Horton's Point as it was in 1991

ARLHS USA-387 Light

Horton's Point as it was in 1991 - Copyright 1991 John S. Huggins
Copyright 1991 John S. Huggins

This is Horton Point lighthouse we stumbled on going west on Long Island after seeing a very small lighthouse sign. It is a light for Long Island Sound on the north side. It sits on a bluff overlooking a small shoreline.
Many years before the Coast Guard moved their light from the building to a small stubble metal tower near the edge of the bluff.
This picture was taken not long after volunteers restored the building adequately to encourage the Coast Guard to move the light back to the tower.
If you do a search for this lighthouse you will find the volunteer group has continued their efforts and re-added trimming features the building had early in its life.

Added to the World List of Lights November 14, 2007.