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Ambrose Lightship (LV-87)
Lightship Ambrose, LV-87, NY
USA 008- -New York40° 42.3' N074° 0.1' WMapFN20xq--
Barber's Point (Lake Champlain)USA 036- -New York44° 9.0' N073° 24.0' WMapFN34hd--
Barcelona PointUSA 1297- -New York41° 1.0' N072° 16.0' WMapFN31ua--
Barcelona/Portland Harbor (Lake Erie)
Portland Harbor/Barcelona (Lake Erie), NY
USA 038- -New York42° 21.0' N079° 36.0' WMapFN02ei--
Blackwell IslandUSA 1041- -New York40° 46.4' N073° 56.4' WMapFN30as-1
Bluff Point/Valcour Island (Lake Champlain)
Valcour Island/Bluff Point (Lake Champlain), NY
USA 065- -New York44° 37.4' N073° 25.9' WMapFN34go--
Braddock PointUSA 075- -New York43° 20.5' N077° 45.7' WMapFN13ci-2
Brewerton Range Rear (Lake Oneida)USA 1042- -New York------
Buffalo Harbor South Entrance/South Buffalo
South Buffalo/Buffalo Harbor South Entrance, NY
USA 770- -New York42° 50.0' N078° 53.0' WMapFN02nt--
Buffalo Intake Crib (Erie Canal)USA 1301Hist -New York42° 53.0' N078° 55.0' WMapFN02mv--
Buffalo MainUSA 090- -New York42° 50.0' N078° 55.0' WMapFN02mt-2
Buffalo North Breakwater (Lake Erie)USA 1302HHist -New York------
Buffalo North Breakwater (South Pier Promenade Museum) (Lake Erie)
Buffalo North Breakwater (Lake Erie), NY H
USA 1302MHist MuseumNew York------
Buffalo Outer Breakwater/Buffalo Harbor (New) (Lake Erie)USA 1299Hist -New York------
Buffalo Outer Breakwater/Buffalo Harbor (Old) (Lake Erie)USA 1300Hist -New York------
Buffalo South BreakwaterUSA 091- -New York------
Cape Vincent BreakwaterUSA 141- -New York44° 7.2' N076° 19.9' WMapFN14uc-3
Carleton Island (St. Lawrence River)USA 1246Hist -New York------
Cayuga Inlet (Lake Cayuga)USA 1043- -New York-----1
Cayuga Inlet Breakwater (Lake Cayuga)USA 1213Hist -New York------
Cedar IslandUSA 147- -New York41° 2.0' N072° 16.0' WMapFN31ua-2
Champlain Memorial/Crown Point (Lake Champlain)
Crown Point/Champlain Memorial (Lake Champlain), NY
USA 207- -New York44° 1.8' N073° 25.3' WMapFN34ga-3
Charlotte-Genesee/Port Of Genesee (Lake Ontario)
Port Of Genesee/Charlotte-Genesee (Lake Ontario), NY
USA 320- -New York-----2
Cold Spring HarborUSA 183Hist -New York40° 55.0' N073° 30.0' WMapFN30fw--
Cold Spring Harbor (New)USA 1329Hist -New York40° 55.0' N073° 30.0' WMapFN30fw--
Coney Island/Nortons Point
Nortons Point/Coney Island, NY
USA 187- -New York40° 35.0' N074° 1.0' WMapFN20xo--
CoxsackieUSA 196Hist -New York------
Crossover Island (St. Lawrence River)USA 206- -New York-----2
Cumberland Head (Lake Champlain)USA 211Hist -New York------
Danskammer Point (Hudson River)USA 1188Hist -New York------
Dunkirk Pierhead (New)USA 249- -New York42° 30.0' N079° 21.0' WMapFN02hl--
Dunkirk Pierhead (Old) (Dunkirk Lighthouse Museum) (Lake Erie)
Dunkirk Pierhead (Old) (Lake Erie), NY H
USA 1303MHist MuseumNew York-----1
Dunkirk Pierhead (Old) (Lake Erie)USA 1303HHist -New York------
Dunkirk/Point Gratiot (Lake Erie)
Point Gratiot/Dunkirk (Lake Erie), NY
USA 248Hist -New York42° 30.0' N079° 21.0' WMapFN02hl-1
East Charity Shoal (Lake Ontario)USA 970- -New York-----2
Eatons NeckUSA 264- -New York40° 57.2' N073° 23.7' WMapFN30hw-25
Elm Tree BeaconUSA 273Hist -New York------
Elm Tree Beacon/Swash Channel Range Front
Swash Channel Range Front/Elm Tree Beacon, NY
USA 272- -New York------
Esopus Meadows/Middle Hudson River/Maid of the Meadows
Maid of the Meadows/Esopus Meadows/Middle Hudson River, NY : Middle Hudson River/Maid of the Meadows/Esopus Meadows, NY
USA 276Hist -New York41° 52.2' N073° 56.8' WMapFN31au-1
Execution RocksUSA 277- -New York40° 53.0' N073° 44.0' WMapFN30dv--
Fair Haven Outer Breakwater (Lake Ontario)USA 278Hist -New York------
Fair Haven Range (Lake Ontario)USA 1304Hist -New York------
Fire IslandUSA 286- -New York40° 37.9' N073° 13.1' WMapFN30jp-6
Fire Island (Old)USA 1330Hist -New York40° 37.2' N073° 13.0' WMapFN30jo--
Fort Niagara (Lake Ontario)USA 294- -New York43° 15.7' N079° 3.6' WMapFN03lg-7
Fort TompkinsUSA 300Hist -New York------
Fort WadsworthUSA 301- -New York40° 36.3' N074° 3.3' WMapFN20xo--
Four Mile PointUSA 1044Hist -New York------
Frenchman's Island (Lake Oneida)USA 1045Hist -New York------
Frying Pan Lightship (LV-115)
Lightship Frying Pan, LV-115, NY
USA 311- -New York------
Galloo Island (Lake Ontario)USA 314- -New York------
Gardiners Point IslandUSA 1046Hist -New York-----1
Genesee East Pier/Summerville (Lake Ontario)
Summerville/Genesee East Pier (Lake Ontario), NY H
USA 1214Hist -New York------
Genesee West Pier/Rochester Harbor
Rochester Harbor/Genesee West Pier, NY
USA 322- -New York43° 16.0' N077° 36.0' WMapFN13eg--
Grand Island Range Front (Lake Erie)USA 1047- -New York------
Grand Island Range Rear (Dunkirk Lighthouse and Veterans Park Museum)
Grand Island Range Rear (Niagara River), NY H
USA 1144MHist MuseumNew York------
Grand Island Range Rear (Niagara River)USA 1144HHist -New York------
Great West/Ponquogue Point/Shinnecock
Ponquogue Point/Shinnecock/Great West, NY H : Shinnecock/Great West/Ponquogue Point, NY H
USA 755Hist -New York40° 51.0' N072° 28.0' WMapFN30su-2
Greenport HarborUSA 1293- -New York41° 6.0' N072° 21.0' WMapFN31tc-2
Hell Gate (East River)USA 1215Hist -New York------
Henderson/Stony Point (Lake Ontario)
Stony Point/Henderson (Lake Ontario), NY
USA 814- -New York43° 50.0' N076° 18.0' WMapFN13ut--
Horse Island/Sacketts Harbor (Lake Ontario)
Sacketts Harbor/Horse Island (Lake Ontario), NY
USA 380- -New York------
Horseshoe Reef (Lake Erie)USA 386Hist -New York------
Horton PointUSA 387- -New York41° 5.1' N072° 26.7' WMapFN31sc-5
Hudson City/Hudson-Athens
Hudson-Athens/Hudson City, NY
USA 391- -New York-----3
Huntington Harbor (Long Island)
Huntington Harbor/Lloyd Harbor, NY : Lloyd Harbor/Huntington Harbor, NY
USA 445- -New York40° 54.6' N073° 25.9' WMapFN30gv-2
Jeffrey's Hook/Little Red Lighthouse
Little Red Lighthouse/Jeffery's Hook, NY
USA 408- -New York40° 51.0' N073° 56.8' WMapFN30au-1
Kingsland Point/Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Hollow/Kingsland Point/Tarrytown, NY : Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow/Kingsland Point, NY
USA 836- -New York41° 5.0' N073° 52.5' WMapFN31bc-2
Kingston/Rondout Creek (New) (Hudson River)
Kingston/Rondout Creek, NY : Rondout Creek/Kingston (New) (Hudson River), NY
USA 702- -New York41° 55.2' N073° 57.7' WMapFN31aw-3
Kingston/Rondout Creek (Old) (Hudson River)
Rondout Creek/Kingston (Old) (Hudson River), NY
USA 1309- -New York-----1
Latimer ReefUSA 1049- -New York41° 18.3' N071° 56.0' WMapFN41ah-3
Lightship Nantucket LV-112 (National Lighthouse Museum)
Nantucket Lightship LV-112 (National Lighthouse Museum), NY
USA 522- -New York------
Little Gull IslandUSA 440- -New York41° 12.4' N072° 6.4' WMapFN31we-1
Lloyd Harbor (Long Island)USA 1305Hist -New York------
Long Beach BarUSA 448- -New York41° 6.5' N072° 18.4' WMapFN31uc-3
Mattituck Inlet BreakwaterUSA 1386- -New York41° 0.9' N072° 33.7' WMapFN31ra-1
Montauk East JettyUSA 1306- -New York41° 5.0' N071° 56.0' WMapFN41ab--
Montauk PointUSA 512- -New York41° 4.3' N071° 51.4' WMapFN41bb-4
Montauk West JettyUSA 1307- -New York41° 5.0' N071° 56.0' WMapFN41ab--
Montauk Yacht Club (Lake Montauk)USA 1308- -New York41° 4.0' N071° 56.0' WMapFN41ab--
Myers Point (Cayuga Lake)USA 1216- -New York------
New Dorp/Swash Channel Range Rear
Swash Channel Range Rear/New Dorp, NY
USA 537Hist -New York------
Niagara River Front Range (Upper Niagara River)USA 1119Hist -New York------
Niagara River Rear Range (Upper Niagara River)USA 1120Hist -New York------
North Brother IslandUSA 551- -New York------
North Dumpling IslandUSA 552- -New York41° 17.3' N072° 1.2' WMapFN31xg-1
Oak OrchardUSA 559Hist -New York-----1
Ogdensburg (Lake Ontario)USA 562Hist -New York-----11
Olcott Harbor (Lake Ontario)USA 1050Hist -New York------
Old Field PointUSA 563- -New York40° 58.6' N073° 7.1' WMapFN30kx-5
Old Orchard ShoalUSA 565- -New York40° 31.0' N074° 6.0' WMapFN20wm--
Orient PointUSA 633- -New York41° 9.8' N072° 13.4' WMapFN31vd-1
Oswego Inner (Lake Ontario)USA 1203Hist -New York------
Oswego West Pierhead (Lake Ontario)USA 571- -New York43° 28.4' N076° 31.0' WMapFN13rl--
Plattsburg BeaconUSA 603Hist -New York------
Plattsburg Breakwater Northeast (New) (Lake Champlain)USA 1122Hist -New York------
Plattsburg Breakwater Northeast (Old) (Lake Champlain)USA 1121Hist -New York------
Plattsburg Breakwater Southwest (New) (Lake Champlain)USA 1124- -New York------
Plattsburg Breakwater Southwest (Old) (Lake Champlain)USA 1123Hist -New York------
Plum Gut/Plum Island
Plum Island/Plum Gut, NY
USA 606- -New York41° 10.4' N072° 12.7' WMapFN31ve-2
Point au Roche (Lake Champlain)USA 614- -New York44° 48.0' N073° 21.6' WMapFN34ht--
Port Jefferson Harbor BreakwaterUSA 1051Hist -New York------
Prince's BayUSA 673Hist -New York------
Race RockUSA 681- -New York41° 14.6' N072° 2.8' WMapFN31xf-2
Rock Island (Lake Ontario)USA 697Hist -New York-----1
Rockland Lake (New) (Hudson River)USA 1217Hist -New York------
Rockland Lake (Old) (Hudson River)USA 1218Hist -New York------
Sag Harbor BreakwaterUSA 1294- -New York41° 1.0' N072° 18.0' WMapFN31ua-1
Sand SpitUSA 1298- -New York41° 1.0' N072° 17.0' WMapFN31ua--
Sands PointUSA 727- -New York40° 52.0' N073° 43.8' WMapFN30du--
SaugertiesUSA 739- -New York-----2
Selkirk/Salmon River (Lake Ontario)USA 719Hist -New York-----1
Seneca LakeUSA 1219Hist -New York------
Shinnecock Bay Breakwater - EastUSA 1385- -New York41° 0.0' N072° 28.0' WMapFN31sa--
Shinnecock Bay Breakwater - WestUSA 1384- -New York------
Shoal Point (Fourth Lake)USA 1220- -New York------
Sister IslandUSA 760- -New York------
Sodus Bay West Pier/Sodus Outer/Sodus Point Pierhead (Lake Ontario)
Sodus Outer/Sodus Point Pierhead/Sodus Bay West Pier (Lake Ontario), NY : Sodus Point Pierhead/Sodus Bay West Pier/Sodus Outer (Lake Ontario), NY
USA 765- -New York43° 17.0' N076° 59.0' WMapFN13mg-1
Sodus Point (Lake Ontario)USA 766- -New York-----1
South Buffalo North Side (Dunkirk Lighthouse Museum) (Lake Erie)
South Buffalo North Side (Lake Erie), NY H
USA 1310MHist MuseumNew York------
South Buffalo North Side (Lake Erie)USA 1310HHist -New York------
Split Rock Point (Lake Champlain)USA 784- -New York------
Staten Island Range Front/West Bank
West Bank/Staten Island Range Front, NY
USA 876- -New York40° 32.0' N074° 3.0' WMapFN20xm--
Staten Island Range RearUSA 809Hist -New York40° 35.0' N074° 9.0' WMapFN20wo--
Stepping StonesUSA 811- -New York------
Stony Point
Rockland County (Hudson River)
USA 923- -New York-----4
Strawberry Island Lower Cut Front Range (Niagara River)USA 1228Hist -New York------
Strawberry Island Lower Cut Rear Range (Niagra River)USA 1221Hist -New York------
Strawberry Island Upper Cut Front Range (Niagara River)USA 819Hist -New York------
Strawberry Island Upper Cut Rear Range (Niagara River)USA 820Hist -New York------
StuyvesantUSA 824Hist -New York------
Sunken RockUSA 828- -New York-----1
Sylvan Beach/Verona Beach (Lake Oneida)
Verona Beach/Sylvan Beach (Lake Oneida), NY
USA 1052- -New York------
Thirty Mile Point (Lake Ontario)USA 844- -New York-----4
Three Sisters Island (St. Lawrence River)USA 1053Hist -New York------
Throgs NeckUSA 846Hist -New York40° 48.0' N073° 47.0' WMapFN30ct--
Tibbetts Point (Lake Ontario)USA 848Hist -New York44° 6.0' N076° 22.2' WMapFN14tc-3
Titanic Memorial (Seaman’s Church Institute)USA 1229HHist -New York------
Titanic Memorial (South Street Seaport Museum)
Titanic Memorial (Seaman's Church Institute)
USA 1229M- MuseumNew York40° 42.4' N074° 0.2' WMapFN20xq--
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 246- -New York41° 17.0' N072° 1.0' WMapFN31xg--
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 1048- -New York40° 29.0' N074° 15.0' WMapFN20ul--
Van Wies Point (Hudson River)USA 1189Hist -New York------
West PointUSA 879Hist -New York------
Whitestone PointUSA 889- -New York------

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