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Beavertail (New)
Newport/Beavertail, RI
USA 048- -Rhode Island41° 27.0' N071° 24.0' WMapFN41hk-5
Beavertail (Old)USA 1128Hist -Rhode Island41° 27.0' N071° 24.0' WMapFN41hk-3
Block Island Breakwater Inner (Basin Harbor)USA 1337Hist -Rhode Island------
Block Island Breakwater Outer (Basin Harbor)USA 1338Hist -Rhode Island------
Block Island NorthUSA 061- -Rhode Island41° 13.7' N071° 34.5' WMapFN41ff-1
Block Island Southeast/Southeast
Southeast/Block Island Southeast, RI
USA 062- -Rhode Island41° 9.2' N071° 33.1' WMapFN41fd-2
Brenton ReefUSA 082Hist -Rhode Island-----2
Brenton Reef Lightship (LV 102/WAL 525)
Lightship Brenton Reef (LV 102/WAL 525), RI H
USA 1129Hist -Rhode Island-----2
Bristol FerryUSA 087- -Rhode Island41° 38.6' N071° 15.6' WMapFN41ip-3
Bullocks PointUSA 092Hist -Rhode Island-----1
Castle HillUSA 144- -Rhode Island41° 27.7' N071° 21.8' WMapFN41hl-1
Conanicut Island/North Conanicut
North Conanicut/Conanicut Island, RI
USA 185- -Rhode Island41° 34.4' N071° 22.3' WMapFN41hn-1
Conimicut Shoal/Conimicut
Conimicut/Conimicut Shoal, RI
USA 188- -Rhode Island41° 43.0' N071° 20.7' WMapFN41hr-1
Dutch IslandUSA 250- -Rhode Island41° 29.8' N071° 24.3' WMapFN41hl-2
Fuller RockUSA 957Hist -Rhode Island------
Goat Island/Newport Harbor
Newport Harbor/Goat Island, RI
USA 548- -Rhode Island41° 29.6' N071° 19.6' WMapFN41il-4
Gould IslandUSA 958Hist -Rhode Island41° 32.0' N071° 21.0' WMapFN41hm--
Great Salt Pond Breakwater Inner (Block Island)USA 1274Hist -Rhode Island------
Great Salt Pond Breakwater Outer (Block Island)USA 1275Hist -Rhode Island------
Gull RocksUSA 362Hist -Rhode Island-----3
Hog Island ShoalUSA 373- -Rhode Island41° 37.9' N071° 16.4' WMapFN41ip-4
Ida Lewis Rock/Lime Rock
Lime Rock/Ida Lewis Rock, RI
USA 398- -Rhode Island-----3
Mussel Shoal/Musselbed Shoal
Musselbed Shoal/Mussel Shoal, RI H
USA 959Hist -Rhode Island-----3
Nayatt PointUSA 532- -Rhode Island-----3
Plum BeachUSA 604- -Rhode Island41° 31.8' N071° 24.3' WMapFN41hm-2
Point JudithUSA 625- -Rhode Island41° 21.7' N071° 28.9' WMapFN41gi-4
Pomham RocksUSA 643Hist -Rhode Island41° 46.7' N071° 22.2' WMapFN41hs-2
Poplar PointUSA 647- -Rhode Island-----1
Prudence Island/Sandy Point
Sandy Point/Prudence Island, RI
USA 675Hist -Rhode Island41° 36.4' N071° 18.2' WMapFN41io-3
Rose IslandUSA 703- -Rhode Island41° 29.7' N071° 20.6' WMapFN41hl-4
Sabine PointUSA 715Hist -Rhode Island-----1
Sakonnet Point/Sakonnet
Sakonnet/Sakonnet Point, RI
USA 718- -Rhode Island41° 27.2' N071° 12.2' WMapFN41jk-3
Sassafras PointUSA 962Hist -Rhode Island------
Warwick/Warwick NeckUSA 871Hist -Rhode Island41° 40.0' N071° 22.7' WMapFN41hq-1
Watch HillUSA 872Hist -Rhode Island41° 18.2' N071° 51.5' WMapFN41bh-5
Whale RockUSA 883Hist -Rhode Island-----3
Wickford HarborUSA 891Hist -Rhode Island------

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