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Gentilly Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 952- -Quebec------
Ange Gardien Range Rear (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1174Hist -Quebec------
Bécancour Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1175- -Quebec------
Chambly Basin Rear Range (Richelieu River)CAN 1178Hist -Quebec------
Chambly Canton Front Range (Richelieu River)CAN 1179Hist -Quebec------
Chambly Canton Rear Range (Richelieu River)CAN 1180Hist -Quebec------
Champlain Upper Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1181- -Quebec------
Château da Silva (Lake Memphremagog)CAN 1182Hist -Quebec------
Chute à Blondeau Front Range (Ottawa River)CAN 1183Hist -Quebec------
Chute à Blondeau Rear Range (Ottawa River)CAN 1184Hist -Quebec------
Montreal Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1185Hist -Quebec------
Montreal Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1186Hist -Quebec------
Sandy Beach Point (Gaspé Basin)CAN 1188Hist -Quebec------
Savard Front Range (Saguenay River)CAN 1189Hist -Quebec------
Savard Rear Range (Saguenay River)CAN 1190Hist -Quebec------
Simard Front Range (Saguenay River)CAN 1191Hist -Quebec------
Pointe Cascades Rear Range/Soulanges Canal Lower Entrance Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)
Soulanges Canal Lower Entrance Rear Range/Pointe Cascades Rear Range (St. Lawrence River), QC
CAN 1199- -Quebec------
Soulanges Canal Upper Entrance Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1200- -Quebec------
Cap de la Madeleine Upper Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 878Hist -Quebec------
Cap de la Madeleine Village Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 879Hist -Quebec------
Cap Brûlé Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1150Hist -Quebec------
Cap Brûlé Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1151Hist -Quebec------
Platon Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1152Hist -Quebec------
Port Daniel WharfCAN 1153Hist -Quebec------
Portneuf en Bas Light (Portneuf River)CAN 1154Hist -Quebec------
Portneuf en Haut Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1155- -Quebec------
Portneuf en Haut Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1156- -Quebec------
Poste Saint-Martin Front Range (Saguenay River)CAN 1157- -Quebec------
Poste Saint-Martin Rear Range (Saguenay River)CAN 1158- -Quebec------
Repentigny Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1159Hist -Quebec------
Repentigny Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1160Hist -Quebec------
Rivière du Caribou Rear Range (Saguenay River)CAN 1163- -Quebec------
Rivière du Loup (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1164- -Quebec------
Rivière du Moulin Lower Front Range (Saguenay River)CAN 1165- -Quebec------
Rivière du Moulin Lower Rear Range (Saguenay River)CAN 1166- -Quebec------
Rivière Valin Front Range (Saguenay River)CAN 1167- -Quebec------
Saint-Jean sur Richelieu (Richelieu River)CAN 1169Hist -Quebec------
Soulanges Canal Upper Entrance Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1201- -Quebec------
Supple Point (Ottawa River)CAN 1202Hist -Quebec------
Pointe aux Orignaux (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1294Hist -Quebec------
Pointe aux Trembles Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1295Hist -Quebec------
Pointe aux Trembles Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1296Hist -Quebec------
Pointe Basse (Ile du Havre aux Maisons)CAN 1297Hist -Quebec------
Arnprior Island (Ottawa River) OldCAN 1434Hist -Quebec-----1
Black Point (Lake Memphremagog)CAN 720Hist -Quebec------
Pointe du Lac (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1300Hist -Quebec------
Pointe du Lac Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1301Hist -Quebec------
Pointe du Lac Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1302Hist -Quebec------
Port Lewis (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1303Hist -Quebec------
Saint-Omer (Baie des Chaleurs)CAN 1304Hist -Quebec------
Way Shoal (Ottawa River)CAN 1305Hist -Quebec------
Witch Shoal (Lake Memphremagog)CAN 719Hist -Quebec------
Molson Island (Lake Memphremagog)CAN 717Hist -Quebec------
Magog (Lake Memphremagog)CAN 716Hist -Quebec------
Verchères Traverse Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1342Hist -Quebec------
Verchères Traverse Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1343Hist -Quebec------
Pointe au Chêne (Ottawa River)CAN 1278Hist -Quebec------
Pointe aux Anglais (Ottawa River)CAN 1271- -Quebec------
Tétreauville Front Range (Old) (Montreal Island)CAN 1203Hist -Quebec------
Valleyfield/Grossse Pointe (Red Tower) (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1204Hist -Quebec------
Valleyfield/Grossse Pointe (White Tower) (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1205Hist -Quebec------
Verchères Village Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1206- -Quebec------
Cap de la Madeleine Upper Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 877Hist -Quebec------
Cap de la Madeleine Lower Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 876Hist -Quebec------
Cap de la Madeleine (St Lawrence R.)CAN 875Hist -Quebec------
Contrecoeur-Verchères Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1260- -Quebec------
Gentilly Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1261- -Quebec------
Ile Bouchard Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1262- -Quebec------
Courbe Maskinongé/Maskinongé Curve (Lac Saint-Pierre)
Maskinongé Curve/Courbe Maskinongé (Lac Saint-Pierre), QC
CAN 1263- -Quebec------
Nicolet Sector (Lac Saint-Pierre)CAN 1264- -Quebec------
Port Saint-François Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1265- -Quebec------
Port Saint-François Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1266- -Quebec------
Saint-Antoine de Tilly (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1268Hist -Quebec------
Sainte-Anne de Sorel Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1269- -Quebec------
Sainte-Anne de Sorel Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1270- -Quebec------
Lead Mines (Lake Memphremagog)CAN 715Hist -Quebec------
Ile Dupas Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1103Hist -Quebec------
Ile Bouchard Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1093Hist -Quebec------
Ile de Grâce (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1094Hist -Quebec------
Ile de Grâce Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1095Hist -Quebec------
Ile de Grâce Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1096Hist -Quebec------
Ile des Barques Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1097Hist -Quebec------
Ile des Barques Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)*CAN 1098Hist -Quebec------
Ile Deslauriers Front Range (St. Lawrence R.)CAN 1099Hist -Quebec------
Ile Deslauriers Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1100Hist -Quebec------
Ile du Moine Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1102Hist -Quebec------
Île aux Grues (St. Lawrence River)CAN 973Hist -Quebec-----1
Ile Dupas Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1104Hist -Quebec------
Pointe à Cadieux (Ottawa River)CAN 980Hist -Quebec------
Ile Rosalie (Ottawa River)CAN 1106Hist -Quebec------
Ile St. Ours Course Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1107Hist -Quebec------
Ile St. Ours Traverse Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1109Hist -Quebec------
Ile St. Ours Traverse Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1110Hist -Quebec------
Ile aux Raisins Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1092Hist -Quebec------
Ile aux Prunes (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1091Hist -Quebec------
Rimouski Range FrontCAN 1404- -Quebec------
Saint Petronille I. O.CAN 1396Hist -Quebec------
Trois-pistoles Range RearCAN 1395- -Quebec------
Upper Traverse (St. Lawrence River)CAN 989Hist -Quebec------
Pointe Saint-Pancrace (St. Lawrence R.)CAN 987Hist -Quebec------
Pointe Heath (Île d'Anticosti)CAN 986Hist -Quebec------
Pointe DuthieCAN 985- -Quebec------
Pointe Claire (St. Lawrence River)CAN 982Hist -Quebec------
Pointe au MaquereauCAN 981Hist -Quebec------
Gallia Bay Lower Range Front (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1005Hist -Quebec------
Gallia Bay Lower Range Rear (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1006Hist -Quebec------
Gallia Bay Upper Range Front (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1007Hist -Quebec------
Rivière du Caribou Front Range (Saguenay River)CAN 1162- -Quebec------
Ile St. Ours Course Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1108Hist -Quebec------
Ile à l'Aigle Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1089Hist -Quebec------
Ile aux Allumettes (Ottawa River)CAN 1090Hist -Quebec------
Ile Sainte Thérèse Lower Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1111Hist -Quebec------
Iles de Mai (Gulf of St. Lawrence)CAN 1112Hist -Quebec------
Oka (Ottawa River)CAN 1126Hist -Quebec------
Oka Wharf (Ottawa River)CAN 1127Hist -Quebec------
Domaine Range Front (St. Lawrence River)CAN 967Hist -Quebec------
Paddy ShoalCAN 1128Hist -Quebec------
Domaine Range Rear (St. Lawrence River)CAN 968Hist -Quebec------
PaspédiacCAN 978Hist -Quebec------
Île Ronde Range Rear/Île Sainte-Hélène
Île Sainte-Hélène/Île Ronde Range Rear, QC
CAN 977- -Quebec------
Île Lapierre (St. Lawrence River)CAN 976Hist -Quebec------
Île GreenlyCAN 975Hist -Quebec------
Dorval (St. Lawrence River)CAN 969Hist -Quebec------
Fort William (Ottawa River)CAN 970Hist -Quebec------
Ile à l'Aigle Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1139Hist -Quebec------
GaspéCAN 971Hist -Quebec------
Île Blanche Pillar (St. Lawrence River)CAN 974Hist -Quebec-----1
Newport Point (Gulf of St. Lawrence)CAN 1125Hist -Quebec------
Coteau Landing (St. Lawrence River)CAN 966Hist -Quebec------
Contrecoeur Course Range Front (St. Lawrence River)CAN 965Hist -Quebec------
Calvaire Range Rear (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1114- -Quebec-----1
Leclercville Rear Range/Sainte-Emmelie Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)
Sainte-Emmelie Rear Range/Leclercville Rear Range (St. Lawrence River), QC
CAN 1147- -Quebec-----1
Sainte-Famille Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1115Hist -Quebec------
Sainte-Famille Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1116Hist -Quebec------
Janvrin ShoalCAN 1118Hist -Quebec------
Lark IsletCAN 1119Hist -Quebec------
Longue Pointe Traverse Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1120Hist -Quebec------
Longue Pointe Traverse Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1121Hist -Quebec------
Leclercville Front Range/Sainte-Emmelie Front Range (St. Lawrence River)
Sainte-Emmelie Front Range/Leclercville Front Range (St. Lawrence River), QC
CAN 1146- -Quebec-----1
Lower Alumette Lake (Ottawa River)CAN 1122Hist -Quebec------
Maria (Gulf of St. Lawrence)CAN 1123Hist -Quebec------
McKie Point/Pointe Beaudette/Pointe au Beaudet (St. Lawrence River)
Pointe au Beaudet/McKie Point/Pointe Beaudette (St. Lawrence River), QC : Pointe Beaudette/Pointe au Beaudet/McKie Point (St. Lawrence River), QC
CAN 1124- -Quebec------
Grande Île Kamouraska (St. Lawrence River)CAN 972Hist -Quebec------
Ash Island (Richelieu River)CAN 866Hist -Quebec45° 3.6' N073° 19.6' WMapFN35ib--
St. Anicet West Front Range (St. Lawrence Seaway)CAN 1017- -Quebec45° 7.0' N074° 26.0' WMapFN25sc--
St. Anicet West Rear Range (St. Lawrence Seaway)CAN 1018- -Quebec45° 7.0' N074° 26.0' WMapFN25sc--
Cherry IslandCAN 950Hist -Quebec45° 8.0' N074° 23.9' WMapFN25td--
Wadleigh (Lake Memphremagog)CAN 718Hist -Quebec45° 11.2' N072° 14.0' WMapFN35ve--
Pointe à la Meule Front Range (Richelieu River)CAN 1187- -Quebec45° 14.0' N073° 15.0' WMapFN35if--
Beauharnois Front Range/Melocheville Range Front (St Lawrence R.)
Melocheville Front Range/Beauharnois Front Range (St Lawrence River), QC H
CAN 871Hist -Quebec45° 17.6' N073° 55.9' WMapFN35ah--
Beauharnois Rear Range/Melocheville Range Rear (St Lawrence River)
Melocheville Rear Range/Beauharnois Rear Range (St Lawrence River), QC H
CAN 872Hist -Quebec45° 17.9' N073° 55.7' WMapFN35ah--
Pointe Cascades Front Range/Soulanges Canal Lower Entrance Front Range (St. Lawrence River)
Soulanges Canal Lower Entrance Front Range/Pointe Cascades Front Range (St. Lawrence River), QC
CAN 1198- -Quebec45° 20.0' N073° 57.0' WMapFN35ai--
Aylmer MarinaCAN 1431- -Quebec45° 23.7' N075° 51.5' WMapFN25bj-9
Dixie Range RearCAN 1407- -Quebec45° 25.3' N073° 44.7' WMapFN35dk--
Lachine Front RangeCAN 268- -Quebec45° 25.9' N073° 41.7' WMapFN35dk--
Lachine Rear RangeCAN 267- -Quebec45° 26.0' N073° 41.5' WMapFN35dk--
Arnprior Island (Ottawa River) (New)CAN 1044Hist -Quebec45° 27.4' N076° 21.2' WMapFN15tk-4
12 Mile Island
Ile Allen
CAN 1433- -Quebec45° 29.4' N076° 1.2' WMapFN15xl-6
Passage Lower (Ile Leblanc, Ottawa R.)CAN 891- -Quebec45° 52.3' N077° 11.7' WMapFN15ju--
Île du Moine Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1101Hist -Quebec46° 4.0' N073° 1.5' WMapFN36lb--
Gallia Bay Upper Range Rear (St. Lawrence River)CAN 951Hist -Quebec46° 5.0' N073° 1.0' WMapFN36lc--
Bécancour Front Range (St Lawrence River)CAN 873- -Quebec46° 22.4' N072° 27.0' WMapFN36si--
Batiscan Rear Range (St Lawrence R.)CAN 870Hist -Quebec46° 30.5' N072° 14.7' WMapFN36vm--
Calvaire Range Front (St. Lawrence River)CAN 874- -Quebec46° 33.4' N072° 5.2' WMapFN36wn-1
La Pérade Range Rear (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1140- -Quebec46° 34.0' N072° 11.0' WMapFN36vn--
Pointe des Grondines Range Rear (St. Lawrence R.)CAN 1143- -Quebec46° 35.0' N072° 2.0' WMapFN36xo-1
Grondines Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 953Hist -Quebec46° 35.1' N072° 5.9' WMapFN36wo--
Moulin De GrondinesCAN 1392- -Quebec46° 35.3' N072° 2.3' WMapFN36xo-2
Grondines Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 954Hist -Quebec46° 35.8' N072° 4.7' WMapFN36xo--
Pointe des Grondines Upper Range Rear (St. Lawrence R.)CAN 1144- -Quebec46° 36.0' N072° 5.0' WMapFN36xo--
Lotbinière Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1149- -Quebec46° 36.3' N071° 57.8' WMapFN46ao-1
Lotbinière Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1148- -Quebec46° 36.7' N071° 57.4' WMapFN46ao-1
Sainte-Croix Rear RangeCAN 1172- -Quebec46° 37.6' N071° 41.6' WMapFN46dp--
Sainte-CroixCAN 1171- -Quebec46° 37.7' N071° 43.9' WMapFN46dp--
Ile Richelieu (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1105- -Quebec46° 38.6' N071° 54.5' WMapFN46bp-5
Barre à Boulard Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 869Hist -Quebec46° 39.6' N071° 52.6' WMapFN46bp--
Traverse de Saint-Antoine Rear RangeCAN 1249- -Quebec46° 39.9' N071° 35.0' WMapFN46ep-1
Barra à Boulard Rear RangeCAN 1393- -Quebec46° 39.9' N071° 51.9' WMapFN46bp--
Course de Saint-Antoine Front RangeCAN 1247- -Quebec46° 40.0' N071° 35.0' WMapFN46ep-1
Course de Saint-Antoine Rear RangeCAN 1248- -Quebec46° 40.0' N071° 34.9' WMapFN46fq-1
Traverse Cap-Santé Rear Range CAN 1145- -Quebec46° 41.5' N071° 53.0' WMapFN46bq--
Pointe aux Trembles en Bas
CAN 1142- -Quebec46° 41.8' N071° 34.4' WMapFN46fq-4
Pointe Saint-NicolasCAN 996- -Quebec46° 42.1' N071° 26.8' WMapFN46gq-1
Pointe à Basile Range FrontCAN 1293- -Quebec46° 43.8' N071° 19.8' WMapFN46ir-1
Pointe à Basile Range RearCAN 995- -Quebec46° 43.9' N071° 18.8' WMapFN46ir-1
Cap au Diable Rear RangeCAN 1292- -Quebec46° 49.4' N071° 2.9' WMapFN46lt-1
Pointe de la Martinière Rear RangeCAN 1299- -Quebec46° 49.6' N071° 7.5' WMapFN46kt-1
Pointe de la Martinière Front RangeCAN 1298- -Quebec46° 49.7' N071° 7.0' WMapFN46kt-1
Cap au Diable Front RangeCAN 1291- -Quebec46° 50.0' N071° 1.9' WMapFN46lt-1
Sainte-Pétronille (Beaulieu, Île d'Orléans)CAN 997- -Quebec46° 50.7' N071° 7.9' WMapFN46kuNA-1281
Saint-Laurent de Orléans
Île d'Orléans
CAN 998- -Quebec46° 51.5' N071° 0.2' WMapFN46luNA-1281
Saint-Michel Range Rear (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1333- -Quebec46° 51.7' N070° 55.8' WMapFN46mu-1
Saint-Michel Range FrontCAN 994- -Quebec46° 52.5' N070° 55.0' WMapFN46nv-2
Ange Gardien Range Front (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1173Hist -Quebec46° 53.9' N071° 7.2' WMapFN46kv-1
Saint-Jean d'Orléans (Île d'Orléans)CAN 999- -Quebec46° 54.9' N070° 53.8' WMapFN46nvNA-1281
Saint-Jean (Ile d'Orléans)CAN 1135Hist -Quebec46° 55.0' N070° 53.8' WMapFN46nvNA-1281
BellechasseCAN 773Hist -Quebec46° 55.9' N070° 46.0' WMapFN46ow-1
Montmagny - Rear RangeCAN 1389- -Quebec46° 59.1' N070° 33.1' WMapFN46rx-1
Montmagny - Front RangeCAN 1388- -Quebec46° 59.2' N070° 33.1' WMapFN46rx-1
Pointe Argentenaye Range RearCAN 1001- -Quebec46° 59.2' N070° 49.5' WMapFN46oxNA-1281
Quai Saint-FrançoisCAN 1000- -Quebec46° 59.8' N070° 48.5' WMapFN46oxNA-1281
Pointe aux PinsCAN 1390- -Quebec47° 2.4' N070° 34.5' WMapFN47raNA-128-
Banc du Cap Brûlé Downstream Rear RangeCAN 1004- -Quebec47° 5.4' N070° 42.6' WMapFN47pc-2
Banc du Cap Brûlé Upstream Range FrontCAN 1137- -Quebec47° 5.4' N070° 42.6' WMapFN47pc-2
Banc du Cap Brûlé Upstream Range RearCAN 1138- -Quebec47° 5.8' N070° 42.2' WMapFN47pc-1
Banc du Cap Brûlé du Cap Brûlé Downstream Range FrontCAN 1136- -Quebec47° 5.8' N070° 42.2' WMapFN47pc-2
Cap Brûlé
Montée du Lac Light
CAN 962Hist -Quebec47° 6.5' N070° 43.0' WMapFN47pc--
Rocher de l'Hopital - Front rangeCAN 1391- -Quebec47° 8.0' N070° 27.8' WMapFN47sdNA-128-
Rocher de l'Hôpital Rear Range
Hospital Rock Rear Range, Goose Island
CAN 1168- -Quebec47° 8.8' N070° 27.3' WMapFN47sdNA-1281
Roche à VeillonCAN 988- -Quebec47° 12.1' N070° 21.2' WMapFN47te-1
Pillier de Pierre
Stone Pillar, Le Pillier de Pierre
CAN 979- -Quebec47° 12.3' N070° 21.6' WMapFN47teNA-1281
Amherst Island/l’Anse à la Cabane/Ile du Havre Aubert (Magdalen Islands)
Île du Havre Aubert/Amherst Island/l’Anse à la Cabane (Magdalen Islands), QC : l’Anse à la Cabane/Ile du Havre Aubert/Amherst Island (Magdalen Islands), QC
CAN 772- -Quebec47° 12.7' N061° 58.3' WMapFN97af-1
Entry Island/Ile d'Entrée (Magdalen Islands)
Ile d'Entrée/Entry Island (Magdalen Islands), QC
CAN 777- -Quebec47° 16.1' N061° 42.3' WMapFN97dg--
Cap aux Meules/Pointe Hérissée/Grindstone (Magdalen Islands)
Grindstone/Cap aux Meules/Pointe Hérissée (Magdalen Islands), QC : Pointe Hérossée/Grindstone/Cap aux Meules (Magdalen Islands), QC
CAN 961- -Quebec47° 23.0' N061° 56.0' WMapFN97aj--
Cap ALRIGHT (Magdalen Islands)CAN 775- -Quebec47° 23.5' N061° 46.4' WMapFN97cj--
Île aux Coudres/Pointe de la Prairie
Pointe de la Prairie/Île aux Coudres, QC
CAN 234- -Quebec47° 24.6' N070° 25.9' WMapFN47sj-2
Baie Saint-Paul (St Lawrence R.)CAN 868Hist -Quebec47° 25.7' N070° 29.3' WMapFN47sk--
Cap-aux-Corbeaux Range FrontCAN 1323- -Quebec47° 26.1' N070° 25.7' WMapFN47sk-1
Cap-aux-Corbeaux Range RearCAN 1324- -Quebec47° 26.3' N070° 25.6' WMapFN47sk-1
Cap Saint-JosephCAN 1322- -Quebec47° 26.9' N070° 21.9' WMapFN47tk--
Cap aux OiesCAN 079- -Quebec47° 29.3' N070° 13.9' WMapFN47vl-1
Pointe au PicCAN 1250- -Quebec47° 37.4' N070° 8.4' WMapFN47wo--
Long Pèlerin
Long Pilgrim
CAN 284- -Quebec47° 43.0' N069° 44.9' WMapFN57dr-1
Cap au SaumonCAN 078- -Quebec47° 46.2' N069° 54.4' WMapFN57bs-1
Ile Brion (Magdalen Islands)CAN 774- -Quebec47° 46.9' N061° 30.5' WMapFN97fs--
Bird Rock/Rocher aux Oiseaux (Magdalen Islands)
Rocher aux Oiseaux/Bird Rock (Magdalen Islands), QC
CAN 040- -Quebec47° 50.3' N061° 8.7' WMapFN97ku--
Brandy Pot/Pot à l'Eau-de-Vie
Pot à l'Eau-de-Vie/Brandy Pot, QC
CAN 601- -Quebec47° 52.3' N069° 40.9' WMapFN57du-2
Cap de la Tête au Chien/Dog's Head Cape
Dog's Head Cape/Cap de la Tête au Chien, QC
CAN 083- -Quebec47° 54.7' N069° 48.4' WMapFN57cv-1
Pointe BonaventureCAN 779- -Quebec48° 0.2' N065° 27.0' WMapFN78ga--
Pointe au Chêne Rear Range (Restigouche River)CAN 1279- -Quebec48° 2.0' N066° 37.0' WMapFN68qa--
Green Island/Île Verte (St. Lawrence River)
Île Verte/Green Island (St. Lawrence River), QC
CAN 244- -Quebec48° 3.1' N069° 25.5' WMapFN58gb-5
Ile Rouge/Red Islet/Phare de l'Île Rouge
Phare de l'Île Rouge/Ile Rouge/Red Islet, QC : Red Islet/Phare de l'Île Rouge/Ile Rouge, QC
CAN 245- -Quebec48° 4.2' N069° 33.3' WMapFN58fb-1
Carleton/Point TracadigacheCAN 964- -Quebec48° 5.2' N066° 7.5' WMapFN68wc--
Haut-Fond Prince/Prince Shoal
Prince Shoal/Haut-Fond Prince, QC
CAN 223- -Quebec48° 6.5' N069° 36.9' WMapFN58ec-2
Pointe Noire Rear Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 1129- -Quebec48° 7.4' N069° 43.4' WMapFN58dc-1
Pointe Noire Front Range (St. Lawrence River)CAN 399- -Quebec48° 7.4' N069° 43.0' WMapFN58dc-1
Trois-pistoles Range FrontCAN 1394- -Quebec48° 8.1' N069° 11.2' WMapFN58jd--
Port Daniel OuestCAN 781- -Quebec48° 9.1' N064° 57.0' WMapFN78md--
Anse aux Gascons Range RearCAN 1347- -Quebec48° 11.0' N064° 52.0' WMapFN78ne--
Grosse Roche (Saguenay River)CAN 819Hist -Quebec48° 13.1' N069° 52.6' WMapFN58bf--
Bon Désir/Cap de Bon-Désir
Cap Bon Désir/Bon-Désir, QC : Cap de Bon-Désir/Bon Désir, QC
CAN 080- -Quebec48° 16.3' N069° 28.1' WMapFN58gg-1
Cap de l'Est (Saguenay River)CAN 963- -Quebec48° 22.6' N070° 42.3' WMapFN48pj--
Grande RivièreCAN 778Hist -Quebec48° 23.9' N064° 30.2' WMapFN78rj--
Île BicquetteCAN 237Hist -Quebec48° 24.9' N068° 53.6' WMapFN58nj--
Cap d'Espoir/Cape Despair (Gulf of St. Lawrence)
Cape Despair/Cap d'Espoir (Gulf of St. Lawrence), QC
CAN 086- -Quebec48° 25.2' N064° 19.0' WMapFN78uk-4
Rimouski Range RearCAN 1161- -Quebec48° 28.9' N068° 31.0' WMapFN58rl-1
Cap Blanc (Percé)CAN 955- -Quebec48° 30.0' N064° 13.0' WMapFN78vl--
Father Point/Pointe-au-Père (1909 Concrete Tower)
Pointe-au-Père/Father Point (1909 Concrete Tower), QC
CAN 394- -Quebec48° 30.9' N068° 28.0' WMapFN58sm--
Father Point/Pointe-au-Père (1867 tower)
Pointe-au-Père/Father Point (1867 tower), QC H
CAN 1354Hist -Quebec48° 31.0' N068° 28.0' WMapFN58sm--
Father Point/Pointe-au-Père (1975 Skeleton Tower)
Pointe-au-Père/Father Point (1975 Skeleton Tower), QC
CAN 1355- -Quebec48° 31.0' N068° 28.0' WMapFN58sm--
Father Point/Pointe-au-Père (1859 tower)
Pointe-au-Père/Father Point (1859 tower), QC H
CAN 1353Hist -Quebec48° 31.0' N068° 28.0' WMapFN58sm--
Île Plate (Percé)/Point Peter
Point Peter/Ile Plate (Percé), QC H
CAN 782Hist -Quebec48° 37.6' N064° 9.4' WMapFN78wp--
Phare de Metis sur Mer/Pointe Mitis
Pointe Mitis/Phare de Metis sur Mer, QC
CAN 376- -Quebec48° 40.8' N068° 2.0' WMapFN58xq--
Cap GaspéCAN 087- -Quebec48° 45.1' N064° 9.8' WMapFN78ws--
MataneCAN 956- -Quebec48° 51.1' N067° 30.7' WMapFN68fu--
Cap des RosiersCAN 085- -Quebec48° 51.4' N064° 12.1' WMapFN78vu--
Bagot Bluff/Escarpement Bagot (Anticosti Island)
Escarpement Bagot/Bagot Bluff (Anticosti Island), QC
CAN 172- -Quebec49° 4.0' N062° 15.6' WMapFN89ub--
Heath Point (Anticosti Island)CAN 226- -Quebec49° 5.1' N061° 42.0' WMapFN99dc--
Cap ChatCAN 089- -Quebec49° 5.3' N066° 44.5' WMapFN69pc--
Fame Point/Pointe à la Renommée (Gulf of St. Lawrence)
Pointe à la Renommée/Fame Point (Gulf of St. Lawrence), QC
CAN 392- -Quebec49° 6.5' N064° 36.2' WMapFN79qc--
La Martre de Gaspé/Phare de la Martre (St. Lawrence River)
Phare de la Martre/La Martre de Gaspé (St. Lawrence River), QC
CAN 266- -Quebec49° 12.4' N066° 10.3' WMapFN69ve--
Cap de la MadeleineCAN 081- -Quebec49° 15.1' N065° 19.5' WMapFN79ig--
Pointe des MontsCAN 396- -Quebec49° 19.0' N067° 22.8' WMapFN69hh--
Cap de la Table/Table Head (Anticosti Island)
Table Head/Cap de la Table (Anticosti Island), QC
CAN 082- -Quebec49° 21.1' N061° 53.7' WMapFN99bi--
Pointe du Sud-Ouest/Southwest Point (Île d'Anticosti)CAN 398- -Quebec49° 23.5' N063° 35.7' WMapFN89ej--
Île aux OeufsCAN 235- -Quebec49° 37.3' N067° 10.5' WMapFN69jo--
Pointe Carleton (Île d'Anticosti)CAN 395- -Quebec49° 43.9' N062° 56.6' WMapFN89mr--
Baie Ellis Range Front (Île d'Anticosti)CAN 958Hist -Quebec49° 48.7' N064° 20.8' WMapFN79tt--
Baie Ellis Range Rear (Île d'Aanticosti)CAN 959Hist -Quebec49° 48.8' N064° 20.8' WMapFN79tt--
Cowee Island/Île du Grand Caouis
Île du Grand Caouis/Cowee Island, QC
CAN 240- -Quebec49° 49.6' N067° 0.4' WMapFN69lt--
Pointe de l'Ouest/West Point (Île d'Anticosti)
West Point/Pointe de l'Ouest (Île d'Anticosti), QC
CAN 525- -Quebec49° 51.8' N064° 31.4' WMapFN79ru--
Cap de Rabast/Pointe-Nord (Île d'Anticosti)CAN 084- -Quebec49° 57.1' N064° 9.0' WMapFN79ww--
Pointe de NatashquanCAN 336- -Quebec50° 5.2' N061° 44.4' WMapFO90dc--
Carousel Island/Île du Corossol
Île du Corossol/Carousel Island, QC
CAN 239- -Quebec50° 5.3' N066° 22.6' WMapFO60tc--
Cape Whittle
Île aux Cormorants
CAN 776Hist -Quebec50° 9.8' N060° 3.6' WMapFO90xd--
Rochers au CormoranCAN 433- -Quebec50° 9.8' N060° 3.6' WMapFO90xd--
Petite Natashquan Front Range (Gulf of St. Lawrence)CAN 1141- -Quebec50° 12.0' N061° 51.0' WMapFO90be--
Petite Île au MarteauCAN 375- -Quebec50° 12.2' N063° 33.5' WMapFO80fe--
Île aux PerroquetsCAN 236- -Quebec50° 13.2' N064° 12.4' WMapFO70vf--
Île Sainte-Marie/St. Mary Island
St. Mary Island/Ile Sainte-Marie, QC H
CAN 243Hist -Quebec50° 18.2' N059° 39.4' WMapGO00eh--
Flat Island/Ile Plate
Île Plate/Flat Island, QC H
CAN 242Hist -Quebec50° 45.2' N058° 45.4' WMapGO00os--
Baie des Moutons Rear Range/Mutton Bay Rear Range (Gulf of St. Lawrence)
Mutton Bay Rear Range/Baie des Moutons Rear Range (Gulf of St. Lawrence), QC
CAN 1134- -Quebec50° 46.0' N059° 2.0' WMapGO00ls--
Baie des Moutons Front Range/Mutton Bay Front Range (Gulf of St. Lawrence)
Mutton Bay Front Range/Baie des Moutons Front Range (Gulf of St. Lawrence), QC
CAN 1133- -Quebec50° 46.0' N059° 2.0' WMapGO00ls--
Greenly IslandCAN 213- -Quebec51° 22.5' N057° 11.4' WMapGO11ji--

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