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Lighthouse NameARLHS
CoordinatesGridsquareIOTA# of
Baranof's Castle/Sitka H
Baranof's Castle/Sitka, AK H : Sitka/Baranof's Castle H : Sitka/Baranof's Castle, AK H
ALK 022Hist -Alaska----NA-041-
Cape Decision
Cape Decision, AK
ALK 001- -Alaska56° 0.0' N134° 8.0' WMapCO26wa--
Cape Edgecumbe
Cape Edgecumbe, AK
ALK 019- -Alaska57° 0.0' N135° 51.0' WMapCO27ba--
Cape Hinchinbrook
Cape Hinchinbrook, AK
ALK 002- -Alaska60° 14.0' N146° 39.0' WMapBP60qf--
Cape Prince of Wales
Cape Prince Of Wales, AK
ALK 020- -Alaska65° 38.0' N168° 7.0' WMapAP55wp--
Cape Sarichef
Cape Sarichef, AK
ALK 003- -Alaska54° 36.0' N164° 56.0' WMapAO74mo--
Cape Spencer
Cape Spencer, AK
ALK 004- -Alaska58° 12.0' N136° 38.0' WMapCO18qe--
Cape St. Elias
Cape St. Elias, AK
ALK 005- -Alaska59° 48.0' N144° 36.0' WMapBO79qt--
Eldred Rock
Eldred Rock, AK
ALK 006Hist -Alaska58° 58.0' N135° 13.0' WMapCO28jx--
Fairway Island H
Fairway Island, AK H
ALK 021Hist -Alaska57° 27.0' N134° 52.0' WMapCO27nk--
Five Finger Island
Five Finger Islands
ALK 007- -Alaska57° 16.0' N133° 38.0' WMapCO37eg--
Guard Island
Guard Islands
ALK 008- -Alaska55° 27.0' N131° 53.0' WMapCO45bk-2
Homer Spit
Salty Dawg Saloon
ALK 025- -Alaska59° 36.0' N151° 24.0' WMapBO49ho--
Lightship Umatilla (Marine Bio Researcher) - WLV-196 - (USA-865)
Umatilla Lightship (Marine Bio Researcher), WLV-196, (ALK 013), AK
ALK 013- -Alaska55° 20.0' N131° 39.5' WMapCO45ei--
Lincoln Rock H
Lincoln Rock, AK
ALK 014- -Alaska------
Lincoln Rock WestALK 024- -Alaska56° 3.0' N132° 42.0' WMapCO36pb--
Mary Island
Mary Island, AK
ALK 009- -Alaska55° 6.0' N131° 11.0' WMapCO45jc--
Odiak Pharos
Odiak Pharos, AK
ALK 018- -Alaska60° 32.0' N145° 45.0' WMapBP70dm--
Point Hope HALK 023Hist -Alaska------
Point Retreat
Point Retreat, AK
ALK 010- -Alaska58° 25.0' N134° 57.0' WMapCO28mk--
Point Sherman H
Point Sherman, AK H
ALK 015Hist -Alaska------
Rockwell, AK
ALK 017- -Alaska57° 2.0' N135° 20.0' WMapCO27ia--
Scotch Cap
Scotch Cap, AK
ALK 016- -Alaska54° 23.7' N164° 44.7' WMapAO74pj--
Sentinel Island, AK
ALK 011- -Alaska58° 33.0' N134° 55.0' WMapCO28mn--
Tree Point
Tree Point, AK
ALK 012- -Alaska54° 48.0' N130° 56.0' WMapCO44mt--

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