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CoordinatesGridsquareIOTA# of
BayswaterCAN 025- -New Brunswick------
Belyeas PointCAN 031- -New Brunswick-----1
Big ShippaganCAN 035Hist -New Brunswick------
Black PointCAN 041- -New Brunswick------
Bliss IslandCAN 045Hist -New Brunswick-----4
Bouctouche Bar/Bouctouche Head/Bouctouche Dune
Bouctouche Dune/Bouctouche Bar/Bouctouche Head, NB : Bouctouche Head/Bouctouche Dune/Bouctouche Bar, NB
CAN 055- -New Brunswick-----1
Campbellton Range BackCAN 070Hist -New Brunswick------
Cape EnrageCAN 096- -New Brunswick-----2
Cape SpencerCAN 109- -New Brunswick-----2
Cape Tormentine Pier Outer RangeCAN 112- -New Brunswick-----2
Caraquet Front RangeCAN 116Hist -New Brunswick------
Cedars - TheCAN 124Hist -New Brunswick------
Chance HarbourCAN 125Hist -New Brunswick------
Deer PointCAN 157- -New Brunswick-----1
Dixon Point Rear RangeCAN 161- -New Brunswick-----1
Drew's Head/Lighthouse Point
Lighthouse Point/Drew's Head, NB
CAN 162- -New Brunswick-----1
Fanjoy's PointCAN 174Hist -New Brunswick------
Fort Monckton/Port Elgin
Port Elgin/Fort Monckton, NB H
CAN 183Hist -New Brunswick------
GagetownCAN 190- -New Brunswick------
Great Duck IslandCAN 210- -New Brunswick-----1
Hampstead WharfCAN 221Hist -New Brunswick------
Huestis Island/Lower Jemseg
Lower Jemseg/Huestis Island, NB
CAN 233Hist -New Brunswick------
Inch Arron Point Range FrontCAN 246Hist -New Brunswick------
Indian Point Front Range (Cape Tormentine)CAN 249- -New Brunswick------
Indian Point Rear Range (Cape Tormentine)CAN 250- -New Brunswick-----1
LeonardsvilleCAN 274Hist -New Brunswick------
Lower Neguac Wharf Range BackCAN 289- -New Brunswick------
Mark PointCAN 307Hist -New Brunswick------
McColgan PointCAN 309- -New Brunswick------
Mulholland PointCAN 326- -New Brunswick44° 51.8' N066° 58.9' WMapFN64mu-1
Musquash Head/Western Head
Western Head/Musquash Head, NB
CAN 332- -New Brunswick------
Musquash IslandCAN 333Hist -New Brunswick------
Oak Point (St John R.)CAN 358Hist -New Brunswick------
Point EscuminacCAN 389Hist -New Brunswick------
Point LepreauCAN 390- -New Brunswick------
Quaco Head (Callaghan Island, Bay of Fundy)CAN 421- -New Brunswick-----1
Cap Lumiere/Richibucto Head
Richibucto Head/Cap Lumiere, NB
CAN 430- -New Brunswick-----1
Robertson's PointCAN 432Hist -New Brunswick------
Sand PointCAN 445Hist -New Brunswick------
Southwest HeadCAN 469- -New Brunswick-----4
Southwest Wolf IslandCAN 470Hist -New Brunswick-----3
Spruce PointCAN 472Hist -New Brunswick------
SwallowtailCAN 491Hist -New Brunswick-----3
Hendry Farm/Washademoak/Lake North
Lake North/Hendry Farm/Washademoak, NB : Washademoak/Lake North/Hendry Farm, NB
CAN 520Hist -New Brunswick------
Cape Tormentine Inner RangeCAN 605- -New Brunswick-----1
Anderson HollowCAN 704- -New Brunswick-----2
Belledune PointCAN 705Hist -New Brunswick------
No longer an ARLHS light
CAN 706- -New Brunswick-----1
Dixon Point Front RangeCAN 708Hist -New Brunswick-----1
Fish Fluke Point/Grand Harbour
Grand Harbour/Fish Fluke Point, NB
CAN 709- -New Brunswick-----1
Campbellton Range FrontCAN 723Hist -New Brunswick------
Dalhousie Deep Water WharfCAN 724Hist -New Brunswick------
Grand Dune Flats Front RangeCAN 726Hist -New Brunswick------
Grant Beach Range FrontCAN 727- -New Brunswick------
Grant Beach Range RearCAN 728- -New Brunswick------
Church Point/Indian Point Front Range/Pointe à Jérome Front Range (Bouctouche)
Indian Point Front Range/Pointe à Jérome Front Range/Church Point (Bouctouche), NB : Pointe à Jérome Front Range/Church Point/Indian Point Front Range (Bouctouche), NB
CAN 729- -New Brunswick-----1
Indian Point Rear Range/Pointe à Jérome Rear Range (Bouctouche)
Jerome Point Rear Range/Pointe à Jérome Rear Range, NB : Pointe à Jérome Rear Range/Indian Point Rear Range (Bouctouche), NB
CAN 730- -New Brunswick------
Peck's PointCAN 731Hist -New Brunswick------
Oak Point (Miramichi Bay)CAN 732- -New Brunswick------
Portage Island Range Rear
Portage Island Range Rear, NB H
CAN 733MHist MuseumNew Brunswick------
Portage Island Range RearCAN 733HHist -New Brunswick------
Wilmot's BluffCAN 734- -New Brunswick------
Gull Cove (Whitehead Island)CAN 739Hist -New Brunswick----NA-1261
Caissie Cape/Cap-de-Caissie
Cap-de-Caissie/Caissie Cape, NB
CAN 743- -New Brunswick-----1
Anse Blue/Blue Cove
Blue Cove/Anse Blue, NB H
CAN 744Hist -New Brunswick------
Marcelle PointCAN 745Hist -New Brunswick------
Neguac Rear RangeCAN 800- -New Brunswick------
Green Head (St. John River)CAN 817- -New Brunswick------
Caraquet IslandCAN 893Hist -New Brunswick------
Middle Caraquet Range RearCAN 895- -New Brunswick------
Bathurst Front Range LightCAN 900Hist -New Brunswick------
Bathurst Rear Range LightCAN 901Hist -New Brunswick------
Belloni Point LightCAN 902Hist -New Brunswick------
Bridges Point LightCAN 903Hist -New Brunswick------
Cape Tormentine Entrance Rear RangeCAN 904Hist -New Brunswick-----1
ChamcookCAN 905Hist -New Brunswick------
Cox PointCAN 907Hist -New Brunswick------
Dipper HarbourCAN 908Hist -New Brunswick------
Douglas IslandCAN 909Hist -New Brunswick------
Fort Folly PointCAN 910Hist -New Brunswick------
Goose LakeCAN 911Hist -New Brunswick------
Grand AnseCAN 912Hist -New Brunswick------
Harper PointCAN 913Hist -New Brunswick------
Hay Island Front RangeCAN 914Hist -New Brunswick------
Hay Island Rear RangeCAN 915Hist -New Brunswick------
Heron IslandCAN 916Hist -New Brunswick------
JemsegCAN 917Hist -New Brunswick------
Machias Seal Island WestCAN 918Hist -New Brunswick------
MaisonnetteCAN 919Hist -New Brunswick------
Martin HeadCAN 920Hist -New Brunswick------
McFarlane PointCAN 921Hist -New Brunswick------
McMann PointCAN 922Hist -New Brunswick------
Midjik BluffCAN 923Hist -New Brunswick------
Miscou Harbour Front RangeCAN 924- -New Brunswick------
Montgomery IslandCAN 925Hist -New Brunswick------
Nany BarCAN 926- -New Brunswick------
Negro PointCAN 927Hist -New Brunswick------
NewcastleCAN 928Hist -New Brunswick------
North TracadieCAN 929Hist -New Brunswick------
OromoctoCAN 930Hist -New Brunswick------
Outhouse PointCAN 931Hist -New Brunswick------
Palmer LandingCAN 932Hist -New Brunswick------
Petit RocherCAN 933Hist -New Brunswick------
PokemoucheCAN 934Hist -New Brunswick------
Pokesudie IslandCAN 935Hist -New Brunswick------
Preston Beach Front RangeCAN 936Hist -New Brunswick------
Shampers WharfCAN 937Hist -New Brunswick------
Shediac Island Front RangeCAN 938Hist -New Brunswick------
Shediac Island Rear RangeCAN 939Hist -New Brunswick------
Sheldrake Island Front RangeCAN 941Hist -New Brunswick------
South TracadieCAN 942Hist -New Brunswick------
St. John HarbourCAN 943Hist -New Brunswick------
St. MartinsCAN 944Hist -New Brunswick-----1
StonehavenCAN 945Hist -New Brunswick------
Swashway Front RangeCAN 946Hist -New Brunswick------
Tabusintac Gully Front RangeCAN 947Hist -New Brunswick------
Tongue ShoalCAN 948Hist -New Brunswick-----1
Ward PointCAN 949Hist -New Brunswick------
Quaco Pier (Bay of Fundy)CAN 1276Hist -New Brunswick------
Pointe a Marcelle Range FrontCAN 1414- -New Brunswick------
Pointe a Marcelle Range RearCAN 1415- -New Brunswick------
Machias Seal IslandCAN 292- -New Brunswick44° 30.0' N067° 6.0' WMapFN64km-3
Cherry Islet
Cherry Island, H4152
CAN 134- -New Brunswick44° 55.1' N066° 58.0' WMapFN64mw--
Gannet RockCAN 192- -New Brunswick44° 30.0' N066° 47.0' WMapFN64om-4
Long Eddy Point/Whistle
Whistle/Long Eddy Point, NB
CAN 283Hist -New Brunswick44° 48.0' N066° 47.1' WMapFN64ot-4
Long Point (Bay of Fundy)CAN 644- -New Brunswick44° 36.8' N066° 42.6' WMapFN64po-2
Pendlebury/St. Andrews
St. Andrews/Pendlebury, NB
CAN 714- -New Brunswick45° 4.1' N067° 2.9' WMapFN65lb-2
Green's Point/l'Etete Passage (Bay of Fundy)
l’'Etete Passage/Green's Point (Bay of Fundy), NB
CAN 214Hist -New Brunswick45° 2.3' N066° 53.5' WMapFN65na-2
Pea PointCAN 366Hist -New Brunswick45° 2.4' N066° 53.6' WMapFN65na-2
Partridge IslandCAN 365- -New Brunswick45° 14.0' N066° 3.0' WMapFN65xf-1
Courtenay Bay BreakwaterCAN 906- -New Brunswick45° 15.0' N066° 3.0' WMapFN65xf-1
East Quoddy Head/Head Harbour
Head Harbour/East Quoddy Head, NB
CAN 166- -New Brunswick47° 57.0' N066° 54.0' WMapFN67nw-5
Inch Aaron Range RearCAN 1409- -New Brunswick48° 1.7' N066° 21.1' WMapFN68ta--
Grindstone IslandCAN 711- -New Brunswick45° 43.3' N064° 37.2' WMapFN75qr-2
Richibucto Town Range Front (Northumberland Strait)CAN 1312Hist -New Brunswick46° 41.0' N064° 52.0' WMapFN76nq--
Richibucto Town Range Rear (Northumberland Strait)CAN 1313- -New Brunswick46° 41.0' N064° 52.0' WMapFN76nq--
Pointe-Sapin Range Rear/Sapin Point Range Rear
Sapin Point Range Rear/Pointe-Sapin Range Rear, NB
CAN 401- -New Brunswick46° 58.0' N064° 50.0' WMapFN76ox--
Pointe-Sapin Range Front/Sapin Point Range Front
Sapin Point Range Front/Pointe-Sapin Range Front, NB
CAN 1306Hist -New Brunswick46° 58.0' N064° 50.0' WMapFN76ox--
Cocagne Range Rear (Northumberland Strait)CAN 1290- -New Brunswick46° 20.0' N064° 37.0' WMapFN76qh-1
Cocagne Range FrontCAN 141- -New Brunswick46° 20.1' N064° 36.9' WMapFN76qi--
Pointe du Chene Front Range
Parlee Beach Front Range, H1328, 1107
CAN 397- -New Brunswick46° 14.4' N064° 30.7' WMapFN76rf--
Pointe du Chene Rear Range
Parlee Beach Rear Range, H1328.1, 1108
CAN 713- -New Brunswick46° 14.4' N064° 30.7' WMapFN76rf--
Shediac Harbour Range Rear
Shediac Town Wharf Rear Range, H1332.1, 1111
CAN 940- -New Brunswick46° 14.4' N064° 31.8' WMapFN76rf--
Shediac Harbour Range Front
H1332, 1110
CAN 1411- -New Brunswick46° 14.5' N064° 31.8' WMapFN76rf--
Cap des Caissie Point
Point Caissie
CAN 090- -New Brunswick46° 19.2' N064° 30.8' WMapFN76rh-1
Middle Caraquet Range FrontCAN 1416- -New Brunswick47° 48.2' N064° 53.2' WMapFN77nt--
Caraquet Rear Range (Old)CAN 707Hist -New Brunswick47° 49.0' N064° 50.0' WMapFN77ot--
Caraquet Rear Range (New)CAN 1344- -New Brunswick47° 49.0' N064° 50.0' WMapFN77ot--
Miscou IslandCAN 320- -New Brunswick48° 1.0' N064° 30.0' WMapFN78sa-2
Jourimain IslandCAN 258- -New Brunswick46° 9.3' N063° 48.2' WMapFN86cd-2
Miscou Harbour Rear RangeCAN 1405- -New Brunswick47° 52.9' N063° 35.0' WMapFN87fv--

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