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List of the world's lighthouses by the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society

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About the World List of Lights

There are literally thousands of lighthouses, lightships, and navigational beacons around the world. In an effort to be able to readily identify these lights for amateur radio contact purposes, we created the Official ARLHS World List of Lights. The ARLHS WLOL contains information on 15,416 Lighthouses in 233 amateur radio call areas.

The WLOL is a utility for amateur radio operations, but we encourage all lighthouse and lightship aficionados to use, enjoy and help improve the data within this directory.

The last update to the WLOL occurred April 7th, 2019. We constantly update and add to the list as more data becomes available. You can help. If you have coordinates for a light, propose them on the light's WLOL web page. If you see a correction or an addition needs to be made, please send an e-mail with the information to the Lighthouse List manager.

ARLHS Lighthouse Picture of the Day

UKR-045 - Copyright 2004 UR5FCZ Petro
Copyright Copyright 2004 UR5FCZ Petro
Added to World List of Lights July 2, 2008

Lighthouse Radio Activations

Current Activations
Light #Call SignDate BeginDate EndNotes
USA 1247KQ7L2019-04-182019-04-25Planning to activate as time permits for the 2019 Spring Lights QSO Party.
Activations during the next 90 days
Light #Call SignDate BeginDate EndOperator(s) Notes
URU 008CW0R2019-04-282019-04-28Radiogrupo Sur dxpedition,
Recent Activations
Light #Call SignDate BeginDate End
FRA 733F5OHH/P2019-04-122019-04-12
CAN 1431VE3CBK/QRP2019-04-042019-04-04
SAF 072ZS/SP5ES2019-04-032019-04-03
USA 919N9JF2019-03-292019-03-29
USA 918N9JF2019-03-292019-03-29
FRA 238F5OHH/P2019-03-222019-03-22
FRA 387F5OHH/P2019-03-202019-03-20
FRA 253F5OHH/P2019-03-182019-03-18
USA 130KC1EWL2019-03-142019-03-14
POL 013SP2KAC2019-03-082019-03-10
POL 013SP2QCR2019-03-082019-03-10
POL 013SQ2NUK2019-03-082019-03-10
POL 013SP2GOW2019-03-082019-03-10
POL 013SP2XX2019-03-092019-03-09
DEN 024OZ/DL6JZ/P2019-03-072019-03-07
DEN 087OZ/DL6JZ/P2019-03-032019-03-03
DEN 199OZ/DL6JZ/P2019-03-032019-03-03
DEN 197OZ/DL6JZ/P2019-03-032019-03-03
DEN 198OZ/DL6JZ/P2019-03-032019-03-03
USA 359K9RST2019-03-022019-03-02
CHI 081CA2MEM2019-02-162019-02-17
ARG 005LU5DTF2019-02-152019-02-17
BRA 063PV7AA (SPECIAL CALLSIGN)2019-02-152019-02-17
BRA 055PP5ARF2019-02-152019-02-17
BRA 206ZZ2P2019-02-162019-02-17
BRA 292PR2L2019-02-152019-02-17
BRA 074PW5W2019-02-152019-02-17
ARG 058LU8ACH/D WITH LW8EEUA/D2019-02-152019-02-17
ARG 044LU5DMP/D AND OTHERS2019-02-152019-02-17
BRA 284ZZ2WAS2019-02-152019-02-17
BRA 290PU2NJO2019-02-152019-02-17
ARG 190LW9EZX/D - LW2DJM/D - LW9EVE/D - LU5DLH/D - LW5DR/2019-02-162019-02-17
ARG 156LU5JCL/J2019-02-162019-02-16
ARU 001P4/W1CQ2019-02-102019-02-15
DEN 008OZ/DL6AP/P2019-02-132019-02-13
Most Popular ARLHS Lighthouse Activations
# ActivationsLight #Name
38POL 012Kolobrzeg
37USA 1020HCedar Point
35USA 377Hooper Island
34USA 630Point No Point
27USA 195Cove Point
25POL 004Gaski
24POL 017Stilo
24USA 601Piney Point
24POL 033Gdansk Nowy Port/Latarnia Morska Gdansk Nowy Port
22USA 628Point Lookout

WLOL Additions and Updates

Last Ten Lights modified in the last 60 days
NameLocationLight #Modified
Alnes (God√ły Island)NorwayNOR 2992019-04-07
RyvardenNorwayNOR 0382019-04-07

This database provides not only the light list, but also lists the IOTA number (if on an island) and the Grid Square.

These are lists of the world's lights, and to each we have assigned an ARLHS Number. Use this list to determine if a particular light is recognized for the various ARLHS awards, and check to see if your favorite light is listed. The list is trademarked and the copyright is owned by ARLHS, LLC, but you are free to use it for any non-commercial purpose once you have obtained written permission from the ARLHS (see below).

The information contained within the ARLHS World List of Lights is Copyright 2003-2019 ARLHS, LLC.
ARLHS for usage information.

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