFN76wk--
Canoe Gully Outer Range FrontCAN 075- -Prince Edward Island46° 26.0' N064° 7.0' WMapFN76wk--
Canoe Gully Outer Range RearCAN 076- -Prince Edward Island46° 26.0' N064° 7.0' WMapFN76wk--
Canso Range Rear (Canso Town)CAN 077Hist -Nova Scotia45° 20.0' N060° 59.0' WMapFN95mi--
Cap au SaumonCAN 078- -Quebec47° 46.2' N069° 54.4' WMapFN57bs-1
Cap aux OiesCAN 079- -Quebec47° 29.3' N070° 13.9' WMapFN47vl-1
Bon Désir/Cap de Bon-Désir
Cap Bon Désir/Bon-Désir, QC : Cap de Bon-Désir/Bon Désir, QC
CAN 080- -Quebec48° 16.3' N069° 28.1' WMapFN58gg-1
Cap de la MadeleineCAN 081- -Quebec49° 15.1' N065° 19.5' WMapFN79ig--
Cap de la Table/Table Head (Anticosti Island)
Table Head/Cap de la Table (Anticosti Island), QC
CAN 082- -Quebec49° 21.1' N061° 53.7' WMapFN99bi--
Cap de la Tête au Chien/Dog's Head Cape
Dog's Head Cape/Cap de la Tête au Chien, QC
CAN 083- -Quebec47° 54.7' N069° 48.4' WMapFN57cv-1
Cap de Rabast/Pointe-Nord (Île d'Anticosti)CAN 084- -Quebec49° 57.1' N064° 9.0' WMapFN79ww--
Cap des RosiersCAN 085- -Quebec48° 51.4' N064° 12.1' WMapFN78vu--
Cap d'Espoir/Cape Despair (Gulf of St. Lawrence)
Cape Despair/Cap d'Espoir (Gulf of St. Lawrence), QC
CAN 086- -Quebec48° 25.2' N064° 19.0' WMapFN78uk-4
Cap GaspéCAN 087- -Quebec48° 45.1' N064° 9.8' WMapFN78ws--
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 088- --------
Cap ChatCAN 089- -Quebec49° 5.3' N066° 44.5' WMapFN69pc--
Cap des Caissie Point
Point Caissie
CAN 090- -New Brunswick46° 19.2' N064° 30.8' WMapFN76rh-1
Cape BealeCAN 091- -British Columbia48° 48.0' N125° 13.0' WMapCN78jt-2
Cape BearCAN 092Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 0.2' N062° 27.6' WMapFN86sa-4
Cape BonavistaCAN 093Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador48° 42.0' N053° 5.0' WMapGN38lq--
Cape Croker (Georgian Bay)CAN 094- -Ontario------
Cape d'OrCAN 095- -Nova Scotia45° 18.0' N064° 47.0' WMapFN75oh--
Cape EnrageCAN 096- -New Brunswick-----2
Cape Forchu/Yarmouth
Yarmouth/Cape Forchu, NS
CAN 097- -Nova Scotia43° 48.0' N066° 9.0' WMapFN63wt-3
Cape George (Antigonish)CAN 098- -Nova Scotia45° 52.0' N061° 54.0' WMapFN95bu--
Cape George (Richmond)CAN 099- -Nova Scotia45° 44.0' N060° 49.0' WMapFN95or--
Cape MudgeCAN 100- -British Columbia49° 59.9' N125° 11.7' WMapCN79jx-2
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 101- --------
Cape Negro IslandCAN 102Hist -Nova Scotia43° 30.0' N065° 21.0' WMapFN73hl-1
Cape North (New)CAN 103- -Nova Scotia47° 2.0' N060° 24.0' WMapFN97ta--
Cape Robert (Manitoulin Island)CAN 104Hist -Ontario------
Cape RosewayCAN 105Hist -Nova Scotia43° 37.0' N065° 16.0' WMapFN73io--
Cape SableCAN 106- -Nova Scotia43° 23.0' N065° 37.0' WMapFN73ej--
Cape ScottCAN 107Hist -British Columbia50° 47.0' N128° 26.0' WMapCO50ss--
Cape SharpCAN 108Hist -Nova Scotia45° 22.0' N064° 24.0' WMapFN75ti-1
Cape SpencerCAN 109- -New Brunswick-----2
Cape St. James (Queen Charlotte Islands)CAN 110Hist -British Columbia51° 56.0' N131° 0.0' WMapCO41mw--
Cape St. Mary'sCAN 111- -Nova Scotia44° 5.0' N066° 13.0' WMapFN64vb-1
Cape Tormentine Pier Outer RangeCAN 112- -New Brunswick-----2
Cape Tryon (New)CAN 113- -Prince Edward Island46° 32.0' N063° 30.0' WMapFN86fm-2
Cap EgmontCAN 114- -Prince Edward Island46° 24.0' N064° 8.0' WMapFN76wj-2
Capilano (Vancouver Harbour)CAN 115Hist -British Columbia------
Caraquet Front RangeCAN 116Hist -New Brunswick------
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 117- --------
Cape Race (New)CAN 118- -Newfoundland and Labrador46° 40.0' N053° 4.0' WMapGN36lp-1
Caribou (Gull Island)CAN 119- -Nova Scotia45° 46.0' N062° 41.0' WMapFN85ps-2
Carmanah PointCAN 120Hist -British Columbia48° 37.0' N124° 45.0' WMapCN78oo--
Carter Island/Lockeport Harbour
Lockeport Harbor/Carter Island, NS
CAN 121Hist -Nova Scotia43° 42.3' N065° 6.1' WMapFN73kq-1
Cascumpeque (New)CAN 122Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 48.0' N064° 2.0' WMapFN76xt--
Caveau Point Rear RangeCAN 123Hist -Nova Scotia46° 39.0' N061° 0.0' WMapFN96lp-1
Cedars - TheCAN 124Hist -New Brunswick------
Chance HarbourCAN 125Hist -New Brunswick------
Brighton Beach Range Front (Charlottetown)CAN 126- -Prince Edward Island46° 14.0' N063° 9.0' WMapFN86kf--
Brighton Beach Range Rear (Charlottetown)CAN 127- -Prince Edward Island46° 14.0' N063° 9.0' WMapFN86kf-1
Haszard Point Range Front (Tea Hill)CAN 128Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 12.0' N063° 4.0' WMapFN86le--
Haszard Point Range Rear (Tea Hill)CAN 129Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 12.0' N063° 4.0' WMapFN86le--
Warren Cove Front Range (Charlottetown)CAN 130- -Prince Edward Island46° 12.0' N063° 8.0' WMapFN86ke--
Warren Cove Rear Range (Charlottetown)CAN 131- -Prince Edward Island46° 12.0' N063° 8.0' WMapFN86ke--
Chatham PointCAN 132- -British Columbia50° 20.0' N125° 26.0' WMapCO70gi--
Chebucto Head (New)CAN 133Hist -Nova Scotia44° 30.0' N063° 31.0' WMapFN84fm-1
Cherry Islet
Cherry Island, H4152
CAN 134- -New Brunswick44° 55.1' N066° 58.0' WMapFN64mw--
Christian IslandCAN 136- -Ontario44° 47.2' N080° 9.4' WMapEN94ws--
Chrome Island/Yellow Island
Yellow Island/Chrome Island, BC
CAN 137- -British Columbia49° 28.0' N124° 41.0' WMapCN79pl-1
Church PointCAN 138Hist -Nova Scotia-----1
Ciboux IslandCAN 139- -Nova Scotia46° 23.0' N060° 22.0' WMapFN96tj--
Clapperton IslandCAN 140- -Ontario------
Cocagne Range FrontCAN 141- -New Brunswick46° 20.1' N064° 36.9' WMapFN76qi--
Coffin IslandCAN 142- -Nova Scotia44° 2.0' N064° 38.0' WMapFN74qa--
Colchester ReefCAN 143Hist -Ontario41° 56.0' N082° 53.0' WMapEN81nw--
Coldspring HeadCAN 144- -Nova Scotia45° 58.0' N063° 52.0' WMapFN85bx-1
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 145- --------
Conway InletCAN 146- -Prince Edward Island46° 39.0' N063° 53.0' WMapFN86bp--
Coppermine PointCAN 147- -Ontario-----1
Cape Spear (New)CAN 148Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 31.0' N052° 37.0' WMapGN37qm--
Cove Island (Lake Huron)CAN 149- -Ontario------
Cape Stanhope/Covehead Harbour
Covehead Harbour/Cape Stanhope, PE
CAN 150Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 26.0' N063° 9.0' WMapFN86kk-1
Covehead Range FrontCAN 151Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 25.0' N063° 9.0' WMapFN86kk--
Covehead Range RearCAN 152Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 25.0' N063° 9.0' WMapFN86kk--
Cranberry IslandCAN 153Hist -Nova Scotia45° 19.0' N060° 56.0' WMapFN95mh--
Cross IslandCAN 154- -Nova Scotia44° 19.0' N064° 10.0' WMapFN74vh--
Darnley Basin Range FrontCAN 155Hist -Prince Edward Island-----1
Darnley Basin Range RearCAN 156- -Prince Edward Island-----1
Deer PointCAN 157- -New Brunswick-----1
Devil's Island East (Halifax Harbour)CAN 158Hist -Nova Scotia44° 35.0' N063° 28.0' WMapFN84gn-1
Digby GutCAN 159Hist -Nova Scotia44° 41.0' N065° 46.0' WMapFN74cq-1
Discovery IslandCAN 160- -British Columbia48° 26.0' N123° 13.0' WMapCN88jk--
Dixon Point Rear RangeCAN 161- -New Brunswick-----1
Drew's Head/Lighthouse Point
Lighthouse Point/Drew's Head, NB
CAN 162- -New Brunswick-----1
Dryad PointCAN 163- -British Columbia52° 11.0' N128° 8.0' WMapCO52we--
East Ironbound IslandCAN 164- -Nova Scotia44° 26.0' N064° 5.0' WMapFN74wk--
East PointCAN 165- -Prince Edward Island46° 27.0' N061° 58.0' WMapFN96ak-1
East Quoddy Head/Head Harbour
Head Harbour/East Quoddy Head, NB
CAN 166- -New Brunswick47° 57.0' N066° 54.0' WMapFN67nw-5
Eddy PointCAN 167Hist -Nova Scotia45° 31.0' N061° 15.0' WMapFN95im--
Egg IslandCAN 168- -Nova Scotia44° 40.0' N062° 52.0' WMapFN84nq-1
Egmont Bay WharfCAN 169Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 26.0' N064° 7.0' WMapFN76wk--
Enragee PointCAN 170Hist -Nova Scotia46° 39.0' N061° 2.0' WMapFN96lp-2
Entrance IslandCAN 171- -British Columbia49° 13.0' N123° 49.0' WMapCN89cf--
Bagot Bluff/Escarpement Bagot (Anticosti Island)
Escarpement Bagot/Bagot Bluff (Anticosti Island), QC
CAN 172- -Quebec49° 4.0' N062° 15.6' WMapFN89ub--
Estevan PointCAN 173Hist -British Columbia49° 22.0' N126° 32.0' WMapCN69ri--
Fanjoy's PointCAN 174Hist -New Brunswick------
Fiddle ReefCAN 175- -British Columbia48° 26.0' N123° 17.0' WMapCN88ik--
Fisgard (Esquimalt Harbour)CAN 176- -British Columbia48° 26.0' N123° 27.0' WMapCN88gk-1
Fisherman's Harbour (Old)CAN 177Hist -Nova Scotia45° 7.0' N061° 41.0' WMapFN95dc-1
Fishing Cove (Breakwater)CAN 178- -Prince Edward Island46° 24.0' N064° 8.0' WMapFN76wj--
Five IslandsCAN 179Hist -Nova Scotia-----1
Flint IslandCAN 180- -Nova Scotia46° 11.0' N059° 46.0' WMapGN06ce--
Flower Pot Island (Georgian Bay)CAN 181Hist -Ontario45° 18.0' N081° 37.0' WMapEN95eh--
Forchu Head/Forchu Point
Forchu Point/Forchu Head, NS
CAN 182Hist -Nova Scotia45° 43.0' N060° 14.0' WMapFN95vr--
Fort Monckton/Port Elgin
Port Elgin/Fort Monckton, NB H
CAN 183Hist -New Brunswick------
Fort PointCAN 184- -Nova Scotia------
Fortune Bay North (Wharf)CAN 185- -Newfoundland and Labrador46° 20.0' N062° 21.0' WMapFN86th--
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 186- --------
French River Inner Range FrontCAN 187Hist -Ontario------
French River Inner Range RearCAN 188- -Ontario------
GabarusCAN 189- -Nova Scotia45° 51.0' N060° 9.0' WMapFN95wu--
GagetownCAN 190- -New Brunswick------
Gallows Point (Nanaimo Harbour)CAN 191- -British Columbia------
Gannet RockCAN 192- -New Brunswick44° 30.0' N066° 47.0' WMapFN64om-4
Georgetown Railway WharfCAN 194Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 11.0' N062° 32.0' WMapFN86re--
Georgetown Range (Front)/St. Andrews Point
St. Andrews Point/Georgetown Front Range, PE
CAN 195- -Prince Edward Island46° 10.0' N062° 32.0' WMapFN86rd--
Georgetown Range (Rear)CAN 196Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 10.0' N062° 32.0' WMapFN86rd--
Gereaux IslandCAN 197Hist -Ontario------
Giants Tomb IslandCAN 198Hist -Ontario44° 52.8' N080° 0.4' WMapEN94xv--
Gibraltar PointCAN 199- -Ontario43° 36.8' N079° 23.1' WMapFN03ho--
Gilbert's Cove/Gilbert's Point
Gilbert's Point/Gilbert's Cove, NS
CAN 200- -Nova Scotia-----1
Gillis PointCAN 201- -Nova Scotia46° 1.0' N060° 46.0' WMapFN96oa--
Glace Bay North BreakwaterCAN 202- -Nova Scotia46° 12.0' N059° 57.0' WMapGN06ae--
Gore Bay/Janet Head
Janet Head/Gore Bay, ON
CAN 203- -Ontario------
Graham Pond (North Breakwater)CAN 204- -Prince Edward Island46° 6.0' N062° 27.0' WMapFN86sc--
Graham Pond (South Breakwater)CAN 205- -Prince Edward Island46° 6.0' N062° 27.0' WMapFN86sc--
Grand PassageCAN 206Hist -Nova Scotia44° 17.0' N066° 21.0' WMapFN64tg-1
Grand Tracadie (Wharf)CAN 207- -Prince Edward Island46° 24.0' N063° 2.0' WMapFN86lj--
Grandique PointCAN 208Hist -Nova Scotia45° 36.0' N061° 1.0' WMapFN95lo--
Great Bras d'Or Range InnerCAN 209Hist -Nova Scotia46° 17.0' N060° 25.0' WMapFN96tg--
Great Duck IslandCAN 210- -New Brunswick-----1
Green Island (Yarmouth)CAN 212Hist -Nova Scotia------
Greenly IslandCAN 213- -Quebec51° 22.5' N057° 11.4' WMapGO11ji--
Green's Point/l'Etete Passage (Bay of Fundy)
l’'Etete Passage/Green's Point (Bay of Fundy), NB
CAN 214Hist -New Brunswick45° 2.3' N066° 53.5' WMapFN65na-2
Gregory IslandCAN 215- -Nova Scotia45° 43.0' N060° 48.0' WMapFN95or--
Griffith Island (Georgian Bay)CAN 216Hist -Ontario------
Gull Rock (Lockeport)CAN 217Hist -Nova Scotia-----1
Gunning Point IslandCAN 218- -Nova Scotia44° 22.0' N064° 12.0' WMapFN74vi-1
Guyon IslandCAN 219- -Nova Scotia45° 46.0' N060° 7.0' WMapFN95ws--
GuysboroughCAN 220- -Nova Scotia45° 22.0' N061° 28.0' WMapFN95gi--
Hampstead WharfCAN 221Hist -New Brunswick------
HamptonCAN 222- -Nova Scotia44° 54.0' N065° 21.0' WMapFN74hv-1
Haut-Fond Prince/Prince Shoal
Prince Shoal/Haut-Fond Prince, QC
CAN 223- -Quebec48° 6.5' N069° 36.9' WMapFN58ec-2
Havre Boucher Outer RangeCAN 224Hist -Nova Scotia45° 41.0' N061° 32.0' WMapFN95fq-1
Heath Point (Anticosti Island)CAN 226- -Quebec49° 5.1' N061° 42.0' WMapFN99dc--
Henry IslandCAN 227Hist -Nova Scotia45° 59.0' N061° 36.0' WMapFN95ex--
Hog Island (Port Felix)CAN 228Hist -Nova Scotia45° 14.0' N061° 13.0' WMapFN95jf--
Holland RockCAN 229Hist -British Columbia54° 10.0' N130° 22.0' WMapCO44te--
Hope IslandCAN 230Hist -Ontario44° 54.9' N080° 9.9' WMapEN94wv--
Horton Bluff Range FrontCAN 231- -Nova Scotia45° 7.0' N064° 14.0' WMapFN75vc-1
Howards Cove (Seal Point)CAN 232- -Prince Edward Island46° 44.0' N064° 23.0' WMapFN76tr-1
Huestis Island/Lower Jemseg
Lower Jemseg/Huestis Island, NB
CAN 233Hist -New Brunswick------
Île aux Coudres/Pointe de la Prairie
Pointe de la Prairie/Île aux Coudres, QC
CAN 234- -Quebec47° 24.6' N070° 25.9' WMapFN47sj-2
Île aux OeufsCAN 235- -Quebec49° 37.3' N067° 10.5' WMapFN69jo--
Île aux PerroquetsCAN 236- -Quebec50° 13.2' N064° 12.4' WMapFO70vf--
Île BicquetteCAN 237Hist -Quebec48° 24.9' N068° 53.6' WMapFN58nj--
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 238- --47° 56.0' N069° 40.0' WMapFN57ew--
Carousel Island/Île du Corossol
Île du Corossol/Carousel Island, QC
CAN 239- -Quebec50° 5.3' N066° 22.6' WMapFO60tc--
Cowee Island/Île du Grand Caouis
Île du Grand Caouis/Cowee Island, QC
CAN 240- -Quebec49° 49.6' N067° 0.4' WMapFN69lt--
Île HauteCAN 241- -Nova Scotia45° 15.0' N065° 0.0' WMapFN75lf--
Flat Island/Ile Plate
Île Plate/Flat Island, QC H
CAN 242Hist -Quebec50° 45.2' N058° 45.4' WMapGO00os--
Île Sainte-Marie/St. Mary Island
St. Mary Island/Ile Sainte-Marie, QC H
CAN 243Hist -Quebec50° 18.2' N059° 39.4' WMapGO00eh--
Green Island/Île Verte (St. Lawrence River)
Île Verte/Green Island (St. Lawrence River), QC
CAN 244- -Quebec48° 3.1' N069° 25.5' WMapFN58gb-5
Ile Rouge/Red Islet/Phare de l'Île Rouge
Phare de l'Île Rouge/Ile Rouge/Red Islet, QC : Red Islet/Phare de l'Île Rouge/Ile Rouge, QC
CAN 245- -Quebec48° 4.2' N069° 33.3' WMapFN58fb-1
Inch Arron Point Range FrontCAN 246Hist -New Brunswick------
Indian HarbourCAN 247Hist -Nova Scotia44° 31.0' N063° 57.0' WMapFN84am-1
Indian Head (Breakwater)CAN 248Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 23.0' N063° 49.0' WMapFN86cj-2
Indian Point Front Range (Cape Tormentine)CAN 249- -New Brunswick------
Indian Point Rear Range (Cape Tormentine)CAN 250- -New Brunswick-----1
Issac's HarbourCAN 251- -Nova Scotia45° 10.0' N061° 39.0' WMapFN95ee--
Ivory IslandCAN 252- -British Columbia52° 16.0' N128° 26.0' WMapCO52sg--
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 253- --------
Jeddore RockCAN 254- -Nova Scotia44° 40.0' N063° 1.0' WMapFN84lq-1
Jerome PointCAN 255Hist -Nova Scotia45° 39.0' N060° 52.0' WMapFN95np--
Jerseyman IslandCAN 256- -Nova Scotia45° 30.0' N061° 3.0' WMapFN95ll--
Jones Island Range Rear (Georgian Bay)CAN 257- -Ontario45° 19.0' N080° 17.0' WMapEN95uh--
Jourimain IslandCAN 258- -New Brunswick46° 9.3' N063° 48.2' WMapFN86cd-2
KagawongCAN 259- -Ontario45° 54.6' N082° 15.6' WMapEN85uv-1
Kaulbach Island Range FrontCAN 260- -Nova Scotia44° 28.0' N064° 17.0' WMapFN74ul-1
Kidston IslandCAN 261- -Nova Scotia46° 6.0' N060° 45.0' WMapFN96pc-1
Killarney EastCAN 262- -Ontario45° 58.1' N081° 29.6' WMapEN95gx-1
Killarney WestCAN 263- -Ontario------
Kincardine/Kincardine Rear Range (Lake Huron)CAN 264- -Ontario-----2
Skinners PondCAN 265- -Prince Edward Island46° 58.0' N064° 8.0' WMapFN76wx--
La Martre de Gaspé/Phare de la Martre (St. Lawrence River)
Phare de la Martre/La Martre de Gaspé (St. Lawrence River), QC
CAN 266- -Quebec49° 12.4' N066° 10.3' WMapFN69ve--
Lachine Rear RangeCAN 267- -Quebec45° 26.0' N073° 41.5' WMapFN35dk--
Lachine Front RangeCAN 268- -Quebec45° 25.9' N073° 41.7' WMapFN35dk--
Langara PointCAN 269- -British Columbia54° 15.0' N133° 3.0' WMapCO34lg--
Launching Pond (Breakwater)CAN 270- -Prince Edward Island46° 13.0' N062° 25.0' WMapFN86tf--
Launching Pond South (Breakwater)CAN 271- -Prince Edward Island46° 13.0' N062° 25.0' WMapFN86tf--
Lawyer Island (Chatham Sound)CAN 272- -British Columbia54° 7.0' N130° 21.0' WMapCO44tc--
Lennard IslandCAN 273- -British Columbia49° 7.0' N125° 56.0' WMapCN79ac--
LeonardsvilleCAN 274Hist -New Brunswick------
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 275- --------
Lion's Head (Georgian Bay)CAN 276- -Ontario------
Liscomb IslandCAN 277- -Nova Scotia44° 59.0' N061° 58.0' WMapFN94ax--
Little Current Range North/Spider Island (Manitoulin Island)
Spider Island/Little Current Range North (Manitoulin Island), ON H
CAN 278Hist -Ontario------
Little Hope IslandCAN 279Hist -Nova Scotia43° 49.0' N064° 47.0' WMapFN73ot--
Little NarrowsCAN 280- -Nova Scotia46° 0.0' N060° 59.0' WMapFN95mx--
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 281- --------
Lonely IslandCAN 282Hist -Ontario45° 34.4' N081° 28.1' WMapEN95gn--
Long Eddy Point/Whistle
Whistle/Long Eddy Point, NB
CAN 283Hist -New Brunswick-----3
Long Pèlerin
Long Pilgrim
CAN 284- -Quebec47° 43.0' N069° 44.9' WMapFN57dr-1
Long PointCAN 285- -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 41.0' N054° 48.0' WMapGN29oq--
LouisbourgCAN 286- -Nova Scotia45° 54.0' N059° 58.0' WMapGN05av--
Low PointCAN 287- -Nova Scotia46° 16.0' N060° 8.0' WMapFN96wg--
Lower Montague WharfCAN 288Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 10.0' N062° 34.0' WMapFN86rd--
Lower Neguac Wharf Range BackCAN 289- -New Brunswick------
Lucy Island (Chatham Sound)CAN 290- -British Columbia54° 18.0' N130° 37.0' WMapCO44qh--
Mabou HarbourCAN 291- -Nova Scotia46° 5.0' N061° 28.0' WMapFN96gc-2
Machias Seal IslandCAN 292- -New Brunswick44° 30.0' N067° 6.0' WMapFN64km-3
Machons Point Range FrontCAN 293- -Prince Edward Island46° 1.0' N062° 31.0' WMapFN86ra--
Machons Point Range RearCAN 294- -Prince Edward Island46° 1.0' N062° 31.0' WMapFN86ra--
McNeil's Beach (Boularderie Island)CAN 295- -Nova Scotia------
Main-a-DieuCAN 296- -Nova Scotia46° 0.0' N059° 50.0' WMapGN05cx--
Malpeque Harbour Approach Range (Front)CAN 297- -Prince Edward Island46° 35.0' N063° 43.0' WMapFN86do-1
Malpeque Harbour Approach Range (Rear)CAN 298Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 35.0' N063° 43.0' WMapFN86do-1
Malpeque Outer Range FrontCAN 299- -Prince Edward Island46° 34.0' N063° 39.0' WMapFN86en-1
Malpeque Outer Range RearCAN 300Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 34.0' N063° 39.0' WMapFN86en-1
Man of War PointCAN 301Hist -Nova Scotia46° 12.0' N060° 33.0' WMapFN96re--
ManitowaningCAN 302Hist -Ontario------
Marache PointCAN 303- -Nova Scotia45° 29.0' N061° 2.0' WMapFN95ll-1
Margaree Harbour Outer RangeCAN 304- -Nova Scotia46° 26.0' N061° 7.0' WMapFN96kk-1
Margaree Island/Sea Wolf Island
Sea Wolf Island/Margaree Island, NS
CAN 305- -Nova Scotia46° 21.0' N061° 16.0' WMapFN96ii--
MargaretsvilleCAN 306Hist -Nova Scotia45° 3.0' N065° 4.0' WMapFN75lb--
Mark PointCAN 307Hist -New Brunswick------
Maugher BeachCAN 308- -Nova Scotia44° 36.0' N063° 32.0' WMapFN84fo-1
McColgan PointCAN 309- -New Brunswick------
McInnes IslandCAN 310- -British Columbia52° 15.7' N128° 43.3' WMapCO52pg--
McKay IslandCAN 311Hist -Ontario-----1
Meaford (Georgian Bay)CAN 312Hist -Ontario------
Medway HeadCAN 313Hist -Nova Scotia44° 6.0' N064° 32.0' WMapFN74rc-1
Merry IslandCAN 314- -British Columbia49° 28.0' N123° 54.7' WMapCN89bl--
Michael Point (Manitoulin Island) (Lake Huron)CAN 315Hist -Ontario------
Midland Point Range Front (Georgian Bay)CAN 316- -Ontario44° 46.0' N079° 50.0' WMapFN04bs--
Midland Point Range Rear (Georgian Bay)CAN 317- -Ontario44° 46.0' N079° 50.0' WMapFN04bs--
Miminegash Range FrontCAN 318- -Prince Edward Island46° 53.0' N064° 14.0' WMapFN76vv-1
Miminegash Range RearCAN 319Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 53.0' N064° 14.0' WMapFN76vv--
Miscou IslandCAN 320- -New Brunswick48° 1.0' N064° 30.0' WMapFN78sa-2
MississagiCAN 321- -Ontario------
Mississagi StraitCAN 322- -Ontario45° 53.5' N083° 13.5' WMapEN85jv-1
Mitchener PointCAN 323- -Nova Scotia-----1
Mohawk Island/Gull Island (Lake Erie)CAN 324Hist -Ontario42° 50.0' N079° 31.4' WMapFN02fu-2
Mosher IslandCAN 325- -Nova Scotia44° 14.0' N064° 19.0' WMapFN74uf--
Mulholland PointCAN 326- -New Brunswick44° 51.8' N066° 58.9' WMapFN64mu-1
Mullin's Point Rear RangeCAN 327HHist -Nova Scotia45° 49.6' N063° 25.8' WMapFN85gt-1
Mullin's Point Rear Range Private ResidenceCAN 327M- -Nova Scotia45° 49.5' N063° 26.6' WMapFN85gt--
Murray Harbour Range Front/Oldstore Point
Oldstore Point/Murray Harbour Range (Front), PE
CAN 328- -Prince Edward Island46° 1.0' N062° 29.0' WMapFN86sa--
Murray Harbour Range RearCAN 329Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 1.0' N062° 29.0' WMapFN86sa--
Murray Harbour Village Range (Front)CAN 330Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 0.0' N062° 31.0' WMapFN85rx--
Murray Harbour Village Range (Rear)CAN 331Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 0.0' N062° 31.0' WMapFN85rx--
Musquash Head/Western Head
Western Head/Musquash Head, NB
CAN 332- -New Brunswick------
Musquash IslandCAN 333Hist -New Brunswick------
French Point/Musquodoboit Rear Range
Musquodoboit Rear Range/French Point, NS
CAN 334- -Nova Scotia44° 42.0' N063° 5.0' WMapFN84kq-2
Narrow Island (Lake Huron)CAN 335Hist -Ontario------
Pointe de NatashquanCAN 336- -Quebec50° 5.2' N061° 44.4' WMapFO90dc--
Naufrage Harbour East BreakwaterCAN 337- -Prince Edward Island46° 28.0' N062° 25.0' WMapFN86tl--
Naufrage West BreakwaterCAN 338Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 28.0' N062° 25.0' WMapFN86tl--
Neil HarbourCAN 339- -Nova Scotia46° 48.0' N060° 19.0' WMapFN96ut-1
New London Range (Front)CAN 340- -Prince Edward Island46° 31.0' N063° 29.0' WMapFN86gm-1
New London Range (Rear)CAN 341Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 31.0' N063° 29.0' WMapFN86gm-2
Nine Mile Creek (Wharf)CAN 342- -Prince Edward Island46° 9.0' N063° 13.0' WMapFN86jd--
NootkaCAN 343- -British Columbia49° 35.0' N126° 38.0' WMapCN69qo-1
North CansoCAN 344Hist -Nova Scotia45° 41.0' N061° 29.0' WMapFN95gq--
North CapeCAN 345Hist -Prince Edward Island47° 3.0' N063° 0.0' WMapFN87mb-2
North Lake Harbour (West Breakwater)CAN 346Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 28.0' N062° 4.0' WMapFN86xl--
North Lake Harbour Range (Front)CAN 347- -Prince Edward Island46° 28.0' N062° 4.0' WMapFN86xl--
North Lake Harbour Range (Rear)CAN 348Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 28.0' N062° 4.0' WMapFN86xl--
North Point EastCAN 349- -Prince Edward Island47° 2.0' N063° 59.0' WMapFN87aa--
North Rustico HarbourCAN 350Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 27.0' N063° 18.0' WMapFN86ik-2
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 351- --------
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 352Hist --------
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 353- --------
Northport Range (Front)CAN 354- -Prince Edward Island46° 47.0' N064° 4.0' WMapFN76xs--
Northport Range (Rear)CAN 355- -Prince Edward Island46° 47.0' N064° 4.0' WMapFN76xs-2
Nottawasaga Island (Lake Huron)CAN 356- -Ontario44° 3.3' N080° 15.5' WMapEN94ub--
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 357Hist --------
Oak Point (St John R.)CAN 358Hist -New Brunswick------
Old Thames RiverCAN 359- -Ontario------
Bon Portage/Outer Island
Outer Island/Bon Portage, NS
CAN 360- -Nova Scotia43° 27.0' N065° 45.0' WMapFN73ck-1
Owen Sound Marina (Georgian Bay)CAN 361Hist -Ontario------
Pachena PointCAN 362- -British Columbia48° 44.0' N125° 6.0' WMapCN78kr--
Panmure HeadCAN 363- -Prince Edward Island46° 9.0' N062° 28.0' WMapFN86sd-2
ParrsboroCAN 364- -Nova Scotia45° 23.0' N064° 19.0' WMapFN75uj-1
Partridge IslandCAN 365- -New Brunswick45° 14.0' N066° 3.0' WMapFN65xf-1
Pea PointCAN 366Hist -New Brunswick45° 2.4' N066° 53.6' WMapFN65na-2
Pearl IslandCAN 367Hist -Nova Scotia44° 23.0' N064° 3.0' WMapFN74xj--
Peases IslandCAN 368- -Nova Scotia43° 38.0' N066° 2.0' WMapFN63xp--
Peggy's Cove/Peggy's Point
Peggy's Point/Peggy's Cove, NS
CAN 369- -Nova Scotia44° 30.0' N063° 55.0' WMapFN84bm-4
Pelee Island (Lake Erie)CAN 370Hist -Ontario------
Pelee PassageCAN 371Hist -Ontario------
PenetanguisheneCAN 372- -Ontario------
Pennant HarbourCAN 373Hist -Nova Scotia44° 28.0' N063° 38.0' WMapFN84el--
Peter IslandCAN 374- -Nova Scotia44° 15.0' N066° 20.0' WMapFN64tf--
Petite Île au MarteauCAN 375- -Quebec50° 12.2' N063° 33.5' WMapFO80fe--
Phare de Metis sur Mer/Pointe Mitis
Pointe Mitis/Phare de Metis sur Mer, QC
CAN 376- -Quebec48° 40.8' N068° 2.0' WMapFN58xq--
Pictou BarCAN 377Hist -Nova Scotia45° 41.0' N062° 40.0' WMapFN85qq-1
Pictou Harbour Range RearCAN 378- -Nova Scotia45° 41.0' N062° 41.0' WMapFN85pq-1
Pictou Island EastCAN 379- -Nova Scotia45° 48.0' N062° 31.0' WMapFN85rt--
Pictou Island SouthCAN 380- -Nova Scotia45° 48.0' N062° 35.0' WMapFN85qt--
Pictou Island WestCAN 381- -Nova Scotia45° 48.0' N062° 36.0' WMapFN85qt--
Pine IslandCAN 382- -British Columbia50° 59.0' N127° 44.0' WMapCO60dx--
Pinette River Outer Range (Front)CAN 383Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 3.0' N062° 57.0' WMapFN86mb--
Pinette River Outer Range (Rear)CAN 384- -Prince Edward Island46° 3.0' N062° 57.0' WMapFN86mb--
Point AbinoCAN 385Hist -Ontario42° 50.1' N079° 5.7' WMapFN02ku-1
Point AconiCAN 386Hist -Nova Scotia46° 20.0' N060° 18.0' WMapFN96uh-1
Point AtkinsonCAN 387- -British Columbia49° 20.0' N123° 16.0' WMapCN89ih-3
Point Clark (Lake Huron)CAN 388Hist -Ontario44° 4.4' N081° 45.4' WMapEN94cb-2
Point EscuminacCAN 389Hist -New Brunswick------
Point LepreauCAN 390- -New Brunswick------
Prim PointCAN 391Hist -Nova Scotia44° 41.0' N065° 47.0' WMapFN74cq-1
Fame Point/Pointe à la Renommée (Gulf of St. Lawrence)
Pointe à la Renommée/Fame Point (Gulf of St. Lawrence), QC
CAN 392- -Quebec49° 6.5' N064° 36.2' WMapFN79qc--
Pointe au Baril Range Front (Georgian Bay)CAN 393- -Ontario45° 34.0' N080° 30.0' WMapEN95rn--
Father Point/Pointe-au-Père (1909 Concrete Tower)
Pointe-au-Père/Father Point (1909 Concrete Tower), QC
CAN 394- -Quebec48° 30.9' N068° 28.0' WMapFN58sm--
Pointe Carleton (Île d'Anticosti)CAN 395- -Quebec49° 43.9' N062° 56.6' WMapFN89mr--
Pointe des MontsCAN 396- -Quebec49° 19.0' N067° 22.8' WMapFN69hh--
Pointe du Chene Front Range
Parlee Beach Front Range, H1328, 1107
CAN 397- -New Brunswick46° 14.4' N064° 30.7' WMapFN76rf--
Pointe du Sud-Ouest/Southwest Point (Île d'Anticosti)CAN 398- -Quebec49° 23.5' N063° 35.7' WMapFN89ej--
Pointe Noire Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 399- -Quebec48° 7.4' N069° 43.0' WMapFN58dc-1
Pointer IslandCAN 400Hist -British Columbia52° 4.0' N127° 58.0' WMapCO62ab--
Pointe-Sapin Range Rear/Sapin Point Range Rear
Sapin Point Range Rear/Pointe-Sapin Range Rear, NB
CAN 401- -New Brunswick46° 58.0' N064° 50.0' WMapFN76ox--
Pomquet IslandCAN 402- -Nova Scotia45° 39.0' N061° 45.0' WMapFN95dp--
Porlier Pass Rear Range/Virago Point
Virago Point/Porlier Pass Range Rear, BC H
CAN 403Hist -British Columbia49° 1.0' N123° 35.0' WMapCN89ea--
Port Bickerton (New)CAN 404- -Nova Scotia45° 5.0' N061° 42.0' WMapFN95db-1
Port BurwellCAN 405- -Ontario-----2
Port GeorgeCAN 406Hist -Nova Scotia-----1
Port GrevilleCAN 407Hist -Nova Scotia------
Port Hill (Wharf)CAN 408- -Prince Edward Island46° 36.0' N063° 52.0' WMapFN86bo-1
Port MedwayCAN 409- -Nova Scotia-----1
Port Mouton (New)CAN 410- -Nova Scotia43° 55.1' N064° 48.2' WMapFN73ow-1
Portlock PointCAN 411- -British Columbia48° 50.0' N123° 21.0' WMapCN88ht--
Presqu'ile Point (Lake Ontario)CAN 412- -Ontario43° 59.9' N077° 40.5' WMapFN13dx-1
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 413Hist --------
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 414- --------
First Narrows (Vancouver Harbour)CAN 415Hist -British Columbia49° 19.0' N123° 8.0' WMapCN89kh--
Providence Bay (Lake Huron)CAN 416Hist -Ontario------
Pubnico HarbourCAN 417- -Nova Scotia-----1
Puffin IslandCAN 418- -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 4.0' N053° 33.0' WMapGN39fb--
Fishing Point (New)/Pugwash (New)
Pugwash (New)/Fishing Point (New), NS
CAN 419Hist -Nova Scotia45° 52.0' N063° 41.0' WMapFN85du-2
Graeme Point/Pulteney Point
Pulteney Point/Graeme Point, BC
CAN 420- -British Columbia50° 38.0' N127° 9.0' WMapCO60kp--
Quaco Head (Callaghan Island, Bay of Fundy)CAN 421- -New Brunswick-----1
Quaker IslandCAN 422- -Nova Scotia44° 31.0' N064° 14.0' WMapFN74vm-2
Quatsino/Kains, BC
CAN 423- -British Columbia50° 27.0' N128° 2.0' WMapCO50xk--
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 424- --------
QueensportCAN 425Hist -Nova Scotia45° 21.0' N061° 16.0' WMapFN95ii-1
Race RocksCAN 426Hist -British Columbia48° 18.0' N123° 35.0' WMapCN88eh--
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 427- --------
Red Rock (Old Tower Isl.)CAN 428Hist -Ontario------
Red Rock (Red Rock Isl.)CAN 429- -Ontario------
Cap Lumiere/Richibucto Head
Richibucto Head/Cap Lumiere, NB
CAN 430- -New Brunswick-----1
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 431Hist --------
Robertson's PointCAN 432Hist -New Brunswick------
Rochers au CormoranCAN 433- -Quebec50° 9.8' N060° 3.6' WMapFO90xd--
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 434- --------
Rouse PointCAN 435- -Nova Scotia45° 51.0' N060° 8.0' WMapFN95wu--
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 436- --------
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 437- --------
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 438Hist --------
Salmon RiverCAN 439Hist -Nova Scotia------
Salvages (Half Moon)CAN 440- -Nova Scotia-----1
Sambro HarbourCAN 441- -Nova Scotia44° 29.0' N063° 36.0' WMapFN84el-1
Sambro IslandCAN 442- -Nova Scotia44° 26.2' N063° 33.8' WMapFN84fk--
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 443- --------
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 444- --------
Sand PointCAN 445Hist -New Brunswick------
Fraser River/Sands Heads
Sands Heads/Fraser River, BC
CAN 446Hist -British Columbia49° 6.0' N123° 18.0' WMapCN89ic--
Sandy PointCAN 447Hist -Nova Scotia-----3
East Point/Saturna Island
Saturna Island/East Point, BC
CAN 448- -British Columbia48° 47.0' N123° 3.0' WMapCN88ls--
Savage HarbourCAN 449- -Prince Edward Island46° 26.0' N062° 50.0' WMapFN86nk--
Scarlett PointCAN 450- -British Columbia50° 51.6' N127° 36.7' WMapCO60eu--
ScatarieCAN 451- -Nova Scotia46° 2.0' N059° 41.0' WMapGN06da--
Schafner PointCAN 452- -Nova Scotia44° 43.0' N065° 37.0' WMapFN74er--
Seacow HeadCAN 453Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 19.0' N063° 49.0' WMapFN86ch-4
Seal IslandCAN 454- -Nova Scotia43° 24.0' N066° 1.0' WMapFN63xj--
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 455- --------
Sheet Harbour Passage Range FrontCAN 456- -Nova Scotia44° 52.0' N062° 27.0' WMapFN84su-1
Sheet RockCAN 457- -Nova Scotia44° 50.0' N062° 30.0' WMapFN84ru--
Sheringham PointCAN 458- -British Columbia48° 22.0' N123° 56.0' WMapCN88ai-1
Naufrage/Shipwreck Point
Shipwreck Point/Naufrage, PE
CAN 459- -Prince Edward Island46° 28.0' N062° 25.0' WMapFN86tl--
Shoal Tickle/Tickle Point
Tickle Point/Shoal Tickle, NF
CAN 460- -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 39.0' N054° 46.0' WMapGN29op--
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 461- --------
Sisters Rocks/Islet (Georgia Strait)CAN 462- -British Columbia49° 29.0' N124° 26.0' WMapCN79sl--
Snug Harbour (Georgian Bay)CAN 463Hist -Ontario------
Souris East BreakwaterCAN 464Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 21.0' N062° 15.0' WMapFN86ui-3
Souris East (Knight Point)CAN 465- -Prince Edward Island46° 21.0' N062° 15.0' WMapFN86ui--
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 466Hist --------
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 467- --------
Southeast Shoal (Lake Erie)CAN 468- -Ontario41° 50.0' N082° 28.0' WMapEN81su--
Southwest HeadCAN 469- -New Brunswick-----4
Southwest Wolf IslandCAN 470Hist -New Brunswick-----3
Spencer's IslandCAN 471- -Nova Scotia45° 21.4' N064° 42.6' WMapFN75pi--
Spruce PointCAN 472Hist -New Brunswick------
Spruce Shoal (Georgian Bay)CAN 473- -Ontario------
Spry Bay SectorCAN 474- -Nova Scotia44° 49.0' N062° 36.0' WMapFN84qt-1
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 475- --------
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 476- --------
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 477Hist --------
St. PetersCAN 478Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 27.0' N062° 45.0' WMapFN86pk-1
St. Peters Harbour Front RangeCAN 479- -Prince Edward Island46° 26.0' N062° 44.0' WMapFN86pk--
St. Peters Harbour Rear RangeCAN 480- -Prince Edward Island46° 26.0' N062° 44.0' WMapFN86pk--
St. Peters IslandCAN 481Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 7.0' N063° 11.0' WMapFN86jc--
Little St. Agnes/Stoddard Island
Stoddard Island/Liitle St. Agnes, NS
CAN 482- -Nova Scotia43° 29.0' N065° 43.0' WMapFN73dl--
Strawberry IslandCAN 483- -Ontario45° 58.3' N081° 51.3' WMapEN95bx--
Sulphur Island (Lake Huron)CAN 484- -Ontario------
Summerside Marina BreakwaterCAN 485- -Prince Edward Island46° 23.0' N063° 47.0' WMapFN86cj-2
Summerside Outer Front RangeCAN 486- -Prince Edward Island46° 24.0' N063° 49.0' WMapFN86cj-3
Summerside Outer Rear RangeCAN 487- -Prince Edward Island46° 24.0' N063° 49.0' WMapFN86cj-3
Summerside Front Range (Wharf)CAN 488- -Prince Edward Island46° 23.0' N063° 47.0' WMapFN86cj-2
Summerside Rear RangeCAN 489- -Prince Edward Island46° 23.0' N063° 47.0' WMapFN86cj-1
Surgeon Cove PointCAN 490- -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 31.0' N055° 7.0' WMapGN29km--
SwallowtailCAN 491Hist -New Brunswick-----3
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 492- --------
Sydney BarCAN 493- -Nova Scotia46° 12.0' N060° 13.0' WMapFN96ve--
Sydney Front Range (Cape Breton Island)CAN 494Hist -Nova Scotia46° 11.0' N060° 15.0' WMapFN96ue-1
Terence BayCAN 495- -Nova Scotia44° 28.0' N063° 42.0' WMapFN84dl-1
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 496- --------
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 497- --------
Western Island (Georgian Bay)CAN 498- -Ontario45° 2.2' N080° 21.1' WMapEN95ta--
ThessalonCAN 499- -Ontario------
ThornburyCAN 500- -Ontario------
Thunder Bay (Lake Superior)CAN 501Hist -Ontario------
Tobermory (Georgian Bay)CAN 502Hist -Ontario------
Tracadie Inner Front RangeCAN 503- -Prince Edward Island46° 25.0' N063° 3.0' WMapFN86lk--
Tracadie Inner Rear RangeCAN 504- -Prince Edward Island46° 25.0' N063° 3.0' WMapFN86lk--
East River Front Range/Trenton Front Range
Trenton Front Range/East River Front Range, NS
CAN 505- -Nova Scotia45° 37.0' N062° 39.0' WMapFN85qo-2
Trial IslandCAN 506- -British Columbia48° 24.0' N123° 18.0' WMapCN88ij--
Triangle Island (Cape Scott)CAN 507Hist -British Columbia50° 52.0' N129° 5.0' WMapCO50ku--
Triple IslandsCAN 508- -British Columbia54° 18.0' N130° 52.0' WMapCO44nh--
Turning Rock/Waubaushene
Waubaushene/Turning Rock, ON
CAN 509- -Ontario------
Tusket RiverCAN 510Hist -Nova Scotia43° 42.0' N065° 57.0' WMapFN73aq--
Victoria BeachCAN 511Hist -Nova Scotia44° 41.0' N065° 45.0' WMapFN74cq--
Leards Range Front/Victoria (Victoria Harbour)
Victoria/Leards Front Range (Victoria Harbour), PE
CAN 512Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 13.0' N063° 29.0' WMapFN86gf-3
Leards Range Rear (Victoria Harbour)CAN 513- -Prince Edward Island46° 13.0' N063° 29.0' WMapFN86gf-1
Palmers Range Front (Victoria Harbour)CAN 514- -Prince Edward Island46° 3.0' N063° 29.0' WMapFN86gb--
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 515- --46° 13.0' N063° 29.0' WMapFN86gf--
Wrights Front Range (Victoria Harbour)CAN 516Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 12.0' N063° 30.0' WMapFN86fe-1
Wrights Rear Range (Victoria Harbour)CAN 517- -Prince Edward Island46° 12.0' N063° 30.0' WMapFN86fe-1
Wallace Harbour Sector Front Range
Wallace Harbour Front Range
CAN 518- -Nova Scotia45° 48.8' N063° 27.7' WMapFN85gt-1
Walton HarbourCAN 519- -Nova Scotia-----1
Hendry Farm/Washademoak/Lake North
Lake North/Hendry Farm/Washademoak, NB : Washademoak/Lake North/Hendry Farm, NB
CAN 520Hist -New Brunswick------
Welcome Island (Lake Superior)CAN 521- -Ontario48° 22.0' N089° 7.0' WMapEN58ki--
West Head (Cape Sable Island)CAN 522Hist -Nova Scotia43° 27.0' N065° 39.0' WMapFN73ek-1
West Ironbound IslandCAN 523Hist -Nova Scotia44° 14.0' N064° 17.0' WMapFN74uf--
West PointCAN 524- -Prince Edward Island46° 37.0' N064° 23.0' WMapFN76to-1
Pointe de l'Ouest/West Point (Île d'Anticosti)
West Point/Pointe de l'Ouest (Île d'Anticosti), QC
CAN 525- -Quebec49° 51.8' N064° 31.4' WMapFN79ru--
West Point Breakwater Front RangeCAN 526- -Prince Edward Island46° 37.0' N064° 22.0' WMapFN76to--
West Point Rear RangeCAN 527Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 37.0' N064° 22.0' WMapFN76to--
West Sister Rock (Georgian Bay)CAN 528- -Ontario-----1
Western HeadCAN 529- -Nova Scotia43° 59.0' N064° 40.0' WMapFN73px-1
Westhaver IslandCAN 530- -Nova Scotia44° 26.0' N064° 20.0' WMapFN74uk-1
Whiskey Island (Georgian Bay)CAN 531- -Ontario44° 49.0' N079° 55.3' WMapFN04at--
White Head Island (Guysborough Co.)CAN 532- -Nova Scotia-----1
White Head Island (Yarmouth Co.)CAN 533- -Nova Scotia-----1
Windmill PointCAN 534- -Ontario-----5
Wood IslandsCAN 535- -Prince Edward Island45° 57.0' N062° 44.8' WMapFN85pw-5
Wood Islands Harbour Front RangeCAN 536- -Prince Edward Island45° 57.0' N062° 45.0' WMapFN85pw-1
Wood Islands Harbour Rear RangeCAN 537- -Prince Edward Island45° 57.0' N062° 45.0' WMapFN85pw-1
Woods HarbourCAN 538- -Nova Scotia43° 31.0' N065° 45.0' WMapFN73cm-1
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 539Hist --------
Port Dalhousie - Front RangeCAN 540Hist -Ontario-----2
Port Dalhousie - Rear RangeCAN 541Hist -Ontario-----3
Queen's Wharf Range Light/Toronto Front Range
Toronto Front Range/Queen's Wharf Range Light, ON H
CAN 542Hist -Ontario-----1
Hearts ContentCAN 543- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 53.0' N053° 23.0' WMapGN37hv--
Toronto Harbour LightCAN 544- -Ontario------
False Ducks (New) (Lake Ontario)CAN 545- -Ontario43° 57.0' N076° 48.0' WMapFN13ow--
Goderich Light StationCAN 546- -Ontario-----5
Battle Island (Lake Superior)CAN 547- -Ontario------
Beausoleil Island (Lake Huron)CAN 548- -Ontario------
Big Tub (Lake Huron)CAN 549Hist -Ontario------
Byng Inlet Range Rear (Lake Huron)CAN 552- -Ontario------
Davieaux Island (Michipicoten Island, Lake Superior)CAN 559Hist -Ontario------
Gros Cap Reef Light (Lake Superior)CAN 565Hist -Ontario-----1
Île ParisienneCAN 567- -Ontario46° 38.7' N084° 43.4' WMapEN76pp--
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 571- --------
Michipicoten Island/Quebec Harbour (Lake Superior)
Quebec Harbour/Michipicoten Island (Lake Superior), ON
CAN 576- -Ontario------
Nine Mile Point (Lake Ontario)CAN 578- -Ontario44° 9.3' N076° 33.3' WMapFN14rd-9
Long Point Cut/Old Cut/Long Point West End (Lake Erie)
Long Point West End/Long Point Cut/Old Cut (Lake Erie), ON : Old Cut/Long Point West End/Long Point Cut (Lake Erie), ON
CAN 580- -Ontario------
Old Pelee Passage (Windsor's Lakeview Park)
Old Pelee Passage (Lake Erie), ON H
CAN 581MHist MuseumOntario------
Old Pelee Passage (Lake Erie)CAN 581HHist -Ontario------
Otter Island (Lake Superior)CAN 582Hist -Ontario------
Porphyry Point (Lake Superior)CAN 584- -Ontario------
Rotary Light (St. Lawrence River)CAN 586Hist -Ontario-----2
Shaganash Island (Lake Superior)CAN 587Hist -Ontario------
Shoal Island (Lake Huron)CAN 588Hist -Ontario-----1
Slate Islands Light (Lake Superior)CAN 589Hist -Ontario------
South Baymouth Front Range (Lake Huron)CAN 591- -Ontario------
South Baymouth Rear Range (Lake Huron)CAN 592- -Ontario------
Thames River Rear Range (Lake St. Clair)CAN 594- -Ontario------
Thunder Bay Main Light (Lake Superior)CAN 595- -Ontario-----1
Trowbridge Island (Lake Superior)CAN 596- -Ontario48° 17.6' N088° 52.4' WMapEN58nh-2
Wilson Channel Front Range (Lake Huron)CAN 599- -Ontario-----1
Wilson Channel Rear Range (Lake Huron)CAN 600- -Ontario-----1
Brandy Pot/Pot à l'Eau-de-Vie
Pot à l'Eau-de-Vie/Brandy Pot, QC
CAN 601- -Quebec47° 52.3' N069° 40.9' WMapFN57du-2
New Edinburgh/Weymouth/Sissiboo
Sissiboo/Weymouth/New Edinburgh, NS H : Waymouth/Sissiboo/New Edinburgh, NS H
CAN 602Hist -Nova Scotia44° 26.0' N066° 1.0' WMapFN64xk--
Fort Point (Old) Mouth of LaHave RiverCAN 603Hist -Nova Scotia-----1
Wallace Harbour Rear RangeCAN 604Hist -Nova Scotia45° 48.7' N063° 28.2' WMapFN85gt--
Cape Tormentine Inner RangeCAN 605- -New Brunswick-----1
Great Bras d'Or Range OuterCAN 606Hist -Nova Scotia46° 17.0' N060° 25.0' WMapFN96tg--
Margaree Harbour Inner RangeCAN 607- -Nova Scotia46° 26.0' N061° 7.0' WMapFN96kk--
Pictou Harbour Range FrontCAN 608- -Nova Scotia45° 41.0' N062° 41.0' WMapFN85pq--
Havre Boucher Inner RangeCAN 609- -Nova Scotia45° 41.0' N061° 32.0' WMapFN95fq--
Halifax Harbour Inner Range RearCAN 610- -Nova Scotia44° 38.0' N063° 34.0' WMapFN84fp-2
Fishing Point (Old)/Pugwash (Old)
Pugwash (Old)/Fishing Point (Old), NS
CAN 611- -Nova Scotia45° 52.0' N063° 41.0' WMapFN85du-1
Sheet Harbour Passage Range RearCAN 612- -Nova Scotia44° 52.0' N062° 27.0' WMapFN84su-1
Horton Bluff Range RearCAN 613- -Nova Scotia45° 7.0' N064° 14.0' WMapFN75vc--
Halls HarbourCAN 614Hist -Nova Scotia45° 12.0' N064° 37.0' WMapFN75qe--
Musquodoboit Front RangeCAN 615Hist -Nova Scotia44° 42.0' N063° 5.0' WMapFN84kq--
Port Dover West Pier (Lake Erie)CAN 616- -Ontario------
Port Maitland (Lake Erie)CAN 617- -Ontario42° 51.2' N079° 34.8' WMapFN02fu-2
Burlington Canal Range Front/Burlington Canal Range (Lake Ontario)
Burlington Canal Range/Burlington Canal Range Front (Lake Ontario), ON
CAN 618- -Ontario-----3
Chantry Island (Lake Huron)CAN 619- -Ontario44° 29.4' N081° 24.1' WMapEN94hl-2
Niagara River Front RangeCAN 620- -Ontario-----1
Niagara River Rear RangeCAN 621- -Ontario-----2
Port Stanley Breakwater (Lake Erie)CAN 622- -Ontario-----1
Rondeau West Breakwater Range Front (Lake Erie)CAN 623Hist -Ontario42° 15.0' N081° 55.0' WMapEN92bf--
Stokes Bay Front Range (Lake Huron)CAN 624Hist -Ontario------
Stokes Bay Rear Range (Lake Huron)CAN 625Hist -Ontario------
Saugeen River Front Range (Lake Huron)CAN 626- -Ontario-----1
Saugeen River Rear Range (Lake Huron)CAN 627Hist -Ontario-----1
Pilot Bay (Kootenay Lake)CAN 628- -British Columbia-----2
Dartmouth Yacht Harbour (Halifax Harbour)CAN 629- -Nova Scotia44° 42.0' N063° 37.0' WMapFN84eq--
HarbourvilleCAN 630Hist -Nova Scotia45° 9.0' N064° 48.0' WMapFN75od--
Caribou Island (Lake Superior)CAN 631- -Ontario47° 20.0' N085° 49.0' WMapEN77ci--
Oakville (Old) (Lake Ontario)CAN 632Hist -Ontario------
Oakville (New) (Lake Ontario)CAN 633Hist -Ontario------
Canso Range Front (Canso Town)CAN 634- -Nova Scotia45° 20.0' N060° 59.0' WMapFN95mi--
Old Long Point Cut (Lake Erie)CAN 635- -Ontario------
Rondeau East Pierhead (Lake Erie)CAN 636Hist -Ontario------
Charlos Harbour Range RearCAN 637- -Nova Scotia45° 14.0' N061° 19.0' WMapFN95if--
Wolfe Island (Lake Ontario)CAN 638- -Ontario-----1
Pleasant Bay Main (Cape Breton Isl.)CAN 639Hist -Nova Scotia46° 50.0' N060° 48.0' WMapFN96ot--
Sydney Rear Range (Cape Breton Island)CAN 641Hist -Nova Scotia46° 11.0' N060° 15.0' WMapFN96ue--
Port Credit Inner Channel (Lake Ontario)CAN 642- -Ontario------
McNab Point/Southampton Harbour Rear Range/Southampton Harbour (Lake Huron)
Southampton Harbour Rear Range/Southampton Harbour/McNab Point (Lake Huron), ON : Southampton Harbour/McNab Point/Southampton Harbour Rear Range (Lake Huron), ON
CAN 643- -Ontario-----1
Long Point (Bay of Fundy)CAN 644- -New Brunswick-----2
Cape Ray, NewCAN 645- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 37.3' N059° 18.2' WMapGN07io-2
Lobster Cove Head (Bonnie Bay)CAN 646Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 36.0' N057° 57.0' WMapGN19ao--
Bacalhao IslandCAN 647- -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 41.0' N054° 33.0' WMapGN29rq--
Belle Isle North East (Labrador)CAN 648- -Newfoundland and Labrador------
Belle Isle South West (Labrador)CAN 649- -Newfoundland and Labrador------
Bay Bulls/Bull Head
Bull Head/Bay Bulls, NF
CAN 650- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 19.0' N052° 45.0' WMapGN37ph--
Cape AnguilleCAN 651- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 54.0' N059° 25.0' WMapGN07gv--
Cape BauldCAN 652- -Newfoundland and Labrador51° 38.0' N055° 26.0' WMapGO21gp--
Cape PineCAN 653- -Newfoundland and Labrador46° 1.0' N053° 32.0' WMapGN36fa--
Channel Head/Port aux Basques
Port aux Basques/Channel Head, NF
CAN 654- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 34.0' N059° 7.0' WMapGN07kn--
Ferolle Point/New Ferolle Peninsula
New Ferolle Peninsula/Ferolle Point, NF
CAN 655Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador51° 1.0' N057° 6.0' WMapGO11ka--
Ferryland HeadCAN 656- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 1.0' N052° 51.0' WMapGN37na--
Flower's Cove/Flower's Island
Flower's Island/Flower's Cove, NF
CAN 657- -Newfoundland and Labrador51° 18.0' N056° 45.0' WMapGO11ph--
Green Island (Fortune Bay)CAN 658- -Newfoundland and Labrador46° 52.0' N056° 5.0' WMapGN16xu--
Bay Roberts/Green Point
Green Point/Bay Roberts, NF
CAN 659Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 37.0' N053° 11.0' WMapGN37jo--
Gull Island (Cape St. John)CAN 660Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador50° 0.0' N055° 22.0' WMapGO20ha--
Keppel IslandCAN 661Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador50° 38.0' N057° 19.0' WMapGO10ip--
King's Cove HeadCAN 662Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador48° 35.0' N053° 19.0' WMapGN38io--
Little Denier IslandCAN 663Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador48° 41.0' N053° 35.0' WMapGN38fq--
North Head (Brigus)CAN 664- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 34.0' N052° 41.0' WMapGN37pn--
Pointe Amour (Labrador)CAN 665- -Newfoundland and Labrador51° 27.0' N056° 52.0' WMapGO11nk--
Pointe RICHECAN 666- -Newfoundland and Labrador50° 42.0' N057° 25.0' WMapGO10gq--
Random HeadCAN 667- -Newfoundland and Labrador48° 6.0' N053° 33.0' WMapGN38fc--
Rose BlancheCAN 668Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 36.0' N058° 42.0' WMapGN07po--
St. JacquesCAN 669- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 28.0' N055° 24.0' WMapGN27hl--
Allan's Island/Lamaline
Lamaline/Allan's Island, NF H
CAN 670Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador46° 51.0' N055° 48.0' WMapGN26cu--
Baccalieu Island NortheastCAN 671Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador48° 9.0' N052° 48.0' WMapGN38od--
Baccalieu Island SouthwestCAN 672- -Newfoundland and Labrador48° 6.0' N052° 49.0' WMapGN38oc--
Bell IslandCAN 673Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 39.0' N052° 55.0' WMapGN37np--
Belle Isle North End (Labrador)CAN 674- -Newfoundland and Labrador52° 1.0' N055° 17.0' WMapGO22ia--
Belle Isle South End Upper (Labrador)CAN 675- -Newfoundland and Labrador51° 53.0' N055° 23.0' WMapGO21hv--
Boar Island (Burgeo)CAN 676Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 36.0' N057° 35.0' WMapGN17fo--
Burnt PointCAN 677- -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 36.0' N054° 10.0' WMapGN29vo--
Camp Islands (Labrador)CAN 678Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador52° 10.0' N055° 38.0' WMapGO22ed--
Cape NormanCAN 679- -Newfoundland and Labrador51° 38.0' N055° 55.0' WMapGO21bp--
Cow HeadCAN 680- -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 55.0' N057° 48.0' WMapGN19cv--
Double Island (Labrador)CAN 681- -Newfoundland and Labrador52° 15.0' N055° 33.0' WMapGO22fg--
East End Long Island/Long Island East End
Long Island East End/East End Long Island, NF
CAN 682- -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 36.0' N055° 34.0' WMapGN29fo--
Fort AmherstCAN 683- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 34.0' N052° 41.0' WMapGN37pn--
Fishing Point/Fox Point
Fox Point/Fishing Point, NF
CAN 684- -Newfoundland and Labrador51° 21.0' N055° 33.0' WMapGO21fi--
GarnishCAN 685Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 14.0' N055° 22.0' WMapGN27hf--
Grand BankCAN 686Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 6.0' N055° 45.0' WMapGN27dc--
Green Island (Catalina)CAN 687- -Newfoundland and Labrador48° 30.0' N053° 3.0' WMapGN38ll--
Hant's HarbourCAN 688Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador48° 1.0' N053° 15.0' WMapGN38ja--
Harbour Island (Penguin)CAN 689Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 23.0' N056° 59.0' WMapGN17mj--
Harbour Point/Sandy Point
Sandy Point/Harbour Point, NF
CAN 690- -Newfoundland and Labrador48° 27.0' N058° 29.0' WMapGN08sk--
Little Burin IslandCAN 691- -Newfoundland and Labrador46° 59.0' N055° 12.0' WMapGN26jx--
Long Island (Placentia Bay)CAN 692- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 18.0' N054° 42.0' WMapGN27ph--
Manuel Island (Catalina)CAN 693- -Newfoundland and Labrador48° 31.0' N053° 4.0' WMapGN38lm--
Marticot IslandCAN 694Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 19.0' N054° 35.0' WMapGN27qh--
Northwest Head (Ramea)CAN 695- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 31.0' N057° 25.0' WMapGN17gm--
Offer Wadham IslandCAN 696- -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 36.0' N053° 46.0' WMapGN39co--
Peckford IslandCAN 697- -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 32.0' N053° 51.0' WMapGN39bm--
Powels HeadCAN 698- -Newfoundland and Labrador46° 41.0' N053° 24.0' WMapGN36hq--
Rocky Point (Harbour Breton)CAN 699- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 29.0' N055° 48.0' WMapGN27cl--
St. Modeste Island (Labrador)CAN 700- -Newfoundland and Labrador51° 36.0' N056° 41.0' WMapGO11po--
West Point (Francois)CAN 701- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 34.0' N056° 44.0' WMapGN17pn--
Westport CoveCAN 702Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 47.0' N056° 37.0' WMapGN19qs--
Woody PointCAN 703Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 30.0' N057° 55.0' WMapGN19bl--
Anderson HollowCAN 704- -New Brunswick-----2
Belledune PointCAN 705Hist -New Brunswick------
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 706- -New Brunswick-----1
Caraquet Rear Range (Old)CAN 707Hist -New Brunswick47° 49.0' N064° 50.0' WMapFN77ot--
Dixon Point Front RangeCAN 708Hist -New Brunswick-----1
Fish Fluke Point/Grand Harbour
Grand Harbour/Fish Fluke Point, NB
CAN 709- -New Brunswick-----1
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 710- --------
Grindstone IslandCAN 711- -New Brunswick-----1
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 712- --------
Pointe du Chene Rear Range
Parlee Beach Rear Range, H1328.1, 1108
CAN 713- -New Brunswick46° 14.4' N064° 30.7' WMapFN76rf--
Pendlebury/St. Andrews
St. Andrews/Pendlebury, NB
CAN 714- -New Brunswick45° 4.1' N067° 2.9' WMapFN65lb-2
Lead Mines (Lake Memphremagog)CAN 715Hist -Quebec------
Magog (Lake Memphremagog)CAN 716Hist -Quebec------
Molson Island (Lake Memphremagog)CAN 717Hist -Quebec------
Wadleigh (Lake Memphremagog)CAN 718Hist -Quebec45° 11.2' N072° 14.0' WMapFN35ve--
Witch Shoal (Lake Memphremagog)CAN 719Hist -Quebec------
Black Point (Lake Memphremagog)CAN 720Hist -Quebec------
Cape St. Mary'sCAN 721Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador46° 49.0' N054° 12.0' WMapGN26vt--
PictouCAN 722- -Nova Scotia45° 41.0' N062° 42.0' WMapFN85pq--
Campbellton Range FrontCAN 723Hist -New Brunswick------
Dalhousie Deep Water WharfCAN 724Hist -New Brunswick------
Digby WharfCAN 725Hist -Nova Scotia------
Grand Dune Flats Front RangeCAN 726Hist -New Brunswick------
Grant Beach Range FrontCAN 727- -New Brunswick------
Grant Beach Range RearCAN 728- -New Brunswick------
Church Point/Indian Point Front Range/Pointe à Jérome Front Range (Bouctouche)
Indian Point Front Range/Pointe à Jérome Front Range/Church Point (Bouctouche), NB : Pointe à Jérome Front Range/Church Point/Indian Point Front Range (Bouctouche), NB
CAN 729- -New Brunswick-----1
Indian Point Rear Range/Pointe à Jérome Rear Range (Bouctouche)
Jerome Point Rear Range/Pointe à Jérome Rear Range, NB : Pointe à Jérome Rear Range/Indian Point Rear Range (Bouctouche), NB
CAN 730- -New Brunswick------
Peck's PointCAN 731Hist -New Brunswick------
Oak Point (Miramichi Bay)CAN 732- -New Brunswick------
Portage Island Range Rear
Portage Island Range Rear, NB H
CAN 733MHist MuseumNew Brunswick------
Portage Island Range RearCAN 733HHist -New Brunswick------
Wilmot's BluffCAN 734- -New Brunswick------
Black Bear Island MuseumCAN 736M- MuseumManitoba50° 8.8' N096° 51.9' WMapEO10nd-2
Black Bear IslandCAN 736HHist -Manitoba51° 46.7' N096° 54.2' WMapEO11ns--
Gull Island (Lake Winnipeg)CAN 737- -Manitoba------
Red River Museum
Red River (Marine Museum of Manitoba), MB M
CAN 738M- MuseumManitoba50° 8.8' N096° 51.9' WMapEO10nd-4
Red River Range FrontCAN 738HHist -Manitoba50° 23.7' N096° 48.5' WMapEO10oj--
Egg IslandCAN 740- -British Columbia51° 15.0' N127° 51.0' WMapCO61bg--
Denman Island-West SideCAN 741- -British Columbia49° 32.0' N124° 49.0' WMapCN79om--
Green Island (Chatham Sound)CAN 742- -British Columbia54° 34.0' N130° 42.0' WMapCO44pn--
Caissie Cape/Cap-de-Caissie
Cap-de-Caissie/Caissie Cape, NB
CAN 743- -New Brunswick-----1
Anse Blue/Blue Cove
Blue Cove/Anse Blue, NB H
CAN 744Hist -New Brunswick------
Marcelle PointCAN 745Hist -New Brunswick------
Fort PointCAN 746Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador48° 22.0' N053° 21.0' WMapGN38hi--
Belle Isle South End Lower (Labrador)CAN 747- -Newfoundland and Labrador51° 53.0' N055° 24.0' WMapGO21hv--
Cape Spear (Old)CAN 748- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 31.0' N052° 37.0' WMapGN37qm--
Conche/Silver Point
Silver Point/Conche, NF
CAN 749- -Newfoundland and Labrador50° 53.0' N055° 54.0' WMapGO20bv--
Saddle Island (Old)CAN 750- -Newfoundland and Labrador------
South HeadCAN 751- -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 9.0' N058° 22.0' WMapGN09td--
Country Island/Green Island (Tor Bay)
Green Island/Country Island (Tor Bay), NS
CAN 752- -Nova Scotia45° 6.0' N061° 33.0' WMapFN95fc--
Ingonish FerryCAN 753Hist -Nova Scotia46° 38.0' N060° 23.0' WMapFN96tp--
St. Esprit IslandCAN 754Hist -Nova Scotia45° 37.0' N060° 29.0' WMapFN95so--
Cobourg East PierheadCAN 755- -Ontario43° 57.1' N078° 9.9' WMapFN03ww-2
Kingsville (Lake Erie)CAN 756Hist -Ontario------
Lamb Island (Lake Superior)CAN 757Hist -Ontario------
Leamington (Lake Erie)CAN 758- -Ontario------
Long Point (Lake Erie)CAN 759- -Ontario------
Main Duck Island (Lake Ontario)CAN 760- -Ontario------
Mississauga Point (Lake Ontario)CAN 761Hist -Ontario------
Pointe Petre (Old) (Lake Ontario)CAN 762Hist -Ontario------
Pointe Petre (New) (Lake Ontario)CAN 763- -Ontario43° 50.4' N077° 9.1' WMapFN13ku-5
Port Colborne Inner/Port Colborne (Lake Erie)
Port Colborne/Port Colborne Inner (Lake Erie), ON
CAN 764- -Ontario42° 52.0' N079° 15.2' WMapFN02iu--
Port Colborne Outer (Lake Erie)CAN 765- -Ontario------
Port Weller Outer (Lake Ontario)CAN 766- -Ontario43° 14.7' N079° 13.1' WMapFN03jf-1
Prescott Breakwater/Prescott Harbour Outer
Prescott Harbour Outer/Prescott Breakwater, ON
CAN 767- -Ontario-----5
Rondeau Harbour (Lake Erie)CAN 768Hist -Ontario------
Sand PointCAN 769- -Ontario45° 29.3' N076° 26.1' WMapFN15sl-4
Fish IslandCAN 770Hist -Prince Edward Island------
Cape Tryon (Old)CAN 771Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 32.0' N063° 30.0' WMapFN86fm-3
Amherst Island/l’Anse à la Cabane/Ile du Havre Aubert (Magdalen Islands)
Île du Havre Aubert/Amherst Island/l’Anse à la Cabane (Magdalen Islands), QC : l’Anse à la Cabane/Ile du Havre Aubert/Amherst Island (Magdalen Islands), QC
CAN 772- -Quebec47° 12.7' N061° 58.3' WMapFN97af-1
BellechasseCAN 773Hist -Quebec46° 55.9' N070° 46.0' WMapFN46ow-1
Ile Brion (Magdalen Islands)CAN 774- -Quebec47° 46.9' N061° 30.5' WMapFN97fs--
Cap ALRIGHT (Magdalen Islands)CAN 775- -Quebec47° 23.5' N061° 46.4' WMapFN97cj--
Cape Whittle
Île aux Cormorants
CAN 776Hist -Quebec50° 9.8' N060° 3.6' WMapFO90xd--
Entry Island/Ile d'Entrée (Magdalen Islands)
Ile d'Entrée/Entry Island (Magdalen Islands), QC
CAN 777- -Quebec47° 16.1' N061° 42.3' WMapFN97dg--
Grande RivièreCAN 778Hist -Quebec48° 23.9' N064° 30.2' WMapFN78rj--
Pointe BonaventureCAN 779- -Quebec48° 0.2' N065° 27.0' WMapFN78ga--
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 780- --------
Port Daniel OuestCAN 781- -Quebec48° 9.1' N064° 57.0' WMapFN78md--
Île Plate (Percé)/Point Peter
Point Peter/Ile Plate (Percé), QC H
CAN 782Hist -Quebec48° 37.6' N064° 9.4' WMapFN78wp--
Owen Sound Front Range (Georgian Bay)CAN 783- -Ontario------
Owen Sound Rear Range (Georgian Bay)CAN 784- -Ontario------
Pigeon Island (New) (Lake Ontario)CAN 785- -Ontario-----1
Pigeon Island (Old) (Lake Ontario)CAN 786Hist -Ontario------
Prince Edward Point (Old)/Traverse Point (Old) (Lake Ontario)
Traverse Point (Old)/Prince Edward Point (Old) (Lake Ontario), ON
CAN 787- -Ontario-----1
Prince Edward Point (New)/Traverse Point (New) (Lake Ontario)
Traverse Point (New)/Prince Edward Point (New) (Lake Ontario), ON
CAN 788- -Ontario-----1
Salmon Point/Wicked Point (Lake Ontario)
Wicked Point/Salmon Point (Lake Ontario), ON
CAN 789- -Ontario------
Egg Island (New)/Scotch Bonnet Island (New) (Lake Ontario)
Scotch Bonnet Island (New) Egg Island (New) (Lake Ontario), ON
CAN 790- -Ontario43° 54.0' N077° 32.5' WMapFN13fv--
Egg Island (Old)/Scotch Bonnet Island (Old) (Lake Ontario)
Scotch Bonnet Island (Old) Egg Island (Old) (Lake Ontario), ON
CAN 791- -Ontario43° 54.0' N077° 32.5' WMapFN13fv--
Pie Island (Thunder Bay)CAN 792- -Ontario------
Pine Tree Front Range (Lake Huron)CAN 793- -Ontario------
Pine Tree Rear Range (Lake Huron)CAN 794- -Ontario------
Point Edward Front Range (Lake Huron)CAN 795- -Ontario-----2
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 796- --------
Brunette Island (Fortune Bay)CAN 797Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 15.0' N055° 52.0' WMapGN27bf--
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 798- --------
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 799- --------
Neguac Rear RangeCAN 800- -New Brunswick------
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 801- --------
Port Hope East Breakwater - RedCAN 802- -Ontario43° 56.4' N078° 17.5' WMapFN03uw-1
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 803- --46° 15.0' N063° 42.0' WMapFN86dg--
Toronto Rear Range (Toronto Harbour)CAN 804- -Ontario------
Toronto Harbour East Entrance InnerCAN 805- -Ontario------
Toronto Harbour East Entrance OuterCAN 806- -Ontario------
Point VerdeCAN 807- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 14.0' N054° 1.0' WMapGN27xf--
Cascumpeque (Old)CAN 808- -Prince Edward Island46° 48.0' N064° 2.0' WMapFN76xt--
Point PrimCAN 809- -Prince Edward Island46° 3.0' N063° 2.0' WMapFN86lb-5
Belleville (Lake Ontario)CAN 810- -Ontario44° 9.2' N077° 22.5' WMapFN14hd-1
Green Shoal (Ottawa River)
Beacon Hill
CAN 811- -Ontario45° 28.4' N075° 35.7' WMapFN25el-2
Kincardine Front Range (Lake Huron)CAN 812Hist -Ontario-----1
Kaministikia/Kaministiquia (Thunder Bay)
Kaministiquia/Kaministikia (Thunder Bay), ON
CAN 813- -Ontario------
Kaministikia River (Thunder Bay)CAN 814- -Ontario------
Portsmouth Front Range (Lake Ontario)CAN 815- -Ontario44° 13.1' N076° 31.0' WMapFN14rf-1
Whitby (Lake Ontario)CAN 816- -Ontario43° 51.0' N078° 55.6' WMapFN03mu--
Green Head (St. John River)CAN 817- -New Brunswick------
Grenadier Island (St. Lawrence River)CAN 818- -Ontario------
Grosse Roche (Saguenay River)CAN 819Hist -Quebec48° 13.1' N069° 52.6' WMapFN58bf--
Sailors Encampment Front Range (St. Mary's River)CAN 820- -Ontario-----1
Sailors Encampment Rear Range (St. Mary's River)CAN 821- -Ontario-----1
Salt Point (Lake Ontario)CAN 822- -Ontario------
Snake Island (Lake Ontario)CAN 823- -Ontario------
Stribling Point Rear Range (St. Mary's River)CAN 824- -Ontario------
Stribling Point Front Range (St. Mary's River)CAN 825- -Ontario------
Stag Island Shoal (St. Claire River)CAN 826- -Ontario-----2
Squaw Island (Lake of the Woods)CAN 827- -Ontario------
Spectacle Shoal (St. Lawrence River)CAN 828- -Ontario-----1
Southeast Bay (Lake Nipissing)CAN 829- -Ontario------
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 830- --------
Long Dock/Southampton Harbour Front Range (Lake Huron)
Southampton Harbour Front Range/Long Dock (Lake Huron), ON H
CAN 831Hist -Ontario------
BrigusCAN 832- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 33.0' N053° 11.0' WMapGN37jn--
Broad Cove Point Range FrontCAN 833- -Newfoundland and Labrador48° 45.0' N058° 39.0' WMapGN08qs--
Broad Cove Point Range RearCAN 834- -Newfoundland and Labrador48° 45.0' N058° 39.0' WMapGN08qs--
Cape St. FrancisCAN 835- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 49.0' N052° 47.0' WMapGN37ot--
Change IslandsCAN 836Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 34.0' N054° 25.0' WMapGN29sn--
Colombier IslandCAN 837- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 35.0' N058° 54.0' WMapGN07nn--
Dawson Point (Hermitage Bay)CAN 838- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 38.0' N056° 9.0' WMapGN17wp--
Frenchman's HeadCAN 839Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 3.0' N058° 10.0' WMapGN09vb--
Ireland Island (La Poile Bay)CAN 840Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 38.0' N058° 22.0' WMapGN07tp--
North Penguin IslandCAN 841Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 27.0' N053° 49.0' WMapGN39ck--
Point LatineCAN 842Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador------
St. Lawrence PointCAN 843Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador------
Cox Reef (Lake Winnipeg)CAN 844- -Manitoba52° 19.0' N097° 13.0' WMapEO12jh--
George Island
Little George Island, , MB
CAN 845- -Manitoba52° 49.2' N097° 36.8' WMapEO12et-1
Gimli (Lake Winnipeg)CAN 846Hist -Manitoba50° 38.0' N096° 59.0' WMapEO10mp-4
Gull Harbour (Old) (Hecla Island Lake Winnipeg)CAN 847- -Manitoba51° 12.0' N096° 36.0' WMapEO11qe-3
Gull Harbour (New) (Hecla Island Lake Winnipeg)CAN 848- -Manitoba51° 12.0' N096° 36.0' WMapEO11qe-3
Warren Landing Lower Front Range (Lake Winnipeg)CAN 849- -Manitoba53° 42.0' N097° 51.0' WMapEO13bq--
Warren Landing Lower Rear Range (Lake Winnipeg)CAN 850- -Manitoba53° 42.0' N097° 51.0' WMapEO13bq--
Warren Landing Upper Front Range (Lake Winnipeg)CAN 851- -Manitoba53° 42.0' N097° 52.0' WMapEO13bq--
Warren Landing Upper Rear Range (Lake Winnipeg)CAN 852- -Manitoba53° 42.0' N097° 52.0' WMapEO13bq--
Quebec Harbour Front Range (Michipicoten Island, Lake Superior)CAN 853- -Ontario------
Quebec Harbour Rear Range (Michipicoten Island, Lake Superior)CAN 854- -Ontario------
Rainy River Front Range (Rainy River)CAN 855- -Ontario------
Rainy River Rear Range (Rainy River)CAN 856- -Ontario------
Red Horse Rock (St. Lawrence River)CAN 857- -Ontario------
Lighthouse Shoal/Rosseau (Rosseau Lake)
Rosseau/Lighthouse Shoal (Rosseau Lake), ON
CAN 858- -Ontario------
Victoria Island (Thunder Bay)CAN 859- -Ontario------
Winnipegosis (Lake Winnipegosis)CAN 860- -Manitoba------
Kaulbach Island Range RearCAN 861- -Nova Scotia44° 28.0' N064° 17.0' WMapFN74ul-1
Kidston Island West EndCAN 862- -Nova Scotia46° 6.0' N060° 45.0' WMapFN96pc--
Hubbards CoveCAN 863Hist -Nova Scotia44° 37.0' N064° 3.0' WMapFN74xo--
False Ducks (Old) (Mariners Memorial Park and Museum)
False Ducks (Old) (Lake Ontario), ON H
CAN 864MHist MuseumOntario43° 55.3' N077° 3.1' WMapFN13lw--
False Ducks (Old) (Lake Ontario)CAN 864HHist -Ontario43° 57.0' N076° 48.0' WMapFN13ow--
Cape North (Old) (Museum of Science and Technology/Ottawa)
Cape North (Old), NS H
CAN 865MHist MuseumNova Scotia45° 24.1' N075° 37.4' WMapFN25ej-8
Cape North (Old)CAN 865HHist -Nova Scotia47° 2.0' N060° 24.0' WMapFN97ta--
Ash Island (Richelieu River)CAN 866Hist -Quebec45° 3.6' N073° 19.6' WMapFN35ib--
Aylmer Island (Ottawa River) (New)CAN 867Hist -Ontario45° 23.8' N075° 53.3' WMapFN25bj-11
Baie Saint-Paul (St Lawrence R.)CAN 868Hist -Quebec47° 25.7' N070° 29.3' WMapFN47sk--
Barre à Boulard Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 869Hist -Quebec46° 39.6' N071° 52.6' WMapFN46bp--
Batiscan Rear Range (St Lawrence R.)CAN 870Hist -Quebec46° 30.5' N072° 14.7' WMapFN36vm--
Beauharnois Front Range/Melocheville Range Front (St Lawrence R.)
Melocheville Front Range/Beauharnois Front Range (St Lawrence River), QC H
CAN 871Hist -Quebec45° 17.6' N073° 55.9' WMapFN35ah--
Beauharnois Rear Range/Melocheville Range Rear (St Lawrence River)
Melocheville Rear Range/Beauharnois Rear Range (St Lawrence River), QC H
CAN 872Hist -Quebec45° 17.9' N073° 55.7' WMapFN35ah--
Bécancour Front Range (St Lawrence River)CAN 873- -Quebec46° 22.4' N072° 27.0' WMapFN36si--
Calvaire Range Front (St. Lawrence River)CAN 874- -Quebec46° 33.4' N072° 5.2' WMapFN36wn-1
Cap de la Madeleine (St Lawrence R.)CAN 875Hist -Quebec------
Cap de la Madeleine Lower Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 876Hist -Quebec------
Cap de la Madeleine Upper Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 877Hist -Quebec------
Cap de la Madeleine Upper Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 878Hist -Quebec------
Cap de la Madeleine Village Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 879Hist -Quebec------
Herring CoveCAN 880- -Nova Scotia44° 34.0' N063° 33.0' WMapFN84fn--
Sandwich Point Range RearCAN 881- -Nova Scotia44° 35.0' N063° 33.0' WMapFN84fn--
Presqu'ile (Georgian Bay)CAN 882Hist -Ontario------
Trenton Rear RangeCAN 883- -Nova Scotia45° 37.0' N062° 39.0' WMapFN85qo--
Sandwich Point Range FrontCAN 884- -Nova Scotia44° 35.0' N063° 33.0' WMapFN84fn--
Halifax Lightship (LV 19)CAN 885Hist -Nova Scotia------
Norway Point Range FrontCAN 886- -Nova Scotia45° 40.0' N062° 43.0' WMapFN85pp--
Norway Point Range RearCAN 887- -Nova Scotia45° 40.0' N062° 43.0' WMapFN85pp--
Pointe aux Pins (Lake Superior)CAN 888- -Ontario46° 28.0' N084° 28.0' WMapEN76sl-1
Pointe aux Pins Range Front (St. Mary's River)CAN 889- -Ontario46° 28.0' N084° 28.0' WMapEN76sl-1
Pointe aux Pins Range Rear (St. Mary's River)CAN 890- -Ontario46° 28.0' N084° 28.0' WMapEN76sl-1
Passage Lower (Ile Leblanc, Ottawa R.)CAN 891- -Quebec45° 52.3' N077° 11.7' WMapFN15ju-1
Charlos Harbour Range FrontCAN 892Hist -Nova Scotia------
Caraquet IslandCAN 893Hist -New Brunswick------
Kingsport (Canning River)CAN 894Hist -Nova Scotia------
Middle Caraquet Range RearCAN 895- -New Brunswick------
Porter Point (Canning River)CAN 896Hist -Nova Scotia------
Glace Bay Range RearCAN 897Hist -Nova Scotia46° 12.0' N059° 57.0' WMapGN06ae--
Croucher's IslandCAN 898Hist -Nova Scotia44° 38.0' N063° 58.0' WMapFN84ap--
Wolfville (Bay of Fundy)CAN 899Hist -Nova Scotia45° 5.0' N064° 22.0' WMapFN75tb--
Bathurst Front Range LightCAN 900Hist -New Brunswick------
Bathurst Rear Range LightCAN 901Hist -New Brunswick------
Belloni Point LightCAN 902Hist -New Brunswick------
Bridges Point LightCAN 903Hist -New Brunswick------
Cape Tormentine Entrance Rear RangeCAN 904Hist -New Brunswick-----1
ChamcookCAN 905Hist -New Brunswick------
Courtenay Bay BreakwaterCAN 906- -New Brunswick45° 15.0' N066° 3.0' WMapFN65xf-1
Cox PointCAN 907Hist -New Brunswick------
Dipper HarbourCAN 908Hist -New Brunswick------
Douglas IslandCAN 909Hist -New Brunswick------
Fort Folly PointCAN 910Hist -New Brunswick------
Goose LakeCAN 911Hist -New Brunswick------
Grand AnseCAN 912Hist -New Brunswick------
Harper PointCAN 913Hist -New Brunswick------
Hay Island Front RangeCAN 914Hist -New Brunswick------
Hay Island Rear RangeCAN 915Hist -New Brunswick------
Heron IslandCAN 916Hist -New Brunswick------
JemsegCAN 917Hist -New Brunswick------
Machias Seal Island WestCAN 918Hist -New Brunswick------
MaisonnetteCAN 919Hist -New Brunswick------
Martin HeadCAN 920Hist -New Brunswick------
McFarlane PointCAN 921Hist -New Brunswick------
McMann PointCAN 922Hist -New Brunswick------
Midjik BluffCAN 923Hist -New Brunswick------
Miscou Harbour Front RangeCAN 924- -New Brunswick------
Montgomery IslandCAN 925Hist -New Brunswick------
Nany BarCAN 926- -New Brunswick------
Negro PointCAN 927Hist -New Brunswick------
NewcastleCAN 928Hist -New Brunswick------
North TracadieCAN 929Hist -New Brunswick------
OromoctoCAN 930Hist -New Brunswick------
Outhouse PointCAN 931Hist -New Brunswick------
Palmer LandingCAN 932Hist -New Brunswick------
Petit RocherCAN 933Hist -New Brunswick------
PokemoucheCAN 934Hist -New Brunswick------
Pokesudie IslandCAN 935Hist -New Brunswick------
Preston Beach Front RangeCAN 936Hist -New Brunswick------
Shampers WharfCAN 937Hist -New Brunswick------
Shediac Island Front RangeCAN 938Hist -New Brunswick------
Shediac Island Rear RangeCAN 939Hist -New Brunswick------
Shediac Harbour Range Rear
Shediac Town Wharf Rear Range, H1332.1, 1111
CAN 940- -New Brunswick46° 14.4' N064° 31.8' WMapFN76rf--
Sheldrake Island Front RangeCAN 941Hist -New Brunswick------
South TracadieCAN 942Hist -New Brunswick------
St. John HarbourCAN 943Hist -New Brunswick------
St. MartinsCAN 944Hist -New Brunswick-----1
StonehavenCAN 945Hist -New Brunswick------
Swashway Front RangeCAN 946Hist -New Brunswick------
Tabusintac Gully Front RangeCAN 947Hist -New Brunswick------
Tongue ShoalCAN 948Hist -New Brunswick-----1
Ward PointCAN 949Hist -New Brunswick------
Cherry IslandCAN 950Hist -Quebec45° 8.0' N074° 23.9' WMapFN25td--
Gallia Bay Upper Range Rear (St. Lawrence River)CAN 951Hist -Quebec46° 5.0' N073° 1.0' WMapFN36lc--
Gentilly Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 952- -Quebec------
Grondines Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 953Hist -Quebec46° 35.1' N072° 5.9' WMapFN36wo--
Grondines Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 954Hist -Quebec46° 35.8' N072° 4.7' WMapFN36xo--
Cap Blanc (Percé)CAN 955- -Quebec48° 30.0' N064° 13.0' WMapFN78vl--
MataneCAN 956- -Quebec48° 51.1' N067° 30.7' WMapFN68fu--
Glace Bay Range FrontCAN 957Hist -Nova Scotia------
Baie Ellis Range Front (Île d'Anticosti)CAN 958Hist -Quebec49° 48.7' N064° 20.8' WMapFN79tt--
Baie Ellis Range Rear (Île d'Aanticosti)CAN 959Hist -Quebec49° 48.8' N064° 20.8' WMapFN79tt--
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 960- --------
Cap aux Meules/Pointe Hérissée/Grindstone (Magdalen Islands)
Grindstone/Cap aux Meules/Pointe Hérissée (Magdalen Islands), QC : Pointe Hérossée/Grindstone/Cap aux Meules (Magdalen Islands), QC
CAN 961- -Quebec47° 23.0' N061° 56.0' WMapFN97aj--
Cap Brûlé
Montée du Lac Light
CAN 962Hist -Quebec47° 6.5' N070° 43.0' WMapFN47pc--
Cap de l'Est (Saguenay River)CAN 963- -Quebec48° 22.6' N070° 42.3' WMapFN48pj--
Carleton/Point TracadigacheCAN 964- -Quebec48° 5.2' N066° 7.5' WMapFN68wc--
Contrecoeur Course Range Front (St. Lawrence River)CAN 965Hist -Quebec------
Coteau Landing (St. Lawrence River)CAN 966Hist -Quebec------
Domaine Range Front (St. Lawrence River)CAN 967Hist -Quebec------
Domaine Range Rear (St. Lawrence River)CAN 968Hist -Quebec------
Dorval (St. Lawrence River)CAN 969Hist -Quebec------
Fort William (Ottawa River)CAN 970Hist -Quebec------
GaspéCAN 971Hist -Quebec------
Grande Île Kamouraska (St. Lawrence River)CAN 972Hist -Quebec------
Île aux Grues (St. Lawrence River)CAN 973Hist -Quebec-----1
Île Blanche Pillar (St. Lawrence River)CAN 974Hist -Quebec-----1
Île GreenlyCAN 975Hist -Quebec------
Île Lapierre (St. Lawrence River)CAN 976Hist -Quebec------
Île Ronde Range Rear/Île Sainte-Hélène
Île Sainte-Hélène/Île Ronde Range Rear, QC
CAN 977- -Quebec------
PaspédiacCAN 978Hist -Quebec------
Pointe à Cadieux (Ottawa River)CAN 980Hist -Quebec------
Pointe au MaquereauCAN 981Hist -Quebec------
Pointe Claire (St. Lawrence River)CAN 982Hist -Quebec------
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 983- --------
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 984- --------
Pointe DuthieCAN 985- -Quebec------
Pointe Heath (Île d'Anticosti)CAN 986Hist -Quebec------
Pointe Saint-Pancrace (St. Lawrence R.)CAN 987Hist -Quebec------
Roche à VeillonCAN 988- -Quebec47° 12.1' N070° 21.2' WMapFN47te-1
Upper Traverse (St. Lawrence River)CAN 989Hist -Quebec------
Arisaig Harbour Range FrontCAN 990- -Nova Scotia45° 46.0' N069° 10.0' WMapFN55js--
Arisaig Harbour Range RearCAN 991- -Nova Scotia45° 46.0' N069° 10.0' WMapFN55js--
Cape Ray (Old)CAN 992Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 37.3' N059° 18.2' WMapGN07io--
Deep River Islet (Ottawa River)CAN 993- -Ontario46° 1.0' N077° 17.0' WMapFN16ia--
Saint-Michel Range FrontCAN 994- -Quebec46° 52.5' N070° 55.0' WMapFN46nv-2
Pointe à Basile Range RearCAN 995- -Quebec46° 43.9' N071° 18.8' WMapFN46ir-1
Pointe Saint-NicolasCAN 996- -Quebec46° 42.1' N071° 26.8' WMapFN46gq-1
Caribou Harbour Inner Range FrontCAN 1002Hist -Nova Scotia45° 44.0' N062° 41.0' WMapFN85pr--
Caribou Harbour Inner Range RearCAN 1003- -Nova Scotia45° 44.0' N062° 41.0' WMapFN85pr--
Banc du Cap Brûlé Downstream Rear RangeCAN 1004- -Quebec47° 5.4' N070° 42.6' WMapFN47pc-2
Gallia Bay Lower Range Front (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1005Hist -Quebec------
Gallia Bay Lower Range Rear (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1006Hist -Quebec------
Gallia Bay Upper Range Front (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1007Hist -Quebec------
Bar Point Pier (Detroit River)CAN 1008- -Ontario42° 2.4' N083° 8.1' WMapEN82ka-1
Goderich North Breakwater (Lake Huron)CAN 1009Hist -Ontario43° 45.0' N081° 44.0' WMapEN93ds--
Goderich North Pier Front (Lake Huron)CAN 1010Hist -Ontario43° 45.0' N081° 44.0' WMapEN93ds--
Goderich North Pier Rear (Lake Huron)CAN 1011Hist -Ontario43° 45.0' N081° 44.0' WMapEN93ds-2
Goderich Range Rear (Lake Huron)CAN 1012Hist -Ontario-----1
Goderich South Breakwater (Lake Huron)CAN 1013Hist -Ontario43° 45.0' N081° 44.0' WMapEN93ds--
Light D77 (Detroit River)CAN 1014Hist -Ontario42° 8.0' N083° 7.0' WMapEN82kd--
Maybury Highway (St. Clair River)CAN 1015Hist -Ontario42° 33.0' N082° 38.0' WMapEN82qn--
Mission Channel Entrance (Lake Surperior)CAN 1016- -Ontario48° 21.0' N089° 12.0' WMapEN58ji-1
St. Anicet West Front Range (St. Lawrence Seaway)CAN 1017- -Quebec45° 7.0' N074° 26.0' WMapFN25sc--
St. Anicet West Rear Range (St. Lawrence Seaway)CAN 1018- -Quebec45° 7.0' N074° 26.0' WMapFN25sc--
Pier X36 (Lake St. Clair)CAN 1019Hist -Ontario42° 31.0' N082° 40.0' WMapEN82pm--
Pier X40 (Lake St. Clair)CAN 1020- -Ontario42° 32.0' N082° 39.0' WMapEN82qm--
Pier X44 (Lake St. Clair)CAN 1021- -Ontario42° 32.0' N082° 37.0' WMapEN82qm--
Pier X48 (Lake St. Clair)CAN 1022- -Ontario42° 33.0' N082° 36.0' WMapEN82qn--
Southeast Bend (St. Clair River)CAN 1023- -Ontario42° 33.0' N082° 37.0' WMapEN82qn--
Walpole Island Lower (St. Clair River)CAN 1024- -Ontario42° 37.0' N082° 31.0' WMapEN82ro--
Walpole Island Upper (St. Clair River)CAN 1025- -Ontario42° 37.0' N082° 31.0' WMapEN82ro--
Angus Island (Lake Superior)CAN 1026- -Ontario48° 14.0' N089° 0.0' WMapEN58lf--
Brébeuf Range Rear (Beausoleil Island) (Georgian Bay)CAN 1027- -Ontario44° 52.6' N079° 52.5' WMapFN04bv--
Corbeil Point (Lake Superior)CAN 1028Hist -Ontario------
Corunna Range Rear (Moore Museum)
Corunna Range Rear (St. Clair River), ON H
CAN 1029MHist MuseumOntario------
Corunna Range Rear (St. Clair River)CAN 1029HHist -Ontario------
Brockville Range Rear/Crossover Range Rear (St. Lawrence River)
Crossover Range Rear/Brockville Range Rear (St. Lawrence River), ON
CAN 1030- -Ontario44° 32.0' N075° 46.0' WMapFN24cm-1
Gravenhurst Narrows/Lighthouse Island (Lake Muskoka)
Lighthouse Island/Gravenhurst Narrows (Lake Muskoka), ON
CAN 1031- -Ontario44° 57.0' N079° 24.0' WMapFN04hw--
Great Duck Island (Lake Huron)CAN 1032- -Ontario45° 39.0' N082° 58.0' WMapEN85mp--
Jones Island Range Front (Georgian Bay)CAN 1033- -Ontario45° 19.0' N080° 17.0' WMapEN95uh--
Knapp Point (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1034Hist -Ontario------
l’Orignal Range Front (Ottawa River)CAN 1035Hist -Ontario------
l’Orignal Range Rear (Ottawa River)CAN 1036Hist -Ontario------
Lancaster Range Front (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1037- -Ontario45° 6.0' N074° 30.0' WMapFN25rc--
Livingstone Channel Upper Entrance (Detroit River)CAN 1038- -Ontario42° 8.0' N083° 7.0' WMapEN82kd--
McQuestin Point (Ottawa River)CAN 1039Hist -Ontario------
Pointe au Baril Range Rear (Georgian Bay)CAN 1040- -Ontario------
Port Burwell Approach/Port Burwell West Breakwater Inner (Lake Erie)
Port Burwell West Breakwater Inner/Port Burwell Approach (Lake Erie), ON H
CAN 1041Hist -Ontario-----2
Victoria Harbour Rear Range (Georgian Bay)CAN 1042Hist -Ontario44° 44.8' N079° 46.6' WMapFN04cr-1
Agate Island (Michipicoten Island) (Lake Superior)CAN 1043Hist -Ontario------
Arnprior Island (Ottawa River) (New)CAN 1044Hist -Quebec45° 27.4' N076° 21.2' WMapFN15tk-5
Bamford Island (Lake Huron)CAN 1045Hist -Ontario------
Baskins Wharf Range Front (Ottawa River) (New)CAN 1046- -Ontario45° 28.8' N076° 0.4' WMapFN15xl-2
Baskins Wharf Range Rear (Ottawa River) (New)CAN 1047- -Ontario45° 28.7' N076° 0.3' WMapFN15xl-2
Bishops Bay Range Front (Lake Of The Woods)CAN 1048Hist -Ontario------
Bishops Bay Range Rear (Lake Of The Woods)CAN 1049Hist -Ontario------
Britannia (Ottawa River)CAN 1050Hist -Ontario45° 21.9' N075° 48.4' WMapFN25ci-3
Bronte (Lake Ontario)CAN 1051Hist -Ontario------
Buckham Point (Ottawa River)CAN 1052Hist -Ontario45° 30.7' N076° 5.6' WMapFN15wm-3
Burnt Island (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1053Hist -Ontario------
Campbell Island (Ottawa River)CAN 1054Hist -Ontario-----1
Carling Rock (Parry Sound) (Georgian Bay)CAN 1055Hist -Ontario------
Centre Brother Island (Bay Of Quinte) (Lake Ontario)CAN 1056Hist -Ontario------
Chippawa (Niagara River)CAN 1057Hist -Ontario------
Collingwood Breakwater (Georgian Bay) HCAN 1058Hist -Ontario------
Depot Island (Parry Sound) (Georgian Bay)CAN 1059Hist -Ontario------
Dewattville Range Front (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1060Hist -Ontario------
Dickinson Landing (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1061Hist -Ontario44° 56.7' N075° 4.0' WMapFN24lw-1
Ferris Island (Lake Of The Woods)CAN 1062Hist -Ontario------
Fox Island (Lake Simcoe)CAN 1063Hist -Ontario------
Frenchman Bay (Lake Ontario)CAN 1064Hist -Ontario------
Gananoque Narrows (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1065Hist -Ontario------
Gargantua (Lake Superior)CAN 1066Hist -Ontario------
Glengarry Point (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1067Hist -Ontario------
Hamilton Island (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1068Hist -Ontario------
Jackstraw Shoal (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1069Hist -Ontario-----1
Kingston (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1070Hist -Ontario------
Lancaster Bar (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1071Hist -Ontario------
Little Current Range South (Manitoulin Island)CAN 1072Hist -Ontario------
Lyal Island (Lake Huron)CAN 1073Hist -Ontario------
Lynedoch Island (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1074Hist -Ontario------
McNicholl Range (Georgian Bay)CAN 1075Hist -Ontario------
Middle Island (Lake Erie)CAN 1076Hist -Ontario------
Morris Island (Ottawa River)CAN 1077Hist -Ontario45° 27.7' N076° 17.3' WMapFN15ul-2
Newcastle (Lake Ontario)CAN 1078Hist -Ontario------
Old Tower Island (Georgian Bay)CAN 1079Hist -Ontario------
Onderdonk Point (Bay Of Quinte) (Lake Ontario)CAN 1080Hist -Ontario------
Peninsula Harbour (Lake Superior)CAN 1081Hist -Ontario------
Peter Rock (Lake Ontario)CAN 1082Hist -Ontario------
Point Pleasant (Bay of Quinte) (Lake Ontario)CAN 1083Hist -Ontario------
Port Arthur (Lake Superior)CAN 1084Hist -Ontario------
Telegraph Island (Bay Of Quinte) (Lake Ontario)CAN 1085Hist -Ontario44° 9.8' N077° 7.3' WMapFN14kd--
Thunder Cape (Thunder Bay) (Lake Superior)CAN 1086Hist -Ontario------
Tomahawk Island (Morson Museum)
Tomahawk Island (Lake Of The Woods), ON H
CAN 1087MHist MuseumOntario------
Tomahawk Island (Lake Of The Woods)CAN 1087HHist -Ontario------
Victoria Harbour Front Range (Georgian Bay)CAN 1088Hist -Ontario------
Ile à l'Aigle Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1089Hist -Quebec------
Ile aux Allumettes (Ottawa River)CAN 1090Hist -Quebec------
Ile aux Prunes (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1091Hist -Quebec------
Ile aux Raisins Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1092Hist -Quebec------
Ile Bouchard Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1093Hist -Quebec------
Ile de Grâce (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1094Hist -Quebec------
Ile de Grâce Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1095Hist -Quebec------
Ile de Grâce Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1096Hist -Quebec------
Ile des Barques Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1097Hist -Quebec------
Ile des Barques Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)*CAN 1098Hist -Quebec------
Ile Deslauriers Front Range (St. Lawrence R.)CAN 1099Hist -Quebec------
Ile Deslauriers Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1100Hist -Quebec------
Île du Moine Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1101Hist -Quebec46° 4.0' N073° 1.5' WMapFN36lb--
Ile du Moine Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1102Hist -Quebec------
Ile Dupas Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1103Hist -Quebec------
Ile Dupas Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1104Hist -Quebec------
Ile Richelieu (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1105- -Quebec46° 38.6' N071° 54.5' WMapFN46bp-5
Ile Rosalie (Ottawa River)CAN 1106Hist -Quebec------
Ile St. Ours Course Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1107Hist -Quebec------
Ile St. Ours Course Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1108Hist -Quebec------
Ile St. Ours Traverse Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1109Hist -Quebec------
Ile St. Ours Traverse Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1110Hist -Quebec------
Ile Sainte Thérèse Lower Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1111Hist -Quebec------
Iles de Mai (Gulf of St. Lawrence)CAN 1112Hist -Quebec------
St. Ignace/Talbot Island (Lake Superior)
Talbot Island/St. Ignace (Lake Superior), ON H
CAN 1113Hist -Ontario------
Calvaire Range Rear (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1114- -Quebec-----1
Sainte-Famille Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1115Hist -Quebec------
Sainte-Famille Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1116Hist -Quebec------
Burlington Bay Inner (Lake Ontario)CAN 1117Hist -Ontario------
Janvrin ShoalCAN 1118Hist -Quebec------
Lark IsletCAN 1119Hist -Quebec------
Longue Pointe Traverse Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1120Hist -Quebec------
Longue Pointe Traverse Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1121Hist -Quebec------
Lower Alumette Lake (Ottawa River)CAN 1122Hist -Quebec------
Maria (Gulf of St. Lawrence)CAN 1123Hist -Quebec------
McKie Point/Pointe Beaudette/Pointe au Beaudet (St. Lawrence River)
Pointe au Beaudet/McKie Point/Pointe Beaudette (St. Lawrence River), QC : Pointe Beaudette/Pointe au Beaudet/McKie Point (St. Lawrence River), QC
CAN 1124- -Quebec------
Newport Point (Gulf of St. Lawrence)CAN 1125Hist -Quebec------
Oka (Ottawa River)CAN 1126Hist -Quebec------
Oka Wharf (Ottawa River)CAN 1127Hist -Quebec------
Paddy ShoalCAN 1128Hist -Quebec------
Pointe Noire Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1129- -Quebec48° 7.4' N069° 43.4' WMapFN58dc-1
Porlier Pass Front Range/Race Point
Race Point/Porlier Pass Front Range, BC
CAN 1130- -British Columbia49° 1.0' N123° 35.0' WMapCN89ea--
Advocate Harbour (Bay of Fundy)CAN 1131Hist -Nova Scotia------
Limekiln Crossing Rear Range (Detroit River)CAN 1132Hist -Ontario42° 7.7' N083° 6.9' WMapEN82kd--
Baie des Moutons Front Range/Mutton Bay Front Range (Gulf of St. Lawrence)
Mutton Bay Front Range/Baie des Moutons Front Range (Gulf of St. Lawrence), QC
CAN 1133- -Quebec50° 46.0' N059° 2.0' WMapGO00ls--
Baie des Moutons Rear Range/Mutton Bay Rear Range (Gulf of St. Lawrence)
Mutton Bay Rear Range/Baie des Moutons Rear Range (Gulf of St. Lawrence), QC
CAN 1134- -Quebec50° 46.0' N059° 2.0' WMapGO00ls--
Banc du Cap Brûlé du Cap Brûlé Downstream Range FrontCAN 1136- -Quebec47° 5.8' N070° 42.2' WMapFN47pc-2
Banc du Cap Brûlé Upstream Range FrontCAN 1137- -Quebec47° 5.4' N070° 42.6' WMapFN47pc-2
Banc du Cap Brûlé Upstream Range RearCAN 1138- -Quebec47° 5.8' N070° 42.2' WMapFN47pc-1
Ile à l'Aigle Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1139Hist -Quebec------
La Pérade Range Rear (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1140- -Quebec46° 34.0' N072° 11.0' WMapFN36vn--
Petite Natashquan Front Range (Gulf of St. Lawrence)CAN 1141- -Quebec50° 12.0' N061° 51.0' WMapFO90be--
Pointe aux Trembles en Bas
CAN 1142- -Quebec46° 41.8' N071° 34.4' WMapFN46fq-4
Pointe des Grondines Range Rear (St. Lawrence R.)CAN 1143- -Quebec46° 35.0' N072° 2.0' WMapFN36xo-1
Pointe des Grondines Upper Range Rear (St. Lawrence R.)CAN 1144- -Quebec46° 36.0' N072° 5.0' WMapFN36xo--
Traverse Cap-Santé Rear Range CAN 1145- -Quebec46° 41.5' N071° 53.0' WMapFN46bq--
Leclercville Front Range/Sainte-Emmelie Front Range (St. Lawrence River)
Sainte-Emmelie Front Range/Leclercville Front Range (St. Lawrence River), QC
CAN 1146- -Quebec-----1
Leclercville Rear Range/Sainte-Emmelie Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)
Sainte-Emmelie Rear Range/Leclercville Rear Range (St. Lawrence River), QC
CAN 1147- -Quebec-----1
Lotbinière Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1148- -Quebec46° 36.7' N071° 57.4' WMapFN46ao-1
Lotbinière Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1149- -Quebec46° 36.3' N071° 57.8' WMapFN46ao-1
Cap Brûlé Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1150Hist -Quebec------
Cap Brûlé Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1151Hist -Quebec------
Platon Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1152Hist -Quebec------
Port Daniel WharfCAN 1153Hist -Quebec------
Portneuf en Bas Light (Portneuf River)CAN 1154Hist -Quebec------
Portneuf en Haut Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1155- -Quebec------
Portneuf en Haut Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1156- -Quebec------
Poste Saint-Martin Front Range (Saguenay River)CAN 1157- -Quebec------
Poste Saint-Martin Rear Range (Saguenay River)CAN 1158- -Quebec------
Repentigny Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1159Hist -Quebec------
Repentigny Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1160Hist -Quebec------
Rimouski Range RearCAN 1161- -Quebec48° 28.9' N068° 31.0' WMapFN58rl-1
Rivière du Caribou Front Range (Saguenay River)CAN 1162- -Quebec------
Rivière du Caribou Rear Range (Saguenay River)CAN 1163- -Quebec------
Rivière du Loup (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1164- -Quebec------
Rivière du Moulin Lower Front Range (Saguenay River)CAN 1165- -Quebec------
Rivière du Moulin Lower Rear Range (Saguenay River)CAN 1166- -Quebec------
Rivière Valin Front Range (Saguenay River)CAN 1167- -Quebec------
Saint-Jean sur Richelieu (Richelieu River)CAN 1169Hist -Quebec------
De Watteville Rear Range (St. Lawrence Seaway)CAN 1170- -Ontario------
Sainte-CroixCAN 1171- -Quebec46° 37.7' N071° 43.9' WMapFN46dp--
Sainte-Croix Rear RangeCAN 1172- -Quebec46° 37.6' N071° 41.6' WMapFN46dp--
Ange Gardien Range Front (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1173Hist -Quebec46° 53.9' N071° 7.2' WMapFN46kv-1
Ange Gardien Range Rear (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1174Hist -Quebec------
Bécancour Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1175- -Quebec------
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 1176Hist --45° 20.0' N073° 57.0' WMapFN35ai--
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 1177Hist --------
Chambly Basin Rear Range (Richelieu River)CAN 1178Hist -Quebec------
Chambly Canton Front Range (Richelieu River)CAN 1179Hist -Quebec------
Chambly Canton Rear Range (Richelieu River)CAN 1180Hist -Quebec------
Champlain Upper Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1181- -Quebec------
Château da Silva (Lake Memphremagog)CAN 1182Hist -Quebec------
Chute à Blondeau Front Range (Ottawa River)CAN 1183Hist -Quebec------
Chute à Blondeau Rear Range (Ottawa River)CAN 1184Hist -Quebec------
Montreal Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1185Hist -Quebec------
Montreal Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1186Hist -Quebec------
Pointe à la Meule Front Range (Richelieu River)CAN 1187- -Quebec45° 14.0' N073° 15.0' WMapFN35if--
Sandy Beach Point (Gaspé Basin)CAN 1188Hist -Quebec------
Savard Front Range (Saguenay River)CAN 1189Hist -Quebec------
Savard Rear Range (Saguenay River)CAN 1190Hist -Quebec------
Simard Front Range (Saguenay River)CAN 1191Hist -Quebec------
Clarke Cove Front Range (Bras d'Or Lake)CAN 1192Hist -Nova Scotia------
Clarke Cove Rear Range (Bras d'Or Lake)CAN 1193Hist -Nova Scotia------
Cole Harbour Front Range (Tor Bay)CAN 1194Hist -Nova Scotia------
Cole Harbour Rear Range (Tor Bay)CAN 1195Hist -Nova Scotia------
Derby Point/Piper Cove (Barra Strait)CAN 1196Hist -Nova Scotia------
Devil's Island West (Halifax Harbour)CAN 1197Hist -Nova Scotia------
Pointe Cascades Front Range/Soulanges Canal Lower Entrance Front Range (St. Lawrence River)
Soulanges Canal Lower Entrance Front Range/Pointe Cascades Front Range (St. Lawrence River), QC
CAN 1198- -Quebec45° 20.0' N073° 57.0' WMapFN35ai--
Pointe Cascades Rear Range/Soulanges Canal Lower Entrance Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)
Soulanges Canal Lower Entrance Rear Range/Pointe Cascades Rear Range (St. Lawrence River), QC
CAN 1199- -Quebec------
Soulanges Canal Upper Entrance Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1200- -Quebec------
Soulanges Canal Upper Entrance Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1201- -Quebec------
Supple Point (Ottawa River)CAN 1202Hist -Quebec------
Tétreauville Front Range (Old) (Montreal Island)CAN 1203Hist -Quebec------
Valleyfield/Grossse Pointe (Red Tower) (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1204Hist -Quebec------
Valleyfield/Grossse Pointe (White Tower) (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1205Hist -Quebec------
Verchères Village Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1206- -Quebec------
Page Island (Port La Tour Harbour)CAN 1207Hist -Nova Scotia------
Parkers Cove (Bay of Fundy)CAN 1208Hist -Nova Scotia------
Port Hood Light (Port Hood Light)CAN 1209Hist -Nova Scotia------
Marshall Cove/Port Lorne/Port Williams (Bay of Fundy)
Port Lorne/Port Williams/Marshall Cove (Bay of Fundy), NS H : Port Williams/Marshall Cove/Port Lorne (Bay of Fundy), NS H
CAN 1210Hist -Nova Scotia------
Port MaitlandCAN 1211Hist -Nova Scotia------
Portapique (Bay of Fundy)CAN 1212Hist -Nova Scotia------
Eatonville (Eatonville River)CAN 1214Hist -Nova Scotia------
Glasgow Point (Isle Madame)CAN 1215Hist -Nova Scotia------
Guysborough (Old) (Peart Point)CAN 1217Hist -Nova Scotia------
Harbour Island (Country Harbour)CAN 1218Hist -Nova Scotia------
Hobson Island/Hobson Nose (Mahone Bay)
Hobson Nose/Hobson Island (Mahone Bay), NS H
CAN 1219Hist -Nova Scotia------
Ingonish Harbour (Old) (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1220Hist -Nova Scotia------
Ingonish Island (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1221Hist -Nova Scotia46° 41.0' N060° 20.3' WMapFN96tq--
Iona (Uniacke Point)CAN 1222Hist -Nova Scotia------
Jeddore Harbour Front RangeCAN 1223Hist -Nova Scotia------
Jeddore Harbour Rear RangeCAN 1224Hist -Nova Scotia------
Jordan (Jordan River)CAN 1225Hist -Nova Scotia------
Lingan Head (Bridgeport Harbour)CAN 1226Hist -Nova Scotia------
Lower l'Ardoise Front Range (Martin Point)CAN 1227Hist -Nova Scotia------
Lower l'Ardoise Rear Range (Martin Point)CAN 1228Hist -Nova Scotia------
McKenzie Point (Great Bras d'Or)CAN 1229Hist -Nova Scotia------
Noel (Cobequid Bay)CAN 1230Hist -Nova Scotia------
Northeast Harbour Front Range (Negro Harbour)CAN 1231Hist -Nova Scotia------
Northeast Harbour Rear Range (Negro Harbour)CAN 1232Hist -Nova Scotia------
Beaver HarbourCAN 1233Hist -Nova Scotia------
Joggins (Chignecto Bay)CAN 1234Hist -Nova Scotia------
Red Islands (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1235Hist -Nova Scotia------
Redman HeadCAN 1236Hist -Nova Scotia------
Rocheford Point Front Range (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1237Hist -Nova Scotia------
Rocheford Point Rear Range (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1238Hist -Nova Scotia------
Shulie (Bay of Fundy)CAN 1239Hist -Nova Scotia------
Spencer Point (Bay of Fundy)CAN 1240Hist -Nova Scotia------
St. Ann HarbourCAN 1241Hist -Nova Scotia------
Three Top Island (Tor Bay)CAN 1242Hist -Nova Scotia------
Troop Point (Bay of Fundy)CAN 1243Hist -Nova Scotia------
Wedge IslandCAN 1244Hist -Nova Scotia------
West Arichat Front Range (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1245Hist -Nova Scotia------
West Arichat Rear Range (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1246Hist -Nova Scotia------
Course de Saint-Antoine Front RangeCAN 1247- -Quebec46° 40.0' N071° 35.0' WMapFN46ep-1
Course de Saint-Antoine Rear RangeCAN 1248- -Quebec46° 40.0' N071° 34.9' WMapFN46fq-1
Traverse de Saint-Antoine Rear RangeCAN 1249- -Quebec46° 39.9' N071° 35.0' WMapFN46ep-1
Pointe au PicCAN 1250- -Quebec47° 37.4' N070° 8.4' WMapFN47wo--
Belle CreekCAN 1251Hist -Prince Edward Island------
Brush Wharf Range Front (Orwell Bay)CAN 1252Hist -Prince Edward Island------
Brush Wharf Range Rear (Orwell Bay)CAN 1253Hist -Prince Edward Island------
Cardigan RiverCAN 1254Hist -Prince Edward Island------
Douse Point Front Range (Orwell Cove)CAN 1255Hist -Prince Edward Island------
Douse Point Rear Range (Orwell Cove)CAN 1256Hist -Prince Edward Island------
Little Channel Rear Range (Conway Inlet)CAN 1257Hist -Prince Edward Island------
Sandy Island Front Range (Cascumpec Bay)CAN 1258Hist -Prince Edward Island------
Badgeley Island Range Front (Georgian Bay)CAN 1259Hist -Ontario------
Contrecoeur-Verchères Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1260- -Quebec------
Gentilly Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1261- -Quebec------
Ile Bouchard Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1262- -Quebec------
Courbe Maskinongé/Maskinongé Curve (Lac Saint-Pierre)
Maskinongé Curve/Courbe Maskinongé (Lac Saint-Pierre), QC
CAN 1263- -Quebec------
Nicolet Sector (Lac Saint-Pierre)CAN 1264- -Quebec------
Port Saint-François Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1265- -Quebec------
Port Saint-François Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1266- -Quebec------
Crichton Head/Creighton Head (Crichton Island - Cape Breton Island)CAN 1267Hist -Nova Scotia45° 31.0' N061° 6.0' WMapFN95km--
Saint-Antoine de Tilly (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1268Hist -Quebec------
Sainte-Anne de Sorel Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1269- -Quebec------
Sainte-Anne de Sorel Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1270- -Quebec------
Pointe aux Anglais (Ottawa River)CAN 1271- -Quebec------
Arisaig (Northumberland Strait)CAN 1272Hist -Nova Scotia------
Baillie Brook (Gulf of St. Lawrence)CAN 1273- -Nova Scotia45° 42.0' N062° 16.0' WMapFN85uq--
Eddy Point Range FrontCAN 1274Hist -Nova Scotia45° 31.0' N061° 15.0' WMapFN95im--
Eddy Point Range RearCAN 1275Hist -Nova Scotia45° 31.0' N061° 15.0' WMapFN95im--
Quaco Pier (Bay of Fundy)CAN 1276Hist -New Brunswick------
Brockville Breakwater (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1277Hist -Ontario-----1
Pointe au Chêne (Ottawa River)CAN 1278Hist -Quebec------
Pointe au Chêne Rear Range (Restigouche River)CAN 1279- -Quebec48° 2.0' N066° 37.0' WMapFN68qa--
McNab's IslandCAN 1280Hist -Nova Scotia44° 37.0' N063° 32.0' WMapFN84fo--
Mullin's Point Front RangeCAN 1281Hist -Nova Scotia45° 49.6' N063° 25.5' WMapFN85gt--
Owl's HeadCAN 1282Hist -Nova Scotia44° 43.0' N062° 48.0' WMapFN84or--
Port Wade (Bay of Fundy)CAN 1283Hist -Nova Scotia------
Fortune Head (Fortune Bay)CAN 1284- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 4.0' N055° 52.0' WMapGN27bb--
Carey Point Range Rear (Great Bras d'Or)CAN 1285Hist -Nova Scotia46° 18.0' N060° 25.0' WMapFN96th--
Port Bickerton (Old)CAN 1286Hist -Nova Scotia45° 5.0' N061° 42.0' WMapFN95db-1
Bunker Island North EndCAN 1287Hist -Nova Scotia43° 49.0' N066° 8.0' WMapFN63wt--
Ship Harbour/Wolfes Island
Wolfes Island/Ship Harbour, NS H
CAN 1288Hist -Nova Scotia44° 45.0' N062° 45.0' WMapFN84pr--
Black Rock Point (Bras d'Or Lake) (Old)CAN 1289Hist -Nova Scotia------
Cocagne Range Rear (Northumberland Strait)CAN 1290- -New Brunswick46° 20.0' N064° 37.0' WMapFN76qh-1
Cap au Diable Front RangeCAN 1291- -Quebec46° 50.0' N071° 1.9' WMapFN46lt-1
Cap au Diable Rear RangeCAN 1292- -Quebec46° 49.4' N071° 2.9' WMapFN46lt-1
Pointe à Basile Range FrontCAN 1293- -Quebec46° 43.8' N071° 19.8' WMapFN46ir-1
Pointe aux Orignaux (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1294Hist -Quebec------
Pointe aux Trembles Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1295Hist -Quebec------
Pointe aux Trembles Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1296Hist -Quebec------
Pointe Basse (Ile du Havre aux Maisons)CAN 1297Hist -Quebec------
Pointe de la Martinière Front RangeCAN 1298- -Quebec46° 49.7' N071° 7.0' WMapFN46kt-1
Pointe de la Martinière Rear RangeCAN 1299- -Quebec46° 49.6' N071° 7.5' WMapFN46kt-1
Pointe du Lac (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1300Hist -Quebec------
Pointe du Lac Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1301Hist -Quebec------
Pointe du Lac Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1302Hist -Quebec------
Port Lewis (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1303Hist -Quebec------
Saint-Omer (Baie des Chaleurs)CAN 1304Hist -Quebec------
Way Shoal (Ottawa River)CAN 1305Hist -Quebec------
Pointe-Sapin Range Front/Sapin Point Range Front
Sapin Point Range Front/Pointe-Sapin Range Front, NB
CAN 1306Hist -New Brunswick46° 58.0' N064° 50.0' WMapFN76ox--
Munroe Point (St. Ann’s Bay)CAN 1307- -Nova Scotia------
Prospect Point (Vancouver Harbour)CAN 1308- -British Columbia------
Ouetique Island (Lennox Passage)CAN 1309- -Nova Scotia45° 37.0' N060° 57.0' WMapFN95mo--
Cape Porcupine Range Front (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1310Hist -Nova Scotia45° 39.0' N061° 25.0' WMapFN95hp--
Cape Porcupine Range Rear (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1311Hist -Nova Scotia45° 39.0' N061° 25.0' WMapFN95hp--
Richibucto Town Range Front (Northumberland Strait)CAN 1312Hist -New Brunswick46° 41.0' N064° 52.0' WMapFN76nq--
Richibucto Town Range Rear (Northumberland Strait)CAN 1313- -New Brunswick46° 41.0' N064° 52.0' WMapFN76nq--
Caveau Point Front Range (Old)CAN 1314Hist -Nova Scotia------
Malagash Wharf (Gulf of St. Lawrence)CAN 1315Hist -Nova Scotia45° 46.0' N063° 18.0' WMapFN85is--
Skinner Cove Sector (Gulf of St. Lawrence)CAN 1316Hist -Nova Scotia45° 47.0' N063° 3.0' WMapFN85ls--
Wallace Wharf (Gulf of St. Lawrence)CAN 1317- -Nova Scotia45° 48.9' N063° 28.4' WMapFN85gt--
Michipicoten Harbour (Michipicoten Island, Lake Superior)CAN 1318- -Ontario------
Michipicoten Island East End (Michipicoten Island, Lake Superior)CAN 1319- -Ontario------
Sandford Sector (Bay of Fundy)CAN 1320- -Nova Scotia43° 55.0' N066° 9.0' WMapFN63ww--
Palmers Range Rear/Victoria (Victoria Harbour)
Victoria/Palmer's Rear Range (Victoria Harbour), PE
CAN 1321Hist -Prince Edward Island46° 13.0' N063° 29.0' WMapFN86gf--
Cap Saint-JosephCAN 1322- -Quebec47° 26.9' N070° 21.9' WMapFN47tk--
Cap-aux-Corbeaux Range FrontCAN 1323- -Quebec47° 26.1' N070° 25.7' WMapFN47sk-1
Cap-aux-Corbeaux Range RearCAN 1324- -Quebec47° 26.3' N070° 25.6' WMapFN47sk-1
Long Point Inner Bay (Lake Erie)CAN 1325- -Ontario42° 37.2' N080° 20.3' WMapEN92to--
Bear Cove Point/Fermeuse
Fermeuse/Bear Cove Point, NF
CAN 1326- -Newfoundland and Labrador46° 56.0' N052° 54.0' WMapGN36nw--
Collingwood Inner Range Rear (Georgian Bay)CAN 1327Hist -Ontario44° 30.0' N080° 14.0' WMapEN94vm--
Collingwood Outer Range Front/Collingwood Shore Range Front (Georgian Bay)
Collingwood Shore Range Front/Collingwood Outer Range Front (Georgian Bay), ON H
CAN 1328Hist -Ontario44° 30.0' N080° 14.0' WMapEN94vm--
Collingwood Outer Range Rear/Collingwood Shore Range Rear (Georgian Bay)
Collingwood Shore Range Rear/Collingwood Outer Range Rear (Georgian Bay), ON H
CAN 1329Hist -Ontario44° 30.0' N080° 14.0' WMapEN94vm--
Bowmanville/Port Darlington (Lake Ontario)
Port Darlington/Bowmanville (Lake Ontario), ON H
CAN 1330Hist -Ontario43° 53.0' N078° 40.0' WMapFN03pv--
Thames River Front Range (Lake St. Clair)CAN 1331- -Ontario42° 20.0' N082° 28.0' WMapEN82si--
Ketch HarbourCAN 1332Hist -Nova Scotia------
Saint-Michel Range Rear (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1333- -Quebec46° 51.7' N070° 55.8' WMapFN46mu-1
Bustard Rocks Eastbound Range Front (Georgian Bay)CAN 1334Hist -Ontario45° 53.5' N080° 57.1' WMapEN95mv--
Bustard Rocks Westbound Range Front (Georgian Bay)CAN 1335- -Ontario------
Cole Shoal (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1336Hist -Ontario-----1
Narrow Shoals (Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario)CAN 1337Hist -Ontario44° 6.5' N077° 29.9' WMapFN14gc--
Port Colborne Range Rear (Lake Erie)CAN 1338Hist -Ontario------
Rondeau West Breakwater Range Rear (Lake Erie)CAN 1339Hist -Ontario42° 15.0' N081° 55.0' WMapEN92bf--
Toronto Harbour West Entrance Front Range (Lake Ontario)CAN 1340Hist -Ontario------
Tides Cove PointCAN 1341- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 6.0' N055° 4.0' WMapGN27lc--
Verchères Traverse Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1342Hist -Quebec------
Verchères Traverse Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1343Hist -Quebec------
Caraquet Rear Range (New)CAN 1344- -New Brunswick47° 49.0' N064° 50.0' WMapFN77ot--
Squirrel Island Front Range (St. Clair River)CAN 1345Hist -Ontario42° 33.0' N082° 35.0' WMapEN82rn--
Squirrel Island Rear Range (St. Clair River)CAN 1346- -Ontario42° 33.0' N082° 35.0' WMapEN82rn--
Anse aux Gascons Range RearCAN 1347- -Quebec48° 11.0' N064° 52.0' WMapFN78ne--
Chenal Ecarté Range Front (St. Clair River)CAN 1348- -Ontario42° 38.0' N082° 30.0' WMapEN82sp--
Chenal Ecarté Range Rear (St. Clair River)CAN 1349- -Ontario42° 38.0' N082° 30.0' WMapEN82sp--
Corunna Range Front (St. Clair River)CAN 1350Hist -Ontario------
Mooretown (St. Clair River)CAN 1351- -Ontario42° 50.0' N082° 28.0' WMapEN82st--
Graham Bay/Stillwater Park (Ottawa River)
Stillwater Park/Graham Bay (Ottawa River), ON
CAN 1352- -Ontario45° 21.2' N075° 49.4' WMapFN25ci-12
Father Point/Pointe-au-Père (1859 tower)
Pointe-au-Père/Father Point (1859 tower), QC H
CAN 1353Hist -Quebec48° 31.0' N068° 28.0' WMapFN58sm--
Father Point/Pointe-au-Père (1867 tower)
Pointe-au-Père/Father Point (1867 tower), QC H
CAN 1354Hist -Quebec48° 31.0' N068° 28.0' WMapFN58sm--
Father Point/Pointe-au-Père (1975 Skeleton Tower)
Pointe-au-Père/Father Point (1975 Skeleton Tower), QC
CAN 1355- -Quebec48° 31.0' N068° 28.0' WMapFN58sm--
Pack's Harbour (Sandwich Bay)CAN 1356Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador------
Hawke Bay/Red Island
Red Island/Hawke Bay, NF H
CAN 1357Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador------
Sandy Point IslandCAN 1358Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador------
Sloop Harbour Point/South Teapot (Brig Harbour Island)
South Teapot/Sloop Harbour Point (Brig Harbour Island), NF H
CAN 1359Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador------
Indian Tickle/White Point (Rocky Bay)
White Point/Indian Tickle (Rocky Bay), NF H
CAN 1360Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador------
Tikkerasuk Island/Winsor Harbour Island (Kanairiktok Bay)
Winsor Harbour Island/Tikkerasuk Island (Kanairiktok Bay), NF H
CAN 1361Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador------
Amet Island (Northumberland Strait)CAN 1362Hist -Nova Scotia------
Bear Island (Chedabucto Bay)CAN 1363Hist -Nova Scotia------
Biglow Point Front Range (Pugwash Harbour)CAN 1364Hist -Nova Scotia------
Biglow Point Rear Range (Pugwash Harbour)CAN 1365Hist -Nova Scotia------
Canso Harbour, NewCAN 1366- -Nova Scotia------
Point Tupper (Strait of Canso)CAN 1376Hist -Nova Scotia------
Steven Point Front Range (Pugwash Harbour)CAN 1377Hist -Nova Scotia------
Steven Point Rear Range (Pugwash Harbour)CAN 1378Hist -Nova Scotia------
Amherst Basin Front Range (Bay of Fundy)CAN 1379Hist -Nova Scotia------
Amherst Basin Rear Range (Bay of Fundy)CAN 1380Hist -Nova Scotia------
Battery Point (Lunenburg Harbour)CAN 1381Hist -Nova Scotia------
Budget (Indian Harbour)CAN 1382Hist -Nova Scotia------
Chebucto Head (Old)CAN 1383Hist -Nova Scotia------
Dover (Callaghan Island)CAN 1384Hist -Nova Scotia------
Mary-Joseph/Thrumcap Islet
Thrumcap Islet/Mary-Joseph, NS H
CAN 1385Hist -Nova Scotia------
Popes Harbour (Harbour Island)CAN 1386Hist -Nova Scotia-----1
Port Hébert (Shingle Point)CAN 1387Hist -Nova Scotia------
Montmagny - Front RangeCAN 1388- -Quebec46° 59.2' N070° 33.1' WMapFN46rx-1
Montmagny - Rear RangeCAN 1389- -Quebec46° 59.1' N070° 33.1' WMapFN46rx-1
Moulin De GrondinesCAN 1392- -Quebec46° 35.3' N072° 2.3' WMapFN36xo-2
Barra à Boulard Rear RangeCAN 1393- -Quebec46° 39.9' N071° 51.9' WMapFN46bp--
Trois-pistoles Range FrontCAN 1394- -Quebec48° 8.1' N069° 11.2' WMapFN58jd--
Trois-pistoles Range RearCAN 1395- -Quebec------
Saint Petronille I. O.CAN 1396Hist -Quebec------
Middle Melford Range FrontCAN 1397- --------
Middle Melford Range RearCAN 1398- --------
Glace Bay Range FrontCAN 1399- -Nova Scotia46° 11.8' N059° 56.9' WMapGN06ae--
Glace Bay Range RearCAN 1400- -Nova Scotia46° 11.8' N059° 56.9' WMapGN06ae--
Port Hope West Pier - GreenCAN 1401- -Ontario43° 56.4' N078° 17.6' WMapFN03uw--
Cobourg West PierheadCAN 1402- -Ontario43° 57.1' N078° 9.9' WMapFN03ww--
Cobourg Harbour 'T' PierCAN 1403- -Ontario43° 57.4' N078° 9.9' WMapFN03ww--
Rimouski Range FrontCAN 1404- -Quebec------
Miscou Harbour Rear RangeCAN 1405- -New Brunswick47° 52.9' N063° 35.0' WMapFN87fv--
Bluffers ParkCAN 1406- -Ontario43° 42.4' N079° 13.6' WMapFN03jq-1
Dixie Range RearCAN 1407- -Quebec45° 25.3' N073° 44.7' WMapFN35dk--
Canso Harbour, OldCAN 1408Hist -Nova Scotia------
Inch Aaron Range RearCAN 1409- -New Brunswick48° 1.7' N066° 21.1' WMapFN68ta--
Ray Of Light
Richard's Landing
CAN 1410- -Ontario46° 17.7' N084° 2.2' WMapEN76xh--
Shediac Harbour Range Front
H1332, 1110
CAN 1411- -New Brunswick46° 14.5' N064° 31.8' WMapFN76rf--
Shediac Bay Yacht Club BreakwaterCAN 1412- --46° 13.7' N064° 32.8' WMapFN76rf--
Balache Point Range FrontCAN 1413- -Nova Scotia45° 39.0' N061° 25.0' WMapFN95hp--
Pointe a Marcelle Range FrontCAN 1414- -New Brunswick------
Pointe a Marcelle Range RearCAN 1415- -New Brunswick------
Middle Caraquet Range FrontCAN 1416- -New Brunswick47° 48.2' N064° 53.2' WMapFN77nt--
Grimsby BreakwaterCAN 1417- -Ontario43° 12.3' N079° 33.0' WMapFN03fe-6
Port Mouton (old)CAN 1418Hist -Nova Scotia43° 55.1' N064° 48.2' WMapFN73ow--
Quathiaski CoveCAN 1419- -British Columbia50° 2.7' N125° 13.3' WMapCO70jb--
Halifax Harbour Middle Range FrontCAN 1420- -Nova Scotia44° 36.8' N063° 32.2' WMapFN84fo--
Halifax Harbour Middle Range RearCAN 1421- -Nova Scotia44° 37.0' N063° 32.2' WMapFN84fo--
Grand BendCAN 1422- -Ontario43° 18.8' N081° 46.1' WMapEN93ch--
Port BruceCAN 1423- -Ontario42° 39.2' N081° 0.5' WMapEN92lp--
Port Stanley East BreakwaterCAN 1424- -Ontario42° 39.4' N081° 12.7' WMapEN92jp--
Nicholson's PointCAN 1425- -Ontario44° 12.4' N076° 41.1' WMapFN14pe-1
Fisherman's Harbour (new)CAN 1426- -Nova Scotia------
Vercheres Village Range RearCAN 1427- --------
Portneuf Wharf EastCAN 1428- --46° 40.9' N071° 52.6' WMapFN46bq-1
Sainte-croix Front RangeCAN 1429- --46° 37.7' N071° 42.0' WMapFN46dp--
Red River Range RearCAN 1430Hist -Manitoba50° 23.5' N096° 48.6' WMapEO10oj--
Aylmer MarinaCAN 1431- -Quebec45° 23.7' N075° 51.5' WMapFN25bj-12
Armitage Marina WestCAN 1432- -Ontario45° 28.6' N075° 59.6' WMapFN25al-2
12 Mile Island
Ile Allen
CAN 1433- -Quebec45° 29.4' N076° 1.2' WMapFN15xl-7
Arnprior Island (Ottawa River) OldCAN 1434Hist -Quebec-----2
Baskin's Beach Range Front (Ottawa River) (Old)CAN 1435Hist -Ontario------
Baskin's Beach Range Rear (Ottawa River) (Old)CAN 1436Hist -Ontario------
Aylmer Island (Ottawa River) (Old)CAN 1437Hist -Ontario-----5
North Rock LightCAN 1438- --44° 32.3' N067° 5.3' WMapFN64km-2
Seal Cove BreakwaterCAN 1439- -------1
Fifty Mile Point Light (marker Channel Light)CAN 1440- -------2
Jordan HarbourCAN 1441- -------1
Port Dalhousie MarinaCAN 1442- -------1
St. Catharines BreakwaterCAN 1443- -------1
Traverse Cap-santé Front RangeCAN 1444- --------
La Haye Point LightCAN 1445- --46° 54.3' N053° 37.0' WMapGN36ev--
Port Dover Marina (break Water)CAN 1446- --------
Port Dover East Pier LightCAN 1447- --------
PembrokeCAN 1448- -Ontario45° 49.8' N077° 7.0' WMapFN15kt-2
Deep River HarbourCAN 1449- -Ontario46° 6.4' N077° 29.2' WMapFN16gc-1
DesjardinsvilleCAN 1450- -Quebec45° 50.7' N077° 6.9' WMapFN15ku-1
Gananoque Harbour (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1451- -Ontario44° 19.3' N076° 9.8' WMapFN14wh-1
Light 92
CAN 1452- -Ontario44° 52.9' N075° 12.2' WMapFN24jv--
Mariatown Range FrontCAN 1453- -Ontario44° 53.0' N075° 12.5' WMapFN24jv--
Mariatown Range RearCAN 1454- -Ontario44° 53.0' N075° 12.5' WMapFN24jv--
Weaver Shoal
Light 68
CAN 1455- -Ontario44° 55.9' N075° 4.1' WMapFN24lw--
Cooks Point
Light 68
CAN 1456- -Ontario44° 55.9' N075° 4.7' WMapFN24lw--
Chéticamp Harbour (Cape Breton Island)CAN 135Hist -Nova Scotia46° 38.0' N061° 1.0' WMapFN96lpNA-010-
Green Island (New) (Cape Breton Island)CAN 211- -Nova Scotia----NA-010-
Chéticamp Inner Harbour Sector (Cape Breton Island)CAN 640- -Nova Scotia46° 38.0' N061° 1.0' WMapFN96lpNA-010-
Hawk Island/Poulamon (Cape Breton Island)
Poulamon/Hawk Island (Cape Breton Island), NS
CAN 1213Hist -Nova Scotia45° 36.0' N061° 0.0' WMapFN95loNA-010-
Grand Etang (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1216Hist -Nova Scotia----NA-010-
Cap Rond (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1367Hist -Nova Scotia----NA-010-
Cape St. Lawrence (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1368Hist -Nova Scotia----NA-010-
Chéticamp Harbour Rear Range (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1369Hist -Nova Scotia46° 38.0' N061° 1.0' WMapFN96lpNA-010-
Green Island (Old) (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1370Hist -Nova Scotia----NA-010-
Little Lorraine (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1371Hist -Nova Scotia----NA-010-
Louisbourg Front Range (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1372Hist -Nova Scotia----NA-010-
Louisbourg Rear Range (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1373Hist -Nova Scotia----NA-010-
Mabou Harbour Front Range (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1374Hist -Nova Scotia----NA-010-
Petit-de-Grat (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1375Hist -Nova Scotia----NA-010-
George's Island/Halifax Harbour Inned Range Front
Halifax Harbour Inner Range Front/George's Island, NS
CAN 193- -Nova Scotia44° 38.0' N063° 34.0' WMapFN84fpNA-0812
Gull Cove (Whitehead Island)CAN 739Hist -New Brunswick----NA-1261
Brier IslandCAN 059Hist -Nova Scotia44° 15.0' N066° 24.0' WMapFN64tfNA-1271
Pillier de Pierre
Stone Pillar, Le Pillier de Pierre
CAN 979- -Quebec47° 12.3' N070° 21.6' WMapFN47teNA-1281
Sainte-Pétronille (Beaulieu, Île d'Orléans)CAN 997- -Quebec46° 50.7' N071° 7.9' WMapFN46kuNA-1281
Saint-Laurent de Orléans
Île d'Orléans
CAN 998- -Quebec46° 51.5' N071° 0.2' WMapFN46luNA-1281
Saint-Jean d'Orléans (Île d'Orléans)CAN 999- -Quebec46° 54.9' N070° 53.8' WMapFN46nvNA-1281
Quai Saint-FrançoisCAN 1000- -Quebec46° 59.8' N070° 48.5' WMapFN46oxNA-1281
Pointe Argentenaye Range RearCAN 1001- -Quebec46° 59.2' N070° 49.5' WMapFN46oxNA-1281
Saint-Jean (Ile d'Orléans)CAN 1135Hist -Quebec46° 55.0' N070° 53.8' WMapFN46nvNA-1281
Rocher de l'Hôpital Rear Range
Hospital Rock Rear Range, Goose Island
CAN 1168- -Quebec47° 8.8' N070° 27.3' WMapFN47sdNA-1281
Pointe aux PinsCAN 1390- -Quebec47° 2.4' N070° 34.5' WMapFN47raNA-128-
Rocher de l'Hopital - Front rangeCAN 1391- -Quebec47° 8.0' N070° 27.8' WMapFN47sdNA-128-

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