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Guánica Light (Faro de Guánica) was a historic lighthouse located in the town of Guánica, Puerto Rico in the Guánica State Forest. It was first lit in 1893 and deactivated on 1950. The light marked the entrance to Guánica Bay and bridge the gap between Los Morrillos Light and Caja de Muertos Light.

In July 1898, lighthouse keeper Robustiano Rivera spotted the convoy of the American forces that initiated the landing offensive of the Puerto Rican Campaign during the Spanish–American War. He immediately gave the alert to the residents of Guánica and marched to Yauco where he broke the news of the invading forces to the city's mayor.

The lighthouse is practically in ruins, though some parts of its unique architectural elements are still visible. It was listed in the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1981.

Added to the World List of Lights June 2, 2009.