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List of the world's lighthouses by the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society

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About the World List of Lights

There are literally thousands of lighthouses, lightships, and navigational beacons around the world. In an effort to be able to readily identify these lights for amateur radio contact purposes, we created the Official ARLHS World List of Lights. The ARLHS WLOL contains information on 15,348 Lighthouses in 233 amateur radio call areas.

The WLOL is a utility for amateur radio operations, but we encourage all lighthouse and lightship aficionados to use, enjoy and help improve the data within this directory.

The last update to the WLOL occurred June 26th, 2016. We constantly update and add to the list as more data becomes available. You can help. If you have coordinates for a light, propose them on the light's WLOL web page. If you see a correction or an addition needs to be made, please send an e-mail with the information to the Lighthouse List manager.

ARLHS Lighthouse Picture of the Day

Baliza Cracker Anterior - Copyright 2009 LU4ETN
Baliza Cracker Anterior
Copyright Copyright 2009 LU4ETN
Added to World List of Lights July 2, 2009

Lighthouse Radio Activations

Current Activations
Light #Call SignDate BeginDate EndNotes
Activations during the next 90 days
Light #Call SignDate BeginDate EndOperator(s) Notes
SCO 043MM/DL5KUA & MM/DJ7AO2016-08-192016-08-21op Lutz & Steve for ILLW 2016 - QSL's via DARC QSL-bureau, direct or LoTW
NET 160PA6FUN2016-08-202016-08-21QSL via PA3HHT
CAN 535VY2PLH2016-08-202016-08-21CAN 536 & CAN 537 will also be activated. Permanent antenna installed - G5RV Junior
Recent Activations
Light #Call SignDate BeginDate End
CAN 385VA3CCO2016-06-242016-06-25
USA 945KD9FM/MM2016-06-242016-06-24
USA 1437KD9FM/MM2016-06-242016-06-24
CAN 867VA3PCJ/VE3DTI2016-06-172016-06-18
CAN 865MVA3PCJ2016-06-142016-06-14
CAN 867VE2MAM/MOBILE2016-06-132016-06-13
FRA 015F4FET/P2016-06-032016-06-05
CAN 464VY2PLH2016-06-032016-06-05
FED 248DF8KY/P2016-05-302016-05-30
USA 119KD3CQ/P2016-05-292016-05-29
USA 1251KD3CQ/P2016-05-292016-05-29
USA 1030KD3CQ/P2016-05-292016-05-29
USA 561KD3CQ/P2016-05-292016-05-29
USA 1438KD3CQ/P2016-05-292016-05-29
FED 249DF8KY/P2016-05-262016-05-26
CAN 578VE3FCT2016-05-152016-05-15
USA 236K4T2016-05-062016-05-09
USA 316K4T2016-05-062016-05-09
CAN 464VY2PLH2016-05-032016-05-05
NET 016PA/ON6EF/P2016-05-042016-05-04
ALG 0067T7T2016-04-302016-05-01
ITA 299IU8ALH2016-04-262016-04-30
ITA 130IA5J2016-04-212016-04-25
ITA 299IU8ALH2016-04-182016-04-23
FED 356DL6AP/P2016-04-012016-04-01
Most Popular ARLHS Lighthouse Activations
# ActivationsLight #Name
34USA 1020HCedar Point
32USA 377Hooper Island
32USA 630Point No Point
26USA 195Cove Point
22USA 601Piney Point
20USA 394Huron Lightship (LV-103) (Lake Huron)
20USA 628Point Lookout
19ITA 181Diga di Legante - Radice (Black & White) (Senigallia)
16USA 1103Brewerton Channel Range Front (New)
16USA 290Fort Carroll

WLOL Additions and Updates

Last Ten Lights added in the last 60 days
NameLocationLight #Added
Ponta da Praia Range FrontBrazilBRA 2892016-06-23
Ponta da Praia Range RearBrazilBRA 2902016-06-23
De BelemBrazilBRA 2912016-06-23
Harbor IslandUnited States Of AmericaUSA 14392016-06-04
San Diego Entrance Range RearUnited States Of AmericaUSA 14402016-06-04
Hatteras InletUnited States Of AmericaUSA 14382016-05-25
Green Island NewUnited States Of AmericaUSA 14372016-05-21
Last Ten Lights modified in the last 60 days
NameLocationLight #Modified
Cape AragoUnited States Of AmericaUSA 1062016-06-26
Sand PointCanadaCAN 7692016-06-17
Aylmer Island (Ottawa River)CanadaCAN 8672016-06-17
Taito Saki (Tiba)JapanJPN 6092016-06-17
Poi Toi IslandHong KongHOK 0062016-06-04
Islas las Coronados North (New) (Baja California)MexicoMEX 1102016-06-04
Islas las Coronados South (Baja California)MexicoMEX 1122016-06-04
Islas las Coronados North (Old) (Baja California)MexicoMEX 1112016-06-04
Isla Mujeres (Punta Sur)MexicoMEX 0202016-06-04
Tijuana (Baja California)MexicoMEX 0832016-06-04

This database provides not only the light list, but also lists the IOTA number (if on an island) and the Grid Square.

These are lists of the world's lights, and to each we have assigned an ARLHS Number. Use this list to determine if a particular light is recognized for the various ARLHS awards, and check to see if your favorite light is listed. The list is trademarked and the copyright is owned by ARLHS, LLC, but you are free to use it for any non-commercial purpose once you have obtained written permission from the ARLHS (see below).

The information contained within the ARLHS World List of Lights is Copyright 2003-2016 ARLHS, LLC.
Visit ARLHS for usage information.

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