Trowbridge Island Lighthouse

ARLHS CAN-596 Light

Trowbridge Island Lighthouse - Copyright 2010 Aerial view: Canadian Coast Guard
Copyright 2010 Aerial view: Canadian Coast Guard

The lighthouse is owned by the Canadian Coast Guard. Grounds open, tower closed.
Fred Robinson VE3GCP and Adam Mitchell VA3BAU
To leave Hamilton on Monday August 16, 2010 by car and travel about 1,400 Km to the village of Silver Islet on the Sibley Peninsula, Lake Superior just east of Thunder Bay, Ontario. We will tow a motor boat which we will use to cross from Silver Islet to the Trowbridge Island Light House. We plan to arrive at Silver Islet a day or 2 early so that we will have time to select the best water conditions for the trip. The island is about 5 miles (by water) from Silver Islet. We will set up camp and the station at the light house so as to be in plenty of time for the Saturday and Sunday Light House “on the air” week end of August 21 & 22. We will leave the island on the 23rd or the next day that offers good water conditions. Our gear will include an ICOM 756 Pro 3 transceiver and several wire dipoles for each of the classic bands. Subject to weight and size restrictions, we may take a 2 mtr rig & small Yagi. Power source will be a 1KW gas generator and a 60 amp marine battery. We plan to check-in on the Ontars Net 80 mtr net to get an idea of our propagation. On 20 mtrs I hope we can work a station or 2 in Scotland and the Hamilton ARC at the Hamilton Lighthouse site. We will travel back pack style so as to reduce weight and volume. We will sleep in a small pop-up tent and cook on a gas fire back pack stove. Our water supply will be Lake Superior so we should have plenty.
For the purposes of the International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend organization we are recognized as lighthouse # CA 0025.
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Added to the World List of Lights July 14, 2010.