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Abbot's Harbour (Le Village Historique Acadien)
Abbot's Harbour, NS H
CAN 001Hist -Nova Scotia43° 39.0' N065° 50.0' WMapFN73cp--
Abbot's HarbourCAN 001HHist -Nova Scotia43° 39.0' N065° 50.0' WMapFN73cp--
AnnapolisCAN 013- -Nova Scotia44° 44.0' N065° 31.0' WMapFN74fr-1
Apple RiverCAN 014- -Nova Scotia45° 28.0' N064° 51.0' WMapFN75nl-1
Baccaro PointCAN 015Hist -Nova Scotia43° 27.0' N065° 28.0' WMapFN73gk--
Balache Point Rear Range
Balache Point
CAN 017- -Nova Scotia45° 38.9' N061° 24.9' WMapFN95hp-1
Bass RiverCAN 023- -Nova Scotia-----2
Battery Point BreakwaterCAN 024- -Nova Scotia44° 22.0' N064° 18.0' WMapFN74ui-1
Bear RiverCAN 027- -Nova Scotia-----1
Beaver IslandCAN 028- -Nova Scotia44° 49.0' N062° 20.0' WMapFN84ut--
Belliveau's CoveCAN 030- -Nova Scotia44° 23.0' N066° 4.0' WMapFN64xj-1
Berry HeadCAN 033- -Nova Scotia45° 11.0' N061° 19.0' WMapFN95ie--
Betty IslandCAN 034- -Nova Scotia44° 26.0' N063° 46.0' WMapFN84ck-1
Black RockCAN 042- -Nova Scotia45° 10.0' N064° 46.0' WMapFN75oe-2
Black Rock Point (Bras d'Or Lake) (New)CAN 043Hist -Nova Scotia46° 18.0' N060° 23.0' WMapFN96th-1
Boar's HeadCAN 047Hist -Nova Scotia44° 24.0' N066° 13.0' WMapFN64vj-1
Bourgeois Inlet/River Bourgeois
River Bourgeois/Bourgeois Inlet, NS H
CAN 056Hist -Nova Scotia45° 38.0' N060° 57.0' WMapFN95mp--
Beacon Light/Bunker Island
Bunker Island/Beacon Light, NS
CAN 062- -Nova Scotia43° 49.0' N066° 9.0' WMapFN63wt--
Burntcoat HeadCAN 064Hist -Nova Scotia45° 18.0' N063° 48.0' WMapFN85ch-1
Cameron IslandCAN 069Hist -Nova Scotia45° 49.0' N061° 0.0' WMapFN95lt--
Candlebox IslandCAN 071Hist -Nova Scotia43° 40.0' N066° 3.0' WMapFN63xp--
Borden\'s Wharf Historical Display
Canning, Borden's Wharf, Light in the Hayfield, Fieldwood Heritage Society
CAN 072M- MuseumNova Scotia45° 9.4' N064° 25.3' WMapFN75sd-1
Borden Wharf
Canning, Light in the Hayfield, Borden's Wharf
CAN 072HHist -Nova Scotia45° 8.7' N064° 24.0' WMapFN75td--
Canso Range Rear (Canso Town)CAN 077Hist -Nova Scotia45° 20.0' N060° 59.0' WMapFN95mi--
Cape d'OrCAN 095- -Nova Scotia45° 18.0' N064° 47.0' WMapFN75oh--
Cape Forchu/Yarmouth
Yarmouth/Cape Forchu, NS
CAN 097- -Nova Scotia43° 48.0' N066° 9.0' WMapFN63wt-3
Cape George (Antigonish)CAN 098- -Nova Scotia45° 52.0' N061° 54.0' WMapFN95bu--
Cape George (Richmond)CAN 099- -Nova Scotia45° 44.0' N060° 49.0' WMapFN95or--
Cape Negro IslandCAN 102Hist -Nova Scotia43° 30.0' N065° 21.0' WMapFN73hl-1
Cape North (New)CAN 103- -Nova Scotia47° 2.0' N060° 24.0' WMapFN97ta--
Cape RosewayCAN 105Hist -Nova Scotia43° 37.0' N065° 16.0' WMapFN73io--
Cape SableCAN 106- -Nova Scotia43° 23.0' N065° 37.0' WMapFN73ej--
Cape SharpCAN 108Hist -Nova Scotia45° 22.0' N064° 24.0' WMapFN75ti-1
Cape St. Mary'sCAN 111- -Nova Scotia44° 5.0' N066° 13.0' WMapFN64vb-1
Caribou (Gull Island)CAN 119- -Nova Scotia45° 46.0' N062° 41.0' WMapFN85ps-2
Carter Island/Lockeport Harbour
Lockeport Harbor/Carter Island, NS
CAN 121Hist -Nova Scotia43° 42.3' N065° 6.1' WMapFN73kq-1
Caveau Point Rear RangeCAN 123Hist -Nova Scotia46° 39.0' N061° 0.0' WMapFN96lp-1
Chebucto Head (New)CAN 133Hist -Nova Scotia44° 30.0' N063° 31.0' WMapFN84fm-1
Church PointCAN 138Hist -Nova Scotia-----1
Ciboux IslandCAN 139- -Nova Scotia46° 23.0' N060° 22.0' WMapFN96tj--
Coffin IslandCAN 142- -Nova Scotia44° 2.0' N064° 38.0' WMapFN74qa--
Coldspring HeadCAN 144- -Nova Scotia45° 58.0' N063° 52.0' WMapFN85bx-1
Cranberry IslandCAN 153Hist -Nova Scotia45° 19.0' N060° 56.0' WMapFN95mh--
Cross IslandCAN 154- -Nova Scotia44° 19.0' N064° 10.0' WMapFN74vh--
Devil's Island East (Halifax Harbour)CAN 158Hist -Nova Scotia44° 35.0' N063° 28.0' WMapFN84gn-1
Digby GutCAN 159Hist -Nova Scotia44° 41.0' N065° 46.0' WMapFN74cq-1
East Ironbound IslandCAN 164- -Nova Scotia44° 26.0' N064° 5.0' WMapFN74wk--
Eddy PointCAN 167Hist -Nova Scotia45° 31.0' N061° 15.0' WMapFN95im--
Egg IslandCAN 168- -Nova Scotia44° 40.0' N062° 52.0' WMapFN84nq-1
Enragee PointCAN 170Hist -Nova Scotia46° 39.0' N061° 2.0' WMapFN96lp-2
Fisherman's Harbour (Old)CAN 177Hist -Nova Scotia45° 7.0' N061° 41.0' WMapFN95dc-1
Five IslandsCAN 179Hist -Nova Scotia-----1
Flint IslandCAN 180- -Nova Scotia46° 11.0' N059° 46.0' WMapGN06ce--
Forchu Head/Forchu Point
Forchu Point/Forchu Head, NS
CAN 182Hist -Nova Scotia45° 43.0' N060° 14.0' WMapFN95vr--
Fort PointCAN 184- -Nova Scotia------
GabarusCAN 189- -Nova Scotia45° 51.0' N060° 9.0' WMapFN95wu--
Gilbert's Cove/Gilbert's Point
Gilbert's Point/Gilbert's Cove, NS
CAN 200- -Nova Scotia-----1
Gillis PointCAN 201- -Nova Scotia46° 1.0' N060° 46.0' WMapFN96oa--
Glace Bay North BreakwaterCAN 202- -Nova Scotia46° 12.0' N059° 57.0' WMapGN06ae--
Grand PassageCAN 206Hist -Nova Scotia44° 17.0' N066° 21.0' WMapFN64tg-1
Grandique PointCAN 208Hist -Nova Scotia45° 36.0' N061° 1.0' WMapFN95lo--
Great Bras d'Or Range InnerCAN 209Hist -Nova Scotia46° 17.0' N060° 25.0' WMapFN96tg--
Green Island (Yarmouth)CAN 212Hist -Nova Scotia------
Gregory IslandCAN 215- -Nova Scotia45° 43.0' N060° 48.0' WMapFN95or--
Gull Rock (Lockeport)CAN 217Hist -Nova Scotia-----1
Gunning Point IslandCAN 218- -Nova Scotia44° 22.0' N064° 12.0' WMapFN74vi-1
Guyon IslandCAN 219- -Nova Scotia45° 46.0' N060° 7.0' WMapFN95ws--
GuysboroughCAN 220- -Nova Scotia45° 22.0' N061° 28.0' WMapFN95gi--
HamptonCAN 222- -Nova Scotia44° 54.0' N065° 21.0' WMapFN74hv-1
Havre Boucher Outer RangeCAN 224Hist -Nova Scotia45° 41.0' N061° 32.0' WMapFN95fq-1
Henry IslandCAN 227Hist -Nova Scotia45° 59.0' N061° 36.0' WMapFN95ex--
Hog Island (Port Felix)CAN 228Hist -Nova Scotia45° 14.0' N061° 13.0' WMapFN95jf--
Horton Bluff Range FrontCAN 231- -Nova Scotia45° 7.0' N064° 14.0' WMapFN75vc-1
Île HauteCAN 241- -Nova Scotia45° 15.0' N065° 0.0' WMapFN75lf--
Indian HarbourCAN 247Hist -Nova Scotia44° 31.0' N063° 57.0' WMapFN84am-1
Issac's HarbourCAN 251- -Nova Scotia45° 10.0' N061° 39.0' WMapFN95ee--
Jeddore RockCAN 254- -Nova Scotia44° 40.0' N063° 1.0' WMapFN84lq-1
Jerome PointCAN 255Hist -Nova Scotia45° 39.0' N060° 52.0' WMapFN95np--
Jerseyman IslandCAN 256- -Nova Scotia45° 30.0' N061° 3.0' WMapFN95ll--
Kaulbach Island Range FrontCAN 260- -Nova Scotia44° 28.0' N064° 17.0' WMapFN74ul-1
Kidston IslandCAN 261- -Nova Scotia46° 6.0' N060° 45.0' WMapFN96pc-1
Liscomb IslandCAN 277- -Nova Scotia44° 59.0' N061° 58.0' WMapFN94ax--
Little Hope IslandCAN 279Hist -Nova Scotia43° 49.0' N064° 47.0' WMapFN73ot--
Little NarrowsCAN 280- -Nova Scotia46° 0.0' N060° 59.0' WMapFN95mx--
LouisbourgCAN 286- -Nova Scotia45° 54.0' N059° 58.0' WMapGN05av--
Low PointCAN 287- -Nova Scotia46° 16.0' N060° 8.0' WMapFN96wg--
Mabou HarbourCAN 291- -Nova Scotia46° 5.0' N061° 28.0' WMapFN96gc-2
McNeil's Beach (Boularderie Island)CAN 295- -Nova Scotia------
Main-a-DieuCAN 296- -Nova Scotia46° 0.0' N059° 50.0' WMapGN05cx--
Man of War PointCAN 301Hist -Nova Scotia46° 12.0' N060° 33.0' WMapFN96re--
Marache PointCAN 303- -Nova Scotia45° 29.0' N061° 2.0' WMapFN95ll-1
Margaree Harbour Outer RangeCAN 304- -Nova Scotia46° 26.0' N061° 7.0' WMapFN96kk-1
Margaree Island/Sea Wolf Island
Sea Wolf Island/Margaree Island, NS
CAN 305- -Nova Scotia46° 21.0' N061° 16.0' WMapFN96ii--
MargaretsvilleCAN 306Hist -Nova Scotia45° 3.0' N065° 4.0' WMapFN75lb-3
Maugher BeachCAN 308- -Nova Scotia44° 36.0' N063° 32.0' WMapFN84fo-1
Medway HeadCAN 313Hist -Nova Scotia44° 6.0' N064° 32.0' WMapFN74rc-1
Mitchener PointCAN 323- -Nova Scotia-----1
Mosher IslandCAN 325- -Nova Scotia44° 14.0' N064° 19.0' WMapFN74uf--
Mullin's Point Rear RangeCAN 327HHist -Nova Scotia45° 49.6' N063° 25.8' WMapFN85gt-1
Mullin's Point Rear Range Private ResidenceCAN 327M- -Nova Scotia45° 49.5' N063° 26.6' WMapFN85gt-1
French Point/Musquodoboit Rear Range
Musquodoboit Rear Range/French Point, NS
CAN 334- -Nova Scotia44° 42.0' N063° 5.0' WMapFN84kq-3
Neil HarbourCAN 339- -Nova Scotia46° 48.0' N060° 19.0' WMapFN96ut-1
North CansoCAN 344Hist -Nova Scotia45° 41.0' N061° 29.0' WMapFN95gq--
Bon Portage/Outer Island
Outer Island/Bon Portage, NS
CAN 360- -Nova Scotia43° 27.0' N065° 45.0' WMapFN73ck-1
ParrsboroCAN 364- -Nova Scotia45° 23.0' N064° 19.0' WMapFN75uj-1
Pearl IslandCAN 367Hist -Nova Scotia44° 23.0' N064° 3.0' WMapFN74xj--
Peases IslandCAN 368- -Nova Scotia43° 38.0' N066° 2.0' WMapFN63xp--
Peggy's Cove/Peggy's Point
Peggy's Point/Peggy's Cove, NS
CAN 369- -Nova Scotia44° 30.0' N063° 55.0' WMapFN84bm-4
Pennant HarbourCAN 373Hist -Nova Scotia44° 28.0' N063° 38.0' WMapFN84el--
Peter IslandCAN 374- -Nova Scotia44° 15.0' N066° 20.0' WMapFN64tf--
Pictou BarCAN 377Hist -Nova Scotia45° 41.0' N062° 40.0' WMapFN85qq-1
Pictou Harbour Range RearCAN 378- -Nova Scotia45° 41.0' N062° 41.0' WMapFN85pq-1
Pictou Island EastCAN 379- -Nova Scotia45° 48.0' N062° 31.0' WMapFN85rt--
Pictou Island SouthCAN 380- -Nova Scotia45° 48.0' N062° 35.0' WMapFN85qt--
Pictou Island WestCAN 381- -Nova Scotia45° 48.0' N062° 36.0' WMapFN85qt--
Point AconiCAN 386Hist -Nova Scotia46° 20.0' N060° 18.0' WMapFN96uh-1
Prim PointCAN 391Hist -Nova Scotia44° 41.0' N065° 47.0' WMapFN74cq-2
Pomquet IslandCAN 402- -Nova Scotia45° 39.0' N061° 45.0' WMapFN95dp--
Port Bickerton (New)CAN 404- -Nova Scotia45° 5.0' N061° 42.0' WMapFN95db-1
Port GeorgeCAN 406Hist -Nova Scotia-----2
Port GrevilleCAN 407Hist -Nova Scotia------
Port MedwayCAN 409- -Nova Scotia-----1
Port Mouton (New)CAN 410- -Nova Scotia43° 55.1' N064° 48.2' WMapFN73ow-1
Pubnico HarbourCAN 417- -Nova Scotia-----1
Fishing Point (New)/Pugwash (New)
Pugwash (New)/Fishing Point (New), NS
CAN 419Hist -Nova Scotia45° 52.0' N063° 41.0' WMapFN85du-2
Quaker IslandCAN 422- -Nova Scotia44° 31.0' N064° 14.0' WMapFN74vm-2
QueensportCAN 425Hist -Nova Scotia45° 21.0' N061° 16.0' WMapFN95ii-1
Rouse PointCAN 435- -Nova Scotia45° 51.0' N060° 8.0' WMapFN95wu--
Salmon RiverCAN 439Hist -Nova Scotia------
Salvages (Half Moon)CAN 440- -Nova Scotia-----1
Sambro HarbourCAN 441- -Nova Scotia44° 29.0' N063° 36.0' WMapFN84el-1
Sambro IslandCAN 442- -Nova Scotia44° 26.2' N063° 33.8' WMapFN84fk--
Sandy PointCAN 447Hist -Nova Scotia-----3
ScatarieCAN 451- -Nova Scotia46° 2.0' N059° 41.0' WMapGN06da--
Schafner PointCAN 452- -Nova Scotia44° 43.0' N065° 37.0' WMapFN74er-1
Seal IslandCAN 454- -Nova Scotia43° 24.0' N066° 1.0' WMapFN63xj--
Sheet Harbour Passage Range FrontCAN 456- -Nova Scotia44° 52.0' N062° 27.0' WMapFN84su-1
Sheet RockCAN 457- -Nova Scotia44° 50.0' N062° 30.0' WMapFN84ru--
Spencer's IslandCAN 471- -Nova Scotia45° 21.4' N064° 42.6' WMapFN75pi--
Spry Bay SectorCAN 474- -Nova Scotia44° 49.0' N062° 36.0' WMapFN84qt-1
Little St. Agnes/Stoddard Island
Stoddard Island/Liitle St. Agnes, NS
CAN 482- -Nova Scotia43° 29.0' N065° 43.0' WMapFN73dl--
Sydney BarCAN 493- -Nova Scotia46° 12.0' N060° 13.0' WMapFN96ve--
Sydney Front Range (Cape Breton Island)CAN 494Hist -Nova Scotia46° 11.0' N060° 15.0' WMapFN96ue-1
Terence BayCAN 495- -Nova Scotia44° 28.0' N063° 42.0' WMapFN84dl-1
East River Front Range/Trenton Front Range
Trenton Front Range/East River Front Range, NS
CAN 505- -Nova Scotia45° 37.0' N062° 39.0' WMapFN85qo-2
Tusket RiverCAN 510Hist -Nova Scotia43° 42.0' N065° 57.0' WMapFN73aq--
Victoria BeachCAN 511Hist -Nova Scotia44° 41.0' N065° 45.0' WMapFN74cq-1
Wallace Harbour Sector Front Range
Wallace Harbour Front Range
CAN 518- -Nova Scotia45° 48.8' N063° 27.7' WMapFN85gt-1
Walton HarbourCAN 519- -Nova Scotia-----1
West Head (Cape Sable Island)CAN 522Hist -Nova Scotia43° 27.0' N065° 39.0' WMapFN73ek-1
West Ironbound IslandCAN 523Hist -Nova Scotia44° 14.0' N064° 17.0' WMapFN74uf--
Western HeadCAN 529- -Nova Scotia43° 59.0' N064° 40.0' WMapFN73px-1
Westhaver IslandCAN 530- -Nova Scotia44° 26.0' N064° 20.0' WMapFN74uk-1
White Head Island (Guysborough Co.)CAN 532- -Nova Scotia-----1
White Head Island (Yarmouth Co.)CAN 533- -Nova Scotia-----1
Woods HarbourCAN 538- -Nova Scotia43° 31.0' N065° 45.0' WMapFN73cm-1
New Edinburgh/Weymouth/Sissiboo
Sissiboo/Weymouth/New Edinburgh, NS H : Waymouth/Sissiboo/New Edinburgh, NS H
CAN 602Hist -Nova Scotia44° 26.0' N066° 1.0' WMapFN64xk--
Fort Point (Old) Mouth of LaHave RiverCAN 603Hist -Nova Scotia-----1
Wallace Harbour Rear RangeCAN 604Hist -Nova Scotia45° 48.7' N063° 28.2' WMapFN85gt--
Great Bras d'Or Range OuterCAN 606Hist -Nova Scotia46° 17.0' N060° 25.0' WMapFN96tg--
Margaree Harbour Inner RangeCAN 607- -Nova Scotia46° 26.0' N061° 7.0' WMapFN96kk--
Pictou Harbour Range FrontCAN 608- -Nova Scotia45° 41.0' N062° 41.0' WMapFN85pq--
Havre Boucher Inner RangeCAN 609- -Nova Scotia45° 41.0' N061° 32.0' WMapFN95fq--
Halifax Harbour Inner Range RearCAN 610- -Nova Scotia44° 38.0' N063° 34.0' WMapFN84fp-2
Fishing Point (Old)/Pugwash (Old)
Pugwash (Old)/Fishing Point (Old), NS
CAN 611- -Nova Scotia45° 52.0' N063° 41.0' WMapFN85du-1
Sheet Harbour Passage Range RearCAN 612- -Nova Scotia44° 52.0' N062° 27.0' WMapFN84su-1
Horton Bluff Range RearCAN 613- -Nova Scotia45° 7.0' N064° 14.0' WMapFN75vc--
Halls HarbourCAN 614Hist -Nova Scotia45° 12.0' N064° 37.0' WMapFN75qe-1
Musquodoboit Front RangeCAN 615Hist -Nova Scotia44° 42.0' N063° 5.0' WMapFN84kq--
Dartmouth Yacht Harbour (Halifax Harbour)CAN 629- -Nova Scotia44° 42.0' N063° 37.0' WMapFN84eq--
HarbourvilleCAN 630Hist -Nova Scotia45° 9.0' N064° 48.0' WMapFN75od-1
Canso Range Front (Canso Town)CAN 634- -Nova Scotia45° 20.0' N060° 59.0' WMapFN95mi--
Charlos Harbour Range RearCAN 637- -Nova Scotia45° 14.0' N061° 19.0' WMapFN95if--
Pleasant Bay Main (Cape Breton Isl.)CAN 639Hist -Nova Scotia46° 50.0' N060° 48.0' WMapFN96ot--
Sydney Rear Range (Cape Breton Island)CAN 641Hist -Nova Scotia46° 11.0' N060° 15.0' WMapFN96ue--
PictouCAN 722- -Nova Scotia45° 41.0' N062° 42.0' WMapFN85pq--
Digby WharfCAN 725Hist -Nova Scotia------
Country Island/Green Island (Tor Bay)
Green Island/Country Island (Tor Bay), NS
CAN 752- -Nova Scotia45° 6.0' N061° 33.0' WMapFN95fc--
Ingonish FerryCAN 753Hist -Nova Scotia46° 38.0' N060° 23.0' WMapFN96tp--
St. Esprit IslandCAN 754Hist -Nova Scotia45° 37.0' N060° 29.0' WMapFN95so--
Kaulbach Island Range RearCAN 861- -Nova Scotia44° 28.0' N064° 17.0' WMapFN74ul-1
Kidston Island West EndCAN 862- -Nova Scotia46° 6.0' N060° 45.0' WMapFN96pc--
Hubbards CoveCAN 863Hist -Nova Scotia44° 37.0' N064° 3.0' WMapFN74xo--
Cape North (Old) (Museum of Science and Technology/Ottawa)
Cape North (Old), NS H
CAN 865MHist MuseumNova Scotia45° 24.1' N075° 37.4' WMapFN25ej-11
Cape North (Old)CAN 865HHist -Nova Scotia47° 2.0' N060° 24.0' WMapFN97ta--
Herring CoveCAN 880- -Nova Scotia44° 34.0' N063° 33.0' WMapFN84fn--
Sandwich Point Range RearCAN 881- -Nova Scotia44° 35.0' N063° 33.0' WMapFN84fn--
Trenton Rear RangeCAN 883- -Nova Scotia45° 37.0' N062° 39.0' WMapFN85qo--
Sandwich Point Range FrontCAN 884- -Nova Scotia44° 35.0' N063° 33.0' WMapFN84fn--
Halifax Lightship (LV 19)CAN 885Hist -Nova Scotia------
Norway Point Range FrontCAN 886- -Nova Scotia45° 40.0' N062° 43.0' WMapFN85pp--
Norway Point Range RearCAN 887- -Nova Scotia45° 40.0' N062° 43.0' WMapFN85pp--
Charlos Harbour Range FrontCAN 892Hist -Nova Scotia------
Kingsport (Canning River)CAN 894Hist -Nova Scotia------
Porter Point (Canning River)CAN 896Hist -Nova Scotia------
Glace Bay Range RearCAN 897Hist -Nova Scotia46° 12.0' N059° 57.0' WMapGN06ae--
Croucher's IslandCAN 898Hist -Nova Scotia44° 38.0' N063° 58.0' WMapFN84ap--
Wolfville (Bay of Fundy)CAN 899Hist -Nova Scotia45° 5.0' N064° 22.0' WMapFN75tb--
Glace Bay Range FrontCAN 957Hist -Nova Scotia------
Arisaig Harbour Range FrontCAN 990- -Nova Scotia45° 46.0' N069° 10.0' WMapFN55js--
Arisaig Harbour Range RearCAN 991- -Nova Scotia45° 46.0' N069° 10.0' WMapFN55js--
Caribou Harbour Inner Range FrontCAN 1002Hist -Nova Scotia45° 44.0' N062° 41.0' WMapFN85pr--
Caribou Harbour Inner Range RearCAN 1003- -Nova Scotia45° 44.0' N062° 41.0' WMapFN85pr--
Advocate Harbour (Bay of Fundy)CAN 1131Hist -Nova Scotia------
Clarke Cove Front Range (Bras d'Or Lake)CAN 1192Hist -Nova Scotia------
Clarke Cove Rear Range (Bras d'Or Lake)CAN 1193Hist -Nova Scotia------
Cole Harbour Front Range (Tor Bay)CAN 1194Hist -Nova Scotia------
Cole Harbour Rear Range (Tor Bay)CAN 1195Hist -Nova Scotia------
Derby Point/Piper Cove (Barra Strait)CAN 1196Hist -Nova Scotia------
Devil's Island West (Halifax Harbour)CAN 1197Hist -Nova Scotia------
Page Island (Port La Tour Harbour)CAN 1207Hist -Nova Scotia------
Parkers Cove (Bay of Fundy)CAN 1208Hist -Nova Scotia------
Port Hood Light (Port Hood Light)CAN 1209Hist -Nova Scotia------
Marshall Cove/Port Lorne/Port Williams (Bay of Fundy)
Port Lorne/Port Williams/Marshall Cove (Bay of Fundy), NS H : Port Williams/Marshall Cove/Port Lorne (Bay of Fundy), NS H
CAN 1210Hist -Nova Scotia------
Port MaitlandCAN 1211Hist -Nova Scotia------
Portapique (Bay of Fundy)CAN 1212Hist -Nova Scotia------
Eatonville (Eatonville River)CAN 1214Hist -Nova Scotia------
Glasgow Point (Isle Madame)CAN 1215Hist -Nova Scotia------
Guysborough (Old) (Peart Point)CAN 1217Hist -Nova Scotia------
Harbour Island (Country Harbour)CAN 1218Hist -Nova Scotia------
Hobson Island/Hobson Nose (Mahone Bay)
Hobson Nose/Hobson Island (Mahone Bay), NS H
CAN 1219Hist -Nova Scotia------
Ingonish Harbour (Old) (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1220Hist -Nova Scotia------
Ingonish Island (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1221Hist -Nova Scotia46° 41.0' N060° 20.3' WMapFN96tq--
Iona (Uniacke Point)CAN 1222Hist -Nova Scotia------
Jeddore Harbour Front RangeCAN 1223Hist -Nova Scotia------
Jeddore Harbour Rear RangeCAN 1224Hist -Nova Scotia------
Jordan (Jordan River)CAN 1225Hist -Nova Scotia------
Lingan Head (Bridgeport Harbour)CAN 1226Hist -Nova Scotia------
Lower l'Ardoise Front Range (Martin Point)CAN 1227Hist -Nova Scotia------
Lower l'Ardoise Rear Range (Martin Point)CAN 1228Hist -Nova Scotia------
McKenzie Point (Great Bras d'Or)CAN 1229Hist -Nova Scotia------
Noel (Cobequid Bay)CAN 1230Hist -Nova Scotia------
Northeast Harbour Front Range (Negro Harbour)CAN 1231Hist -Nova Scotia------
Northeast Harbour Rear Range (Negro Harbour)CAN 1232Hist -Nova Scotia------
Beaver HarbourCAN 1233Hist -Nova Scotia------
Joggins (Chignecto Bay)CAN 1234Hist -Nova Scotia------
Red Islands (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1235Hist -Nova Scotia------
Redman HeadCAN 1236Hist -Nova Scotia------
Rocheford Point Front Range (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1237Hist -Nova Scotia------
Rocheford Point Rear Range (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1238Hist -Nova Scotia------
Shulie (Bay of Fundy)CAN 1239Hist -Nova Scotia------
Spencer Point (Bay of Fundy)CAN 1240Hist -Nova Scotia------
St. Ann HarbourCAN 1241Hist -Nova Scotia------
Three Top Island (Tor Bay)CAN 1242Hist -Nova Scotia------
Troop Point (Bay of Fundy)CAN 1243Hist -Nova Scotia------
Wedge IslandCAN 1244Hist -Nova Scotia------
West Arichat Front Range (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1245Hist -Nova Scotia------
West Arichat Rear Range (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1246Hist -Nova Scotia------
Crichton Head/Creighton Head (Crichton Island - Cape Breton Island)CAN 1267Hist -Nova Scotia45° 31.0' N061° 6.0' WMapFN95km--
Arisaig (Northumberland Strait)CAN 1272Hist -Nova Scotia------
Baillie Brook (Gulf of St. Lawrence)CAN 1273- -Nova Scotia45° 42.0' N062° 16.0' WMapFN85uq--
Eddy Point Range FrontCAN 1274Hist -Nova Scotia45° 31.0' N061° 15.0' WMapFN95im--
Eddy Point Range RearCAN 1275Hist -Nova Scotia45° 31.0' N061° 15.0' WMapFN95im--
McNab's IslandCAN 1280Hist -Nova Scotia44° 37.0' N063° 32.0' WMapFN84fo--
Mullin's Point Front RangeCAN 1281Hist -Nova Scotia45° 49.6' N063° 25.5' WMapFN85gt--
Owl's HeadCAN 1282Hist -Nova Scotia44° 43.0' N062° 48.0' WMapFN84or--
Port Wade (Bay of Fundy)CAN 1283Hist -Nova Scotia------
Carey Point Range Rear (Great Bras d'Or)CAN 1285Hist -Nova Scotia46° 18.0' N060° 25.0' WMapFN96th--
Port Bickerton (Old)CAN 1286Hist -Nova Scotia45° 5.0' N061° 42.0' WMapFN95db-1
Bunker Island North EndCAN 1287Hist -Nova Scotia43° 49.0' N066° 8.0' WMapFN63wt--
Ship Harbour/Wolfes Island
Wolfes Island/Ship Harbour, NS H
CAN 1288Hist -Nova Scotia44° 45.0' N062° 45.0' WMapFN84pr--
Black Rock Point (Bras d'Or Lake) (Old)CAN 1289Hist -Nova Scotia------
Munroe Point (St. Ann’s Bay)CAN 1307- -Nova Scotia------
Ouetique Island (Lennox Passage)CAN 1309- -Nova Scotia45° 37.0' N060° 57.0' WMapFN95mo--
Cape Porcupine Range Front (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1310Hist -Nova Scotia45° 39.0' N061° 25.0' WMapFN95hp--
Cape Porcupine Range Rear (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1311Hist -Nova Scotia45° 39.0' N061° 25.0' WMapFN95hp--
Caveau Point Front Range (Old)CAN 1314Hist -Nova Scotia------
Malagash Wharf (Gulf of St. Lawrence)CAN 1315Hist -Nova Scotia45° 46.0' N063° 18.0' WMapFN85is--
Skinner Cove Sector (Gulf of St. Lawrence)CAN 1316Hist -Nova Scotia45° 47.0' N063° 3.0' WMapFN85ls--
Wallace Wharf (Gulf of St. Lawrence)CAN 1317- -Nova Scotia45° 48.9' N063° 28.4' WMapFN85gt--
Sandford Sector (Bay of Fundy)CAN 1320- -Nova Scotia43° 55.0' N066° 9.0' WMapFN63ww--
Ketch HarbourCAN 1332Hist -Nova Scotia------
Amet Island (Northumberland Strait)CAN 1362Hist -Nova Scotia------
Bear Island (Chedabucto Bay)CAN 1363Hist -Nova Scotia------
Biglow Point Front Range (Pugwash Harbour)CAN 1364Hist -Nova Scotia------
Biglow Point Rear Range (Pugwash Harbour)CAN 1365Hist -Nova Scotia------
Canso Harbour, NewCAN 1366- -Nova Scotia------
Point Tupper (Strait of Canso)CAN 1376Hist -Nova Scotia------
Steven Point Front Range (Pugwash Harbour)CAN 1377Hist -Nova Scotia------
Steven Point Rear Range (Pugwash Harbour)CAN 1378Hist -Nova Scotia------
Amherst Basin Front Range (Bay of Fundy)CAN 1379Hist -Nova Scotia------
Amherst Basin Rear Range (Bay of Fundy)CAN 1380Hist -Nova Scotia------
Battery Point (Lunenburg Harbour)CAN 1381Hist -Nova Scotia------
Budget (Indian Harbour)CAN 1382Hist -Nova Scotia------
Chebucto Head (Old)CAN 1383Hist -Nova Scotia------
Dover (Callaghan Island)CAN 1384Hist -Nova Scotia------
Mary-Joseph/Thrumcap Islet
Thrumcap Islet/Mary-Joseph, NS H
CAN 1385Hist -Nova Scotia------
Popes Harbour (Harbour Island)CAN 1386Hist -Nova Scotia-----1
Port Hébert (Shingle Point)CAN 1387Hist -Nova Scotia------
Glace Bay Range FrontCAN 1399- -Nova Scotia46° 11.8' N059° 56.9' WMapGN06ae--
Glace Bay Range RearCAN 1400- -Nova Scotia46° 11.8' N059° 56.9' WMapGN06ae--
Canso Harbour, OldCAN 1408Hist -Nova Scotia------
Balache Point Range FrontCAN 1413- -Nova Scotia45° 39.0' N061° 25.0' WMapFN95hp--
Port Mouton (old)CAN 1418Hist -Nova Scotia43° 55.1' N064° 48.2' WMapFN73ow--
Halifax Harbour Middle Range FrontCAN 1420- -Nova Scotia44° 36.8' N063° 32.2' WMapFN84fo--
Halifax Harbour Middle Range RearCAN 1421- -Nova Scotia44° 37.0' N063° 32.2' WMapFN84fo--
Fisherman's Harbour (new)CAN 1426- -Nova Scotia------
Chéticamp Harbour (Cape Breton Island)CAN 135Hist -Nova Scotia46° 38.0' N061° 1.0' WMapFN96lpNA-010-
Green Island (New) (Cape Breton Island)CAN 211- -Nova Scotia----NA-010-
Chéticamp Inner Harbour Sector (Cape Breton Island)CAN 640- -Nova Scotia46° 38.0' N061° 1.0' WMapFN96lpNA-010-
Hawk Island/Poulamon (Cape Breton Island)
Poulamon/Hawk Island (Cape Breton Island), NS
CAN 1213Hist -Nova Scotia45° 36.0' N061° 0.0' WMapFN95loNA-010-
Grand Etang (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1216Hist -Nova Scotia----NA-010-
Cap Rond (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1367Hist -Nova Scotia----NA-010-
Cape St. Lawrence (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1368Hist -Nova Scotia----NA-010-
Chéticamp Harbour Rear Range (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1369Hist -Nova Scotia46° 38.0' N061° 1.0' WMapFN96lpNA-010-
Green Island (Old) (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1370Hist -Nova Scotia----NA-010-
Little Lorraine (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1371Hist -Nova Scotia----NA-010-
Louisbourg Front Range (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1372Hist -Nova Scotia----NA-010-
Louisbourg Rear Range (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1373Hist -Nova Scotia----NA-010-
Mabou Harbour Front Range (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1374Hist -Nova Scotia----NA-010-
Petit-de-Grat (Cape Breton Island)CAN 1375Hist -Nova Scotia----NA-010-
George's Island/Halifax Harbour Inned Range Front
Halifax Harbour Inner Range Front/George's Island, NS
CAN 193- -Nova Scotia44° 38.0' N063° 34.0' WMapFN84fpNA-0812
Brier IslandCAN 059Hist -Nova Scotia44° 15.0' N066° 24.0' WMapFN64tfNA-1272

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