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List of the world's lighthouses by the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society

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Agate Island (Michipicoten Island) (Lake Superior)CAN 1043Hist -Ontario------
Angus Island (Lake Superior)CAN 1026- -Ontario48° 14.0' N089° 0.0' WMapEN58lf--
Armitage Marina WestCAN 1432- -Ontario45° 28.6' N075° 59.6' WMapFN25al-7
Aylmer Island (Ottawa River) (New)CAN 867Hist -Ontario45° 23.8' N075° 53.3' WMapFN25bj-23
Aylmer Island (Ottawa River) (Old)CAN 1437Hist -Ontario-----17
Badgeley Island Range Front (Georgian Bay)CAN 1259Hist -Ontario------
Badgeley Island Range Rear/Badgeley Island (Georgian Bay)
Badgeley Island/Badgeley Island Range Rear (Georgian Bay), ON
CAN 016Hist -Ontario------
Bamford Island (Lake Huron)CAN 1045Hist -Ontario------
Bar Point Pier (Detroit River)CAN 1008- -Ontario42° 2.4' N083° 8.1' WMapEN82ka-1
Baskin's Beach Range Front (Ottawa River) (Old)CAN 1435Hist -Ontario-----6
Baskin's Beach Range Rear (Ottawa River) (Old)CAN 1436Hist -Ontario-----6
Baskins Wharf Range Front (Ottawa River) (New)CAN 1046- -Ontario45° 28.8' N076° 0.4' WMapFN15xl-8
Baskins Wharf Range Rear (Ottawa River) (New)CAN 1047- -Ontario45° 28.7' N076° 0.3' WMapFN15xl-8
Battle Island (Lake Superior)CAN 547- -Ontario------
Beausoleil Island (Lake Huron)CAN 548- -Ontario-----1
Belleville (Lake Ontario)CAN 810- -Ontario44° 9.2' N077° 22.5' WMapFN14hd-2
Big Tub (Lake Huron)CAN 549Hist -Ontario-----1
Bishops Bay Range Front (Lake Of The Woods)CAN 1048Hist -Ontario------
Bishops Bay Range Rear (Lake Of The Woods)CAN 1049Hist -Ontario------
Blind RiverCAN 044- -Ontario------
Bluffers ParkCAN 1406- -Ontario43° 42.4' N079° 13.6' WMapFN03jq-1
Boblo Island/Bois Blanc Island
Bois Blanc Island/Boblo Island, ON
CAN 049Hist -Ontario45° 45.0' N084° 28.0' WMapEN75ss--
Bowmanville/Port Darlington (Lake Ontario)
Port Darlington/Bowmanville (Lake Ontario), ON H
CAN 1330Hist -Ontario43° 53.0' N078° 40.0' WMapFN03pv--
Boyd IslandCAN 057Hist -Ontario------
Brébeuf Island/Brébeuf Range Front (Georgian Bay)
Brébeuf Range Front/Brébeuf Island (Georgian Bay), ON
CAN 058- -Ontario44° 52.7' N079° 53.1' WMapFN04bv-1
Brébeuf Range Rear (Beausoleil Island) (Georgian Bay)CAN 1027- -Ontario44° 52.6' N079° 52.5' WMapFN04bv--
Britannia (Ottawa River)CAN 1050Hist -Ontario45° 21.9' N075° 48.4' WMapFN25ci-4
Brockville Breakwater (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1277Hist -Ontario-----3
Brockville Range Rear/Crossover Range Rear (St. Lawrence River)
Crossover Range Rear/Brockville Range Rear (St. Lawrence River), ON
CAN 1030- -Ontario44° 32.0' N075° 46.0' WMapFN24cm-2
Bronte (Lake Ontario)CAN 1051Hist -Ontario------
Bruce MinesCAN 061- -Ontario-----1
Buckham Point (Ottawa River)CAN 1052Hist -Ontario45° 30.7' N076° 5.6' WMapFN15wm-4
Burlington Bay Inner (Lake Ontario)CAN 1117Hist -Ontario-----1
Burlington Canal Main/Burlington Main (Lake Ontario)
Burlington Main/Burlington Canal Main (Lake Ontario), ON
CAN 063- -Ontario43° 17.9' N079° 47.7' WMapFN03ch-9
Burlington Canal Range Front/Burlington Canal Range (Lake Ontario)
Burlington Canal Range/Burlington Canal Range Front (Lake Ontario), ON
CAN 618- -Ontario-----4
Burnt Island (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1053Hist -Ontario-----1
Bustard Rocks (Georgian Bay)CAN 065Hist -Ontario------
Bustard Rocks Eastbound Range Front (Georgian Bay)CAN 1334Hist -Ontario45° 53.5' N080° 57.1' WMapEN95mv--
Bustard Rocks Westbound Range Front (Georgian Bay)CAN 1335- -Ontario------
Byng Inlet Range Front (Lake Huron)CAN 066Hist -Ontario------
Byng Inlet Range Rear (Lake Huron)CAN 552- -Ontario------
Cabot Head (Georgian Bay)CAN 067- -Ontario45° 14.7' N081° 17.5' WMapEN95if-1
Campbell Island (Ottawa River)CAN 1054Hist -Ontario-----2
Cape Croker (Georgian Bay)CAN 094- -Ontario------
Cape Robert (Manitoulin Island)CAN 104Hist -Ontario------
Caribou Island (Lake Superior)CAN 631- -Ontario47° 20.0' N085° 49.0' WMapEN77ci--
Carling Rock (Parry Sound) (Georgian Bay)CAN 1055Hist -Ontario------
Centre Brother Island (Bay Of Quinte) (Lake Ontario)CAN 1056Hist -Ontario-----1
Chantry Island (Lake Huron)CAN 619- -Ontario44° 29.4' N081° 24.1' WMapEN94hl-3
Chenal Ecarté Range Front (St. Clair River)CAN 1348- -Ontario42° 38.0' N082° 30.0' WMapEN82sp--
Chenal Ecarté Range Rear (St. Clair River)CAN 1349- -Ontario42° 38.0' N082° 30.0' WMapEN82sp--
Chippawa (Niagara River)CAN 1057Hist -Ontario------
Christian IslandCAN 136- -Ontario44° 47.2' N080° 9.4' WMapEN94ws-1
Clapperton IslandCAN 140- -Ontario------
Cobourg East PierheadCAN 755- -Ontario43° 57.1' N078° 9.9' WMapFN03ww-2
Cobourg Harbour 'T' PierCAN 1403- -Ontario43° 57.4' N078° 9.9' WMapFN03ww--
Cobourg West PierheadCAN 1402- -Ontario43° 57.1' N078° 9.9' WMapFN03ww--
Colchester ReefCAN 143Hist -Ontario41° 56.0' N082° 53.0' WMapEN81nw--
Cole Shoal (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1336Hist -Ontario-----1
Collingwood Breakwater (Georgian Bay) HCAN 1058Hist -Ontario------
Collingwood Inner Range Rear (Georgian Bay)CAN 1327Hist -Ontario44° 30.0' N080° 14.0' WMapEN94vm-1
Collingwood Outer Range Front/Collingwood Shore Range Front (Georgian Bay)
Collingwood Shore Range Front/Collingwood Outer Range Front (Georgian Bay), ON H
CAN 1328Hist -Ontario44° 30.0' N080° 14.0' WMapEN94vm-2
Collingwood Outer Range Rear/Collingwood Shore Range Rear (Georgian Bay)
Collingwood Shore Range Rear/Collingwood Outer Range Rear (Georgian Bay), ON H
CAN 1329Hist -Ontario44° 30.0' N080° 14.0' WMapEN94vm-2
Cooks Point
Light 68
CAN 1456- -Ontario44° 55.9' N075° 4.7' WMapFN24lw-3
Coppermine PointCAN 147- -Ontario-----1
Corbeil Point (Lake Superior)CAN 1028Hist -Ontario------
Corunna Range Front (St. Clair River)CAN 1350Hist -Ontario------
Corunna Range Rear (Moore Museum)
Corunna Range Rear (St. Clair River), ON H
CAN 1029MHist MuseumOntario------
Corunna Range Rear (St. Clair River)CAN 1029HHist -Ontario------
Cove Island (Lake Huron)CAN 149- -Ontario------
Davieaux Island (Michipicoten Island, Lake Superior)CAN 559Hist -Ontario------
De Watteville Rear Range (St. Lawrence Seaway)CAN 1170- -Ontario-----1
Deep River HarbourCAN 1449- -Ontario46° 6.4' N077° 29.2' WMapFN16gc-1
Deep River Islet (Ottawa River)CAN 993- -Ontario46° 1.0' N077° 17.0' WMapFN16ia--
Depot Island (Parry Sound) (Georgian Bay)CAN 1059Hist -Ontario------
Dewattville Range Front (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1060Hist -Ontario-----1
Dickinson Landing (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1061Hist -Ontario44° 56.7' N075° 4.0' WMapFN24lw-4
Egg Island (New)/Scotch Bonnet Island (New) (Lake Ontario)
Scotch Bonnet Island (New) Egg Island (New) (Lake Ontario), ON
CAN 790- -Ontario43° 54.0' N077° 32.5' WMapFN13fv-1
Egg Island (Old)/Scotch Bonnet Island (Old) (Lake Ontario)
Scotch Bonnet Island (Old) Egg Island (Old) (Lake Ontario), ON
CAN 791- -Ontario43° 54.0' N077° 32.5' WMapFN13fv-1
False Ducks (New) (Lake Ontario)CAN 545- -Ontario43° 57.0' N076° 48.0' WMapFN13ow-1
False Ducks (Old) (Lake Ontario)CAN 864HHist -Ontario43° 57.0' N076° 48.0' WMapFN13ow--
False Ducks (Old) (Mariners Memorial Park and Museum)
False Ducks (Old) (Lake Ontario), ON H
CAN 864MHist MuseumOntario43° 55.3' N077° 3.1' WMapFN13lw-1
Ferris Island (Lake Of The Woods)CAN 1062Hist -Ontario------
Flower Pot Island (Georgian Bay)CAN 181Hist -Ontario45° 18.0' N081° 37.0' WMapEN95eh--
Fox Island (Lake Simcoe)CAN 1063Hist -Ontario------
French River Inner Range FrontCAN 187Hist -Ontario------
French River Inner Range RearCAN 188- -Ontario------
Frenchman Bay (Lake Ontario)CAN 1064Hist -Ontario------
Gananoque Harbour (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1451- -Ontario44° 19.3' N076° 9.8' WMapFN14wh-2
Gananoque Narrows (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1065Hist -Ontario------
Gargantua (Lake Superior)CAN 1066Hist -Ontario------
Gereaux IslandCAN 197Hist -Ontario------
Giants Tomb IslandCAN 198Hist -Ontario44° 52.8' N080° 0.4' WMapEN94xv--
Gibraltar PointCAN 199- -Ontario43° 36.8' N079° 23.1' WMapFN03ho-1
Glengarry Point (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1067Hist -Ontario-----1
Goderich Light StationCAN 546- -Ontario-----8
Goderich North Breakwater (Lake Huron)CAN 1009Hist -Ontario43° 45.0' N081° 44.0' WMapEN93ds-1
Goderich North Pier Front (Lake Huron)CAN 1010Hist -Ontario43° 45.0' N081° 44.0' WMapEN93ds-2
Goderich North Pier Rear (Lake Huron)CAN 1011Hist -Ontario43° 45.0' N081° 44.0' WMapEN93ds-3
Goderich Range Rear (Lake Huron)CAN 1012Hist -Ontario-----3
Goderich South Breakwater (Lake Huron)CAN 1013Hist -Ontario43° 45.0' N081° 44.0' WMapEN93ds-2
Gore Bay/Janet Head
Janet Head/Gore Bay, ON
CAN 203- -Ontario------
Graham Bay/Stillwater Park (Ottawa River)
Stillwater Park/Graham Bay (Ottawa River), ON
CAN 1352- -Ontario45° 21.2' N075° 49.4' WMapFN25ci-24
Grand BendCAN 1422- -Ontario43° 18.8' N081° 46.1' WMapEN93ch-1
Gravenhurst Narrows/Lighthouse Island (Lake Muskoka)
Lighthouse Island/Gravenhurst Narrows (Lake Muskoka), ON
CAN 1031- -Ontario44° 57.0' N079° 24.0' WMapFN04hw--
Great Duck Island (Lake Huron)CAN 1032- -Ontario45° 39.0' N082° 58.0' WMapEN85mp--
Green Shoal (Ottawa River)
Beacon Hill
CAN 811- -Ontario45° 28.4' N075° 35.7' WMapFN25el-4
Grenadier Island (St. Lawrence River)CAN 818- -Ontario------
Griffith Island (Georgian Bay)CAN 216Hist -Ontario------
Grimsby BreakwaterCAN 1417- -Ontario43° 12.3' N079° 33.0' WMapFN03fe-6
Gros Cap Reef Light (Lake Superior)CAN 565Hist -Ontario-----1
Hamilton Island (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1068Hist -Ontario-----1
Hope IslandCAN 230Hist -Ontario44° 54.9' N080° 9.9' WMapEN94wv--
Île ParisienneCAN 567- -Ontario46° 38.7' N084° 43.4' WMapEN76pp--
Jackstraw Shoal (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1069Hist -Ontario-----1
Jones Island Range Front (Georgian Bay)CAN 1033- -Ontario45° 19.0' N080° 17.0' WMapEN95uh--
Jones Island Range Rear (Georgian Bay)CAN 257- -Ontario45° 19.0' N080° 17.0' WMapEN95uh--
KagawongCAN 259- -Ontario45° 54.6' N082° 15.6' WMapEN85uv-1
Kaministikia River (Thunder Bay)CAN 814- -Ontario------
Kaministikia/Kaministiquia (Thunder Bay)
Kaministiquia/Kaministikia (Thunder Bay), ON
CAN 813- -Ontario------
Killarney EastCAN 262- -Ontario45° 58.1' N081° 29.6' WMapEN95gx-1
Killarney WestCAN 263- -Ontario------
Kincardine Front Range (Lake Huron)CAN 812Hist -Ontario-----1
Kincardine/Kincardine Rear Range (Lake Huron)CAN 264- -Ontario-----2
Kingston (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1070Hist -Ontario-----1
Kingsville (Lake Erie)CAN 756Hist -Ontario------
Knapp Point (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1034Hist -Ontario-----1
Lamb Island (Lake Superior)CAN 757Hist -Ontario------
Lancaster Bar (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1071Hist -Ontario-----2
Lancaster Range Front (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1037- -Ontario45° 6.0' N074° 30.0' WMapFN25rc-2
Leamington (Lake Erie)CAN 758- -Ontario------
Light D77 (Detroit River)CAN 1014Hist -Ontario42° 8.0' N083° 7.0' WMapEN82kd--
Lighthouse Shoal/Rosseau (Rosseau Lake)
Rosseau/Lighthouse Shoal (Rosseau Lake), ON
CAN 858- -Ontario------
Limekiln Crossing Rear Range (Detroit River)CAN 1132Hist -Ontario42° 7.7' N083° 6.9' WMapEN82kd--
Lion's Head (Georgian Bay)CAN 276- -Ontario------
Little Current Range North/Spider Island (Manitoulin Island)
Spider Island/Little Current Range North (Manitoulin Island), ON H
CAN 278Hist -Ontario------
Little Current Range South (Manitoulin Island)CAN 1072Hist -Ontario------
Livingstone Channel Upper Entrance (Detroit River)CAN 1038- -Ontario42° 8.0' N083° 7.0' WMapEN82kd--
Lonely IslandCAN 282Hist -Ontario45° 34.4' N081° 28.1' WMapEN95gn--
Long Dock/Southampton Harbour Front Range (Lake Huron)
Southampton Harbour Front Range/Long Dock (Lake Huron), ON H
CAN 831Hist -Ontario------
Long Point (Lake Erie)CAN 759- -Ontario------
Long Point Cut/Old Cut/Long Point West End (Lake Erie)
Long Point West End/Long Point Cut/Old Cut (Lake Erie), ON : Old Cut/Long Point West End/Long Point Cut (Lake Erie), ON
CAN 580- -Ontario-----1
Long Point Inner Bay (Lake Erie)CAN 1325- -Ontario42° 37.2' N080° 20.3' WMapEN92to--
Lyal Island (Lake Huron)CAN 1073Hist -Ontario------
Lynedoch Island (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1074Hist -Ontario------
l’Orignal Range Front (Ottawa River)CAN 1035Hist -Ontario-----1
l’Orignal Range Rear (Ottawa River)CAN 1036Hist -Ontario-----1
Main Duck Island (Lake Ontario)CAN 760- -Ontario-----1
ManitowaningCAN 302Hist -Ontario------
Light 92
CAN 1452- -Ontario44° 52.9' N075° 12.2' WMapFN24jv-3
Mariatown Range FrontCAN 1453- -Ontario44° 53.0' N075° 12.5' WMapFN24jv-3
Mariatown Range RearCAN 1454- -Ontario44° 53.0' N075° 12.5' WMapFN24jv-3
Maybury Highway (St. Clair River)CAN 1015Hist -Ontario42° 33.0' N082° 38.0' WMapEN82qn--
McKay IslandCAN 311Hist -Ontario-----1
McNab Point/Southampton Harbour Rear Range/Southampton Harbour (Lake Huron)
Southampton Harbour Rear Range/Southampton Harbour/McNab Point (Lake Huron), ON : Southampton Harbour/McNab Point/Southampton Harbour Rear Range (Lake Huron), ON
CAN 643- -Ontario-----1
McNicholl Range (Georgian Bay)CAN 1075Hist -Ontario------
McQuestin Point (Ottawa River)CAN 1039Hist -Ontario------
Meaford (Georgian Bay)CAN 312Hist -Ontario------
Michael Point (Manitoulin Island) (Lake Huron)CAN 315Hist -Ontario------
Michipicoten Harbour (Michipicoten Island, Lake Superior)CAN 1318- -Ontario------
Michipicoten Island East End (Michipicoten Island, Lake Superior)CAN 1319- -Ontario------
Michipicoten Island/Quebec Harbour (Lake Superior)
Quebec Harbour/Michipicoten Island (Lake Superior), ON
CAN 576- -Ontario------
Middle Island (Lake Erie)CAN 1076Hist -Ontario------
Midland Point Range Front (Georgian Bay)CAN 316- -Ontario44° 46.0' N079° 50.0' WMapFN04bs--
Midland Point Range Rear (Georgian Bay)CAN 317- -Ontario44° 46.0' N079° 50.0' WMapFN04bs--
Mission Channel Entrance (Lake Surperior)CAN 1016- -Ontario48° 21.0' N089° 12.0' WMapEN58ji-1
MississagiCAN 321- -Ontario------
Mississagi StraitCAN 322- -Ontario45° 53.5' N083° 13.5' WMapEN85jv-1
Mississauga Point (Lake Ontario)CAN 761Hist -Ontario------
Mohawk Island/Gull Island (Lake Erie)CAN 324Hist -Ontario42° 50.0' N079° 31.4' WMapFN02fu-3
Mooretown (St. Clair River)CAN 1351- -Ontario42° 50.0' N082° 28.0' WMapEN82st--
Morris Island (Ottawa River)CAN 1077Hist -Ontario45° 27.7' N076° 17.3' WMapFN15ul-4
Narrow Island (Lake Huron)CAN 335Hist -Ontario------
Narrow Shoals (Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario)CAN 1337Hist -Ontario44° 6.5' N077° 29.9' WMapFN14gc-1
Newcastle (Lake Ontario)CAN 1078Hist -Ontario------
Niagara River Front RangeCAN 620- -Ontario-----1
Niagara River Rear RangeCAN 621- -Ontario-----2
Nicholson's PointCAN 1425- -Ontario44° 12.4' N076° 41.1' WMapFN14pe-2
Nine Mile Point (Lake Ontario)CAN 578- -Ontario44° 9.3' N076° 33.3' WMapFN14rd-11
Nottawasaga Island (Lake Huron)CAN 356- -Ontario44° 3.3' N080° 15.5' WMapEN94ub--
Oakville (New) (Lake Ontario)CAN 633Hist -Ontario------
Oakville (Old) (Lake Ontario)CAN 632Hist -Ontario------
Old Long Point Cut (Lake Erie)CAN 635- -Ontario------
Old Pelee Passage (Lake Erie)CAN 581HHist -Ontario------
Old Pelee Passage (Windsor's Lakeview Park)
Old Pelee Passage (Lake Erie), ON H
CAN 581MHist MuseumOntario------
Old Thames RiverCAN 359- -Ontario------
Old Tower Island (Georgian Bay)CAN 1079Hist -Ontario------
Onderdonk Point (Bay Of Quinte) (Lake Ontario)CAN 1080Hist -Ontario-----1
Otter Island (Lake Superior)CAN 582Hist -Ontario------
Owen Sound Front Range (Georgian Bay)CAN 783- -Ontario------
Owen Sound Marina (Georgian Bay)CAN 361Hist -Ontario------
Owen Sound Rear Range (Georgian Bay)CAN 784- -Ontario------
Pelee Island (Lake Erie)CAN 370Hist -Ontario------
Pelee PassageCAN 371Hist -Ontario------
PembrokeCAN 1448- -Ontario45° 49.8' N077° 7.0' WMapFN15kt-2
PenetanguisheneCAN 372- -Ontario------
Peninsula Harbour (Lake Superior)CAN 1081Hist -Ontario------
Peter Rock (Lake Ontario)CAN 1082Hist -Ontario------
Pie Island (Thunder Bay)CAN 792- -Ontario------
Pier X36 (Lake St. Clair)CAN 1019Hist -Ontario42° 31.0' N082° 40.0' WMapEN82pm--
Pier X40 (Lake St. Clair)CAN 1020- -Ontario42° 32.0' N082° 39.0' WMapEN82qm--
Pier X44 (Lake St. Clair)CAN 1021- -Ontario42° 32.0' N082° 37.0' WMapEN82qm--
Pier X48 (Lake St. Clair)CAN 1022- -Ontario42° 33.0' N082° 36.0' WMapEN82qn--
Pigeon Island (New) (Lake Ontario)CAN 785- -Ontario-----3
Pigeon Island (Old) (Lake Ontario)CAN 786Hist -Ontario-----2
Pine Tree Front Range (Lake Huron)CAN 793- -Ontario------
Pine Tree Rear Range (Lake Huron)CAN 794- -Ontario------
Point AbinoCAN 385Hist -Ontario42° 50.1' N079° 5.7' WMapFN02ku-1
Point Clark (Lake Huron)CAN 388Hist -Ontario44° 4.4' N081° 45.4' WMapEN94cb-3
Point Edward Front Range (Lake Huron)CAN 795- -Ontario-----2
Point Pleasant (Bay of Quinte) (Lake Ontario)CAN 1083Hist -Ontario-----1
Pointe au Baril Range Front (Georgian Bay)CAN 393- -Ontario45° 34.0' N080° 30.0' WMapEN95rn--
Pointe au Baril Range Rear (Georgian Bay)CAN 1040- -Ontario------
Pointe aux Pins (Lake Superior)CAN 888- -Ontario46° 28.0' N084° 28.0' WMapEN76sl-1
Pointe aux Pins Range Front (St. Mary's River)CAN 889- -Ontario46° 28.0' N084° 28.0' WMapEN76sl-1
Pointe aux Pins Range Rear (St. Mary's River)CAN 890- -Ontario46° 28.0' N084° 28.0' WMapEN76sl-1
Pointe Petre (New) (Lake Ontario)CAN 763- -Ontario43° 50.4' N077° 9.1' WMapFN13ku-6
Pointe Petre (Old) (Lake Ontario)CAN 762Hist -Ontario-----1
Porphyry Point (Lake Superior)CAN 584- -Ontario-----1
Port Arthur (Lake Superior)CAN 1084Hist -Ontario------
Port BruceCAN 1423- -Ontario42° 39.2' N081° 0.5' WMapEN92lp-1
Port BurwellCAN 405- -Ontario-----3
Port Burwell Approach/Port Burwell West Breakwater Inner (Lake Erie)
Port Burwell West Breakwater Inner/Port Burwell Approach (Lake Erie), ON H
CAN 1041Hist -Ontario-----3
Port Colborne Inner/Port Colborne (Lake Erie)
Port Colborne/Port Colborne Inner (Lake Erie), ON
CAN 764- -Ontario42° 52.0' N079° 15.2' WMapFN02iu--
Port Colborne Outer (Lake Erie)CAN 765- -Ontario------
Port Colborne Range Rear (Lake Erie)CAN 1338Hist -Ontario------
Port Credit Inner Channel (Lake Ontario)CAN 642- -Ontario------
Port Dalhousie - Front RangeCAN 540Hist -Ontario-----2
Port Dalhousie - Rear RangeCAN 541Hist -Ontario-----3
Port Dover West Pier (Lake Erie)CAN 616- -Ontario-----1
Port Hope East Breakwater - RedCAN 802- -Ontario43° 56.4' N078° 17.5' WMapFN03uw-1
Port Hope West Pier - GreenCAN 1401- -Ontario43° 56.4' N078° 17.6' WMapFN03uw--
Port Maitland (Lake Erie)CAN 617- -Ontario42° 51.2' N079° 34.8' WMapFN02fu-2
Port Stanley Breakwater (Lake Erie)CAN 622- -Ontario-----2
Port Stanley East BreakwaterCAN 1424- -Ontario42° 39.4' N081° 12.7' WMapEN92jp-1
Port Weller Outer (Lake Ontario)CAN 766- -Ontario43° 14.7' N079° 13.1' WMapFN03jf-1
Portsmouth Front Range (Lake Ontario)CAN 815- -Ontario44° 13.1' N076° 31.0' WMapFN14rf-4
Prescott Breakwater/Prescott Harbour Outer
Prescott Harbour Outer/Prescott Breakwater, ON
CAN 767- -Ontario-----14
Presqu'ile (Georgian Bay)CAN 882Hist -Ontario------
Presqu'ile Point (Lake Ontario)CAN 412- -Ontario43° 59.9' N077° 40.5' WMapFN13dx-2
Prince Edward Point (New)/Traverse Point (New) (Lake Ontario)
Traverse Point (New)/Prince Edward Point (New) (Lake Ontario), ON
CAN 788- -Ontario-----2
Prince Edward Point (Old)/Traverse Point (Old) (Lake Ontario)
Traverse Point (Old)/Prince Edward Point (Old) (Lake Ontario), ON
CAN 787- -Ontario-----2
Providence Bay (Lake Huron)CAN 416Hist -Ontario------
Quebec Harbour Front Range (Michipicoten Island, Lake Superior)CAN 853- -Ontario------
Quebec Harbour Rear Range (Michipicoten Island, Lake Superior)CAN 854- -Ontario------
Queen's Wharf Range Light/Toronto Front Range
Toronto Front Range/Queen's Wharf Range Light, ON H
CAN 542Hist -Ontario-----1
Rainy River Front Range (Rainy River)CAN 855- -Ontario------
Rainy River Rear Range (Rainy River)CAN 856- -Ontario------
Ray Of Light
Richard's Landing
CAN 1410- -Ontario46° 17.7' N084° 2.2' WMapEN76xh--
Red Horse Rock (St. Lawrence River)CAN 857- -Ontario-----1
Red Rock (Old Tower Isl.)CAN 428Hist -Ontario------
Red Rock (Red Rock Isl.)CAN 429- -Ontario------
Rondeau East Pierhead (Lake Erie)CAN 636Hist -Ontario-----1
Rondeau Harbour (Lake Erie)CAN 768Hist -Ontario-----1
Rondeau West Breakwater Range Front (Lake Erie)CAN 623Hist -Ontario42° 15.0' N081° 55.0' WMapEN92bf-1
Rondeau West Breakwater Range Rear (Lake Erie)CAN 1339Hist -Ontario42° 15.0' N081° 55.0' WMapEN92bf-1
Rotary Light (St. Lawrence River)CAN 586Hist -Ontario-----11
Sailors Encampment Front Range (St. Mary's River)CAN 820- -Ontario-----1
Sailors Encampment Rear Range (St. Mary's River)CAN 821- -Ontario-----1
Salmon Point/Wicked Point (Lake Ontario)
Wicked Point/Salmon Point (Lake Ontario), ON
CAN 789- -Ontario-----1
Salt Point (Lake Ontario)CAN 822- -Ontario------
Sand PointCAN 769- -Ontario45° 29.3' N076° 26.1' WMapFN15sl-5
Saugeen River Front Range (Lake Huron)CAN 626- -Ontario-----2
Saugeen River Rear Range (Lake Huron)CAN 627Hist -Ontario-----1
Shaganash Island (Lake Superior)CAN 587Hist -Ontario------
Shoal Island (Lake Huron)CAN 588Hist -Ontario-----1
Slate Islands Light (Lake Superior)CAN 589Hist -Ontario------
Snake Island (Lake Ontario)CAN 823- -Ontario-----2
Snug Harbour (Georgian Bay)CAN 463Hist -Ontario------
South Baymouth Front Range (Lake Huron)CAN 591- -Ontario------
South Baymouth Rear Range (Lake Huron)CAN 592- -Ontario------
Southeast Bay (Lake Nipissing)CAN 829- -Ontario------
Southeast Bend (St. Clair River)CAN 1023- -Ontario42° 33.0' N082° 37.0' WMapEN82qn--
Southeast Shoal (Lake Erie)CAN 468- -Ontario41° 50.0' N082° 28.0' WMapEN81su--
Spectacle Shoal (St. Lawrence River)CAN 828- -Ontario-----2
Spruce Shoal (Georgian Bay)CAN 473- -Ontario------
Squaw Island (Lake of the Woods)CAN 827- -Ontario------
Squirrel Island Front Range (St. Clair River)CAN 1345Hist -Ontario42° 33.0' N082° 35.0' WMapEN82rn--
Squirrel Island Rear Range (St. Clair River)CAN 1346- -Ontario42° 33.0' N082° 35.0' WMapEN82rn--
St. Ignace/Talbot Island (Lake Superior)
Talbot Island/St. Ignace (Lake Superior), ON H
CAN 1113Hist -Ontario------
Stag Island Shoal (St. Claire River)CAN 826- -Ontario-----2
Stokes Bay Front Range (Lake Huron)CAN 624Hist -Ontario------
Stokes Bay Rear Range (Lake Huron)CAN 625Hist -Ontario------
Strawberry IslandCAN 483- -Ontario45° 58.3' N081° 51.3' WMapEN95bx--
Stribling Point Front Range (St. Mary's River)CAN 825- -Ontario------
Stribling Point Rear Range (St. Mary's River)CAN 824- -Ontario------
Sulphur Island (Lake Huron)CAN 484- -Ontario------
Telegraph Island (Bay Of Quinte) (Lake Ontario)CAN 1085Hist -Ontario44° 9.8' N077° 7.3' WMapFN14kd-1
Thames River Front Range (Lake St. Clair)CAN 1331- -Ontario42° 20.0' N082° 28.0' WMapEN82si--
Thames River Rear Range (Lake St. Clair)CAN 594- -Ontario------
ThessalonCAN 499- -Ontario------
ThornburyCAN 500- -Ontario------
Thunder Bay (Lake Superior)CAN 501Hist -Ontario------
Thunder Bay Main Light (Lake Superior)CAN 595- -Ontario-----1
Thunder Cape (Thunder Bay) (Lake Superior)CAN 1086Hist -Ontario------
Tobermory (Georgian Bay)CAN 502Hist -Ontario------
Tomahawk Island (Lake Of The Woods)CAN 1087HHist -Ontario------
Tomahawk Island (Morson Museum)
Tomahawk Island (Lake Of The Woods), ON H
CAN 1087MHist MuseumOntario------
Toronto Harbour East Entrance InnerCAN 805- -Ontario------
Toronto Harbour East Entrance OuterCAN 806- -Ontario------
Toronto Harbour LightCAN 544- -Ontario-----1
Toronto Harbour West Entrance Front Range (Lake Ontario)CAN 1340Hist -Ontario-----1
Toronto Rear Range (Toronto Harbour)CAN 804- -Ontario-----1
Trowbridge Island (Lake Superior)CAN 596- -Ontario48° 17.6' N088° 52.4' WMapEN58nh-2
Turning Rock/Waubaushene
Waubaushene/Turning Rock, ON
CAN 509- -Ontario------
Victoria Harbour Front Range (Georgian Bay)CAN 1088Hist -Ontario------
Victoria Harbour Rear Range (Georgian Bay)CAN 1042Hist -Ontario44° 44.8' N079° 46.6' WMapFN04cr-2
Victoria Island (Thunder Bay)CAN 859- -Ontario------
Walpole Island Lower (St. Clair River)CAN 1024- -Ontario42° 37.0' N082° 31.0' WMapEN82ro--
Walpole Island Upper (St. Clair River)CAN 1025- -Ontario42° 37.0' N082° 31.0' WMapEN82ro--
Weaver Shoal
Light 68
CAN 1455- -Ontario44° 55.9' N075° 4.1' WMapFN24lw-3
Welcome Island (Lake Superior)CAN 521- -Ontario48° 22.0' N089° 7.0' WMapEN58ki--
West Sister Rock (Georgian Bay)CAN 528- -Ontario-----1
Western Island (Georgian Bay)CAN 498- -Ontario45° 2.2' N080° 21.1' WMapEN95ta--
Whiskey Island (Georgian Bay)CAN 531- -Ontario44° 49.0' N079° 55.3' WMapFN04at--
Whitby (Lake Ontario)CAN 816- -Ontario43° 51.0' N078° 55.6' WMapFN03mu--
Wilson Channel Front Range (Lake Huron)CAN 599- -Ontario-----1
Wilson Channel Rear Range (Lake Huron)CAN 600- -Ontario-----1
Windmill PointCAN 534- -Ontario-----14
Wolfe Island (Lake Ontario)CAN 638- -Ontario-----1

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