Punta Lantailla (Isla de Fuerteventura) Light



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Located in Canary Islands Call Area

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Also Known As:
ARLHS CAI 041, CAI-041, CAI 041
Approximate Coordinates
LAT: 28° 14' N
LON: 013° 57' W
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Maidenhead Coordinates
aka 'Gridsquare'
Islands On the Air Info. AF-004, Canary Islands, EA8
Structure removed, relocated, destroyed or otherwise lost? no
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Amateur radio activity for this Lighthouse
Start DateEnd DateCallsignNotes
2015-01-262015-01-26EA8/DL4ANDListed as "Punta de la Entallada" on most recent maps, this lighthouse (built 1950) was beautifully rehabilitated and is worth a visit, also for the ocean view. It sits like a fortress on a mountain approx. 190 m above sea level. The road leading up the mountain is in good condition but is only wide enough for one vehicle. Thre road has no boundaries and has many curves which cannot be overseen, so it is rather dangerous to drive up there. There are two wider curves designed as passing points where you should stop and check the road ahead for any oncoming traffic - because you will not want to drive backwards. You also have hikers, joggers and bicyclists on this road. Driving at pedestrian speed is recommended. Driver and any passengers should not be afraid of large heights. But once you have reached the lighthouse, these hassles are forgotten. The road and the lighthouse can be seen on Google Street View. If you want to take photos, visit the lighthouse in the morning, as the sun is then shining onto the front facade. The sun will be behind the light house in the afternoon, making photography more difficult. I operated from there using a mobile station, 100 W SSB and a mobile antenna, making 40 QSOs in three hours. 73, Andy, EA8/DL4AND
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