Wallace Harbour Rear Range Light



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Located in Canada Call Area

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Also Known As:
ARLHS CAN 604, CAN-604, CAN 604
State or Province Nova Scotia
Approximate Coordinates
LAT: 45° 49' N
LON: 063° 28' W
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Maidenhead Coordinates
aka 'Gridsquare'
Structure removed, relocated, destroyed or otherwise lost? yes
Listed in the World List of Lights since
This light once stood 1,860 feet N. 80° W. from the front one companion CAN-518.

"Forty-one people signed a petition in 1986 requesting that foliage be cleared to make Wallace Harbour Rear Range Light more visible after several vessels had run aground the previous year. The Coast Guard tried to clear the offending trees and brush, but the owner of the property on which the vegetation stood was uncooperative. Rather than initiate litigation, the Coast Guard converted the front range light into a sector light in 1990. The tower’s square lantern room was removed and replaced with a rectangular lantern to house the new light. At the same time, the marking on the seaward face of the white tower was changed from a vertical red stripe to two horizontal red stripes. Later, the tower was changed to have just one red horizontal band."

"In March 1994, the rear range tower was sold to Graham Long, who cut the tower into three pieces the following year and relocated the sections to Malagash Point, where the tower was reassembled and converted into an attractive summer home."

Original location appears to have been on Lighthouse Lane.
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Circle shows 1000m radius from light

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