Farol Ponta da Sela



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Located in Brazil Call Area

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Also Known As:
ARLHS BRA 287, BRA-287, BRA 287
Approximate Coordinates
LAT: 23° 53' S
LON: 045° 28' W
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Maidenhead Coordinates
aka 'Gridsquare'
Structure removed, relocated, destroyed or otherwise lost? no
Listed in the World List of Lights since
NAC 3264, G 0480, NCA 18612

Round cylindrical concrete tower, painted with red and white horizontal bands.

Height: 11 m
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Circle shows 1000m radius from light

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Amateur radio activity for this Lighthouse
Start DateEnd DateCallsignNotes
2016-02-202016-02-21PY2DPMOnly contacts made feb 20 to 21 valid to Lighthouse - 8th South America Lighthouse Weekend - PY2DPM and PU2RTO - CDR GROUP
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