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Hatteras Beacon - Public Domain 1893 US Lighthouse Service
Hatteras Beacon
Public Domain 1893 US Lighthouse Service

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Also Known As:
ARLHS USA 1030, USA-1030, USA 1030
State or Province North Carolina
DD.DD: 35.24127, -75.52590
DM: 35° 14.476' N, 075° 31.554' W
DMS: 35° 14' 29" N, 075° 31' 33" W
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aka 'Gridsquare'
Islands On the Air Info. NA-067, NC State East group, W4
Structure removed, relocated, destroyed or otherwise lost? yes
Listed in the World List of Lights since
From the 1893 edition Light House Board of “LIST LIGHTS AND FOG SIGNALS on the ATLANTIC AND GULF COASTS”:

501 CAPE HATTERAS BEACON About ½ mi. from the southern extremity of point of Cape Hatteras, N.C.

LAT 35 14 28; LON 75 31 18

Fixed White Light 6th order

Height of Light above mean water, in feet: 27

Distance visible (naut mi.): 10 ½

Height in feet, from base of structure to center of lantern: 23

When established: 1853; rebuilt 1886

Construction: White, square screw pile structure; piles and roof, brown, lantern, black

Remarks: Cape Hatteras Light, N ½ E. 1 mi.

Lost in a storm or removed 1898.

WLOL: The position of Hatteras Beacon reported above is based not on the recorded Lat/Lng, but on the relationship to the original location of the main Hatteras light "Remarks: Cape Hatteras Light, N 1/2 E. 1 mile." The resulting two locations differ by quite a bit leaving an unexplainable discrepancy between the reported coordinates of the day and the described relationship of the day. It's possible the relationship could be describing the original Hatteras light (site now in the ocean) which was still visible, but certainly not the official light of the time. In all likely hood, the original site of Hatteras Beacon is off the beach, but the above coordinates are good enough to activate this historic light.
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