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Amite RiverUSA 1099Hist -Louisiana30° 18.0' N090° 34.0' WMapEM40rh--
Balize (Mouth of Mississippi River)USA 1230Hist -Louisiana------
Barataria BayUSA 035Hist -Louisiana29° 16.0' N089° 58.0' WMapEL59ag--
Bayou BonfoucaUSA 070Hist -Louisiana30° 16.0' N089° 48.0' WMapEM50cg--
Bayou St. JohnUSA 044Hist -Louisiana------
Beacon Light (Calcasieu River)USA 1222Hist -Louisiana------
Calcasieu RiverUSA 101Hist -Louisiana-----1
Chandeleur Island (New)USA 152Hist -Louisiana------
Chandeleur Island (Old)USA 151Hist -Louisiana------
Cubits GapUSA 208Hist -Louisiana------
East Rigolets/Pearl RiverUSA 261Hist -Louisiana------
Franks IslandUSA 310Hist -Louisiana------
Head of the PassesUSA 367Hist -Louisiana------
Milneburg/Pontchartrain Beach/Port Pontchartrain
Pontchartrain Beach/Port Pontchartrain/Milneburg, LA : Port Pontchartrain/Milneburg/Pontchartrain Beach, LA
USA 650Hist -Louisiana30° 1.9' N090° 3.7' WMapEM40xa-2
New CanalUSA 536- -Louisiana30° 1.6' N090° 6.8' WMapEM40wa-3
Oyster Bay/Oyster Bayou
Oyster Bayou/Oyster Bay, LA H
USA 575Hist -Louisiana------
Pass a LoutreUSA 580Hist -Louisiana------
Pass ManchacUSA 582Hist -Louisiana------
Pearl River/East RigoletsUSA 587Hist -Louisiana------
Point Au Fer ReefUSA 613Hist -Louisiana29° 22.0' N091° 23.0' WMapEL49hi--
Point Defer (Atchafalaya Bay)USA 1231Hist -Louisiana------
Pointe Aux HerbesUSA 642Hist -Louisiana------
Proctorsville (Lake Borgne)USA 1232Hist -Louisiana------
Sabine PassUSA 714- -Louisiana29° 43.0' N093° 51.0' WMapEL39br-5
Shell Keys (Atchafalaya Bay)USA 1233Hist -Louisiana------
Ship ShoalUSA 759- -Louisiana------
South Pass East Jetty RearUSA 775- -Louisiana------
South Pass Range Rear/South Pass
South Pass/South Pass Range Rear, LA
USA 774- -Louisiana29° 1.0' N089° 10.0' WMapEL59ka--
South Pass West Jetty FrontUSA 776- -Louisiana------
Southwest Pass (New)USA 779- -Louisiana------
Southwest Pass (Old)USA 1100Hist -Louisiana------
Southwest Pass EntranceUSA 1101- -Louisiana28° 54.0' N089° 26.0' WMapEL58gv--
Southwest ReefUSA 780Hist -Louisiana------
Tchefuncte River Rear RangeUSA 838Hist -Louisiana-----4
Timbalier BayUSA 850Hist -Louisiana------
Vermilion Bay (Marsh Island)USA 1234Hist -Louisiana------
West Rigolets (Lake Pontchartrain)USA 881Hist -Louisiana------

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