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CoordinatesGridsquareIOTA# of
Baker Range Front (New)USA 1147- -Delaware-----1
Baker Range Front (Old)USA 1146Hist -Delaware-----1
Baker Range RearUSA 029- -Delaware-----1
Bellevue Rear RangeUSA 050- -Delaware39° 43.0' N075° 31.0' WMapFM29fr--
Bombay Hook
Smyrna River
USA 1011Hist -Delaware39° 21.4' N075° 30.3' WMapFM29fi-2
Cape Henlopen BeaconUSA 1186Hist -Delaware------
Cape Henlopen LightUSA 120Hist -Delaware-----1
Cherry Island Front RangeUSA 1149Hist -Delaware-----1
Cherry Island Rear RangeUSA 165Hist -Delaware-----2
ChristianaUSA 1150Hist -Delaware------
Christiana North JettyUSA 173Hist -Delaware------
Delaware Breakwater Range FrontUSA 223- -Delaware-----3
Delaware Breakwater Range Rear/Green Hill
Green Hill/Delaware Breakwater Range Rear, DE H
USA 1013Hist -Delaware-----4
Delaware Breakwater West End/Strickland (Delaware Bay)
Strickland/Delaware Breakwater West End (Delaware Bay), DE H
USA 1361Hist -Delaware-----1
Delaware Breakwater/Lewes Breakwater
Lewes Breakwater/Delaware Breakwater, DE
USA 222- -Delaware38° 47.8' N075° 6.0' WMapFM28kt-5
Fenwick IslandUSA 283- -Delaware38° 27.1' N075° 3.3' WMapFM28lk-5
Fourteen Foot BankUSA 305- -Delaware39° 2.9' N075° 10.9' WMapFM29jb--
Harbor of RefugeUSA 366- -Delaware38° 49.0' N075° 6.0' WMapFM28kt-3
Lightship Overfalls
Overfalls Lightship, LV-118, Lewes, DE
USA 573- -Delaware38° 46.7' N075° 8.5' WMapFM28ks-7
Liston Range (Front)USA 436- -Delaware39° 29.0' N075° 35.5' WMapFM29el--
Liston Range (Rear)USA 437- -Delaware39° 31.4' N075° 38.4' WMapFM29em-2
Mahon RiverUSA 464Hist -Delaware39° 11.1' N075° 24.0' WMapFM29he-2
Marcus Hook Range FrontUSA 1416- -Delaware39° 46.6' N075° 28.5' WMapFM29gs-1
Marcus Hook Range RearUSA 474- -Delaware39° 45.7' N075° 30.2' WMapFM29fs-5
Mispillion (New)USA 1224- -Delaware-----3
Mispillion (Old)USA 503Hist -Delaware-----3
Murderkill River Range FrontUSA 1417- -Delaware39° 3.5' N075° 23.8' WMapFM29hb-1
Murderkill River Range RearUSA 1418- -Delaware39° 3.3' N075° 24.4' WMapFM29hb-1
New Castle Range Front (New) (Delaware River)USA 1125- -Delaware-----1
New Castle Range Front (Old) (Delaware River)USA 546Hist -Delaware-----1
New Castle Range Rear (New) (Delaware River)USA 1126- -Delaware-----1
New Castle Range Rear (Old) (Delaware River)USA 547Hist -Delaware-----1
Old Reedy IslandUSA 568Hist -Delaware39° 30.0' N075° 34.0' WMapFM29fm-1
Port Penn Range FrontUSA 1151Hist -Delaware-----1
Reedy Island Range FrontUSA 1152Hist -Delaware------
Reedy Island Range RearUSA 692- -Delaware-----3

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