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Ashtabula Harbor (Lake Erie)USA 020Hist -Ohio41° 55.0' N080° 48.0' WMapEN91ov-2
Camp Patmos (Kelleys Island - Lake Erie)USA 1245Hist -Ohio41° 37.0' N082° 41.0' WMapEN81po--
Cedar Point (Lake Erie)USA 926Hist -Ohio-----1
Cleveland Bluff/Cleveland Harbor (Lake Erie)
Cleveland Harbor/Cleveland Bluff (Lake Erie), OH H
USA 920Hist -Ohio------
Cleveland East Breakwater West End (Lake Erie)USA 175Hist -Ohio------
Cleveland East Pier (Lake Erie)USA 176Hist -Ohio-----1
Cleveland Harbor East Pierhead (Lake Erie)USA 177Hist -Ohio41° 30.5' N081° 43.1' WMapEN91dm-2
Cleveland Harbor West Pierhead (Lake Erie)USA 178Hist -Ohio41° 31.0' N081° 43.0' WMapEN91dm-1
Cleveland West Pier Head (Lake Erie)USA 180Hist -Ohio41° 31.0' N081° 43.0' WMapEN91dm--
Conneaut (Lake Erie)USA 189Hist -Ohio-----1
Conneaut Harbor West Breakwater (Lake Erie)USA 190Hist -Ohio41° 59.0' N080° 34.0' WMapEN91rx-1
Fairport Harbor (Lake Erie)
Grand River Light
USA 279- -Ohio41° 45.4' N081° 16.6' WMapEN91is-3
Fairport Harbor East Pier / Grand River Beacon (Lake Erie)
Grand River Beacon/Fairport Harbor East Pier (Lake Erie), OH H
USA 1196Hist -Ohio41° 45.7' N081° 16.8' WMapEN91is-1
Fairport Harbor West Breakwater (Lake Erie)USA 280Hist -Ohio41° 46.1' N081° 16.9' WMapEN91is-1
Green Island (Lake Erie)USA 353Hist -Ohio41° 38.7' N082° 52.1' WMapEN81np-1
Huron Harbor (Lake Erie)USA 393Hist -Ohio41° 24.0' N082° 33.0' WMapEN81rj--
Lorain East Breakwater (Lake Erie)USA 1037Hist -Ohio41° 29.0' N082° 11.0' WMapEN81vl--
Lorain Harbor/Lorain West Breakwater (Lake Erie)
Lorain West Breakwater/Lorain Harbor (Lake Erie), OH
USA 453Hist -Ohio41° 29.0' N082° 11.0' WMapEN81vl-3
Manhattan Front Range (Lake Erie)USA 1089Hist -Ohio------
Manhattan Rear Range (Lake Erie)USA 927Hist -Ohio------
Marblehead (Lake Erie)USA 472Hist -Ohio41° 32.2' N082° 42.7' WMapEN81pm-4
Maumee Bay Inner Front/Maumee Bay Outer Rear
Maumee Bay Outer Rear/Maumee Bay Inner Front, OH H
USA 1038Hist -Ohio------
Maumee Bay Inner Rear/Maumee Bay Outer Front
Maumee Bay Outer Front/Maumee Bay Inner Rear, OH H
USA 485Hist -Ohio------
Northwood (Grand Lake St. Mary's)USA 928Hist -Ohio-----1
Perry Memorial Monument (Lake Erie)USA 1317Hist -Ohio41° 39.2' N082° 48.7' WMapEN81op--
Port Clinton (Old) (Lake Erie)USA 922Hist -Ohio41° 31.0' N082° 56.0' WMapEN81mm-3
Port Clinton/Portage River (Brands Marina) (Lake Erie)
Portage River/Port Clinton (Brands Marina) (Lake Erie), OH
USA 914Hist -Ohio41° 31.0' N082° 56.0' WMapEN81mm--
Sandusky Bay Inner Front RangeUSA 728Hist -Ohio41° 30.0' N082° 41.0' WMapEN81pm-1
Sandusky Bay Inner Rear RangeUSA 729Hist -Ohio41° 30.0' N082° 41.0' WMapEN81pm-1
Sandusky Bay Outer Front Range (Lake Erie)USA 1199Hist -Ohio------
Sandusky Bay Outer Rear Range (Lake Erie)USA 1200Hist -Ohio------
Sandusky Harbor Pierhead (Lake Erie)USA 730Hist -Ohio41° 30.0' N082° 41.0' WMapEN81pm--
South Bass Island (Lake Erie)USA 769Hist -Ohio41° 37.7' N082° 50.5' WMapEN81np-3
Toledo Harbor (Lake Erie)USA 853Hist -Ohio41° 46.0' N083° 20.0' WMapEN81hs--
Turtle Island (Lake Erie)USA 859Hist -Ohio------
Vermilion (Lake Erie)USA 868Hist -Ohio41° 25.5' N082° 22.0' WMapEN81tk--
West Sister Island (Lake Erie)USA 882Hist -Ohio41° 44.0' N083° 7.0' WMapEN81kr--

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