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Annisquam/Squam/Wigwam Point
Squam/Wigwam Point/Annisquam, MA : Wigwam Point/Annisquam/Squam, MA
USA 015- -Massachusetts42° 39.0' N070° 41.0' WMapFN42pp--
Aquinnah/Gay Head
Gay Head/Aquinnah, MA
USA 319- -Massachusetts41° 20.9' N070° 50.1' WMapFN41ni--
Bakers Island (Short Tower)USA 030Hist -Massachusetts42° 32.0' N070° 47.0' WMapFN42om--
Bakers Island (Tall Tower)USA 031- -Massachusetts42° 32.0' N070° 47.0' WMapFN42om--
Barnstable/Beach Point/Sandy Neck
Beach Point/Sandy Neck/Barnstable, MA : Sandy Neck/Barnstable/Beach Point, MA
USA 732Hist -Massachusetts-----1
Bass River
West Dennis
USA 042- -Massachusetts41° 39.1' N070° 10.2' WMapFN41vp-1
Billingsgate IslandUSA 055Hist -Massachusetts------
Bird IslandUSA 057- -Massachusetts41° 40.0' N070° 43.0' WMapFN41pq-2
Bishops and ClerksUSA 058Hist -Massachusetts-----1
Borden FlatsUSA 072- -Massachusetts41° 42.3' N071° 10.5' WMapFN41jq-2
Boston HarborUSA 073- -Massachusetts42° 20.0' N070° 53.0' WMapFN42ni-2
Boston Inner Harbor/Long Island Head
Long Island Head/Boston Inner Harbor, MA
USA 449- -Massachusetts42° 20.0' N070° 58.0' WMapFN42mi--
Brant Point (New)USA 1095- -Massachusetts41° 17.4' N070° 5.4' WMapFN41wg--
Brant Point (Old)USA 1094Hist -Massachusetts41° 17.4' N070° 5.5' WMapFN41wg-1
Brant Point Range (Front)/Nantucket Cliff Range (Front)
Nantucket Cliff Range (Front)/Brant Point Range (Front), MA
USA 078- -Massachusetts41° 17.0' N070° 5.0' WMapFN41wg-2
Brant Point Range (Rear)/Nantucket Harbor Range (Rear)
Nantucket Harbor Range (Rear)/Brant Point Range (Rear), MA
USA 521- -Massachusetts41° 17.0' N070° 5.0' WMapFN41wg-1
Broad Sound Channel Inner Range (Front)USA 953Hist -Massachusetts------
Broad Sound Channel Inner Range (Rear)USA 954Hist -Massachusetts------
Bug Light/Duxbury/ Duxbury Pier
Duxbury Pier/Bug Light/Duxbury, MA : Duxbury/Duxbury Pier/Bug Light, MA
USA 251- -Massachusetts41° 59.2' N070° 38.9' WMapFN41qx-1
Butler FlatsUSA 099- -Massachusetts41° 36.2' N070° 53.7' WMapFN41no-2
Buzzards Bay EntranceUSA 100- -Massachusetts41° 24.0' N071° 2.0' WMapFN41lj--
Cape Ann
Thacher Island South
USA 105- -Massachusetts42° 38.2' N070° 34.5' WMapFN42rp-2
Cape Cod
USA 110- -Massachusetts42° 2.4' N070° 3.7' WMapFN42xa-4
Cape Cod Canal Breakwater Light 6USA 1436- -Massachusetts------
Cape Poge/Cape Pogue
Cape Pogue/Cape Poge, MA
USA 132- -Massachusetts41° 25.1' N070° 27.1' WMapFN41sk-1
ChathamUSA 158- -Massachusetts41° 40.3' N069° 57.0' WMapFN51aq-3
Clark's Point/Fort Taber
Fort Taber/Clark's Point, MA
USA 174- -Massachusetts41° 35.6' N070° 54.1' WMapFN41no-2
Cleveland East LedgeUSA 179- -Massachusetts41° 37.9' N070° 41.7' WMapFN41pp-2
CuttyhunkUSA 215Hist -Massachusetts41° 25.0' N070° 57.0' WMapFN41mj-1
Deer Island (New)USA 1096- -Massachusetts42° 20.0' N070° 57.0' WMapFN42mi--
Deer Island (Old)USA 955Hist -Massachusetts42° 20.0' N070° 57.0' WMapFN42mi--
Derby WharfUSA 224- -Massachusetts-----1
Dog Bar Breakwater/Gloucester Breakwater
Gloucester Breakwater/Dog Bar Breakwater, MA
USA 969- -Massachusetts42° 35.0' N070° 40.0' WMapFN42po--
Dumpling Rocks (New)USA 1321- -Massachusetts41° 32.0' N070° 55.0' WMapFN41nm--
Dumpling Rocks (Old)USA 247Hist -Massachusetts41° 32.0' N070° 55.0' WMapFN41nm-1
East Chop/Telegraph Hill
Telegraph Hill/East Chop, MA
USA 259- -Massachusetts41° 28.2' N070° 34.0' WMapFN41rl-2
Eastern PointUSA 263- -Massachusetts42° 35.0' N070° 40.0' WMapFN42po--
EdgartownUSA 265- -Massachusetts41° 23.5' N070° 30.2' WMapFN41rj-2
Egg RockUSA 956Hist -Massachusetts------
Fort Pickering/Winter Island
Winter Island/Fort Pickering, MA
USA 901- -Massachusetts-----1
GravesUSA 341Hist -Massachusetts42° 22.0' N070° 52.0' WMapFN42ni-2
Great Point (New)/Nantucket (New)
Nantucket (New)/Great Point (New), MA
USA 348Hist -Massachusetts41° 23.0' N070° 3.0' WMapFN41xj-1
Great Point (Old)/Nantucket (Old)
Nantucket (Old)/Great Point (Old), MA H
USA 349Hist -Massachusetts41° 23.4' N070° 2.9' WMapFN41xj-1
Harding's Beach/Stage Harbor
Stage Harbor/Harding's Beach, MA
USA 806- -Massachusetts41° 39.5' N069° 59.0' WMapFN51ap-1
Holmes Hole/West Chop
West Chop/Holmes Hole, MA
USA 877Hist -Massachusetts41° 28.8' N070° 36.0' WMapFN41ql-1
Hospital Point Range (Front)USA 389- -Massachusetts------
Hospital Point Range (Rear)USA 390- -Massachusetts------
Hyannis Harbor/South Hyannis/Hyannis Range (Rear)
Hyannis Range (Rear)/Hyannis Harbor/South Hyannis, MA : South Hyannis/Hyannis Range (Rear)/Hyannis Harbor, MA
USA 397- -Massachusetts------
Hyannis Range (Front)USA 396Hist -Massachusetts------
Ipswich Range (Front)USA 403Hist -Massachusetts------
Ipswich Range (Rear)USA 1113Hist -Massachusetts------
Lightship Nantucket I - WLV-612
Nantucket Lightship I, LV-612, Fairhaven, MA
USA 523Hist -Massachusetts------
Lightship Nantucket II
Nantucket Lightship II, LV-613, Wareham, MA
USA 524Hist -Massachusetts42° 21.7' N071° 2.1' WMapFN42li-2
Lightship New Bedford
New Bedford Lightship, LV-114, MA
USA 535- -Massachusetts41° 38.0' N070° 0.9' WMapFN41xp-2
Long PointUSA 450- -Massachusetts42° 2.0' N070° 10.1' WMapFN42va-2
Lovells Island Range (Front)USA 456Hist -Massachusetts------
Lovells Island Range (Rear)USA 1114Hist -Massachusetts------
MarbleheadUSA 473Hist -Massachusetts42° 30.0' N070° 50.0' WMapFN42ol-1
Mayo's BeachUSA 486Hist -Massachusetts------
Merrimack River Entrance Leading/Salisbury Beach Rear Range
Salisbury Beach Rear Range/Merrimack River Entrance Leading, MA H
USA 1212Hist -Massachusetts------
Minot's LedgeUSA 502- -Massachusetts42° 16.2' N070° 45.6' WMapFN42og--
Monomoy PointUSA 510- -Massachusetts41° 33.6' N069° 59.6' WMapFN51an--
NarrowsUSA 960Hist -Massachusetts------
NausetUSA 529- -Massachusetts41° 51.6' N069° 57.2' WMapFN51au-2
Nauset (Middle)/Three Sisters (Middle)
Three Sisters (Middle)/Nauset (Middle), MA
USA 528- MuseumMassachusetts41° 51.6' N069° 57.4' WMapFN51au-3
Nauset (North)/Three Sisters (North)
Three Sisters (North)/Nauset (North), MA
USA 975- MuseumMassachusetts41° 51.6' N069° 57.4' WMapFN51au-3
Nauset (South)/Three Sisters (South)
Three Sisters (South)/Nauset (South), MA
USA 976- MuseumMassachusetts41° 51.5' N069° 57.4' WMapFN51au-3
Ned's PointUSA 533- -Massachusetts41° 39.1' N070° 47.7' WMapFN41op-2
Newburyport Harbor Range (Front)USA 1097Hist -Massachusetts42° 49.0' N070° 49.0' WMapFN42ot--
Newburyport Harbor Range (Rear)USA 545- -Massachusetts42° 49.0' N070° 49.0' WMapFN42ot--
Newburyport Harbor/Plum Island
Plum Island/Newburyport Harbor, MA
USA 544- -Massachusetts42° 49.0' N070° 49.0' WMapFN42ot-1
Nobska PointUSA 550- -Massachusetts41° 30.9' N070° 39.3' WMapFN41qm-3
Palmer IslandUSA 578- -Massachusetts41° 37.6' N070° 54.5' WMapFN41np-2
Pamet River HarborUSA 961Hist -Massachusetts------
Plymouth (1842 tower)
Gurnet (1842 tower)
USA 609- -Massachusetts42° 0.2' N070° 36.0' WMapFN42qa-1
Plymouth Twin Lights (1769 lights)USA 1371Hist -Massachusetts42° 0.0' N070° 36.0' WMapFN42qa--
Plymouth Twin Towers (1803 towers)USA 1372Hist -Massachusetts42° 0.0' N070° 36.0' WMapFN42qa--
Point GammonUSA 622- -Massachusetts41° 36.6' N070° 16.0' WMapFN41uo-1
Race PointUSA 680- -Massachusetts42° 3.7' N070° 14.6' WMapFN42vb-3
Sankaty HeadUSA 735- -Massachusetts41° 17.1' N069° 58.0' WMapFN51ag-1
ScituateUSA 742- -Massachusetts------
Scituate North JettyUSA 1273Hist -Massachusetts42° 12.0' N070° 43.0' WMapFN42pe--
Spectacle Island Range Light FrontUSA 1389Hist -Massachusetts------
Spectacle Island Range Light RearUSA 1390Hist -Massachusetts------
Straitsmouth IslandUSA 815- -Massachusetts42° 39.7' N070° 35.3' WMapFN42qp--
Tarpaulin Cove
Naushon Island
USA 835- -Massachusetts41° 28.1' N070° 45.5' WMapFN41ol-1
Ten Pound IslandUSA 839- -Massachusetts42° 36.1' N070° 39.9' WMapFN42qo--
Thacher Island NorthUSA 1027- -Massachusetts42° 38.4' N070° 34.5' WMapFN42rp--
Wings NeckUSA 899Hist -Massachusetts-----1
Wood EndUSA 904- -Massachusetts42° 1.3' N070° 11.6' WMapFN42va-3

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