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Bald Head
Old Baldy
USA 032- -North Carolina33° 52.4' N078° 0.0' WMapFM03xu-5
Bald Head Shoal Channel Range RearUSA 1225- -North Carolina33° 53.8' N077° 58.9' WMapFM13av-2
Beacon IslandUSA 1164Hist -North Carolina35° 5.9' N076° 2.8' WMapFM15xc--
Bluff ShoalUSA 1165Hist -North Carolina35° 12.6' N076° 4.4' WMapFM15xf--
Bodie IslandUSA 067- -North Carolina35° 49.1' N075° 33.8' WMapFM25ft-7
Bogue Banks
Bogue Banks Rear
USA 1167Hist -North Carolina34° 41.8' N076° 40.9' WMapFM14pq--
Bogue Banks Beacon
Bogue Banks Front
USA 1166Hist -North Carolina34° 41.7' N076° 40.7' WMapFM14pq--
Brant Island Shoal
Brant Island Light
USA 077Hist -North Carolina35° 8.2' N076° 17.6' WMapFM15ud--
Campbell's IslandUSA 1169Hist -North Carolina34° 7.1' N077° 56.6' WMapFM14ac--
Cape Fear
Captain Charlie's Station
USA 1028Hist -North Carolina33° 53.6' N078° 2.1' WMapFM03xv-2
Cape Fear River Entrance Range RearUSA 1226- -North Carolina33° 53.5' N078° 0.8' WMapFM03xv--
Cape HatterasUSA 119- -North Carolina35° 15.0' N075° 31.7' WMapFM25fgNA-06713
Cape Hatteras (Old)USA 1251Hist -North Carolina35° 15.3' N075° 31.3' WMapFM25fgNA-0671
Cape Hatteras (original)USA 1413Hist -North Carolina35° 15.3' N075° 31.1' WMapFM25fgNA-067-
Cape Hatteras BeaconUSA 1030Hist -North Carolina35° 14.5' N075° 31.6' WMapFM25ffNA-0671
Cape LookoutUSA 126- -North Carolina34° 37.4' N076° 31.5' WMapFM14roNA-0673
Croatan ShoalUSA 204Hist -North Carolina35° 56.7' N075° 46.7' WMapFM25cw--
Currituck BeachUSA 212- -North Carolina36° 22.6' N075° 49.8' WMapFM26cj-7
Diamond ShoalUSA 230- -North Carolina35° 9.2' N075° 17.8' WMapFM25id--
Federal Point #2USA 1442Hist -North Carolina33° 58.2' N077° 55.1' WMapFM13ax--
Federal Point (#3)USA 1159Hist -North Carolina33° 57.7' N077° 55.6' WMapFM13ax--
Frying Pan ShoalsUSA 313- -North Carolina33° 29.0' N077° 35.5' WMapFM13el-7
Gull ShoalUSA 1029Hist -North Carolina35° 22.0' N075° 57.4' WMapFM25ai--
Harbor IslandUSA 1160Hist -North Carolina35° 0.4' N076° 13.3' WMapFM15va--
Hatteras InletUSA 1438- -North Carolina35° 11.9' N075° 43.9' WMapFM25de-1
Laurel PointUSA 430Hist -North Carolina36° 0.1' N076° 23.5' WMapFM16ta--
Long PointUSA 451Hist -North Carolina------
Long Shoal (Pamlico Sound)USA 1170Hist -North Carolina35° 33.4' N075° 42.3' WMapFM25dn--
Neuse RiverUSA 534Hist -North Carolina35° 5.3' N076° 32.9' WMapFM15rc--
North River (Albemarle Sound)USA 1171Hist -North Carolina36° 9.3' N075° 53.8' WMapFM26bd--
Northwest Point Royal Shoal (Pamlico Sound)USA 1172Hist -North Carolina35° 9.3' N076° 9.5' WMapFM15wd--
Oak IslandUSA 558- -North Carolina33° 53.6' N078° 2.1' WMapFM03xv-8
Oak Island Front Range (Cape Fear River)USA 1173Hist -North Carolina33° 53.4' N078° 1.7' WMapFM03xv--
Oak Island Rear Range (Cape Fear River)USA 1174Hist -North Carolina33° 53.6' N078° 1.3' WMapFM03xv--
Ocracoke IslandUSA 561- -North Carolina35° 6.5' N075° 59.2' WMapFM25acNA-0675
Oliver Reef
Hatteras Inlet
USA 1031Hist -North Carolina35° 15.8' N075° 45.6' WMapFM25cg--
Orton's Point (Cape Fear River)USA 1175Hist -North Carolina34° 3.4' N077° 56.2' WMapFM14ab--
Pamlico Point ShoalUSA 579Hist -North Carolina35° 18.8' N076° 27.3' WMapFM15sh--
Price's Creek Range FrontUSA 672- -North Carolina33° 56.2' N077° 59.4' WMapFM13aw--
Price's Creek Range RearUSA 1441Hist -North Carolina33° 56.3' N077° 59.3' WMapFM13aw--
Roanoke Marshes (Croatan Sound)USA 1032Hist -North Carolina35° 48.7' N075° 42.0' WMapFM25dt--
Roanoke River (Albemarle Sound)USA 694HHist -North Carolina35° 57.0' N076° 41.7' WMapFM15pw--
Roanoke River MuseumUSA 694M- -North Carolina36° 3.4' N076° 36.7' WMapFM16qb-3
Shell Castle Island (Pamlico Sound)USA 1176Hist -North Carolina35° 5.8' N076° 4.1' WMapFM15xc--
Southwest Point Royal ShoalUSA 1161Hist -North Carolina35° 7.1' N076° 8.6' WMapFM15wc--
Upper Jetty/Upper Jetty Front Range (Cape Fear River)USA 1177Hist -North Carolina34° 12.7' N077° 56.3' WMapFM14af--
Wade PointUSA 870Hist -North Carolina36° 9.2' N075° 58.6' WMapFM26ad--

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