Barranjoey Lighthouse

ARLHS AUS-005 Light

Barranjoey Lighthouse - Copyright 2007 Jervis Sparks
Copyright 2007 Jervis Sparks

During the manned years, Barranjoey was a fixed red light, kerosene powered, until some decades after the red light commenced shining during the night.

Many of those keepers were ex-sailors, and surely knew the significance of the red light districts in their port of calls. However, at sea, a red light was a beacon of hope and safety, and Barranjoey, located between the white lights of Macquarie to the south and Norah Head to the north, identified the entrance to Broken Bay. The southern side of Broken Bay, where Barranjoey is located, was safer to enter than the northern side, which, guarded by bomboras (East and West reefs) and mostly awash, sunk the paddle steamer Maitland in 1898.

Added to the World List of Lights December 4, 2007.