USA 499 (Point Zero)

ARLHS USA-499 Light

USA 499 (Point Zero) - Copyright 2010 Steven Balliette
Copyright 2010 Steven Balliette

29 December 2010. A 2.5 km hike from the end of the road on Minnesota Point brings me to Point Zero Lighthouse, so named because in 1858 it was erected on the zero point for Lake Superior Chart surveys established in 1823. Fitted with a fifth-order Fresnel lens the lighthouse was active until 1878 when the lens was transferred to USA 829, the new Superior Entry Lighthouse 1500 meters away.
I activated this light using an FT-857D, NiMH batteries, putting 100 watts into a 13 foot vertical. Two hours of operating and 50 contacts in mild winter weather made this an excellent outing.
Steve, KD0ETC

Added to the World List of Lights January 28, 2011.