"Trowbridge Island Lighthouse Lake Superior Thunder Bay"

ARLHS CAN-596 Light

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Trowbridge Island Lighthouse Lake Superior Thunder Bay

From the air, the scenery is amazing as you pass over Trowbridge Island and the lighthouse in the waters of Lake Superior in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Trowbridge Island sits amongst other islands in Lake Superior, but this island marks the north side entrance to Thunder Bay in Ontario, Canada. Rugged rocky cliffs border the island and on the top, the Trowbridge Island Lighthouse, built in 1910, stands 37 feet high with a lantern which flashes every 5 seconds.

A wooden walkway surrounded by pine trees, passes by the buildings, one a residence which is joined to the fog warning light. There is no transportation to Trowbridge Island, but visitors are welcome to explore the lighthouse and the buildings if they find their own way to the island.

Trowbridge Island and Lighthouse (built in 1910), Lake Superior near Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

48.2923°N 88.8752°W

Added to the World List of Lights July 10, 2010.