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Lighthouse NameARLHS
CoordinatesGridsquareIOTA# of
Nakalele Point (Maui) H
Nakalele Point (Maui), HI H
HAW 039Hist -Hawaii----OC-019-
Ahukini Breakwater (Kaua'i) HHAW 029Hist -Hawaii----OC-019-
La'au Point (Molokai) HHAW 032Hist -Hawaii----OC-019-
Kalae (South Point)
Kalae (South Point), HI
HAW 008- -Hawaii----OC-0191
Pearl Harbor (Oahu) HHAW 033Hist -Hawaii----OC-019-
Kanahena Point (Maui) HHAW 034Hist -Hawaii----OC-019-
Makahanaloa (Old) (Hawaii) HHAW 035Hist -Hawaii----OC-019-
Kaunakakai Range (Front) (Molokai)
Kaunakakai Range Front (Moloka'i)
HAW 028- -Hawaii----OC-019-
Makahu'ena Point (Kaua'i) H
Makahu'ena Point (Kaua'i), HI H
HAW 038Hist -Hawaii----OC-019-
Cape Kumukahi (Hawaii)
Cape Kumukahi, HI
HAW 002- -Hawaii19° 31.0' N154° 49.0' WMapBK29omOC-019-
Coconut Point/Hilo Harbor (Hawaii)
Coconut Point/Hilo Harbor, HI : Hilo Harbor/Coconut Point, HI
HAW 023- -Hawaii19° 43.0' N155° 5.0' WMapBK29krOC-019-
Pauka'a (Hawaii)
Paukaa, HI
HAW 022- -Hawaii19° 46.0' N155° 5.0' WMapBK29ksOC-019-
Aila Point/Makahanaloa/Pepeekeo Point (Hawaii)
Makahanaloa/Pepeekeo Point/Aila Point (Hawaii) : Pepeekeo Point, HI H : Pepeekeo Point/Aila Point/Makahanaloa (Hawaii)
HAW 016- -Hawaii19° 51.0' N155° 5.0' WMapBK29kuOC-019-
Laupahoehoe Point (Hawaii) H
Laupahoehoe Point, HI H
HAW 026Hist -Hawaii19° 58.0' N155° 14.0' WMapBK29jxOC-0191
Kukuihaele (Hawaii)HAW 031- -Hawaii20° 8.0' N155° 33.0' WMapBL20fdOC-019-
Kauhola Point (Hawaii)
Kauhola Point, HI
HAW 010Hist -Hawaii20° 14.8' N155° 46.3' WMapBL20cfOC-0191
Kawaihae Bay (Hawaii)
Kawaihae, HI
HAW 011- -Hawaii20° 3.0' N155° 50.0' WMapBL20bbOC-0191
Milolii (Hawaii)
Milolii, HI
HAW 013- -Hawaii19° 11.0' N155° 54.0' WMapBK29beOC-019-
Mahukona (Hawaii)
Mahukona, HI
HAW 012- -Hawaii20° 11.0' N155° 54.0' WMapBL20beOC-0191
Kealakekua Bay/Napo'Opo'O
Napo'opo'o/Kealakekua Bay (Hawaii) : Napo'Opo'O/Kealakekua Bay, HI
HAW 024- -Hawaii19° 28.0' N155° 56.0' WMapBK29alOC-019-
Ka'uiki Head (Maui)
Ka'uiki Head, HI
HAW 018- -Hawaii20° 45.0' N155° 59.0' WMapBL20asOC-019-
Kailua Point (Hawaii)
Kailua Point, HI
HAW 009- -Hawaii19° 38.0' N156° 0.0' WMapBK19xpOC-019-
Keahole Point (Hawaii)
Keahole Point, HI
HAW 019- -Hawaii19° 44.0' N156° 4.0' WMapBK19xrOC-0191
Pa'uwela Point (Maui) (Old) H
Pauwela Point, HI
HAW 015- -Hawaii20° 57.0' N156° 19.0' WMapBL10uwOC-0191
Pa'uwela Point (Maui) (New)HAW 036- -Hawaii20° 57.0' N156° 19.0' WMapBL10uwOC-0191
Hanamanioa Point (Hawaii)HAW 030- -Hawaii20° 35.0' N156° 25.0' WMapBL10soOC-019-
McGregor Point (Maui)
McGregor Point, HI
HAW 025- -Hawaii20° 46.0' N156° 31.0' WMapBL10rsOC-0191
Lahaina (Maui)
Lahaina, HI
HAW 020- -Hawaii20° 52.3' N156° 40.7' WMapBL10puOC-019-
Palaoa Point (Lanai)
Palaoa Point, HI
HAW 021- -Hawaii20° 44.0' N156° 58.0' WMapBL10mrOC-019-
Kalaupapa (Molokai)
HAW 006- -Hawaii21° 12.6' N156° 58.2' WMapBL11mfOC-0193
Makapuu Point (Oahu)
Makapuu Point, HI
HAW 005Hist -Hawaii21° 19.0' N157° 39.0' WMapBL11ehOC-0191
Pyramid Rock (Oahu)
Pyramid Rock (Oahu), HI
HAW 027- -Hawaii21° 28.0' N157° 46.0' WMapBL11clOC-019-
Diamond Head (Oahu)
Diamond Head, HI
HAW 003- -Hawaii21° 15.0' N157° 49.0' WMapBL11cfOC-019-
Honolulu Harbor (Oahu)
Honolulu Harbor, HI
HAW 014- -Hawaii21° 17.0' N157° 52.0' WMapBL11bgOC-019-
Barbers Point (Oahu)
Barber's Point, HI
HAW 001- -Hawaii21° 18.0' N158° 6.0' WMapBL01whOC-019-
Ka'ena Point (Oahu)
Ka'ena Point, HI
HAW 017- -Hawaii21° 34.0' N158° 16.0' WMapBL01unOC-019-
Nawiliwili Harbor (Kauai)
Nawiliwili Harbor, HI
HAW 007- -Hawaii21° 57.0' N159° 20.0' WMapBL01iwOC-019-
Kuki'i Point (Kaua'i)
Kuki'i Point (Kaua'i), HI
HAW 037- -Hawaii21° 57.0' N159° 21.0' WMapBL01hwOC-019-
Kilauea Point (Kaua'i)
Kilauea, HI
HAW 004- -Hawaii22° 13.9' N159° 24.1' WMapBL02hfOC-019-

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