ARLHS World List of Lights (WLOL)

List of the world's lighthouses by the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society

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United States Of America

Lighthouse NameARLHS
CoordinatesGridsquareIOTA# of
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 1012- --------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 388Hist --------
Hospital Point Range (Front)USA 389- -Massachusetts------
Hospital Point Range (Rear)USA 390- -Massachusetts------
Hudson City/Hudson-Athens
Hudson-Athens/Hudson City, NY
USA 391- -New York-----3
Bodkin IslandUSA 991Hist -Maryland------
Cobb Island Bar/Cobb Point Bar
Cobb Point Bar/Cobb Island Bar, MD H
USA 989Hist -Maryland-----7
Somers CoveUSA 987Hist -Maryland-----2
Point AdamsUSA 983Hist -Oregon------
Hyannis Range (Front)USA 396Hist -Massachusetts------
Hyannis Harbor/South Hyannis/Hyannis Range (Rear)
Hyannis Range (Rear)/Hyannis Harbor/South Hyannis, MA : South Hyannis/Hyannis Range (Rear)/Hyannis Harbor, MA
USA 397- -Massachusetts------
Ida Lewis Rock/Lime Rock
Lime Rock/Ida Lewis Rock, RI
USA 398- -Rhode Island-----3
Warrior RockUSA 977- -Oregon------
Ipswich Range (Front)USA 403Hist -Massachusetts------
Point DiabloUSA 974Hist -California------
Hilton Head Range (Front)USA 971Hist -South Carolina-----1
Clay IslandUSA 992Hist -Maryland------
Horseshoe Reef (Lake Erie)USA 386Hist -New York------
New Haven Outer Breakwall/Sperry Light
Sperry Light/New Haven Outer Breakwall, CT H
USA 1009Hist -Connecticut------
Grant's PassUSA 1008Hist -Alabama------
Choctaw PointUSA 1007Hist -Alabama------
Hog IslandUSA 374Hist -Virginia------
Bethel Bridge (C&D Canal)USA 1004Hist -Maryland-----6
Lightship St. Johns River
St. Johns River Lightship, LV-84/WAL-509, FL
USA 999- -Florida------
Lightship St. Clair
St. Clair Lightship, LV-75, MI
USA 998Hist -Michigan------
White ShoalUSA 996Hist -Virginia-----1
Fog PointUSA 993Hist -Maryland------
Horse Island/Sacketts Harbor (Lake Ontario)
Sacketts Harbor/Horse Island (Lake Ontario), NY
USA 380- -New York------
Horseshoe Range East Group (Rear)USA 381Hist -New Jersey------
Horseshoe Range East Group (Upper Front)USA 382Hist -New Jersey------
Horseshoe Range East Group (Lower Front)USA 383Hist -New Jersey------
Horseshoe Range West Group (Lower Front)USA 384Hist -Pennsylvania------
Horseshoe Range West Group (Rear)USA 385Hist -Pennsylvania------
Herrick Cove (Lake Sunapee)USA 967Hist -New Hampshire------
Kalamazoo River Pierhead North/Saugatuck Pierhead North (Lake Michigan)
Saugatuck Pierhead North/Kalamazoo River Pierhead North (Lake Michigan), MI H
USA 413Hist -Michigan-----1
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 946Hist --------
Cedar River Front Range (Lake Michigan)USA 942Hist -Michigan------
Little Rapids CutUSA 441Hist -Michigan------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 941- --------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 939- --------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 938- --------
Dunlap Reef Upper Range (Lake Michigan)USA 937Hist -Wisconsin-----2
PassaicUSA 933Hist -New Jersey------
Northwood (Grand Lake St. Mary's)USA 928Hist -Ohio------
Long PointUSA 451Hist -North Carolina------
Manhattan Rear Range (Lake Erie)USA 927Hist -Ohio------
Cedar Point (Lake Erie)USA 926Hist -Ohio-----1
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 454- --------
Sharps PointUSA 924- -Maryland-----1
Lovells Island Range (Front)USA 456Hist -Massachusetts------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 438Hist --------
New Buffalo (Lake Michigan)USA 950Hist -Michigan------
Burkehaven (Lake Sunapee)USA 966Hist -New Hampshire------
Skunk BayUSA 965Hist -Washington------
Sassafras PointUSA 962Hist -Rhode Island------
Pamet River HarborUSA 961Hist -Massachusetts------
NarrowsUSA 960Hist -Massachusetts------
Mussel Shoal/Musselbed Shoal
Musselbed Shoal/Mussel Shoal, RI H
USA 959Hist -Rhode Island-----3
Lake BorgneUSA 424Hist -Mississippi------
Lake St. ClairUSA 426Hist -Michigan------
Lambert PointUSA 427Hist -Virginia------
Fuller RockUSA 957Hist -Rhode Island------
Egg RockUSA 956Hist -Massachusetts------
Lazaretto PointUSA 431Hist -Maryland-----9
Broad Sound Channel Inner Range (Rear)USA 954Hist -Massachusetts------
Broad Sound Channel Inner Range (Front)USA 953Hist -Massachusetts------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 952- --------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 457Hist --------
Fair Haven Outer Breakwater (Lake Ontario)USA 278Hist -New York------
Lower Nicolet West Range Front (St. Mary's River)USA 1092- -Michigan------
Six Mile Point Range Rear (St. Mary's River)USA 1091Hist -Michigan------
Dunne Crib/Sixty-Eighth Street Crib (Lake Michigan)
Sixty-Eighth Street Crib/Dunne Crib (Lake Michigan), IL
USA 1090- -Illinois------
Manhattan Front Range (Lake Erie)USA 1089Hist -Ohio------
Turtle Rock (Schuylkill River)USA 1088- -Pennsylvania-----2
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 1086- --------
Franks IslandUSA 310Hist -Louisiana------
Frying Pan Lightship (LV-115)
Lightship Frying Pan, LV-115, NY
USA 311- -New York------
Frying Pan Island (Lake Huron)USA 312Hist -Michigan-----1
GibraltarUSA 1076Hist -Michigan------
Galloo Island (Lake Ontario)USA 314- -New York------
Copper HarborUSA 1072Hist -Michigan------
Cedar River Rear Range (Lake Michigan)USA 1071Hist -Michigan-----1
Gary West BreakwaterUSA 317- -Indiana------
Charlotte-Genesee/Port Of Genesee (Lake Ontario)
Port Of Genesee/Charlotte-Genesee (Lake Ontario), NY
USA 320- -New York-----2
Fort WadsworthUSA 301- -New York------
Fort TompkinsUSA 300Hist -New York------
Niagara River Front Range (Upper Niagara River)USA 1119Hist -New York------
Stonington West BreakwaterUSA 1118Hist -Connecticut-----1
Hayden's Point (Connecticut River)USA 1117Hist -Connecticut------
Chester RockUSA 1116Hist -Connecticut------
Lovells Island Range (Rear)USA 1114Hist -Massachusetts------
Finns Point Range (Front)USA 284Hist -New Jersey------
Ipswich Range (Rear)USA 1113Hist -Massachusetts------
Burlington Breakwater South (New) (Lake Champlain)USA 1106- -Vermont-----5
Burlington Breakwater North (New) (Lake Champlain)USA 1105- -Vermont-----5
Barrancas Rear Range (Old)/Pensacola-Barrancas Rear Range/Fort Barrancas
Fort Barrancas/Barrancas Rear Range (Old)/Pensacola-Barrancas Rear Range, FL H : Pensacola-Barrancas Rear Range/Fort Barrancas/Barrancas Rear Range (Old), FL
USA 289- -Florida------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 1102- --------
Southwest Pass (Old)USA 1100Hist -Louisiana------
Fort McRae Front Range / Fort McRee Front Range
Fort McRee Front Range / Fort McRae Front Range, FL H
USA 292Hist -Florida------
Fort Mifflin Bar Cut Range RearUSA 293Hist -New Jersey------
Fort PointUSA 297Hist -Texas-----3
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 321- --------
Kimberly Point/Neenah (Lake Winnebago)
Neenah/Kimberly Point (Lake Winnebago), WI
USA 1070- -Wisconsin-----1
Cayuga Inlet (Lake Cayuga)USA 1043- -New York-----1
Brewerton Range Rear (Lake Oneida)USA 1042- -New York------
Newport Wharf (Lake Memphremagog)USA 1040Hist -Vermont------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 345- --------
Great Captain IslandUSA 346Hist -Connecticut------
Maxfield Point (Lake Memphremagog)USA 1039Hist -Vermont------
Maumee Bay Inner Front/Maumee Bay Outer Rear
Maumee Bay Outer Rear/Maumee Bay Inner Front, OH H
USA 1038Hist -Ohio------
Maurice River Cove Range (Rear)USA 1035Hist -New Jersey------
Maurice River Cove Range (Front)USA 1034Hist -New Jersey------
St. Joseph Island, MS H
USA 1026Hist -Mississippi------
Dames PointUSA 1022Hist -Florida------
Grosse Ile South Channel Rear Range (Detroit River)USA 358Hist -Michigan------
Gull RocksUSA 362Hist -Rhode Island-----3
Buffington BreakwaterUSA 1017- -Indiana------
Wolf IslandUSA 1015Hist -Georgia------
Four Mile PointUSA 1044Hist -New York------
Frenchman's Island (Lake Oneida)USA 1045Hist -New York------
Bush PointUSA 1063- -Washington-----1
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 324Hist --------
Grand Haven Main (Lake Michigan)USA 327Hist -Michigan------
Dutch Gap CanalUSA 1062Hist -Virginia-----2
Amelia Island North Range RearUSA 1054Hist -Florida------
Three Sisters Island (St. Lawrence River)USA 1053Hist -New York------
Sylvan Beach/Verona Beach (Lake Oneida)
Verona Beach/Sylvan Beach (Lake Oneida), NY
USA 1052- -New York------
Port Jefferson Harbor BreakwaterUSA 1051Hist -New York------
Olcott Harbor (Lake Ontario)USA 1050Hist -New York------
Grand Island Range Front (Lake Erie)USA 1047- -New York------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 335Hist --------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 336- --------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 337- --------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 338- --------
Gardiners Point IslandUSA 1046Hist -New York-----1
Delaware Breakwater Range Rear/Green Hill
Green Hill/Delaware Breakwater Range Rear, DE H
USA 1013Hist -Delaware-----4
Ogdensburg (Lake Ontario)USA 562Hist -New York-----3
Pearl River/East RigoletsUSA 587Hist -Louisiana------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 781- --------
Southwest ReefUSA 780Hist -Louisiana------
Southwest Pass (New)USA 779- -Louisiana------
Southampton ShoalsUSA 777- -California------
Pensacola Bar BeaconUSA 593Hist -Florida-----1
South Pass West Jetty FrontUSA 776- -Louisiana------
South Pass East Jetty RearUSA 775- -Louisiana------
Sodus Point (Lake Ontario)USA 766- -New York-----1
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 761- --------
Sister IslandUSA 760- -New York------
Ship ShoalUSA 759- -Louisiana------
Plattsburg BeaconUSA 603Hist -New York------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 605- --------
ScituateUSA 742- -Massachusetts------
Split Rock Point (Lake Champlain)USA 784- -New York------
Pass ManchacUSA 582Hist -Louisiana------
Sullivan's Island South Channel Range (Front)USA 826Hist -South Carolina------
StuyvesantUSA 824Hist -New York------
Strawberry Island Upper Cut Rear Range (Niagara River)USA 820Hist -New York------
Strawberry Island Upper Cut Front Range (Niagara River)USA 819Hist -New York------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 818Hist --------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 817Hist --------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 570- --------
Stingray PointUSA 812Hist -Virginia-----2
Stepping StonesUSA 811- -New York------
Oyster Bay/Oyster Bayou
Oyster Bayou/Oyster Bay, LA H
USA 575Hist -Louisiana------
St. Marys River Lower Range (Rear)USA 804Hist -Michigan------
St. Marys River Lower Range (Front)USA 803Hist -Michigan------
St. George's ReefUSA 793- -California-----1
Pass a LoutreUSA 580Hist -Louisiana------
Pass ChristianUSA 581Hist -Mississippi------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 607- --------
Chester Range Rear/Schooner Ledge Rear
Schooner Ledge Rear/Chester Range Rear, PA H
USA 741Hist -Pennsylvania------
Racine Pierhead/Root River (Lake Michigan)
Root River/Racine Pierhead (Lake Michigan), WI H
USA 683Hist -Wisconsin-----1
Racine North Breakwater (Lake Michigan)USA 682Hist -Wisconsin-----1
Punta GordaUSA 679Hist -California------
Pointe Aux HerbesUSA 642Hist -Louisiana------
Pungoteague CreekUSA 678Hist -Virginia------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 645Hist --------
Poplar PointUSA 647- -Rhode Island-----1
Prince's BayUSA 673Hist -New York------
Presque Isle Pierhead (Lake Huron)USA 671- -Michigan------
Presque Isle Harbor Range (Rear) (Lake Huron)USA 670- -Michigan------
Presque Isle Harbor Range (Front) (Lake Huron)USA 669- -Michigan------
Poverty Island (Lake Michigan)USA 665- -Michigan------
Portage LakeUSA 655- -Michigan------
Portage Lake PierheadUSA 656- -Michigan------
Portage Lake Ship CanalUSA 657Hist -Michigan------
Redfish Bar Cut (Galveston Bay)USA 691Hist -Texas-----2
Point of ShoalsUSA 632Hist -Virginia-----1
SaugertiesUSA 739- -New York-----2
Barnstable/Beach Point/Sandy Neck
Beach Point/Sandy Neck/Barnstable, MA : Sandy Neck/Barnstable/Beach Point, MA
USA 732Hist -Massachusetts-----1
Selkirk/Salmon River (Lake Ontario)USA 719Hist -New York-----1
Point BluntUSA 617- -California-----1
Sabine PointUSA 715Hist -Rhode Island-----1
Sabine East JettyUSA 713Hist -Texas------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 708- --------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 707- -Michigan------
Rouleau Point Range (Rear)USA 705Hist -Michigan------
Rouleau Point Range (Front)USA 704Hist -Michigan------
Roe IslandUSA 700Hist -California------
Rock Island (Lake Ontario)USA 697Hist -New York-----1
Rock Harbor (Lake Superior)USA 696- -Michigan------
Lightship Relief
Relief Lightship, WLV-605, CA
USA 693Hist --------
Reedy Island Range RearUSA 692- -Delaware-----3
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 660- --------
Lower Cedar PointUSA 458Hist -Maryland-----6
Maumee Bay Inner Rear/Maumee Bay Outer Front
Maumee Bay Outer Front/Maumee Bay Inner Rear, OH H
USA 485Hist -Ohio------
Mayo's BeachUSA 486Hist -Massachusetts------
McGulpins Point (Lake Michigan)USA 487Hist -Michigan-----1
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 488- --------
Willapa BayUSA 893Hist -Washington------
Willamette RiverUSA 892Hist -Oregon------
Merrill Shell BankUSA 491Hist -Mississippi------
Wickford HarborUSA 891Hist -Rhode Island------
Whitestone PointUSA 889- -New York------
White River (Lake Michigan)USA 885Hist -Michigan-----3
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 884- --------
Whale RockUSA 883Hist -Rhode Island-----3
West Rigolets (Lake Pontchartrain)USA 881Hist -Louisiana------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 501Hist --------
Mispillion (Old)USA 503Hist -Delaware-----3
Mathias Point ShoalUSA 483Hist -Maryland-----7
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 897- --------
Stony Point
Rockland County (Hudson River)
USA 923- -New York-----4
Ludlam BeachUSA 461Hist -New Jersey------
Cleveland Bluff/Cleveland Harbor (Lake Erie)
Cleveland Harbor/Cleveland Bluff (Lake Erie), OH H
USA 920Hist -Ohio------
Mackinac PointUSA 463- -Michigan-----2
West Lake Okoboji Harbor (Starboard)USA 919Hist -Iowa-----2
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 466- --------
Manistee (Lake Michigan)USA 467Hist -Michigan-----2
Rubicon Point (Lake Tahoe)USA 917Hist -California-----1
Sugar Pine Point (Lake Tahoe)USA 916Hist -California-----2
Lightship Winter Quarter
Winter Quarter Lighship, LV-107, NJ
USA 902- -New Jersey------
Fort Pickering/Winter Island
Winter Island/Fort Pickering, MA
USA 901- -Massachusetts-----1
Mare IslandUSA 475Hist -California------
Marquette Breakwater (Lake Superior)USA 476- -Michigan-----5
Marquette Harbor (Lake Superior)USA 477- -Michigan-----6
Wings NeckUSA 899Hist -Massachusetts-----1
West PointUSA 879Hist -New York------
Waugoshance (Lake Michigan)USA 874Hist -Michigan-----1
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 843- --------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 540- --------
Tchefuncte River Rear RangeUSA 838Hist -Louisiana-----2
New Castle Range Front (Old) (Delaware River)USA 546Hist -Delaware-----1
New Castle Range Rear (Old) (Delaware River)USA 547Hist -Delaware-----1
North Brother IslandUSA 551- -New York------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 833Hist --------
Table Bluff (Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum)
Table Bluff, CA H
USA 832MHist MuseumCalifornia------
Table BluffUSA 832HHist -California-----1
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 555- --------
West Lake Okoboji Harbor (Port)USA 918Hist -Iowa-----2
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 830- --------
Sunken RockUSA 828- -New York-----1
Oak OrchardUSA 559Hist -New York-----1
Oakland HarborUSA 560- -California------
Thirty Mile Point (Lake Ontario)USA 844- -New York-----3
New Dorp/Swash Channel Range Rear
Swash Channel Range Rear/New Dorp, NY
USA 537Hist -New York------
Watts IslandUSA 873Hist -Virginia------
MonroeUSA 511Hist -Michigan------
Volusia BarUSA 869Hist -Florida-----3
Morgan PointUSA 514- -Connecticut------
Upper Cedar PointUSA 867Hist -Maryland-----4
Lightship Umatilla (Marine Bio Researcher)USA 865- --------
Tybee Cut Range FrontUSA 863Hist -Georgia-----1
Nansemond RiverUSA 519Hist -Virginia------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 520- --------
Lightship Nantucket LV-112 (National Lighthouse Museum)
Nantucket Lightship LV-112 (National Lighthouse Museum), NY
USA 522- -New York------
Lightship Nantucket I - WLV-612
Nantucket Lightship I, LV-612, Fairhaven, MA
USA 523Hist -Massachusetts------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 525Hist --------
Nayatt PointUSA 532- -Rhode Island-----3
Turtle Island (Lake Erie)USA 859Hist -Ohio------
Timbalier BayUSA 850Hist -Louisiana------
Sullivan's Island South Channel Range (Rear)USA 827Hist -South Carolina------
Bridgeport Breakwater/Bug Light/Tongue Point
Tongue Point/Bridgeport Breakwater/Bug Light
USA 1235Hist --------
Blakistone IslandUSA 060Hist -Maryland-----4
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 159- --------
Balize (Mouth of Mississippi River)USA 1230Hist -Louisiana------
Cheboygan Main (Lake Huron)USA 161- -Michigan------
Titanic Memorial (Seaman’s Church Institute)USA 1229HHist -New York------
Strawberry Island Lower Cut Front Range (Niagara River)USA 1228Hist -New York------
Bishops and ClerksUSA 058Hist -Massachusetts-----1
Mispillion (New)USA 1224- -Delaware-----3
Cherry Island Rear RangeUSA 165Hist -Delaware-----2
Mariners’ Memorial (Detroit River)USA 1223- -Michigan-----2
Beacon Light (Calcasieu River)USA 1222Hist -Louisiana------
Block Island Breakwater Inner (Basin Harbor)USA 1337Hist -Rhode Island------
Charlotte HarborUSA 157Hist -Florida------
Point Defer (Atchafalaya Bay)USA 1231Hist -Louisiana------
Cattle PointUSA 146- -Washington-----2
Vermilion Bay (Marsh Island)USA 1234Hist -Louisiana------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 148- --------
St. Clair Flats Canal Lower Light (St. Clair River)USA 1331Hist -Michigan-----1
St. Clair Flats Canal Upper Light (St. Clair River)USA 1334Hist -Michigan-----1
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 149- --------
Shell Keys (Atchafalaya Bay)USA 1233Hist -Louisiana------
Chandeleur Island (Old)USA 151Hist -Louisiana------
Chandeleur Island (New)USA 152Hist -Louisiana------
Proctorsville (Lake Borgne)USA 1232Hist -Louisiana------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 154Hist --------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 155Hist --------
Strawberry Island Lower Cut Rear Range (Niagra River)USA 1221Hist -New York------
Chester Range FrontUSA 169Hist -Pennsylvania------
Houston Ship Channel Entrance Inner Range RearUSA 1348- -Texas-----1
Houston Ship Channel Entrance Outer Range RearUSA 1350- -Texas-----1
Lower Galveston Bay Inner Range RearUSA 1351- -Texas-----1
Texas City Channel Cut A Inner Range RearUSA 1354- -Texas-----1
Hell Gate (East River)USA 1215Hist -New York------
Genesee East Pier/Summerville (Lake Ontario)
Summerville/Genesee East Pier (Lake Ontario), NY H
USA 1214Hist -New York------
Cayuga Inlet Breakwater (Lake Cayuga)USA 1213Hist -New York------
Merrimack River Entrance Leading/Salisbury Beach Rear Range
Salisbury Beach Rear Range/Merrimack River Entrance Leading, MA H
USA 1212Hist -Massachusetts------
Stow-A-Way (Lake Conroe)USA 1211- -Texas-----2
Essex Reef (Connecticut River)USA 1210Hist -Connecticut------
Grosse Ile North Channel Rear Range (Detroit River)USA 1278Hist -Michigan------
Schuylkill River Range Rear (Schuylkill River)USA 1207- -Pennsylvania------
Myers Point (Cayuga Lake)USA 1216- -New York------
Galveston Bay Outer Bar Channel Front RangeUSA 1345Hist -Texas-----1
Shoal Point (Fourth Lake)USA 1220- -New York------
Seneca LakeUSA 1219Hist -New York------
Rockland Lake (Old) (Hudson River)USA 1218Hist -New York------
Billingsgate IslandUSA 055Hist -Massachusetts------
Christiana North JettyUSA 173Hist -Delaware------
Block Island Breakwater Outer (Basin Harbor)USA 1338Hist -Rhode Island------
Galveston Bay Entrance Channel Range A RearUSA 1340- -Texas-----1
Cleveland East Breakwater West End (Lake Erie)USA 175Hist -Ohio------
Cleveland East Pier (Lake Erie)USA 176Hist -Ohio-----1
Bergen PointUSA 052Hist -New Jersey------
Rockland Lake (New) (Hudson River)USA 1217Hist -New York------
Galveston Bay Entrance Channel Range B RearUSA 1342- -Texas-----1
Schuylkill River Range Front (Schuylkill River)USA 1206- -Pennsylvania------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 093- -New Jersey------
Vidal Shoals Channel Front (St. Marys River)USA 1280- -Michigan------
Grosse Ile South Channel Front Range (Detroit River)USA 1279Hist -Michigan------
Dark Hole East Rear Range (St. Marys River)USA 1277Hist -Michigan------
New Haven Long WharfUSA 1276Hist -Connecticut------
Dunkirk Pierhead (Old) (Lake Erie)USA 1303HHist -New York------
Brenton ReefUSA 082Hist -Rhode Island-----2
Great Salt Pond Breakwater Outer (Block Island)USA 1275Hist -Rhode Island------
Brazos Santiago (Old)USA 081Hist -Texas-----2
Dunkirk Pierhead (Old) (Dunkirk Lighthouse Museum) (Lake Erie)
Dunkirk Pierhead (Old) (Lake Erie), NY H
USA 1303MHist MuseumNew York------
Brazos RiverUSA 079Hist -Texas-----2
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 116- --------
Great Salt Pond Breakwater Inner (Block Island)USA 1274Hist -Rhode Island------
Buffalo North Breakwater (South Pier Promenade Museum) (Lake Erie)
Buffalo North Breakwater (Lake Erie), NY H
USA 1302MHist MuseumNew York------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 085- --------
Point KnoxUSA 1288- -California-----1
St. Joseph BayUSA 1285Hist -Florida------
Bullocks PointUSA 092Hist -Rhode Island-----1
Buffalo South BreakwaterUSA 091- -New York------
Winter Point Front Range (St. Marys River)USA 1283Hist -Michigan------
Calcasieu RiverUSA 101Hist -Louisiana-----1
Buffalo Outer Breakwater/Buffalo Harbor (New) (Lake Erie)USA 1299Hist -New York------
Buffalo Outer Breakwater/Buffalo Harbor (Old) (Lake Erie)USA 1300Hist -New York------
West Neebish Channel Upper Leading (St. Marys River)USA 1282Hist -Michigan------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 103- --------
Buffalo North Breakwater (Lake Erie)USA 1302HHist -New York------
Vidal Shoals Channel Rear (St. Marys River)USA 1281- -Michigan------
Fair Haven Range (Lake Ontario)USA 1304Hist -New York------
Frankfort South Pier (Lake Michigan)USA 1272Hist -Michigan------
SavannahUSA 1320Hist -Georgia------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 131Hist --------
De Tour Point (Lake Huron)USA 1324Hist -Michigan------
Ecorse Rear Range (Detroit River)USA 1260Hist -Michigan------
Clinton River (Lake St. Clair)USA 1259Hist -Michigan------
Harsens Island Range Rear (St. Clair River)USA 1325- -Michigan-----1
Carleton Island (St. Lawrence River)USA 1246Hist -New York------
Cape San Blas (Old)USA 136Hist -Florida------
Chippewagan/Sheboygan (Lake Michigan)
Sheboygan/Chippewagan (Lake Michigan), WI H
USA 1241Hist -Wisconsin------
Round Island (Whitefish Bay)USA 1239Hist -Michigan------
Carquinez StraitUSA 142Hist -California-----1
East Wharf (Lake Hefner)USA 1236- -Oklahoma-----9
Manitowoc Main (Lake Michigan)USA 1316Hist -Wisconsin------
South Buffalo North Side (Dunkirk Lighthouse Museum) (Lake Erie)
South Buffalo North Side (Lake Erie), NY H
USA 1310MHist MuseumNew York------
Cape Henlopen LightUSA 120Hist -Delaware-----1
Lloyd Harbor (Long Island)USA 1305Hist -New York------
North Manitou Island (Lake Michigan)USA 1269Hist -Michigan------
Mamajuda (Detroit River)USA 1267Hist -Michigan------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 124Hist -Alaska------
Kingston/Rondout Creek (Old) (Hudson River)
Rondout Creek/Kingston (Old) (Hudson River), NY
USA 1309- -New York-----1
Kalamazoo River (Lake Michigan)USA 1265Hist -Michigan------
Grassy Island South Channel Range Rear (Detroit River)USA 1264Hist -Michigan------
Grassy Island South Channel Range Front (Detroit River)USA 1263Hist -Michigan------
Grassy Island North Channel Range Rear (Detroit River)USA 1262Hist -Michigan------
South Buffalo North Side (Lake Erie)USA 1310HHist -New York------
Grassy Island North Channel Range Front (Detroit River)USA 1261Hist -Michigan------
South Manitou Island (Old) (Lake Michigan)USA 1328Hist -Michigan------
Red BluffUSA 1155Hist -Washington------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 241- --------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 242Hist --------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 243Hist --------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 244- --------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 245Hist --------
Natchez (Mississippi River)USA 1142Hist -Mississippi------
East Charity Shoal (Lake Ontario)USA 970- -New York-----1
West Shoal/Decros Point WestUSA 1140Hist -Texas------
SaluriaUSA 1139Hist -Texas-----1
East Shoal/Decros Point EastUSA 1138Hist -Texas------
Elk River Channel South Range FrontUSA 1427- --------
Corpus ChristiUSA 1137Hist -Texas-----1
Grand Island Range Rear (Niagara River)USA 1144HHist -New York------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 016- --------
Reedy Island Range FrontUSA 1152Hist -Delaware------
Grove Point Range RearUSA 1424- --------
Port Penn Range FrontUSA 1151Hist -Delaware-----1
ChristianaUSA 1150Hist -Delaware------
Elk River Channel North Range FrontUSA 1425- --------
Cherry Island Front RangeUSA 1149Hist -Delaware-----1
Baker Range Front (New)USA 1147- -Delaware-----1
Baker Range Front (Old)USA 1146Hist -Delaware-----1
Ano Nuevo IslandUSA 017Hist -California------
Grand Island Range Rear (Dunkirk Lighthouse and Veterans Park Museum)
Grand Island Range Rear (Niagara River), NY H
USA 1144MHist MuseumNew York------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 239- --------
Spectacle Island Range Light FrontUSA 1389Hist -Massachusetts------
Elk River Channel South Range RearUSA 1428- -------1
Clopper's BarUSA 1136Hist -Texas-----1
Kenosha South PierUSA 1443- -Wisconsin-----1
Kenosha BreakwaterUSA 1444- --------
Head of the PassesUSA 367Hist -Louisiana------
Ediz HookUSA 266Hist -Washington-----1
New Castle Range Rear (New) (Delaware River)USA 1126- -Delaware-----1
New Castle Range Front (New) (Delaware River)USA 1125- -Delaware-----1
Plattsburg Breakwater Southwest (New) (Lake Champlain)USA 1124- -New York------
Elm Tree Beacon/Swash Channel Range Front
Swash Channel Range Front/Elm Tree Beacon, NY
USA 272- -New York------
Elm Tree BeaconUSA 273Hist -New York------
Plattsburg Breakwater Southwest (Old) (Lake Champlain)USA 1123Hist -New York------
Plattsburg Breakwater Northeast (New) (Lake Champlain)USA 1122Hist -New York------
Plattsburg Breakwater Northeast (Old) (Lake Champlain)USA 1121Hist -New York------
Brenton Reef Lightship (LV 102/WAL 525)
Lightship Brenton Reef (LV 102/WAL 525), RI H
USA 1129Hist -Rhode Island-----2
Cape Cod Canal Breakwater Light 6USA 1436- -Massachusetts------
Schooner Ledge FrontUSA 1133Hist -Pennsylvania------
Horseshoe Range West Group (Upper Front)USA 1132Hist -Pennsylvania------
Brewerton Channel Eastern Extension Range FrontUSA 1429- -------1
Eagle River (Lake Superior)USA 257Hist -Michigan-----2
Fort Mifflin BlockhouseUSA 1131Hist -Pennsylvania------
Brewerton Channel Eastern Extension Range RearUSA 1430- -------1
Old Presque Isle (Lake Erie)USA 1130Hist -Pennsylvania------
Tolchester Channel Range FrontUSA 1431- --------
Tolchester Channel Range RearUSA 1432- --------
East Rigolets/Pearl RiverUSA 261Hist -Louisiana------
Craighill Channel Entrance Range FrontUSA 1434- -Maryland------
Craighill Channel Entrance Range RearUSA 1435- -Maryland------
Niagara River Rear Range (Upper Niagara River)USA 1120Hist -New York------
Halfmoon Shoal (Galveston Bay)USA 1157Hist -Texas-----6
Conneaut (Lake Erie)USA 189Hist -Ohio-----1
Parris Island Rear RangeUSA 1195Hist -South Carolina------
Texas City Channel Cut A Outer Range RearUSA 1356- -Texas-----1
Parris Island Front RangeUSA 1194Hist -South Carolina------
Crossover Island (St. Lawrence River)USA 206- -New York-----1
Texas City Channel Cut B Inner Range RearUSA 1358- -Texas-----1
Van Wies Point (Hudson River)USA 1189Hist -New York------
Grand Marais (Old) (Lake Superior)USA 1382Hist -Minnesota------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 209- --------
Texas City Channel Cut B Outer Range RearUSA 1360- -Texas-----2
Delaware Breakwater West End/Strickland (Delaware Bay)
Strickland/Delaware Breakwater West End (Delaware Bay), DE H
USA 1361Hist -Delaware-----1
Cumberland Head (Lake Champlain)USA 211Hist -New York------
Carter H. Harrison Crib (Lake Michigan)USA 1197Hist -Illinois------
Craney IslandUSA 202Hist -Virginia-----2
Bayou St. JohnUSA 044Hist -Louisiana------
Point Stuart (San Francisco Bay)USA 1204Hist -California------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 192- --------
Oswego Inner (Lake Ontario)USA 1203Hist -New York------
Henderson Point RR/Seavey's Island RR
Seavey's Island Rear Range/Henderson Point Rear Range, ME H
USA 1202Hist -Maine------
Henderson Point FR/Seavey's Island FR
Seavey's Island Front Range/Henderson Point Front Range, ME H
USA 1201Hist -Maine------
CoxsackieUSA 196Hist -New York------
Sandusky Bay Outer Rear Range (Lake Erie)USA 1200Hist -Ohio------
Sandusky Bay Outer Front Range (Lake Erie)USA 1199Hist -Ohio------
Fort McRea RR/Fort McRee RR
Fort McRee RR/Fort McRea RR, FL H
USA 1198Hist -Florida------
Craighill Channel Upper Range Rear/Cutoff Channel Range Rear
Cutoff Channel Range Rear/Craighill Channel Upper Range Rear, MD
USA 201Hist -Maryland-----6
Danskammer Point (Hudson River)USA 1188Hist -New York------
Shinnecock Bay Breakwater - WestUSA 1384- -New York------
Cubits GapUSA 208Hist -Louisiana------
Cape Henlopen BeaconUSA 1186Hist -Delaware------
Swash (Matagorda Bay)USA 1182Hist -Texas------
Brazos Santiago Entrance Range RearUSA 1405- -Texas------
Elk River Channel North Range RearUSA 1426- -------1
Deepwater ShoalsUSA 220Hist -Virginia-----2
Oldfield Point Range FrontUSA 1421- --------
Redfish Bar (Galveston Bay)USA 1181Hist -Texas-----1
Delaware Breakwater Range FrontUSA 223- -Delaware-----3
Derby WharfUSA 224- -Massachusetts-----1
Oldfield Point Range RearUSA 1422- -------1
Pelican Spit Beacon
Pelican Island
USA 1180Hist -Texas-----2
Grove Point Range FrontUSA 1423- --------
Harbour Town/Lake Conroe
Lake Conroe/Harbour Town, TX
USA 1187- -Texas-----3
Spectacle Island Range Light RearUSA 1390Hist -Massachusetts------
Haig Point Front Range (Daufuskie Island)USA 216Hist -South Carolina------
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 214Hist --------
Brazos Santiago Entrance Range FrontUSA 1404- -Texas------
Baker Range RearUSA 029- -Delaware-----1
West Quoddy HeadUSA 880Hist -Maine44° 49.0' N066° 57.0' WMapFN64mt-6
Lubec Channel
The Sparkplug Light
USA 459- -Maine44° 51.0' N066° 59.0' WMapFN64mu-3
Dog IslandUSA 1397- -Maine44° 55.1' N066° 59.4' WMapFN64mw--
St. Croix RiverUSA 792Hist -Maine45° 7.7' N067° 8.0' WMapFN65kd--
Little RiverUSA 442- -Maine44° 39.1' N067° 11.5' WMapFN64jp--
Whitlock MillsUSA 890- -Maine45° 9.7' N067° 13.7' WMapFN65jd-2
Avery RockUSA 024Hist -Maine44° 39.3' N067° 20.7' WMapFN64hp--
Libby IslandUSA 432- -Maine44° 34.3' N067° 21.9' WMapFN64hn--
Mistake Island/Moose Peak
Moose Peak/Mistake Island, ME
USA 513Hist -Maine44° 29.0' N067° 32.0' WMapFN64fl--
Nash IslandUSA 527- -Maine44° 27.9' N067° 44.8' WMapFN64dl-4
Narraguagus, ME
USA 526- -Maine44° 27.4' N067° 49.9' WMapFN64ck-1
Petit MananUSA 597- -Maine44° 22.0' N067° 52.0' WMapFN64bi-3
Prospect Harbor PointUSA 674Hist -Maine44° 24.2' N068° 0.8' WMapFN54xj--
Winter HarborUSA 900Hist -Maine44° 22.0' N068° 5.0' WMapFN54xi--
Mount Desert RockUSA 516- -Maine43° 58.1' N068° 7.7' WMapFN53wx--
Egg RockUSA 268- -Maine44° 21.3' N068° 8.3' WMapFN54wi--
Baker IslandUSA 028- -Maine44° 15.0' N068° 12.0' WMapFN54vf--
Crabtree LedgeUSA 197Hist -Maine44° 28.2' N068° 12.2' WMapFN54vl--
Great Duck IslandUSA 347- -Maine44° 9.0' N068° 15.0' WMapFN54ud--
Bear IslandUSA 045- -Maine44° 17.0' N068° 16.2' WMapFN54ug--
Bass Harbor HeadUSA 041- -Maine44° 13.3' N068° 20.2' WMapFN54tf-1
Burnt Coat Harbor
Hockamock Head, Swans Island, Burnt Coat Harbor, Swans Island, Hockamock Head
USA 096- -Maine44° 8.1' N068° 26.8' WMapFN54sd--
Burnt Coat Harbor Front RangeUSA 1093Hist -Maine44° 8.0' N068° 27.0' WMapFN54sd--
Blue Hill Bay/Sand Island/Eggemoggin
Eggemoggin/Blue Hill Bay/Sand Island, ME : Sand Island/Eggemoggin/Blue Hill Bay, ME
USA 064- -Maine44° 15.0' N068° 30.0' WMapFN54rf--
Isle au Haut/Robinson Point
Robinson Point/Isle au Haut, ME
USA 404- -Maine44° 3.9' N068° 39.1' WMapFN54qbNA-055-
Deer Island Thorofare
Mark Island Light, ME
USA 221- -Maine44° 8.1' N068° 42.2' WMapFN54pdNA-055-
Saddleback LedgeUSA 716- -Maine44° 0.9' N068° 43.6' WMapFN54paNA-055-
Pumpkin IslandUSA 677- -Maine44° 18.6' N068° 44.6' WMapFN54phNA-137-
Eagle IslandUSA 256- -Maine44° 13.1' N068° 46.1' WMapFN54ofNA-055-
Fort PointUSA 296- -Maine44° 28.0' N068° 48.7' WMapFN54ol-2
Dice HeadUSA 231- -Maine44° 23.0' N068° 49.1' WMapFN54oj-1
Goose RocksUSA 326- -Maine44° 8.1' N068° 49.8' WMapFN54odNA-055-
Matinicus Rock (Twin Towers)USA 484- -Maine43° 47.1' N068° 51.2' WMapFN53nsNA-0551
Heron NeckUSA 371- -Maine44° 1.5' N068° 51.7' WMapFN54naNA-055-
Browns HeadUSA 088- -Maine44° 6.7' N068° 54.6' WMapFN54ncNA-055-
Grindle PointUSA 356- -Maine44° 16.9' N068° 56.6' WMapFN54mgNA-055-
Steels Ledge
Belfast Beacon, Belfast Harbor, The Monument
USA 1254- -Maine44° 25.2' N068° 58.4' WMapFN54mk-2
Owls HeadUSA 574- -Maine44° 5.5' N069° 2.6' WMapFN54lc-1
Curtis IslandUSA 213- -Maine44° 12.1' N069° 2.9' WMapFN54le--
Two Bush IslandUSA 860- -Maine43° 58.0' N069° 4.0' WMapFN53lx--
Beauchamp Point/Lowell Rock/Indian Island
Indian Island/Beauchamp Point/Lowell Rock, ME : Lowell Rock/Indian Island/Beauchamp Point, ME
USA 400- -Maine44° 10.0' N069° 4.0' WMapFN54le--
Rockland Harbor SouthwestUSA 1021- -Maine44° 6.0' N069° 5.0' WMapFN54kc--
Rockland BreakwaterUSA 699Hist -Maine44° 6.0' N069° 5.0' WMapFN54kc--
Whitehead IslandUSA 888- -Maine43° 59.0' N069° 7.0' WMapFN53kx--
Southern Island/Tenants Harbor
Tenants Harbor/Southern Island, ME
USA 840- -Maine43° 58.0' N069° 11.0' WMapFN53jx--
Marshall PointUSA 479- -Maine43° 55.1' N069° 15.7' WMapFN53iw-2
Monhegan IslandUSA 509- -Maine43° 46.0' N069° 19.0' WMapFN53is-4
Franklin IslandUSA 309Hist -Maine43° 53.5' N069° 22.5' WMapFN53hv--
Pemaquid PointUSA 589- -Maine43° 50.2' N069° 30.4' WMapFN53fu-5
Ram IslandUSA 686Hist -Maine43° 48.0' N069° 36.0' WMapFN53et-1
Burnt IslandUSA 097- -Maine43° 49.5' N069° 38.4' WMapFN53et-2
CuckoldsUSA 210- -Maine43° 46.8' N069° 39.0' WMapFN53es--
Hendricks HeadUSA 369Hist -Maine43° 49.0' N069° 41.0' WMapFN53dt--
Seguin IslandUSA 746Hist -Maine43° 43.0' N069° 46.0' WMapFN53cr-2
Pond Island (Kennebec River)USA 1145- -Maine43° 44.4' N069° 46.2' WMapFN53cr--
Fort Popham (Old)USA 1205Hist -Maine43° 45.0' N069° 47.0' WMapFN53cs--
Perkins IslandUSA 596Hist -Maine43° 47.0' N069° 47.0' WMapFN53cs--
Kennebec River Range (Rear)
Doubling Point Rear Range
USA 973- -Maine43° 53.1' N069° 47.7' WMapFN53cv--
Kennebec River Range (Front)
Doubling Point Front Range
USA 415- -Maine43° 53.0' N069° 47.7' WMapFN53cv--
Squirrel PointUSA 788- -Maine43° 49.0' N069° 48.0' WMapFN53ct--
Doubling PointUSA 234Hist -Maine43° 53.0' N069° 48.0' WMapFN53cv-1
Abagadasset Point RangeUSA 1018Hist -Maine44° 0.2' N069° 49.5' WMapFN54ca--
Ladies Delight (Lake Cobbosseecontee)USA 1127- -Maine44° 18.3' N069° 53.8' WMapFN54bh--
ChathamUSA 158- -Massachusetts41° 40.3' N069° 57.0' WMapFN51aq-2
NausetUSA 529- -Massachusetts41° 51.6' N069° 57.2' WMapFN51au-2
Nauset (North)/Three Sisters (North)
Three Sisters (North)/Nauset (North), MA
USA 975- MuseumMassachusetts41° 51.6' N069° 57.4' WMapFN51au-3
Nauset (Middle)/Three Sisters (Middle)
Three Sisters (Middle)/Nauset (Middle), MA
USA 528- MuseumMassachusetts41° 51.6' N069° 57.4' WMapFN51au-3
Nauset (South)/Three Sisters (South)
Three Sisters (South)/Nauset (South), MA
USA 976- MuseumMassachusetts41° 51.5' N069° 57.4' WMapFN51au-3
Sankaty HeadUSA 735- -Massachusetts41° 17.1' N069° 58.0' WMapFN51ag-1
Harding's Beach/Stage Harbor
Stage Harbor/Harding's Beach, MA
USA 806- -Massachusetts41° 39.5' N069° 59.0' WMapFN51ap-1
Monomoy PointUSA 510- -Massachusetts41° 33.6' N069° 59.6' WMapFN51an--
Lightship New Bedford
New Bedford Lightship, LV-114, MA
USA 535- -Massachusetts41° 38.0' N070° 0.9' WMapFN41xp-2
Little Mark Island MonumentUSA 1178- -Maine43° 42.6' N070° 1.9' WMapFN43xr--
Halfway RockUSA 364- -Maine43° 39.0' N070° 2.0' WMapFN43xp-2
Great Point (Old)/Nantucket (Old)
Nantucket (Old)/Great Point (Old), MA H
USA 349Hist -Massachusetts41° 23.4' N070° 2.9' WMapFN41xj-1
Great Point (New)/Nantucket (New)
Nantucket (New)/Great Point (New), MA
USA 348Hist -Massachusetts41° 23.0' N070° 3.0' WMapFN41xj-1
Cape Cod
USA 110- -Massachusetts42° 2.4' N070° 3.7' WMapFN42xa-4
Brant Point Range (Rear)/Nantucket Harbor Range (Rear)
Nantucket Harbor Range (Rear)/Brant Point Range (Rear), MA
USA 521- -Massachusetts41° 17.0' N070° 5.0' WMapFN41wg-1
Brant Point Range (Front)/Nantucket Cliff Range (Front)
Nantucket Cliff Range (Front)/Brant Point Range (Front), MA
USA 078- -Massachusetts41° 17.0' N070° 5.0' WMapFN41wg-2
Brant Point (New)USA 1095- -Massachusetts41° 17.4' N070° 5.4' WMapFN41wg--
Brant Point (Old)USA 1094Hist -Massachusetts41° 17.4' N070° 5.5' WMapFN41wg-1
Long PointUSA 450- -Massachusetts42° 2.0' N070° 10.1' WMapFN42va-2
Bass River
West Dennis
USA 042- -Massachusetts41° 39.1' N070° 10.2' WMapFN41vp-1
Ram Island LedgeUSA 687- -Maine43° 38.0' N070° 11.0' WMapFN43vp-2
Wood EndUSA 904- -Massachusetts42° 1.3' N070° 11.6' WMapFN42va-3
Cape Elizabeth (Eastern Tower)USA 113- -Maine43° 34.0' N070° 12.0' WMapFN43vn-1
Cape Elizabeth (Western Stone Tower)USA 1019Hist -Maine43° 34.0' N070° 12.0' WMapFN43vn--
Cape Elizabeth (Western Tower)USA 115- -Maine43° 33.9' N070° 12.1' WMapFN43vn-1
Cape Elizabeth (Eastern Stone Tower)USA 114Hist -Maine43° 33.9' N070° 12.2' WMapFN43vn--
Portland HeadUSA 661- -Maine43° 37.4' N070° 12.5' WMapFN43vo-5
Spring Point LedgeUSA 785- -Maine43° 39.0' N070° 13.0' WMapFN43vp-1
Portland Breakwater/The Bug
The Bug/Portland Breakwater, ME
USA 659- -Maine43° 39.3' N070° 14.1' WMapFN43vp--
Race PointUSA 680- -Massachusetts42° 3.7' N070° 14.6' WMapFN42vb-3
Point GammonUSA 622- -Massachusetts41° 36.6' N070° 16.0' WMapFN41uo-1
Wood IslandUSA 905- -Maine43° 27.4' N070° 19.7' WMapFN43uk-2
Goat Island
Cape Porpoise, ME
USA 325- -Maine43° 21.5' N070° 25.5' WMapFN43si-2
Cape Poge/Cape Pogue
Cape Pogue/Cape Poge, MA
USA 132- -Massachusetts41° 25.1' N070° 27.1' WMapFN41sk-1
Boon IslandUSA 071- -Maine43° 7.3' N070° 28.6' WMapFN43sc-1
Kennebunk PierUSA 1336Hist -Maine43° 20.8' N070° 28.6' WMapFN43si--
EdgartownUSA 265- -Massachusetts41° 23.5' N070° 30.2' WMapFN41rj-2
East Chop/Telegraph Hill
Telegraph Hill/East Chop, MA
USA 259- -Massachusetts41° 28.2' N070° 34.0' WMapFN41rl-2
Thacher Island NorthUSA 1027- -Massachusetts42° 38.4' N070° 34.5' WMapFN42rp--
Cape Ann
Thacher Island South
USA 105- -Massachusetts42° 38.2' N070° 34.5' WMapFN42rp-2
Straitsmouth IslandUSA 815- -Massachusetts42° 39.7' N070° 35.3' WMapFN42qp--
Cape Neddick, ME
USA 130- -Maine43° 9.9' N070° 35.5' WMapFN43qd-5
Holmes Hole/West Chop
West Chop/Holmes Hole, MA
USA 877Hist -Massachusetts41° 28.8' N070° 36.0' WMapFN41ql-1
Plymouth Twin Lights (1769 lights)USA 1371Hist -Massachusetts42° 0.0' N070° 36.0' WMapFN42qa--
Plymouth Twin Towers (1803 towers)USA 1372Hist -Massachusetts42° 0.0' N070° 36.0' WMapFN42qa--
Plymouth (1842 tower)
Gurnet (1842 tower)
USA 609- -Massachusetts42° 0.2' N070° 36.0' WMapFN42qa-1
Isles of Shoals
White Island, NH
USA 406- -New Hampshire42° 58.0' N070° 37.4' WMapFN42qx-2
Bug Light/Duxbury/ Duxbury Pier
Duxbury Pier/Bug Light/Duxbury, MA : Duxbury/Duxbury Pier/Bug Light, MA
USA 251- -Massachusetts41° 59.2' N070° 38.9' WMapFN41qx-1
Nobska PointUSA 550- -Massachusetts41° 30.9' N070° 39.3' WMapFN41qm-3
Ten Pound IslandUSA 839- -Massachusetts42° 36.1' N070° 39.9' WMapFN42qo--
Dog Bar Breakwater/Gloucester Breakwater
Gloucester Breakwater/Dog Bar Breakwater, MA
USA 969- -Massachusetts42° 35.0' N070° 40.0' WMapFN42po--
Eastern PointUSA 263- -Massachusetts42° 35.0' N070° 40.0' WMapFN42po--
Annisquam/Squam/Wigwam Point
Squam/Wigwam Point/Annisquam, MA : Wigwam Point/Annisquam/Squam, MA
USA 015- -Massachusetts42° 39.0' N070° 41.0' WMapFN42pp--
Cleveland East LedgeUSA 179- -Massachusetts41° 37.9' N070° 41.7' WMapFN41pp-2
Whaleback Ledge, ME
USA 963- -Maine43° 3.5' N070° 41.8' WMapFN43pb-2
Portsmouth Harbor
Fort Point, New Castle, Fort Constitution
USA 662- -New Hampshire43° 4.3' N070° 42.5' WMapFN43pb-4
Portsmouth Harbor Light (original)USA 1446- --43° 4.3' N070° 42.6' WMapFN43pb--
Bird IslandUSA 057- -Massachusetts41° 40.0' N070° 43.0' WMapFN41pq-2
Scituate North JettyUSA 1273Hist -Massachusetts42° 12.0' N070° 43.0' WMapFN42pe--
Tarpaulin Cove
Naushon Island
USA 835- -Massachusetts41° 28.1' N070° 45.5' WMapFN41ol-1
Minot's LedgeUSA 502- -Massachusetts42° 16.2' N070° 45.6' WMapFN42og--
Bakers Island (Short Tower)USA 030Hist -Massachusetts42° 32.0' N070° 47.0' WMapFN42om--
Bakers Island (Tall Tower)USA 031- -Massachusetts42° 32.0' N070° 47.0' WMapFN42om--
Ned's PointUSA 533- -Massachusetts41° 39.1' N070° 47.7' WMapFN41op-2
Newburyport Harbor/Plum Island
Plum Island/Newburyport Harbor, MA
USA 544- -Massachusetts42° 49.0' N070° 49.0' WMapFN42ot-1
Newburyport Harbor Range (Rear)USA 545- -Massachusetts42° 49.0' N070° 49.0' WMapFN42ot--
Newburyport Harbor Range (Front)USA 1097Hist -Massachusetts42° 49.0' N070° 49.0' WMapFN42ot--
MarbleheadUSA 473Hist -Massachusetts42° 30.0' N070° 50.0' WMapFN42ol-1
Aquinnah/Gay Head
Gay Head/Aquinnah, MA
USA 319- -Massachusetts41° 20.9' N070° 50.1' WMapFN41ni--
GravesUSA 341Hist -Massachusetts42° 22.0' N070° 52.0' WMapFN42ni-2
Boston HarborUSA 073- -Massachusetts42° 20.0' N070° 53.0' WMapFN42ni-2
Butler FlatsUSA 099- -Massachusetts41° 36.2' N070° 53.7' WMapFN41no-2
Clark's Point/Fort Taber
Fort Taber/Clark's Point, MA
USA 174- -Massachusetts41° 35.6' N070° 54.1' WMapFN41no-2
Palmer IslandUSA 578- -Massachusetts41° 37.6' N070° 54.5' WMapFN41np-2
Dumpling Rocks (Old)USA 247Hist -Massachusetts41° 32.0' N070° 55.0' WMapFN41nm-1
Dumpling Rocks (New)USA 1321- -Massachusetts41° 32.0' N070° 55.0' WMapFN41nm--
CuttyhunkUSA 215Hist -Massachusetts41° 25.0' N070° 57.0' WMapFN41mj-1
Deer Island (New)USA 1096- -Massachusetts42° 20.0' N070° 57.0' WMapFN42mi--
Deer Island (Old)USA 955Hist -Massachusetts42° 20.0' N070° 57.0' WMapFN42mi--
Boston Inner Harbor/Long Island Head
Long Island Head/Boston Inner Harbor, MA
USA 449- -Massachusetts42° 20.0' N070° 58.0' WMapFN42mi--
Buzzards Bay EntranceUSA 100- -Massachusetts41° 24.0' N071° 2.0' WMapFN41lj--
Lightship Nantucket II
Nantucket Lightship II, LV-613, Wareham, MA
USA 524Hist -Massachusetts42° 21.7' N071° 2.1' WMapFN42li-2
Borden FlatsUSA 072- -Massachusetts41° 42.3' N071° 10.5' WMapFN41jq-2
Sakonnet Point/Sakonnet
Sakonnet/Sakonnet Point, RI
USA 718- -Rhode Island41° 27.2' N071° 12.2' WMapFN41jk-3
Bristol FerryUSA 087- -Rhode Island41° 38.6' N071° 15.6' WMapFN41ip-3
Hog Island ShoalUSA 373- -Rhode Island41° 37.9' N071° 16.4' WMapFN41ip-4
Prudence Island/Sandy Point
Sandy Point/Prudence Island, RI
USA 675Hist -Rhode Island41° 36.4' N071° 18.2' WMapFN41io-3
Goat Island/Newport Harbor
Newport Harbor/Goat Island, RI
USA 548- -Rhode Island41° 29.6' N071° 19.6' WMapFN41il-4
Rose IslandUSA 703- -Rhode Island41° 29.7' N071° 20.6' WMapFN41hl-4
Conimicut Shoal/Conimicut
Conimicut/Conimicut Shoal, RI
USA 188- -Rhode Island41° 43.0' N071° 20.7' WMapFN41hr-1
Gould IslandUSA 958Hist -Rhode Island41° 32.0' N071° 21.0' WMapFN41hm--
Castle HillUSA 144- -Rhode Island41° 27.7' N071° 21.8' WMapFN41hl-1
Pomham RocksUSA 643Hist -Rhode Island41° 46.7' N071° 22.2' WMapFN41hs-2
Conanicut Island/North Conanicut
North Conanicut/Conanicut Island, RI
USA 185- -Rhode Island41° 34.4' N071° 22.3' WMapFN41hn-1
Warwick/Warwick NeckUSA 871Hist -Rhode Island41° 40.0' N071° 22.7' WMapFN41hq-1
Beavertail (New)
Newport/Beavertail, RI
USA 048- -Rhode Island41° 27.0' N071° 24.0' WMapFN41hk-4
Beavertail (Old)USA 1128Hist -Rhode Island41° 27.0' N071° 24.0' WMapFN41hk-3
Dutch IslandUSA 250- -Rhode Island41° 29.8' N071° 24.3' WMapFN41hl-2
Plum BeachUSA 604- -Rhode Island41° 31.8' N071° 24.3' WMapFN41hm-2
Point JudithUSA 625- -Rhode Island41° 21.7' N071° 28.9' WMapFN41gi-4
Block Island Southeast/Southeast
Southeast/Block Island Southeast, RI
USA 062- -Rhode Island41° 9.2' N071° 33.1' WMapFN41fd-2
Block Island NorthUSA 061- -Rhode Island41° 13.7' N071° 34.5' WMapFN41ff-1
Montauk PointUSA 512- -New York41° 4.3' N071° 51.4' WMapFN41bb-4
Watch HillUSA 872Hist -Rhode Island41° 18.2' N071° 51.5' WMapFN41bh-5
Stonington HarborUSA 813- -Connecticut41° 19.7' N071° 54.3' WMapFN41bh-5
Latimer ReefUSA 1049- -New York41° 18.3' N071° 56.0' WMapFN41ah-3
Montauk Yacht Club (Lake Montauk)USA 1308- -New York41° 4.0' N071° 56.0' WMapFN41ab--
Montauk East JettyUSA 1306- -New York41° 5.0' N071° 56.0' WMapFN41ab--
Montauk West JettyUSA 1307- -New York41° 5.0' N071° 56.0' WMapFN41ab--
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 429Hist -Connecticut41° 18.0' N071° 56.0' WMapFN41ah--
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 246- -New York41° 17.0' N072° 1.0' WMapFN31xg--
North Dumpling IslandUSA 552- -New York41° 17.3' N072° 1.2' WMapFN31xg-1
Race RockUSA 681- -New York41° 14.6' N072° 2.8' WMapFN31xf-2
Loon Island (Lake Sunapee)USA 968Hist -New Hampshire43° 24.0' N072° 3.0' WMapFN33xj--
Avery PointUSA 023- -Connecticut41° 18.9' N072° 3.8' WMapFN31xh-4
New London LedgeUSA 542- -Connecticut41° 18.4' N072° 4.6' WMapFN31xh-2
New London HarborUSA 541- -Connecticut41° 19.0' N072° 5.4' WMapFN31wh-1
Little Gull IslandUSA 440- -New York41° 12.4' N072° 6.4' WMapFN31we-1
Plum Gut/Plum Island
Plum Island/Plum Gut, NY
USA 606- -New York41° 10.4' N072° 12.7' WMapFN31ve-2
Orient PointUSA 633- -New York41° 9.8' N072° 13.4' WMapFN31vd-1
Whipple Point (Lake Memphremagog)USA 425Hist -Vermont44° 58.0' N072° 14.0' WMapFN34vx--
Barcelona PointUSA 1297- -New York41° 1.0' N072° 16.0' WMapFN31ua--
Cedar IslandUSA 147- -New York41° 2.0' N072° 16.0' WMapFN31ua-2
Sand SpitUSA 1298- -New York41° 1.0' N072° 17.0' WMapFN31ua--
Sag Harbor BreakwaterUSA 1294- -New York41° 1.0' N072° 18.0' WMapFN31ua-1
Long Beach BarUSA 448- -New York41° 6.5' N072° 18.4' WMapFN31uc-3
Saybrook Breakwater/Saybrook Outer
Saybrook Outer/Saybrook Breakwater, CT
USA 740- -Connecticut41° 15.8' N072° 20.6' WMapFN31tg-2
Lynde Point/Saybrook Inner
Saybrook Inner/Lynde Point, CT
USA 462- -Connecticut41° 16.3' N072° 20.6' WMapFN31tg-3
Greenport HarborUSA 1293- -New York41° 6.0' N072° 21.0' WMapFN31tc-2
Horton PointUSA 387- -New York41° 5.1' N072° 26.7' WMapFN31sc-3
Great West/Ponquogue Point/Shinnecock
Ponquogue Point/Shinnecock/Great West, NY H : Shinnecock/Great West/Ponquogue Point, NY H
USA 755Hist -New York40° 51.0' N072° 28.0' WMapFN30su-2
Shinnecock Bay Breakwater - EastUSA 1385- -New York41° 0.0' N072° 28.0' WMapFN31sa--
Mattituck Inlet BreakwaterUSA 1386- -New York41° 0.9' N072° 33.7' WMapFN31ra-1
Falkner Island/Faulkners Island
Faulkners Island/Falkner Island, CT
USA 282- -Connecticut41° 13.0' N072° 39.0' WMapFN31qf--
Five Mile Point/New Haven Harbor
New Haven Harbor/Five Mile Point, CT
USA 539- -Connecticut41° 14.9' N072° 54.2' WMapFN31nf-4
New Haven Breakwater/Southwest Ledge
Southwest Ledge/New Haven Breakwater, CT
USA 778- -Connecticut41° 14.1' N072° 54.7' WMapFN31nf-4
Middleground/Stratford Shoal
Stratford Shoal/Middleground, CT
USA 1010- -Connecticut41° 4.0' N073° 6.0' WMapFN31kb-1
Stratford PointUSA 816- -Connecticut41° 9.1' N073° 6.2' WMapFN31kd-4
Old Field PointUSA 563- -New York40° 58.6' N073° 7.1' WMapFN30kx-2
Bridgeport HarborUSA 086- -Connecticut41° 10.0' N073° 10.7' WMapFN31jd--
Penfield ReefUSA 590- -Connecticut41° 7.0' N073° 13.0' WMapFN31jc-2
Black Rock Harbor/Fayerweather Island
Fayerweather Island/Black Rock Harbor
USA 059- -Connecticut41° 9.0' N073° 13.0' WMapFN31jd-4
Fire Island (Old)USA 1330Hist -New York40° 37.2' N073° 13.0' WMapFN30jo--
Fire IslandUSA 286- -New York40° 37.9' N073° 13.1' WMapFN30jp-6
Burlington Breakwater South (Old) (Lake Champlain)USA 095Hist -Vermont44° 28.2' N073° 13.5' WMapFN34jl-2
Burlington Breakwater North (Old) (Lake Champlain)USA 094Hist -Vermont44° 28.8' N073° 13.8' WMapFN34jl--
Colchester Reef (Shelburne Museum)
Colchester Reef (Lake Champlain), VT H
USA 182M- MuseumVermont44° 22.5' N073° 13.9' WMapFN34jj-3
Juniper Island (Lake Champlain)USA 410- -Vermont44° 27.0' N073° 16.6' WMapFN34ik-2
Colchester Reef (Lake Champlain)USA 182HHist -Vermont44° 33.3' N073° 19.7' WMapFN34in--
Windmill Point (Lake Champlain)USA 895Hist -Vermont44° 58.9' N073° 20.5' WMapFN34hx--
Isle La Motte (Lake Champlain)USA 405- -Vermont44° 54.4' N073° 20.6' WMapFN34hv--
Point au Roche (Lake Champlain)USA 614- -New York44° 48.0' N073° 21.6' WMapFN34ht--
Pecks LedgeUSA 588- -Connecticut41° 5.0' N073° 22.0' WMapFN31hb-1
Eatons NeckUSA 264- -New York40° 57.2' N073° 23.7' WMapFN30hw-25
Norwalk/Sheffield Island/Smith Island
Sheffield Island/Smith Island/Norwalk, CT H : Smith Island/Norwalk/Sheffield Island, CT H
USA 753Hist -Connecticut41° 3.0' N073° 24.0' WMapFN31hb-3
Barber's Point (Lake Champlain)USA 036- -New York44° 9.0' N073° 24.0' WMapFN34hd--
Champlain Memorial/Crown Point (Lake Champlain)
Crown Point/Champlain Memorial (Lake Champlain), NY
USA 207- -New York44° 1.8' N073° 25.3' WMapFN34ga-3
Bluff Point/Valcour Island (Lake Champlain)
Valcour Island/Bluff Point (Lake Champlain), NY
USA 065- -New York44° 37.4' N073° 25.9' WMapFN34go--
Huntington Harbor (Long Island)
Huntington Harbor/Lloyd Harbor, NY : Lloyd Harbor/Huntington Harbor, NY
USA 445- -New York40° 54.6' N073° 25.9' WMapFN30gv-2
Greens Ledge/Greens Reef
Greens Reef/Greens Ledge, CT
USA 355- -Connecticut41° 2.5' N073° 26.6' WMapFN31ga--
Cold Spring HarborUSA 183Hist -New York40° 55.0' N073° 30.0' WMapFN30fw--
Cold Spring Harbor (New)USA 1329Hist -New York40° 55.0' N073° 30.0' WMapFN30fw--
Chatham Rocks/Ledge Obstruction/Stamford Harbor
Ledge Obstruction/Stamford Harbor/Chatham Rocks, CT : Stamford Harbor/Chatham Rocks/Ledge Obstruction, CT
USA 807- -Connecticut41° 0.8' N073° 32.5' WMapFN31fa-1
Sands PointUSA 727- -New York40° 52.0' N073° 43.8' WMapFN30du--
Execution RocksUSA 277- -New York40° 53.0' N073° 44.0' WMapFN30dv--
Throgs NeckUSA 846Hist -New York40° 48.0' N073° 47.0' WMapFN30ct--
Ambrose Light TowerUSA 009- -New Jersey40° 27.0' N073° 48.0' WMapFN30ck--
Kingsland Point/Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Hollow/Kingsland Point/Tarrytown, NY : Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow/Kingsland Point, NY
USA 836- -New York41° 5.0' N073° 52.5' WMapFN31bc-2
Blackwell IslandUSA 1041- -New York40° 46.4' N073° 56.4' WMapFN30as-1
Esopus Meadows/Middle Hudson River/Maid of the Meadows
Maid of the Meadows/Esopus Meadows/Middle Hudson River, NY : Middle Hudson River/Maid of the Meadows/Esopus Meadows, NY
USA 276Hist -New York41° 52.2' N073° 56.8' WMapFN31au-1
Jeffrey's Hook/Little Red Lighthouse
Little Red Lighthouse/Jeffery's Hook, NY
USA 408- -New York40° 51.0' N073° 56.8' WMapFN30au-1
Kingston/Rondout Creek (New) (Hudson River)
Kingston/Rondout Creek, NY : Rondout Creek/Kingston (New) (Hudson River), NY
USA 702- -New York41° 55.2' N073° 57.7' WMapFN31aw-3
Navesink TwinUSA 530- -New Jersey40° 23.8' N073° 59.1' WMapFN30aj-2
Sandy HookUSA 731- -New Jersey40° 27.7' N074° 0.1' WMapFN20xl-4
Ambrose Lightship (LV-87)
Lightship Ambrose, LV-87, NY
USA 008- -New York40° 42.3' N074° 0.1' WMapFN20xq--
Titanic Memorial (South Street Seaport Museum)
Titanic Memorial (Seaman's Church Institute)
USA 1229M- MuseumNew York40° 42.4' N074° 0.2' WMapFN20xq--
Sandy Hook East Beacon
Sandy Hook North Beacon, Sandy Hook Point
USA 1036Hist -New Jersey40° 27.3' N074° 0.5' WMapFN20xk--
Sandy Hook West Beacon
Sandy Hook South Beacon
USA 1209Hist -New Jersey40° 27.8' N074° 0.5' WMapFN20xl--
Romer ShoalsUSA 701- -New Jersey40° 31.0' N074° 1.0' WMapFN20xm--
Coney Island/Nortons Point
Nortons Point/Coney Island, NY
USA 187- -New York40° 35.0' N074° 1.0' WMapFN20xo--
Sea GirtUSA 744- -New Jersey40° 8.2' N074° 1.6' WMapFN20xd-2
Statue of LibertyUSA 810- -New Jersey40° 41.3' N074° 2.7' WMapFN20xq-1
Chapel Hill Front Range/Conover Beacon
Conover Beacon/Chapel Hill Front Range, NJ
USA 191- -New Jersey40° 25.0' N074° 3.0' WMapFN20xk-1
Staten Island Range Front/West Bank
West Bank/Staten Island Range Front, NY
USA 876- -New York40° 32.0' N074° 3.0' WMapFN20xm--
Chapel Hill Rear RangeUSA 153- -New Jersey40° 24.0' N074° 4.0' WMapFN20xj-1
Robbins ReefUSA 695- -New Jersey40° 39.0' N074° 4.0' WMapFN20xp--
Old Orchard ShoalUSA 565- -New York40° 31.0' N074° 6.0' WMapFN20wm--
Old Barney
USA 039- -New Jersey39° 45.9' N074° 6.4' WMapFM29ws-4
Elbow BeaconUSA 1192Hist -New Jersey40° 42.0' N074° 7.0' WMapFN20wq--
Bayside Beacon/Waackaack Front Range/Point Comfort
Point Comfort/Bayside Beacon/Waackaack Front Range, NJ H : Waackaack Front Range/Point Comfort/Bayside Beacon, NJ H
USA 934Hist -New Jersey30° 27.0' N074° 8.0' WMapFM20wk--
Waackaack Rear RangeUSA 935Hist -New Jersey30° 27.0' N074° 8.0' WMapFM20wk--
Staten Island Range RearUSA 809Hist -New York40° 35.0' N074° 9.0' WMapFN20wo--
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 1048- -New York40° 29.0' N074° 15.0' WMapFN20ul--
Great BedsUSA 344Hist -New Jersey40° 29.0' N074° 15.0' WMapFN20ul-1
Tucker Island
Little Egg Harbor, Sea Haven
USA 911Hist -New Jersey39° 30.0' N074° 18.2' WMapFM29ul-4
AbseconUSA 001- -New Jersey39° 22.0' N074° 24.8' WMapFM29ti-3
Hereford InletUSA 370- -New Jersey39° 0.4' N074° 47.5' WMapFM29oa-7
Cape May PointUSA 127- -New Jersey38° 56.0' N074° 57.6' WMapFM28mw-4
East Point/Maurice River
Maurice River/East Point, NJ
USA 262- -New Jersey39° 11.8' N075° 1.6' WMapFM29le-4
Fenwick IslandUSA 283- -Delaware38° 27.1' N075° 3.3' WMapFM28lk-5
Harbor of RefugeUSA 366- -Delaware38° 49.0' N075° 6.0' WMapFM28kt-3
Delaware Breakwater/Lewes Breakwater
Lewes Breakwater/Delaware Breakwater, DE
USA 222- -Delaware38° 47.8' N075° 6.0' WMapFM28kt-5
Barnegat Lightship (LV-79) Camden
Lightship Barnegat, LV-79, Camden, NJ
USA 040- -New Jersey39° 57.4' N075° 6.7' WMapFM29kw-4
Brandywine ShoalUSA 076- -New Jersey38° 59.0' N075° 7.0' WMapFM28kx-2
Lightship Overfalls
Overfalls Lightship, LV-118, Lewes, DE
USA 573- -Delaware38° 46.7' N075° 8.5' WMapFM28ks-6
Egg Island PointUSA 267Hist -New Jersey39° 10.0' N075° 9.0' WMapFM29ke--
Fourteen Foot BankUSA 305- -Delaware39° 2.9' N075° 10.9' WMapFM29jb--
Miah Maull ShoalUSA 492Hist -New Jersey39° 8.0' N075° 13.0' WMapFM29jd-3
Cross LedgeUSA 931Hist -New Jersey39° 12.0' N075° 14.0' WMapFM29je--
Tinicum Island Range (Rear)USA 852Hist -New Jersey39° 50.8' N075° 14.4' WMapFM29ju-4
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 851Hist -New Jersey39° 51.0' N075° 15.0' WMapFM29ju--
Billingsport Front Light Station/Tinicum Island Range Front/Fort Mifflin Bar Cut Front Range
Fort Mifflin Bar Cut Front Range/Billingsport Front Light Station/Tinicum Island Range Front, NJ H : Tinicum Island Range Front/Fort Mifflin Bar Cut Front Range/Billingsport Front Light Station, NJ H
USA 932Hist -New Jersey39° 51.0' N075° 15.0' WMapFM29ju--
Elbow of Cross LedgeUSA 270- -New Jersey39° 11.0' N075° 16.0' WMapFM29ie-1
Diamond ShoalUSA 230- -North Carolina35° 9.2' N075° 17.8' WMapFM25id--
AssateagueUSA 021- -Virginia37° 54.7' N075° 21.4' WMapFM27hvNA-1395
Cohansey CreekUSA 1033Hist -New Jersey39° 20.0' N075° 22.0' WMapFM29hi--
Killock ShoalUSA 422Hist -Virginia37° 56.8' N075° 22.6' WMapFM27hwNA-0831
Ship John ShoalUSA 758- -New Jersey39° 18.0' N075° 23.0' WMapFM29hh-3
Murderkill River Range FrontUSA 1417- -Delaware39° 3.5' N075° 23.8' WMapFM29hb-1
Mahon RiverUSA 464Hist -Delaware39° 11.1' N075° 24.0' WMapFM29he-2
Murderkill River Range RearUSA 1418- -Delaware39° 3.3' N075° 24.4' WMapFM29hb-1
Marcus Hook Range FrontUSA 1416- -Delaware39° 46.6' N075° 28.5' WMapFM29gs-1
Deepwater Point Range RearUSA 219Hist -New Jersey39° 42.0' N075° 30.0' WMapFM29fq--
Marcus Hook Range RearUSA 474- -Delaware39° 45.7' N075° 30.2' WMapFM29fs-4
Bombay Hook
Smyrna River
USA 1011Hist -Delaware39° 21.4' N075° 30.3' WMapFM29fi-2
Deepwater Point Range FrontUSA 218Hist -New Jersey39° 41.2' N075° 30.5' WMapFM29fq--
Bellevue Rear RangeUSA 050- -Delaware39° 43.0' N075° 31.0' WMapFM29fr--
Cape Hatteras (original)USA 1413Hist -North Carolina35° 15.3' N075° 31.1' WMapFM25fgNA-067-
Cape Hatteras (Old)USA 1251Hist -North Carolina35° 15.3' N075° 31.3' WMapFM25fgNA-0671
Cape Hatteras BeaconUSA 1030Hist -North Carolina35° 14.5' N075° 31.6' WMapFM25ffNA-0671
Cape HatterasUSA 119- -North Carolina35° 15.0' N075° 31.7' WMapFM25fgNA-06712
Finns Point Range (Rear)/Fort Mott
Fort Mott/Finns Point Range (Rear), NJ
USA 285Hist -New Jersey39° 37.0' N075° 32.0' WMapFM29fo-5
Bodie IslandUSA 067- -North Carolina35° 49.1' N075° 33.8' WMapFM25ft-6
Old Reedy IslandUSA 568Hist -Delaware39° 30.0' N075° 34.0' WMapFM29fm-1
Liston Range (Front)USA 436- -Delaware39° 29.0' N075° 35.5' WMapFM29el--
Liston Range (Rear)USA 437- -Delaware39° 31.4' N075° 38.4' WMapFM29em-2
Roanoke Marshes (Croatan Sound)USA 1032Hist -North Carolina35° 48.7' N075° 42.0' WMapFM25dt--
Long Shoal (Pamlico Sound)USA 1170Hist -North Carolina35° 33.4' N075° 42.3' WMapFM25dn--
Chesapeake Light TowerUSA 168- -Virginia36° 54.6' N075° 42.6' WMapFM26dv--
Hatteras InletUSA 1438- -North Carolina35° 11.9' N075° 43.9' WMapFM25de-1
Oliver Reef
Hatteras Inlet
USA 1031Hist -North Carolina35° 15.8' N075° 45.6' WMapFM25cg--
Croatan ShoalUSA 204Hist -North Carolina35° 56.7' N075° 46.7' WMapFM25cw--
Currituck BeachUSA 212- -North Carolina36° 22.6' N075° 49.8' WMapFM26cj-7
Great ShoalsUSA 350Hist -Maryland38° 12.9' N075° 52.8' WMapFM28bf-2
Cape Charles (1st)USA 1402Hist -Virginia37° 7.3' N075° 53.3' WMapFM27bcNA-083-
Cape Charles (2nd)USA 1059Hist -Virginia37° 7.2' N075° 53.5' WMapFM27bcNA-083-
North River (Albemarle Sound)USA 1171Hist -North Carolina36° 9.3' N075° 53.8' WMapFM26bd--
Cape Charles (New)USA 109- -Virginia37° 7.4' N075° 54.4' WMapFM27bcNA-083-
Janes IslandUSA 988- -Maryland37° 57.8' N075° 55.1' WMapFM27ax--
Gull ShoalUSA 1029Hist -North Carolina35° 22.0' N075° 57.4' WMapFM25ai--
Rappahannock Shoal Channel South Range RearUSA 1060- -Virginia37° 29.5' N075° 57.9' WMapFM27al-1
Tangier SoundUSA 834Hist -Virginia37° 47.3' N075° 58.4' WMapFM27asNA-083-
Wade PointUSA 870Hist -North Carolina36° 9.2' N075° 58.6' WMapFM26ad--
Ocracoke IslandUSA 561- -North Carolina35° 6.5' N075° 59.2' WMapFM25acNA-0674
Sharkfin ShoalUSA 985Hist -Maryland38° 12.1' N075° 59.2' WMapFM28ae-2
Cape Henry (New)USA 121- -Virginia36° 55.6' N076° 0.4' WMapFM16xw-3
Cape Henry (Old)USA 122- -Virginia36° 55.5' N076° 0.5' WMapFM16xw-4
Turkey PointUSA 857- -Maryland39° 27.0' N076° 0.5' WMapFM19xk-3
Rappahannock Shoal Channel South Range Front LightUSA 1414- --37° 32.3' N076° 0.9' WMapFM17xm--
Solomons LumpUSA 767- -Maryland38° 2.9' N076° 0.9' WMapFM18xb-6
Cherrystone BarUSA 166Hist -Virginia37° 15.4' N076° 1.9' WMapFM17xg--
Old Plantation FlatsUSA 566Hist -Virginia37° 13.7' N076° 2.8' WMapFM17xf--
Beacon IslandUSA 1164Hist -North Carolina35° 5.9' N076° 2.8' WMapFM15xc--
Shell Castle Island (Pamlico Sound)USA 1176Hist -North Carolina35° 5.8' N076° 4.1' WMapFM15xc--
Bluff ShoalUSA 1165Hist -North Carolina35° 12.6' N076° 4.4' WMapFM15xf--
Hooper StraitUSA 378HHist -Maryland38° 13.6' N076° 4.5' WMapFM18xf-8
Fishing BatteryUSA 287- -Maryland39° 29.7' N076° 5.0' WMapFM19xl-6
Hambrooks BarUSA 997Hist -Maryland38° 36.0' N076° 5.0' WMapFM18wo-4
Concord Point
Havre De Grace
USA 186- -Maryland39° 32.4' N076° 5.1' WMapFM19wm-11
Holland Island BarUSA 986Hist -Maryland38° 4.1' N076° 5.7' WMapFM18wb--
Southwest Point Royal ShoalUSA 1161Hist -North Carolina35° 7.1' N076° 8.6' WMapFM15wc--
Northwest Point Royal Shoal (Pamlico Sound)USA 1172Hist -North Carolina35° 9.3' N076° 9.5' WMapFM15wd--
Smith PointUSA 764- -Virginia37° 52.8' N076° 10.8' WMapFM17vv-2
Choptank RiverUSA 984Hist -Maryland38° 39.0' N076° 11.0' WMapFM18vp-3
Worton PointUSA 1412- -Maryland39° 19.1' N076° 11.2' WMapFM19vh-1
Wolf TrapUSA 903- -Virginia37° 23.4' N076° 11.4' WMapFM17vj-3
Hooper Strait (Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum)
Hooper Strait, MD H
USA 378M- MuseumMaryland38° 47.3' N076° 13.2' WMapFM18vs-2
Harbor IslandUSA 1160Hist -North Carolina35° 0.4' N076° 13.3' WMapFM15va--
Windmill PointUSA 898Hist -Virginia37° 35.8' N076° 14.2' WMapFM17vo-2
Thimble ShoalUSA 842- -Virginia37° 0.9' N076° 14.4' WMapFM17va-4
Hooper IslandUSA 377- -Maryland38° 15.4' N076° 15.0' WMapFM18vg-35
York SpitUSA 909Hist -Virginia37° 12.6' N076° 15.3' WMapFM17uf--
Great Wicomico RiverUSA 351Hist -Virginia37° 48.3' N076° 16.1' WMapFM17ut-2
Back RiverUSA 025Hist -Virginia37° 5.2' N076° 16.2' WMapFM17uc--
New Point ComfortUSA 543- -Virginia37° 18.1' N076° 16.7' WMapFM17uh-4
Love Point (New)USA 1143- -Maryland39° 3.0' N076° 17.0' WMapFM19ub-4
Love Point (Old)USA 455Hist -Maryland39° 3.0' N076° 17.0' WMapFM19ub-5
Pooles IslandUSA 646Hist -Maryland39° 16.0' N076° 17.0' WMapFM19ug-2
Point No PointUSA 630- -Maryland38° 7.7' N076° 17.4' WMapFM18ud-34
Brant Island Shoal
Brant Island Light
USA 077Hist -North Carolina35° 8.2' N076° 17.6' WMapFM15ud--
Lightship Portsmouth
Portsmouth Lightship, LV-10, VA
USA 663Hist -Virginia36° 50.2' N076° 17.8' WMapFM16uu-2
Fort WoolUSA 1061- -Virginia36° 59.2' N076° 18.0' WMapFM16ux-3
Henderson/Stony Point (Lake Ontario)
Stony Point/Henderson (Lake Ontario), NY
USA 814- -New York43° 50.0' N076° 18.0' WMapFN13ut--
Old Point ComfortUSA 567- -Virginia37° 0.1' N076° 18.4' WMapFM17ua-6
Point LookoutUSA 628- -Maryland38° 2.3' N076° 19.3' WMapFM18ua-22
Point LookoutUSA 1409- -Maryland38° 1.5' N076° 19.4' WMapFM18ua-9
Cape Vincent BreakwaterUSA 141- -New York44° 7.2' N076° 19.9' WMapFN14uc-3
Cedar PointUSA 1020HHist -Maryland38° 17.9' N076° 22.1' WMapFM18th-37
Tibbetts Point (Lake Ontario)USA 848Hist -New York44° 6.0' N076° 22.2' WMapFN14tc-3
Cove PointUSA 195Hist -Maryland38° 23.2' N076° 22.9' WMapFM18tj-27
Sharps IslandUSA 751- -Maryland38° 38.0' N076° 23.0' WMapFM18tp-5
Sandy Point ShoalUSA 733- -Maryland39° 1.0' N076° 23.0' WMapFM19ta-11
Tue MarshesUSA 856Hist -Virginia37° 14.1' N076° 23.1' WMapFM17tf--
Newport News Middle GroundUSA 549- -Virginia36° 56.7' N076° 23.5' WMapFM16tw-5
Laurel PointUSA 430Hist -North Carolina36° 0.1' N076° 23.5' WMapFM16ta--
Craighill Channel Lower Range Front/Craighill Light
Craighill Light/Craighill Channel Lower Range Front, MD
USA 198- -Maryland39° 11.3' N076° 23.7' WMapFM19te-9
Craighill Channel Lower Range Rear/Millers Island
Millers Island/Craighill Channel Lower Range Rear, MD
USA 199- -Maryland39° 13.7' N076° 23.7' WMapFM19tf-8
Bloody Point Bar/The Coffee Pot
The Coffee Pot/Bloody Point Bar, MD
USA 063- -Maryland38° 50.0' N076° 24.0' WMapFM18tu-5
Sandy PointUSA 1291Hist -Maryland39° 1.0' N076° 24.0' WMapFM19ta-4
BaltimoreUSA 034- -Maryland39° 4.0' N076° 24.0' WMapFM19tb-4
Seven Foot KnollUSA 750HHist -Maryland39° 9.0' N076° 24.0' WMapFM19td-5
Seven Foot Knoll (Baltimore Maritime Museum)
Seven Foot Knoll, MD H
USA 750MHist MuseumMaryland39° 9.0' N076° 24.0' WMapFM19td-5
Drum PointUSA 235HHist -Maryland38° 19.1' N076° 25.3' WMapFM18sh-14
Eastern North Point/North Point Lower
North Point Lower/Eastern North Point, MD H
USA 1289Hist -Maryland39° 12.0' N076° 26.0' WMapFM19se-1
Craighill Channel Upper Range Front/Cutoff Channel Range Front/Fort Howard
Cutoff Channel Range Front/Fort Howard/Craighill Channel Upper Range Front, MD : Fort Howard/Craighill Channel Upper Range Front/Cutoff Channel Range Front, MD
USA 200- -Maryland39° 11.8' N076° 26.9' WMapFM19se-8
Thomas Point ShoalsUSA 845- -Maryland38° 53.0' N076° 27.0' WMapFM18sv-6
North Point Upper/Western North Point
Western North Point/North Point Upper, MD H
USA 1290Hist -Maryland39° 12.0' N076° 27.0' WMapFM19se-5
Greenbury Point ShoalUSA 354Hist -Maryland38° 58.1' N076° 27.2' WMapFM18sx-2
Greenbury PointUSA 1388Hist -Maryland38° 58.5' N076° 27.3' WMapFM18sx--
Pamlico Point ShoalUSA 579Hist -North Carolina35° 18.8' N076° 27.3' WMapFM15sh--
Cedar Point (Patuxent River Naval Air Museum)
Cedar Point, MD H
USA 1020MHist MuseumMaryland38° 16.6' N076° 27.8' WMapFM18sg-4
Drum Point USA 235M- MuseumMaryland38° 19.9' N076° 27.8' WMapFM18sh-3
Thomas PointUSA 1292Hist -Maryland38° 54.0' N076° 28.0' WMapFM18sv-3
Triton LightUSA 1420- -Maryland38° 58.9' N076° 28.6' WMapFM18sx-2
Oswego West Pierhead (Lake Ontario)USA 571- -New York43° 28.4' N076° 31.0' WMapFN13rl--
Fort CarrollUSA 290- -Maryland39° 12.9' N076° 31.2' WMapFM19rf-19
Cape LookoutUSA 126- -North Carolina34° 37.4' N076° 31.5' WMapFM14roNA-0673
Piney PointUSA 601- -Maryland38° 8.1' N076° 31.8' WMapFM18rd-24
Brewerton Channel Range Front (New)
Brewerton Range Front (New), Brewerton Channel Range Front (New)
USA 1103- -Maryland39° 12.5' N076° 32.0' WMapFM19re-20
Brewerton Channel Range Front (Old)
Brewerton Range Front (Old), Brewerton Channel Range Front (Old)/Hawkins Point, Hawkins Point, Brewerton Channel Range Front (old), Brewerton Range Front Light (old)
USA 083Hist -Maryland39° 12.0' N076° 32.0' WMapFM19re-19
Brewerton Channel Range Rear (New)/Brewerton Range Rear (New)
Brewerton Range Rear (New)/Brewerton Channel Range Rear (New), MD
USA 1104- -Maryland39° 12.0' N076° 32.0' WMapFM19re-7
Brewerton Channel Range Rear (Old)/Leading Point/Brewerton Range Rear Light (Old)
Brewerton Range Rear (Old)/Brewerton Channel Range Rear (Old)/Leading Point, MD H : Leading Point/Brewerton Channel Range Rear (old)/Brewerton Range Rear Light (old), MD H
USA 084Hist -Maryland39° 12.0' N076° 32.0' WMapFM19re-7
Neuse RiverUSA 534Hist -North Carolina35° 5.3' N076° 32.9' WMapFM15rc--
Fort McHenry Channel Range FrontUSA 1314- -Maryland39° 15.8' N076° 34.7' WMapFM19rg-6
Pages RockUSA 577Hist -Virginia37° 18.7' N076° 35.2' WMapFM17qh-3
Fort McHenry Channel Range RearUSA 1406- -Maryland39° 16.5' N076° 35.4' WMapFM19qg-5
Ragged PointUSA 685Hist -Maryland38° 9.3' N076° 36.1' WMapFM18qd-9
Ragged Point LightUSA 1296- -Maryland38° 9.3' N076° 36.1' WMapFM18qd-11
Chesapeake Lightship (LV-116)
Lightship Chesapeake, LV-116, MD
USA 167Hist -Maryland39° 17.1' N076° 36.5' WMapFM19qg-3
Roanoke River MuseumUSA 694M- -North Carolina36° 3.4' N076° 36.7' WMapFM16qb-3
Bogue Banks Beacon
Bogue Banks Front
USA 1166Hist -North Carolina34° 41.7' N076° 40.7' WMapFM14pq--
Bogue Banks
Bogue Banks Rear
USA 1167Hist -North Carolina34° 41.8' N076° 40.9' WMapFM14pq--
Roanoke River (Albemarle Sound)USA 694HHist -North Carolina35° 57.0' N076° 41.7' WMapFM15pw--
Bowlers RockUSA 074Hist -Virginia37° 49.5' N076° 44.0' WMapFM17pt-2
Bells RockUSA 051Hist -Virginia37° 29.0' N076° 45.0' WMapFM17pl-2
Wicomico River EntranceUSA 1295- -Maryland38° 14.5' N076° 49.2' WMapFM18of-6
Sodus Bay West Pier/Sodus Outer/Sodus Point Pierhead (Lake Ontario)
Sodus Outer/Sodus Point Pierhead/Sodus Bay West Pier (Lake Ontario), NY : Sodus Point Pierhead/Sodus Bay West Pier/Sodus Outer (Lake Ontario), NY
USA 765- -New York43° 17.0' N076° 59.0' WMapFN13mg-1
Fort WashingtonUSA 302- -Maryland38° 42.7' N077° 2.2' WMapFM18lr-7
Jones PointUSA 409- -Virginia38° 47.4' N077° 2.4' WMapFM18ls-10
Maryland PointUSA 990Hist -Maryland38° 21.0' N077° 11.8' WMapFM18ji-4
Maryland Point LightUSA 1311- -Maryland38° 21.0' N077° 12.0' WMapFM18ji-4
Jordan PointUSA 995- -Virginia37° 18.8' N077° 13.4' WMapFM17jh-3
Frying Pan ShoalsUSA 313- -North Carolina33° 29.0' N077° 35.5' WMapFM13el-5
Genesee West Pier/Rochester Harbor
Rochester Harbor/Genesee West Pier, NY
USA 322- -New York43° 16.0' N077° 36.0' WMapFN13eg--
Braddock PointUSA 075- -New York43° 20.5' N077° 45.7' WMapFN13ci-2
Federal Point #2USA 1442Hist -North Carolina33° 58.2' N077° 55.1' WMapFM13ax--
Federal Point (#3)USA 1159Hist -North Carolina33° 57.7' N077° 55.6' WMapFM13ax--
Orton's Point (Cape Fear River)USA 1175Hist -North Carolina34° 3.4' N077° 56.2' WMapFM14ab--
Upper Jetty/Upper Jetty Front Range (Cape Fear River)USA 1177Hist -North Carolina34° 12.7' N077° 56.3' WMapFM14af--
Campbell's IslandUSA 1169Hist -North Carolina34° 7.1' N077° 56.6' WMapFM14ac--
Bald Head Shoal Channel Range RearUSA 1225- -North Carolina33° 53.8' N077° 58.9' WMapFM13av-2
Price's Creek Range RearUSA 1441Hist -North Carolina33° 56.3' N077° 59.3' WMapFM13aw--
Price's Creek Range FrontUSA 672- -North Carolina33° 56.2' N077° 59.4' WMapFM13aw--
Bald Head
Old Baldy
USA 032- -North Carolina33° 52.4' N078° 0.0' WMapFM03xu-4
Cape Fear River Entrance Range RearUSA 1226- -North Carolina33° 53.5' N078° 0.8' WMapFM03xv--
Oak Island Rear Range (Cape Fear River)USA 1174Hist -North Carolina33° 53.6' N078° 1.3' WMapFM03xv--
Oak Island Front Range (Cape Fear River)USA 1173Hist -North Carolina33° 53.4' N078° 1.7' WMapFM03xv--
Cape Fear
Captain Charlie's Station
USA 1028Hist -North Carolina33° 53.6' N078° 2.1' WMapFM03xv-2
Oak IslandUSA 558- -North Carolina33° 53.6' N078° 2.1' WMapFM03xv-8
Buffalo Harbor South Entrance/South Buffalo
South Buffalo/Buffalo Harbor South Entrance, NY
USA 770- -New York42° 50.0' N078° 53.0' WMapFN02nt--
Buffalo MainUSA 090- -New York42° 50.0' N078° 55.0' WMapFN02mt-2
Buffalo Intake Crib (Erie Canal)USA 1301Hist -New York42° 53.0' N078° 55.0' WMapFN02mv--
Fort Niagara (Lake Ontario)USA 294- -New York43° 15.7' N079° 3.6' WMapFN03lg-6
Georgetown/North Island
North Island/Georgetown, SC
USA 323- -South Carolina33° 13.4' N079° 11.1' WMapFM03jf--
Dunkirk/Point Gratiot (Lake Erie)
Point Gratiot/Dunkirk (Lake Erie), NY
USA 248Hist -New York42° 30.0' N079° 21.0' WMapFN02hl-1
Dunkirk Pierhead (New)USA 249- -New York42° 30.0' N079° 21.0' WMapFN02hl--
Cape Romain (New)USA 133- -South Carolina33° 1.1' N079° 22.4' WMapFM03ha--
Cape Romain (Old)USA 134- -South Carolina33° 1.1' N079° 22.4' WMapFM03ha--
Bull Island/Bulls Bay
Bulls Bay/Bull Island, SC H
USA 1168Hist -South Carolina32° 55.5' N079° 33.7' WMapFM02fw--
Barcelona/Portland Harbor (Lake Erie)
Portland Harbor/Barcelona (Lake Erie), NY
USA 038- -New York42° 21.0' N079° 36.0' WMapFN02ei--
Charleston (New)/Sullivans Island
Sullivans Island/Charleston (New), SC
USA 825- -South Carolina32° 45.5' N079° 50.6' WMapFM02bs-3
Fort SumterUSA 299Hist -South Carolina32° 45.1' N079° 52.5' WMapFM02bs-1
Charleston (Old)/Morris Island
Morris Island/Charleston (Old), SC
USA 515- -South Carolina32° 41.7' N079° 53.0' WMapFM02bq-2
Fort Ripley ShoalUSA 298Hist -South Carolina32° 46.0' N079° 54.1' WMapFM02bs-1
Castle Pickney (Charleston Harbor)USA 1002Hist -South Carolina32° 46.8' N079° 55.0' WMapFM02bs-1
Fort Sumter Rear Range (St. Philip's Episcopal Church)USA 1163Hist -South Carolina32° 46.7' N079° 55.8' WMapFM02as-2
Erie Land (Lake Erie)USA 921- -Pennsylvania42° 8.7' N080° 3.6' WMapEN92xd-12
Erie Harbor Pierhead
Presque Isle North Pier (Lake Erie)
USA 274- -Pennsylvania42° 9.4' N080° 4.3' WMapEN92xd-11
Hillsboro InletUSA 372- -Florida26° 16.0' N080° 5.0' WMapEL96xg-4
Jupiter InletUSA 411- -Florida26° 57.0' N080° 5.0' WMapEL96xw-7
Fowey RocksUSA 307- -Florida25° 35.4' N080° 5.8' WMapEL95wo-1
Presque Isle (Lake Erie)USA 666- -Pennsylvania42° 9.9' N080° 6.9' WMapEN92wd-3
Erie Yacht Club Breakwater (Lake Erie)USA 1313- -Pennsylvania42° 7.3' N080° 7.8' WMapEN92wc--
Pacific ReefUSA 576- -Florida25° 22.3' N080° 8.5' WMapEL95wi--
Cape FloridaUSA 118- -Florida25° 40.0' N080° 9.4' WMapEL95wq-3
Carysfort ReefUSA 143- -Florida25° 13.3' N080° 12.7' WMapEL95vf-1
Molasses ReefUSA 507- -Florida25° 0.7' N080° 22.6' WMapEL95ta--
Combahee BankUSA 1162Hist -South Carolina32° 28.0' N080° 26.0' WMapEM92sl--
Hunting IslandUSA 392- -South Carolina32° 22.5' N080° 26.3' WMapEM92sj-3
Cape CanaveralUSA 108- -Florida28° 27.6' N080° 32.6' WMapEL98rl-1
Hen and Chickens ShoalUSA 1227- -Florida24° 56.0' N080° 32.9' WMapEL94rw--
Conneaut Harbor West Breakwater (Lake Erie)USA 190Hist -Ohio41° 59.0' N080° 34.0' WMapEN91rx-1
Alligator ReefUSA 006- -Florida24° 51.1' N080° 37.1' WMapEL94qu--
Wheeling Island Foot LightUSA 1394- -West Virginia40° 3.6' N080° 43.8' WMapEN90pb-2
Hilton Head Range (Rear)
Lemington/Hilton Head Range (Rear), SC
USA 972- -South Carolina32° 9.9' N080° 44.4' WMapEM92pd-2
Tennessee ReefUSA 841- -Florida24° 44.8' N080° 46.9' WMapEL94or--
Ashtabula Harbor (Lake Erie)USA 020Hist -Ohio41° 55.0' N080° 48.0' WMapEN91ov-2
Harbour TownUSA 1135Hist -South Carolina32° 8.3' N080° 48.8' WMapEM92od-3
Haig Point Rear Range
Haig Point, Daufuskie Island
USA 217- -South Carolina32° 8.7' N080° 50.2' WMapEM92nd-1
Tybee IslandUSA 864- -Georgia32° 1.3' N080° 50.7' WMapEM92na-9
Bloody Point (Daufuskie Island)USA 1003- -South Carolina32° 5.8' N080° 52.4' WMapEM92nc--
Cockspur IslandUSA 181Hist -Georgia32° 1.4' N080° 52.8' WMapEM92na-6
Mosquito Inlet/Ponce de Leon
Ponce de Leon/Mosquito Inlet, FL
USA 644Hist -Florida29° 4.8' N080° 55.7' WMapEL99mb-7
Isle of Hope Fire BoxUSA 1156- -Georgia31° 59.0' N081° 3.2' WMapEM91lx-2
Savannah Harbor Rear Range LightUSA 1387- -Georgia32° 4.8' N081° 5.1' WMapEM92kb-2
Sombrero Key
Dry Banks
USA 768- -Florida24° 37.7' N081° 6.7' WMapEL94kp-1
Fairport Harbor (Lake Erie)
Grand River Light
USA 279- -Ohio41° 45.4' N081° 16.6' WMapEN91is-3
Fairport Harbor East Pier / Grand River Beacon (Lake Erie)
Grand River Beacon/Fairport Harbor East Pier (Lake Erie), OH H
USA 1196Hist -Ohio41° 45.7' N081° 16.8' WMapEN91is-1
Sapelo IslandUSA 738- -Georgia31° 23.6' N081° 16.8' WMapEM91ij-2
Sapelo Island Range FrontUSA 1014- -Georgia31° 23.6' N081° 16.8' WMapEM91ij-1
Fairport Harbor West Breakwater (Lake Erie)USA 280Hist -Ohio41° 46.1' N081° 16.9' WMapEN91is-1
St. Augustine (Old)USA 1208Hist -Florida29° 53.0' N081° 17.0' WMapEL99iv--
St. Augustine (New)USA 789- -Florida29° 53.1' N081° 17.3' WMapEL99iv-6
St. Simons Island (New)USA 805- -Georgia31° 8.0' N081° 23.6' WMapEM91hdNA-0585
St. Simons Island (Old)USA 1158Hist -Georgia31° 8.0' N081° 24.0' WMapEM91hd-1
Little Cumberland IslandUSA 439- -Georgia30° 58.6' N081° 24.8' WMapEM90hx--
Mayport/St. Johns River
St. Johns River/Mayport, FL
USA 796- -Florida30° 23.6' N081° 25.6' WMapEM90gj-2
St. Johns LightstationUSA 795- -Florida30° 23.6' N081° 25.6' WMapEM90gj-1
Amelia IslandUSA 010- -Florida30° 40.0' N081° 27.0' WMapEM90gq-2
American ShoalUSA 011- -Florida24° 31.5' N081° 31.2' WMapEL94fm--
Mount Dora LakeUSA 1407- -Florida28° 47.7' N081° 38.6' WMapEL98et-3
Cleveland Harbor West Pierhead (Lake Erie)USA 178Hist -Ohio41° 31.0' N081° 43.0' WMapEN91dm-1
Cleveland West Pier Head (Lake Erie)USA 180Hist -Ohio41° 31.0' N081° 43.0' WMapEN91dm--
Cleveland Harbor East Pierhead (Lake Erie)USA 177Hist -Ohio41° 30.5' N081° 43.1' WMapEN91dm-2
Key WestUSA 420- -Florida24° 33.0' N081° 48.0' WMapEL94cnNA-0621
Sand KeyUSA 724- -Florida24° 27.3' N081° 52.6' WMapEL94bk--
Northwest Passage
Hemingway house on the water, Hemingway Stilts
USA 557Hist -Florida24° 37.1' N081° 53.9' WMapEL94bo--
Smith ShoalUSA 1056- -Florida24° 43.1' N081° 55.3' WMapEL94ar--
Sanibel IslandUSA 734- -Florida26° 27.0' N082° 1.0' WMapEL86xk-6
Lorain East Breakwater (Lake Erie)USA 1037Hist -Ohio41° 29.0' N082° 11.0' WMapEN81vl--
Lorain Harbor/Lorain West Breakwater (Lake Erie)
Lorain West Breakwater/Lorain Harbor (Lake Erie), OH
USA 453Hist -Ohio41° 29.0' N082° 11.0' WMapEN81vl-3
Cosgrove ShoalUSA 1055- -Florida24° 27.5' N082° 11.1' WMapEL84vk--
Boca Grande Rear RangeUSA 066- -Florida26° 43.0' N082° 16.0' WMapEL86ur-6
Boca Grande/Gasparilla Island/Port Boca Grande
Gasparilla Island/Port Boca Grande/Boca Grande, FL : Port Boca Grande/Boca Grande/Gasparilla Island, FL
USA 910- -Florida26° 43.0' N082° 16.0' WMapEL86ur-10
Vermilion (Lake Erie)USA 868Hist -Ohio41° 25.5' N082° 22.0' WMapEN81tk--
Fort Gratiot (Lake Huron)USA 291- -Michigan43° 0.4' N082° 25.4' WMapEN83sa-3
Twenty-Eight Foot ShoalUSA 1058Hist -Florida24° 25.8' N082° 25.5' WMapEL84sk--
Huron Lightship (LV-103) (Lake Huron)
Lightship Huron, LV-103, MI
USA 394- -Michigan42° 59.4' N082° 25.6' WMapEN82sx-20
Fort Gratiot Range Rear (St. Clair River)USA 1287- -Michigan43° 0.0' N082° 26.0' WMapEN82sx-8
Fort Gratiot Range Front (St. Clair River)USA 1286Hist -Michigan43° 0.0' N082° 26.0' WMapEN82sx-8
Peche Island Range Rear (Marine City Marine Museum)
Peche Island Range Rear, MI H
USA 586MHist MuseumMichigan42° 43.0' N082° 29.5' WMapEN82sr-2
Port Sanilac (Lake Huron)USA 651Hist -Michigan43° 26.0' N082° 32.0' WMapEN83rk-3
Huron Harbor (Lake Erie)USA 393Hist -Ohio41° 24.0' N082° 33.0' WMapEN81rj--
Rebecca ShoalUSA 690- -Florida24° 34.7' N082° 35.1' WMapEL84qn--
Harbor BeachUSA 365- -Michigan43° 51.0' N082° 38.0' WMapEN83qu-2
St. Clair Flats Canal Range Front (St. Clair River)USA 1332- -Michigan42° 33.0' N082° 39.0' WMapEN82qn-1
St. Clair Flats Canal Range Rear (St. Clair River)USA 1333Hist -Michigan42° 33.0' N082° 39.0' WMapEN82qn-1
Sandusky Harbor Pierhead (Lake Erie)USA 730Hist -Ohio41° 30.0' N082° 41.0' WMapEN81pm--
Sandusky Bay Inner Front RangeUSA 728Hist -Ohio41° 30.0' N082° 41.0' WMapEN81pm-1
Sandusky Bay Inner Rear RangeUSA 729Hist -Ohio41° 30.0' N082° 41.0' WMapEN81pm-1
Camp Patmos (Kelleys Island - Lake Erie)USA 1245Hist -Ohio41° 37.0' N082° 41.0' WMapEN81po--
St. Clair Flats Old Channel/St. Clair Flats South Channel Range Front
St. Clair Flats South Channel Range Front/St. Clair Flats Old Channel, MI
USA 790- -Michigan42° 31.0' N082° 41.0' WMapEN82pm-1
St. Clair Flats South Channel Range RearUSA 791- -Michigan42° 31.0' N082° 41.0' WMapEN82pm-1
Harsens Island Range Front (St. Clair River)USA 1107Hist -Michigan42° 33.0' N082° 42.0' WMapEN82pn-1
Marblehead (Lake Erie)USA 472Hist -Ohio41° 32.2' N082° 42.7' WMapEN81pm-3
Tierra VerdeUSA 1335- -Florida27° 39.3' N082° 43.1' WMapEL87pp-2
Peche Island Range RearUSA 586HHist -Michigan42° 28.0' N082° 45.0' WMapEN82ol-2
Egmont KeyUSA 269- -Florida27° 36.0' N082° 46.0' WMapEL87oo-3
Pulaski ShoalUSA 676Hist -Florida24° 41.6' N082° 46.4' WMapEL84oq--
Pointe Aux Barques (Lake Huron)USA 615- -Michigan44° 1.0' N082° 48.0' WMapEN84oa-4
Perry Memorial Monument (Lake Erie)USA 1317Hist -Ohio41° 39.2' N082° 48.7' WMapEN81op--
South Bass Island (Lake Erie)USA 769Hist -Ohio41° 37.7' N082° 50.5' WMapEN81np-3
Anclote KeyUSA 013- -Florida28° 10.0' N082° 51.0' WMapEL88ne-2
Green Island (Lake Erie)USA 353Hist -Ohio41° 38.7' N082° 52.1' WMapEN81np-1
Garden Key
Fort Jefferson, Tortugas Harbor
USA 316- -Florida24° 37.7' N082° 52.3' WMapEL84npNA-0794
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 446- --24° 38.0' N082° 55.0' WMapEL84np--
Dry Tortugas
Loggerhead Key
USA 236- -Florida24° 38.0' N082° 55.2' WMapEL84mpNA-0794
Windmill PointUSA 896- -Michigan42° 21.5' N082° 55.8' WMapEN82mi--
Port Clinton (Old) (Lake Erie)USA 922Hist -Ohio41° 31.0' N082° 56.0' WMapEN81mm-3
Port Clinton/Portage River (Brands Marina) (Lake Erie)
Portage River/Port Clinton (Brands Marina) (Lake Erie), OH
USA 914Hist -Ohio41° 31.0' N082° 56.0' WMapEN81mm--
William Livingstone MemorialUSA 978- -Michigan42° 21.0' N082° 57.0' WMapEN82mi-2
Belle IsleUSA 049Hist -Michigan42° 20.4' N082° 57.6' WMapEN82mi--
Port Austin Reef (Lake Huron)USA 648- -Michigan44° 5.0' N082° 59.0' WMapEN84mb-2
Cedar Keys/Seahorse Key
Seahorse Key/Cedar Keys, FL
USA 745- -Florida29° 5.8' N083° 3.9' WMapEL89lc-2
West Sister Island (Lake Erie)USA 882Hist -Ohio41° 44.0' N083° 7.0' WMapEN81kr--
Grosse Ile North Channel Front Range (Detroit River)USA 357- -Michigan42° 10.1' N083° 8.4' WMapEN82ke--
Bar Point Shoal/Detroit River
Detroit River/Bar Point Shoal, MI
USA 227- -Michigan42° 0.0' N083° 9.0' WMapEN82ka-2
Thunder Bay Island (Lake Huron)USA 847- -Michigan45° 2.0' N083° 12.0' WMapEN85ja--
Sturgeon Point (Lake Huron)USA 823Hist -Michigan44° 42.8' N083° 16.4' WMapEN84ir-5
Caseville HarborUSA 1258- -Michigan43° 56.6' N083° 16.4' WMapEN83iw--
Au Sable Pier Head (Lake Huron)USA 929Hist -Michigan44° 24.0' N083° 19.0' WMapEN84ij-1
Middle Island (Lake Huron)USA 495- -Michigan45° 12.0' N083° 19.0' WMapEN85ie--
Toledo Harbor (Lake Erie)USA 853Hist -Ohio41° 46.0' N083° 20.0' WMapEN81hs--
Alpena (Lake Huron)USA 007- -Michigan45° 4.0' N083° 25.0' WMapEN85gb--
Stoneport (Lake Huron)USA 1112- -Michigan45° 18.0' N083° 25.0' WMapEN85gh--
Charity Island (Lake Huron)USA 943- -Michigan44° 2.3' N083° 26.5' WMapEN84ga--
Ottawa Point/Tawas Point (Lake Huron)
Tawas Point/Ottawa Point (Lake Huron), MI
USA 837- -Michigan44° 15.0' N083° 27.0' WMapEN84gf-2
Presque Isle (Old) (Lake Huron)USA 668- -Michigan45° 21.0' N083° 30.0' WMapEN85gi-1
Presque Isle (New) (Lake Huron)USA 667Hist -Michigan45° 21.0' N083° 30.0' WMapEN85gi-2
Gravelly Shoal (Lake Huron)USA 340- -Michigan44° 1.1' N083° 32.2' WMapEN84fa--
Saginaw Bay Channel Light 1USA 1415- -Michigan43° 48.3' N083° 43.1' WMapEN83dt--
Saginaw River Range FrontUSA 940Hist -Michigan43° 38.5' N083° 51.0' WMapEN83bp--
Saginaw River Range RearUSA 717- -Michigan43° 38.1' N083° 51.0' WMapEN83bp-1
Saginaw BayUSA 1271Hist -Michigan43° 38.5' N083° 51.2' WMapEN83bp--
De Tour Reef (Lake Huron)USA 226- -Michigan45° 57.0' N083° 54.0' WMapEN85bw-2
Pipe Island (St. Marys River)USA 602Hist -Michigan46° 1.0' N083° 54.0' WMapEN86ba-1
Forty Mile Point (Lake Huron)USA 303- -Michigan45° 29.0' N083° 55.0' WMapEN85al-1
Round Island (St. Mary's River)USA 709- -Michigan46° 7.0' N084° 1.0' WMapEN76xc--
Spectacle Reef (Lake Huron)USA 782- -Michigan45° 46.0' N084° 8.0' WMapEN75ws--
Martin Reef (Lake Huron)USA 480- -Michigan45° 55.0' N084° 9.0' WMapEN75ww--
St. MarksUSA 801- -Florida30° 4.4' N084° 10.8' WMapEM70vb-5
Poe Reef (Lake Huron)USA 610- -Michigan45° 42.0' N084° 22.0' WMapEN75tq--
Bois Blanc Island (Lake Huron)USA 068- -Michigan45° 49.0' N084° 25.0' WMapEN75tt--
Fourteen Foot Shoal (Lake Huron)USA 306- -Michigan45° 41.0' N084° 26.0' WMapEN75sq--
Cheboygan Crib (Lake Huron)USA 160Hist -Michigan45° 39.4' N084° 27.9' WMapEN75sp--
Cheboygan River Range Front (Lake Huron)USA 162- -Michigan45° 39.0' N084° 28.0' WMapEN75sp-1
Cheboygan River Range Rear (Lake Huron)USA 163- -Michigan45° 39.0' N084° 28.0' WMapEN75sp--
Old Round Island Point/Round Island (Straits of Mackinac)
Round Island/Old Round Island Point (Straits of Mackinac), MI
USA 706- -Michigan45° 51.0' N084° 37.0' WMapEN75qu-2
Round Island PassageUSA 710Hist -Michigan45° 51.0' N084° 37.0' WMapEN75qu-3
Point IroquoisUSA 624- -Michigan46° 29.1' N084° 37.9' WMapEN76ql-6
Dog IslandUSA 233Hist -Florida29° 47.0' N084° 40.0' WMapEL79ps--
Crooked River
Carrabelle Light
USA 205- -Florida29° 49.6' N084° 42.0' WMapEL79pt-3
WawatamUSA 1398- --45° 52.0' N084° 43.0' WMapEN75pu--
Old Mackinac Point (Lake Huron)USA 564- -Michigan45° 47.0' N084° 44.0' WMapEN75ps-1
St. George IslandUSA 1057Hist -Florida29° 39.8' N084° 51.8' WMapEL79np-3
St. Helena Island (Lake Michigan)USA 794- -Michigan45° 51.0' N084° 52.0' WMapEN75nu-3
Whitefish PointUSA 887- -Michigan46° 46.3' N084° 57.5' WMapEN76ms-6
Petoskey (Lake Michigan)USA 1085Hist -Michigan45° 23.0' N084° 58.0' WMapEN75mj--
Harbor Point/Little Traverse (Lake Michigan)
Little Traverse/Harbor Point (Lake Michigan), MI
USA 444- -Michigan45° 25.0' N084° 59.0' WMapEN75mk--
State Street PierUSA 1326- -Michigan45° 26.0' N085° 0.0' WMapEN75mk--
Cape St. GeorgeUSA 140Hist -Florida29° 35.0' N085° 3.0' WMapEL79ln--
White Shoal (Lake Michigan)USA 886- -Michigan45° 51.0' N085° 8.0' WMapEN75ku-1
Grays Reef (Lake Michigan)USA 343- -Michigan45° 46.0' N085° 9.0' WMapEN75ks-2
Ile aux Galets/Skillagalee
Skillagalee/Ile aux Galets (Lake Michigan), MI
USA 399- -Michigan45° 41.0' N085° 10.0' WMapEN75jq--
Crisp PointUSA 203- -Michigan46° 45.2' N085° 15.4' WMapEN76is--
Charlevoix South Pierhead (Lake Michigan)USA 156- -Michigan45° 19.0' N085° 16.0' WMapEN75ih-1
Cape San Blas MuseumUSA 135M- -Florida29° 48.8' N085° 18.4' WMapEL79it-1
Cape San BlasUSA 135HHist -Florida29° 40.3' N085° 21.4' WMapEL79hq-2
St. Joseph Point Rear RangeUSA 1023Hist -Florida29° 55.0' N085° 23.0' WMapEL79hv-2
St. Joseph Point Front RangeUSA 799Hist -Florida29° 55.0' N085° 23.0' WMapEL79hv--
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 800Hist -Florida29° 55.0' N085° 23.0' WMapEL79hv--
St. Joseph Bay/St. Joseph Entrance Range Rear
St. Joseph Entrance Range Rear/St. Joseph Bay, FL
USA 1284Hist -Florida29° 55.0' N085° 23.0' WMapEL79hv-2
Naubinway Island (Lake Michigan)USA 1083- -Michigan46° 5.0' N085° 27.0' WMapEN76gc-2
Mission Point (Old) (Grand Traverse Bay)USA 504- -Michigan44° 59.5' N085° 28.8' WMapEN74gx-2
Mission Point (New) (Grand Traverse Bay)USA 1098Hist -Michigan45° 1.0' N085° 30.0' WMapEN75fa--
South Fox Island (New) (Lake Michigan)USA 1327- -Michigan45° 13.5' N085° 30.2' WMapEN75ff--
Beaver Island Harbor/St. James (Lake Michigan)
St. James/Beaver Island Harbor (Lake Michigan), MI
USA 047- -Michigan45° 45.0' N085° 31.0' WMapEN75fs-1
Grand Traverse (Lake Michigan)USA 332- -Michigan45° 12.6' N085° 33.0' WMapEN75ff--
Beaver Head/Beaver Island
Beaver Island/Beaver Head, MI
USA 046- -Michigan45° 35.0' N085° 34.0' WMapEN75fo--
Lansing Shoal (Lake Michigan)USA 428Hist -Michigan45° 54.0' N085° 34.0' WMapEN75fv-1
Squaw Island (Lake Michigan)USA 786- -Michigan45° 50.0' N085° 35.0' WMapEN75et--
South Fox Island (Old) (Lake Michigan)USA 771Hist -Michigan45° 23.0' N085° 50.0' WMapEN75bj--
Gull Island (Lake Michigan)USA 1115Hist -Michigan45° 43.0' N085° 51.0' WMapEN75br--
Seul Choix Pointe (Lake Michigan)USA 749- -Michigan45° 55.0' N085° 55.0' WMapEN75aw-3
North Manitou Shoal (Lake Michigan)USA 554- -Michigan45° 1.0' N085° 57.0' WMapEN75aa--
Grand Marais Harbor of Refuge Range RearUSA 1080- -Michigan46° 40.6' N085° 58.3' WMapEN76aq-2
Grand Marais Harbor of Refuge Range Front USA 1079- -Michigan46° 41.0' N085° 58.3' WMapEN76aq-2
Manning/Robert H. Manning Memorial (Lake Michigan)
Robert H. Manning Memorial/Manning (Lake Michigan), MI
USA 1268- -Michigan44° 49.0' N086° 4.0' WMapEN64xt--
South Manitou Island (New) (Lake Michigan)USA 773- -Michigan45° 0.0' N086° 6.0' WMapEN65wa--
Au SableUSA 022- -Michigan46° 40.4' N086° 8.4' WMapEN66wq-1
Big Red/Holland Harbor South Pierhead (Lake Michigan)
Holland Harbor South Pierhead/Big Red (Lake Michigan), MI
USA 375- -Michigan42° 46.4' N086° 12.7' WMapEN62vs-4
Kalamazoo River Pierhead South/Saugatuck Pierhead South (Lake Michigan)
Saugatuck Pierhead South/Kalamazoo River Pierhead South (Lake Michigan), MI
USA 1266- -Michigan42° 41.0' N086° 13.0' WMapEN62vq-1
Frankfort North Breakwater (Lake Michigan)USA 308Hist -Michigan44° 38.0' N086° 15.0' WMapEN64up-2
Frankfort South Breakwater (Lake Michigan)USA 1075- -Michigan44° 38.0' N086° 15.0' WMapEN64up-1
Point Betsie (Lake Michigan)USA 616- -Michigan44° 41.0' N086° 15.0' WMapEN64uq-4
Manistique Breakwater (Lake Michigan)USA 469- -Michigan45° 57.0' N086° 15.0' WMapEN65uw-1
Grand Haven South Pierhead Inner (Lake Michigan)USA 1077- -Michigan43° 3.4' N086° 15.2' WMapEN63ub-2
Grand Haven South Pierhead Outer (Lake Michigan)USA 1078- -Michigan43° 3.4' N086° 15.4' WMapEN63ub-2
South Haven South Pierhead (Lake Michigan)USA 772- -Michigan42° 24.1' N086° 17.3' WMapEN62uj-3
Muskegon South Pierhead (Lake Michigan)USA 1082- -Michigan43° 13.6' N086° 20.5' WMapEN63tf-3
Muskegon South Breakwater (Lake Michigan)USA 518- -Michigan43° 13.4' N086° 20.8' WMapEN63tf-3
Manistee Pierhead (Lake Michigan)USA 468- -Michigan44° 15.1' N086° 20.8' WMapEN64tg-3
Pentwater Pierhead North (Lake Michigan)USA 594- -Michigan43° 47.0' N086° 26.6' WMapEN63ss--
Pentwater Pierhead South (Lake Michigan)USA 1270- -Michigan43° 46.9' N086° 26.7' WMapEN63ss--
Ludington North Breakwater (Lake Michigan)USA 460Hist -Michigan43° 57.0' N086° 28.0' WMapEN63sw--
Ludington South Breakwater (Lake Michigan)USA 1081- -Michigan43° 57.0' N086° 28.0' WMapEN63sw-1
St. Joseph North Pier (Inner) (Lake Michigan)USA 797- -Michigan42° 7.0' N086° 29.6' WMapEN62sc-4
St. Joseph North Pier (Outer) (Lake Michigan)USA 798Hist -Michigan42° 7.0' N086° 29.7' WMapEN62sc-3
Big Sable Point/Grand Point Au Sable (Lake Michigan)
Grand Point Au Sable/Big Sable Point (Lake Michigan), MI
USA 054- -Michigan44° 4.0' N086° 32.0' WMapEN64rb--
Little Point Sable (Lake Michigan)USA 443- -Michigan43° 39.1' N086° 32.4' WMapEN63rp-2
Munising Front Range (Lake Superior)USA 948- -Michigan46° 25.0' N086° 39.0' WMapEN66qk-1
Munising Rear Range (Lake Superior)USA 949- -Michigan46° 25.0' N086° 39.0' WMapEN66qk--
East Channel/South Light/Grand Island East Channel (Lake Superior)
Grand Island East Channel/East Channel/South Light (Lake Superior), MI : South Light/Grand Island East Channel/East Channel (Lake Superior), MI
USA 328Hist -Michigan46° 34.0' N086° 41.0' WMapEN66pn--
Grand Island Harbor Rear Range
Grand Island Harbor Range (Rear)/Grand Island North/Old North/Christmas (Lake Superior), MI : Grand Island North/Old North/Christmas/Grand Island Harbor Range (Rear) (Lake Superior), MI : Old North/Christmas/Grand Island Harbor Range (Rear)/Grand Island N
USA 329- -Michigan46° 26.2' N086° 41.5' WMapEN66pk-1
Grand Island Harbor Front Range (Old)
Grand Island Harbor Range (Front)/Bay Furnace (Lake Superior)
USA 1110- -Michigan46° 26.3' N086° 41.5' WMapEN66pk-1
Christmas Range Rear/End Of The Road Range Rear
End Of The Road Range Rear/Christmas Range Rear, MI
USA 981- -Michigan46° 26.3' N086° 41.5' WMapEN66pk-1
Christmas Range Front/End Of The Road Range Front
End Of The Road Range Front/Christmas Range Front, MI
USA 980Hist -Michigan46° 26.0' N086° 42.0' WMapEN66pk-2
St. Martin Island (Lake Michigan)USA 802Hist -Michigan45° 30.0' N086° 46.0' WMapEN65ol--
Pottawatomie/Rock Island (Lake Michigan)
Rock Island/Pottawatomie (Lake Michigan), WI
USA 664- -Wisconsin45° 26.0' N086° 50.0' WMapEN65nk-1
Michigan City (Lake Michigan)USA 913- -Indiana41° 43.4' N086° 54.4' WMapEN61nr-2
Michigan City East Pierhead (Lake Michigan)USA 493- -Indiana41° 43.7' N086° 54.7' WMapEN61nr-2
Michigan City BreakwaterUSA 1016- -Indiana41° 43.8' N086° 54.8' WMapEN61nr-1
Pilot Island (Lake Michigan)USA 600- -Wisconsin45° 17.0' N086° 55.0' WMapEN65ng-2
Boyer Bluff (Washington Island - Lake Michigan)USA 1312- -Wisconsin45° 25.0' N086° 56.0' WMapEN65mk-1
Plum Island/Port Du Morts
Port Du Morts/Plum Island, WI H
USA 1068Hist -Wisconsin45° 18.6' N086° 57.1' WMapEN65mh-1
Plum Island Front RangeUSA 1087- -Wisconsin45° 18.2' N086° 57.3' WMapEN65mh-2
Plum Island Rear RangeUSA 608- -Wisconsin45° 18.5' N086° 57.5' WMapEN65mh-2
Peninsula Point (Lake Michigan)USA 591- -Michigan45° 40.0' N086° 58.0' WMapEN65mp-1
Minneapolis Shoal (Lake Michigan)USA 500Hist -Michigan45° 35.0' N087° 0.0' WMapEN65mo--
Squaw PointUSA 787Hist -Michigan45° 50.0' N087° 0.0' WMapEN65mt--
Escanaba Harbor (Lake Michigan)USA 275- -Michigan45° 44.8' N087° 2.2' WMapEN65lr-3
Escanaba/Sand Point (Little Bay de Noc)
Sand Point/Escanaba (Little Bay de Noc), MI
USA 726- -Michigan45° 44.7' N087° 2.7' WMapEN65lr-4
Cana Island (Lake Michigan)USA 104- -Wisconsin45° 5.0' N087° 3.0' WMapEN65lb-4
Bailey's Harbor (Lake Michigan)USA 026- -Wisconsin45° 3.0' N087° 6.0' WMapEN65kb-4
Bailey's Harbor Upper (Rear) Range (Lake Michigan)USA 027- -Wisconsin45° 4.0' N087° 7.0' WMapEN65kb-3
Bailey's Harbor Lower (Front) Range (Lake Michigan)USA 936- -Wisconsin45° 4.2' N087° 7.2' WMapEN65kb-3
Eagle Bluff (Lake Michigan)USA 252- -Wisconsin45° 10.0' N087° 14.0' WMapEN65je-4
Stannard Rock (Lake Superior)USA 808- -Michigan47° 11.0' N087° 14.0' WMapEN67je--
Fort Barrancas Range Rear (New)USA 1249- -Florida30° 21.0' N087° 18.0' WMapEM60ii--
Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal North Pierhead
Sturgeon Bay Canal North Pierhead (Lake Michigan)
USA 822- -Wisconsin44° 47.5' N087° 18.6' WMapEN64it-5
Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal
Canal Station (Lake Michigan)
USA 821- -Wisconsin44° 47.7' N087° 18.8' WMapEN64it-5
Pensacola (Old)USA 1257Hist -Florida30° 21.0' N087° 19.0' WMapEM60ii--
Pensacola (New)USA 592- -Florida30° 21.0' N087° 19.0' WMapEM60ii-3
Chambers Island (old)USA 150- -Wisconsin45° 12.1' N087° 21.9' WMapEN65he-2
Chambers Island (new)USA 1419- -Wisconsin45° 12.1' N087° 21.9' WMapEN65he-1
Presque Isle Harbor Breakwater (Lake Superior)USA 1111Hist -Michigan46° 35.0' N087° 23.0' WMapEN66ho-1
Dunlap Reef Front RangeUSA 1445Hist -Wisconsin44° 50.8' N087° 23.3' WMapEN64hu-1
Granite Island (Lake Superior)USA 333- -Michigan46° 43.0' N087° 25.0' WMapEN66gr-1
Algoma Pierhead (Lake Michigan)USA 004- -Wisconsin44° 36.0' N087° 26.0' WMapEN64go-7
Sherwood Point (Lake Michigan)USA 754- -Wisconsin44° 54.0' N087° 26.0' WMapEN64gv-5
Indiana HarborUSA 402Hist -Indiana41° 40.5' N087° 26.3' WMapEN61gq--
Indiana Harbor East BreakwaterUSA 401- -Indiana41° 40.9' N087° 26.5' WMapEN61gq--
Kewaunee ShoalUSA 1433- -Wisconsin44° 27.1' N087° 27.8' WMapEN64gk-2
Green Island NewUSA 1437- -Wisconsin45° 3.3' N087° 29.5' WMapEN65gb-2
Green Island OldUSA 945- -Wisconsin45° 3.4' N087° 29.6' WMapEN65gb-2
Calumet Harbor (Lake Michigan)USA 102Hist -Indiana41° 43.6' N087° 29.6' WMapEN61gr-1
Calumet Harbor Breakwater South End (Lake Michigan)USA 1190Hist -Indiana41° 44.0' N087° 30.0' WMapEN61fr--
Calumet Harbor Entrance South Side (Lake Michigan)USA 1191- -Indiana41° 44.0' N087° 30.0' WMapEN61fr--
Kewaunee Pierhead (Lake Michigan)USA 417- -Wisconsin44° 28.0' N087° 30.0' WMapEN64fl-6
Kewaunee Harbor Range Front (Lake Michigan)USA 1252Hist -Wisconsin44° 28.0' N087° 30.0' WMapEN64fl-2
Kewaunee Harbor Range Rear (Lake Michigan)USA 1253Hist -Wisconsin44° 28.0' N087° 30.0' WMapEN64fl-2
Kewaunee Breakwater (Lake Michigan)USA 1250- -Wisconsin44° 28.0' N087° 30.0' WMapEN64fl-4
Rawley Point (New)
Twin River Point
USA 689- -Wisconsin44° 12.6' N087° 30.5' WMapEN64ff-4
Rawley Point (Old)
Twin River Point
USA 1319- -Wisconsin44° 13.0' N087° 31.0' WMapEN64ff-2
Four Mile CribUSA 304- -Illinois41° 52.0' N087° 33.0' WMapEN61fu--
Two RiversUSA 862HHist -Wisconsin44° 8.6' N087° 33.6' WMapEN64fd--
Two Rivers MuseumUSA 862M- -Wisconsin44° 9.2' N087° 33.7' WMapEN64fd-3
William E. Dever Crib (Lake Michigan)USA 1248- -Illinois41° 55.0' N087° 34.0' WMapEN61fv--
Chicago Harbor Southeast Guidewall (Lake Michigan)USA 930Hist -Illinois41° 53.0' N087° 35.0' WMapEN61fv-1
Chicago Pierhead (Lake Michigan)USA 172Hist -Illinois41° 53.0' N087° 35.0' WMapEN61fv--
Chicago Harbor (Old) (Lake Michigan)USA 170Hist -Illinois41° 53.0' N087° 35.0' WMapEN61fv--
Chicago Harbor (Breakwater) (Lake Michigan)USA 171- -Illinois41° 53.0' N087° 35.0' WMapEN61fv-1
Wilson Avenue Crib (Lake Michigan)USA 1134Hist -Illinois41° 58.0' N087° 35.0' WMapEN61fx--
Peshtigo Reef (Lake Michigan)USA 951- -Wisconsin44° 57.0' N087° 35.0' WMapEN64fw-2
Menominee Pierhead (Lake Michigan)USA 490- -Michigan45° 6.0' N087° 35.0' WMapEN65fc-6
Manitou Island (Lake Superior)USA 470- -Michigan47° 25.0' N087° 35.0' WMapEN67fj-1
Chicago Harbor Breakwater South (Lake Michigan)USA 1185- -Illinois41° 52.0' N087° 37.0' WMapEN61eu-1
Manitowoc Breakwater (Lake Michigan)USA 471- -Wisconsin44° 6.0' N087° 39.0' WMapEN64ec-2
Manitowoc South BreakwaterUSA 1067Hist -Wisconsin44° 6.0' N087° 39.0' WMapEN64ec-2
Gull Rocks (Lake Superior)USA 361- -Michigan47° 25.0' N087° 40.0' WMapEN67ej--
Grosse Point (Lake Michigan)USA 359- -Illinois42° 3.8' N087° 40.6' WMapEN62db-3
Big Bay Point (Lake Superior)USA 053- -Michigan46° 51.0' N087° 41.0' WMapEN66du-2
Sheboygan BreakwaterUSA 752- -Wisconsin43° 45.0' N087° 41.6' WMapEN63dr-3
South PierheadUSA 1396- -Wisconsin43° 44.9' N087° 41.7' WMapEN63dr-2
Sheboygan North PointUSA 1242Hist -Wisconsin43° 45.8' N087° 41.8' WMapEN63ds-1
Sheboygan North Breakwater (Old) (Lake Michigan)USA 1244Hist -Wisconsin43° 45.2' N087° 41.9' WMapEN63ds-1
Sheboygan North Pier (Lake Michigan)USA 1243Hist -Wisconsin43° 45.0' N087° 42.0' WMapEN63dr--
North PierheadUSA 1395- -Wisconsin43° 45.0' N087° 42.2' WMapEN63dr--
Racine Reef (Old) (Lake Michigan)USA 1069Hist -Wisconsin42° 44.0' N087° 44.0' WMapEN62dr-1
Racine Reef (Lake Michigan)USA 684- -Wisconsin42° 44.0' N087° 44.0' WMapEN62dr-1
Wind Point (Lake Michigan)USA 894- -Wisconsin42° 46.9' N087° 45.5' WMapEN62cs-3
Little Fort/Waukegan Harbor (Lake Michigan)
Waukegan Harbor/Little Fort (Lake Michigan), IL H
USA 875Hist -Illinois42° 22.8' N087° 48.2' WMapEN62cj--
Kenosha North Pierhead
Kenosha Pierhead
USA 416- -Wisconsin42° 35.3' N087° 48.5' WMapEN62co-4
Kenosha Southport
USA 912- -Wisconsin42° 35.4' N087° 48.9' WMapEN62co-4
Copper Harbor - OldUSA 193Hist -Michigan47° 28.5' N087° 51.6' WMapEN67bl-2
Port WashingtonUSA 652- -Wisconsin43° 23.0' N087° 52.0' WMapEN63bj-3
Port Washington Breakwater (Lake Michigan)USA 653- -Wisconsin43° 23.0' N087° 52.0' WMapEN63bj-5
Port Washington North Pierhead (Lake Michigan)USA 654Hist -Wisconsin43° 23.0' N087° 52.0' WMapEN63bj-2
Copper Harbor - NewUSA 1073- -Michigan47° 29.0' N087° 52.0' WMapEN67bl-1
Copper Harbor Front RangeUSA 1153Hist -Michigan47° 29.0' N087° 52.0' WMapEN67bl-1
Copper Harbor Rear RangeUSA 1074- -Michigan47° 29.0' N087° 52.0' WMapEN67bl-2
Milwaukee/North Point (Lake Michigan)
North Point/Milwaukee (Lake Michigan), WI
USA 556- -Wisconsin43° 3.9' N087° 52.3' WMapEN63bb-5
Milwaukee Breakwater (Lake Michigan)USA 497- -Wisconsin43° 1.7' N087° 52.9' WMapEN63ba-9
KevichUSA 1066- -Wisconsin43° 19.4' N087° 53.4' WMapEN63bh-3
Milwaukee Pierhead (Lake Michigan)USA 498- -Wisconsin43° 1.6' N087° 53.4' WMapEN63ba-9
Green Bay Harbor Entrance (Lake Michigan)USA 352- -Wisconsin44° 39.3' N087° 54.2' WMapEN64bp-3
Bete Grise/Mendota (Lake Superior)
Mendota/Bete Grise (Lake Superior), MI
USA 489- -Michigan47° 22.0' N087° 58.0' WMapEN67ai-3
Long Tail Point (Lake Michigan)USA 452- -Wisconsin44° 35.7' N087° 58.6' WMapEN64ao-2
Grassy Island Range FrontUSA 334HHist -Wisconsin44° 33.2' N087° 59.4' WMapEN64an-5
Grassy Island Range RearUSA 339HHist -Wisconsin44° 33.2' N087° 59.5' WMapEN64an-4
Huron Island (Lake Superior)USA 395- -Michigan46° 58.0' N088° 0.0' WMapEN56xx--
Grassy Island Range Front MuseumUSA 334M- MuseumWisconsin44° 32.2' N088° 0.3' WMapEN54xm-6
Grassy Island Range Rear MuseumUSA 339M- MuseumWisconsin44° 32.2' N088° 0.3' WMapEN54xm-6
Mobile Bay
Middle Bay
USA 505- -Alabama30° 26.3' N088° 0.7' WMapEM50xk--
Battery GladdenUSA 1006Hist -Alabama30° 40.0' N088° 1.4' WMapEM50xq--
Mobile PointUSA 1256- -Alabama30° 13.7' N088° 1.5' WMapEM50xf-2
Mobile Point Range RearUSA 506Hist -Alabama30° 14.0' N088° 2.0' WMapEM50xf-1
Sand IslandUSA 723- -Alabama30° 11.3' N088° 3.0' WMapEM50xe-2
Eagle Harbor (Lake Superior)USA 253- -Michigan47° 28.0' N088° 10.0' WMapEN57wl-2
Eagle Harbor Range (Front) (Lake Superior)USA 254Hist -Michigan47° 28.0' N088° 10.0' WMapEN57wl-2
Eagle Harbor Range (Rear) (Lake Superior)USA 255Hist -Michigan47° 28.0' N088° 10.0' WMapEN57wl-2
Sand Hills (Lake Superior)USA 721Hist -Michigan47° 24.0' N088° 22.0' WMapEN57tj-4
Passage Island (Lake Superior)USA 583Hist -Michigan48° 13.0' N088° 22.0' WMapEN58tf--
Jacobsville/Portage River (Lake Superior)
Portage River/Jacobsville (Lake Superior), MI
USA 658- -Michigan46° 59.0' N088° 25.0' WMapEN56sx-2
Keweenaw Lower Entrance (Lake Superior)USA 418- -Michigan46° 58.1' N088° 25.9' WMapEN56sx-2
Fond du Lac (Lake Winnebago)USA 925- -Wisconsin43° 47.7' N088° 26.3' WMapEN53st-3
Indian Country Sports (Lake Superior)USA 1154Hist -Michigan46° 45.0' N088° 27.0' WMapEN56ss-1
Baraga/Sand Point (Keweenaw Bay)
Sand Point/Baraga (Keweenaw Bay), MI
USA 725Hist -Michigan46° 47.0' N088° 28.0' WMapEN56ss-2
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 979- -Wisconsin44° 3.7' N088° 30.9' WMapEN54rb-3
Bray's Point/Rockwell (Lake Winnebago)
Rockwell/Bray's Point (Lake Winnebago), WI
USA 1255Hist -Wisconsin44° 0.5' N088° 31.2' WMapEN54ra-1
Round Island MuseumUSA 711M- -Mississippi30° 22.2' N088° 33.4' WMapEM50ri--
East Pascagoula RiverUSA 260Hist -Mississippi30° 20.6' N088° 34.1' WMapEM50ri--
Round IslandUSA 711HHist -Mississippi30° 17.5' N088° 35.2' WMapEM50qhNA-082-
Keweenaw Upper Entrance (Lake Superior)USA 419Hist -Michigan47° 14.0' N088° 38.0' WMapEN57qf-2
Horn IslandUSA 379Hist -Mississippi30° 15.7' N088° 40.9' WMapEM50pgNA-082-
Isle Royale/Menagerie Island
Menagerie Island/Isle Royale, MI
USA 407- -Michigan47° 57.0' N088° 46.0' WMapEN57ow--
BiloxiUSA 056- -Mississippi30° 23.7' N088° 54.1' WMapEM50nj-3
Ship IslandUSA 1141Hist -Mississippi30° 12.8' N088° 58.0' WMapEM50mfNA-082-
Ship Island Rear Range
West Ship Island Rear Range Light
USA 756- -Mississippi30° 12.8' N088° 58.0' WMapEM50mfNA-082-
Broadwater Beach Hotel Marina ChannelUSA 1240- -Mississippi30° 23.0' N088° 58.0' WMapEM50mj-1
Cat IslandUSA 145Hist -Mississippi30° 13.6' N089° 6.2' WMapEM50kfNA-0821
Fourteen Mile Point (Lake Superior)USA 944- -Michigan46° 59.6' N089° 7.5' WMapEN56kx--
South Pass Range Rear/South Pass
South Pass/South Pass Range Rear, LA
USA 774- -Louisiana29° 1.0' N089° 10.0' WMapEL59ka--
Ontonagon (Lake Superior)USA 569- -Michigan46° 52.0' N089° 19.0' WMapEN56iu-1
Rock of Ages (Lake Superior)USA 698- -Michigan47° 52.0' N089° 19.0' WMapEN57iu--
Ontonagon West Pierhead (Lake Superior)USA 1084Hist -Michigan46° 53.0' N089° 20.0' WMapEN56hv-1
Southwest Pass EntranceUSA 1101- -Louisiana28° 54.0' N089° 26.0' WMapEL58gv--
Bayou BonfoucaUSA 070Hist -Louisiana30° 16.0' N089° 48.0' WMapEM50cg--
Barataria BayUSA 035Hist -Louisiana29° 16.0' N089° 58.0' WMapEL59ag--
Milneburg/Pontchartrain Beach/Port Pontchartrain
Pontchartrain Beach/Port Pontchartrain/Milneburg, LA : Port Pontchartrain/Milneburg/Pontchartrain Beach, LA
USA 650Hist -Louisiana30° 1.9' N090° 3.7' WMapEM40xa-1
New CanalUSA 536- -Louisiana30° 1.6' N090° 6.8' WMapEM40wa-2
Grand Marais West BreakwaterUSA 1383- -Minnesota47° 45.0' N090° 20.0' WMapEN47tr--
Grand Marais (New)USA 330- -Minnesota47° 44.7' N090° 20.3' WMapEN47tr--
Outer Island (Lake Superior)USA 572- -Wisconsin47° 5.0' N090° 25.0' WMapEN47tb--
Gull Island (Lake Superior)USA 1065- -Wisconsin46° 54.0' N090° 27.0' WMapEN46sv--
Michigan Island (New) (Lake Superior)USA 494- -Wisconsin46° 52.0' N090° 30.0' WMapEN46su-1
Michigan Island (Old) (Lake Superior)USA 947- -Wisconsin46° 52.0' N090° 30.0' WMapEN46su-1
Amite RiverUSA 1099Hist -Louisiana30° 18.0' N090° 34.0' WMapEM40rh--
Devils Island (Lake Superior)USA 228Hist -Wisconsin47° 5.0' N090° 44.0' WMapEN47pb-1
La Pointe/Long Island (Lake Superior)
Long Island/La Pointe (Lake Superior), WI
USA 423Hist -Wisconsin46° 44.0' N090° 47.0' WMapEN46or--
Raspberry Island (Lake Superior)USA 688- -Wisconsin46° 58.0' N090° 48.0' WMapEN46ox-3
Chequamegon Point (Lake Superior)USA 164Hist -Wisconsin46° 44.0' N090° 49.0' WMapEN46or--
Ashland Harbor Breakwater (Lake Superior)USA 019- -Wisconsin46° 38.0' N090° 52.0' WMapEN46np-3
Sand Island (Lake Superior)USA 722Hist -Wisconsin47° 0.0' N090° 56.0' WMapEN47ma-1
Mark Twain MemorialUSA 915Hist -Missouri39° 42.9' N091° 21.5' WMapEM49hr-2
Split Rock (Lake Superior)USA 783- -Minnesota47° 12.0' N091° 22.0' WMapEN47he-17
Point Au Fer ReefUSA 613Hist -Louisiana29° 22.0' N091° 23.0' WMapEL49hi--
Two Harbors (Lake Superior)USA 861- -Minnesota47° 1.0' N091° 40.0' WMapEN47ea-10
Two Harbors East Breakwater (Lake Superior)USA 1024- -Minnesota47° 1.0' N091° 40.0' WMapEN47ea-9
Superior Entry South Breakwater/Wisconsin Point
Wisconsin Point/Superior Entry South Breakwater (Lake Superior), WI
USA 829- -Wisconsin46° 42.6' N092° 0.4' WMapEN36xr-3
Minnesota Point/Point Zero (Lake Superior)
Point Zero/Minnesota Point (Lake Superior), MN
USA 499- -Minnesota46° 42.6' N092° 1.6' WMapEN36xr-2
Duluth North Pier (Lake Superior)USA 238- -Minnesota46° 46.9' N092° 4.9' WMapEN36xs-3
Duluth Harbor South Breakwater Outer (Lake Superior)USA 237- -Minnesota46° 47.0' N092° 5.0' WMapEN36xs-3
Duluth Harbor South Breakwater Inner (Lake Superior)USA 240- -Minnesota46° 47.0' N092° 6.0' WMapEN36ws-3
Sabine PassUSA 714- -Louisiana29° 43.0' N093° 51.0' WMapEL39br-3
Sabine BankUSA 712Hist -Texas29° 44.1' N093° 53.6' WMapEL39br-3
Double Bayou Beacon (Galveston Bay)USA 1179Hist -Texas29° 39.4' N094° 41.5' WMapEL29pp-2
Galveston South JettyUSA 315Hist -Texas29° 19.7' N094° 41.6' WMapEL29ph-3
Trinity River BeaconUSA 1183Hist -Texas29° 44.9' N094° 42.9' WMapEL29pr-1
Galveston Bay Entrance Channel Range A FrontUSA 1339- -Texas29° 21.0' N094° 43.0' WMapEL29pi-1
Galveston North JettyUSA 1193Hist -Texas29° 21.4' N094° 43.4' WMapEL29pi-3
Galveston Lightship
LV 28
USA 1411Hist -Texas29° 20.8' N094° 43.5' WMapEL29pi--
Texas City Channel Cut A Outer Range FrontUSA 1355- -Texas29° 20.0' N094° 45.0' WMapEL29oi-1
Houston Ship Channel Entrance Outer Range FrontUSA 1349- -Texas29° 20.0' N094° 46.0' WMapEL29oi-1
Galveston Bay Entrance Channel Range B FrontUSA 1341- -Texas29° 21.0' N094° 46.0' WMapEL29oi-1
Bolivar Point
Point Bolivar, TX
USA 069- -Texas29° 22.0' N094° 46.0' WMapEL29oi-4
Lower Galveston Bay Outer Range RearUSA 1352- -Texas29° 19.0' N094° 47.0' WMapEL29oh-1
Galveston Bay Entrance Channel Range C Front Range/Inner Bar Channel Front Range
Inner Bar Channel Front Range/Galveston Bay Entrance Channel Range C Front Range, TX
USA 1343- -Texas29° 21.0' N094° 47.0' WMapEL29oi-2
Galveston Bay Outer Bar Channel Rear RangeUSA 1346Hist -Texas29° 22.0' N094° 47.0' WMapEL29oi-2
Galveston Bay Entrance Channel Range C Rear Range/Inner Bar Channel Rear Range
Inner Bar Channel Rear Range/Galveston Bay Entrance Channel Range C Rear Range, TX
USA 1344- -Texas29° 20.0' N094° 48.0' WMapEL29oi-2
Texas City Channel Cut B Outer Range FrontUSA 1359- -Texas29° 22.0' N094° 49.0' WMapEL29oi-1
Houston Ship Channel Entrance Inner Range FrontUSA 1347- -Texas29° 23.0' N094° 49.0' WMapEL29oj-1
Texas City Channel Cut A Inner Range FrontUSA 1353- -Texas29° 22.0' N094° 50.0' WMapEL29oi-1
Texas City Channel Cut B Inner Range FrontUSA 1357- -Texas29° 23.0' N094° 53.0' WMapEL29nj-1
Morgans Point Approach Outer Range Rear LightUSA 1448- -Texas29° 34.7' N094° 56.5' WMapEL29mn--
Morgans Point Approach Outer Range Front LightUSA 1447- -Texas29° 35.8' N094° 56.9' WMapEL29mo--
KemahUSA 1410- -Texas29° 32.4' N095° 1.1' WMapEL29lm--
Lower Peggy's Lake Outbound Range Rear LightUSA 1454- -Texas29° 43.7' N095° 1.2' WMapEL29lr--
Upper Red Light Bend Inbound Range Front LightUSA 1449- -Texas29° 43.6' N095° 1.2' WMapEL29lr--
Lower Peggy's Lake Outbound Range Front LightUSA 1453- -Texas29° 43.7' N095° 1.3' WMapEL29lr--
Lower Peggy's Lake Inbound Range Front LightUSA 1451- -Texas29° 43.9' N095° 3.1' WMapEL29lr--
Lower Peggy's Lake Inbound Range Rear LightUSA 1452- -Texas29° 44.0' N095° 3.4' WMapEL29lr--
League City/South Shore HarborUSA 1184- -Texas29° 33.0' N095° 5.0' WMapEL29kn-4
Freeport Jetty Inbound Range FrontUSA 1399- -Texas28° 56.6' N095° 18.3' WMapEL28iw--
Freeport Jetty Inbound Range RearUSA 1400- -Texas28° 56.6' N095° 18.3' WMapEL28iw--
Half Moon Reef (Matagorda Bay)USA 363HHist -Texas28° 33.8' N096° 14.5' WMapEL18vn-4
Matagorda IslandUSA 482- -Texas28° 20.3' N096° 25.4' WMapEL18si-2
Half Moon Reef (Bay Front Park)
Half Moon Reef (Matagorda Bay), TX H
USA 363M- MuseumTexas28° 38.2' N096° 37.0' WMapEL18qp-4
Texas Maritime MuseumUSA 1247- -Texas28° 1.6' N097° 2.9' WMapEL18la-2
Corpus Christi Channel Cut A East Range RearUSA 1366- -Texas27° 51.0' N097° 3.0' WMapEL17lu-1
Aransas Pass/Lydia Ann Channel
Lydia Ann Channel/Aransas Pass, TX
USA 018- -Texas27° 52.0' N097° 3.0' WMapEL17lu-4
Corpus Christi Channel Cut A East Range FrontUSA 1392- -Texas27° 50.7' N097° 3.3' WMapEL17lu-1
Harbor Island Range RearUSA 1368- -Texas27° 51.0' N097° 4.0' WMapEL17lu-1
Harbor Island Range FrontUSA 1367- -Texas27° 51.0' N097° 4.0' WMapEL17lu-1
Brazos Santiago Depot
Brazos Island
USA 1393Hist -Texas26° 3.8' N097° 9.1' WMapEL16kb--
Brazos Santiago (New)USA 080Hist -Texas26° 4.1' N097° 9.4' WMapEL16kb-2
Brownsville Entrance Range RearUSA 1373- -Texas26° 4.0' N097° 11.0' WMapEL16jb--
Corpus Christi Channel Cut B East Range RearUSA 1363- -Texas27° 49.0' N097° 11.0' WMapEL17jt--
Brownsville Range C RearUSA 1376- -Texas26° 3.0' N097° 12.0' WMapEL16jb--
Port IsabelUSA 649- -Texas26° 4.7' N097° 12.5' WMapEL16jb-4
La Quinta Outer Range RearUSA 1370- -Texas27° 28.0' N097° 13.0' WMapEL17jl-1
Brownsville Range A RearUSA 1374- -Texas26° 1.0' N097° 14.0' WMapEL16ja--
Brownsville Range E RearUSA 1378- -Texas26° 2.0' N097° 14.0' WMapEL16ja--
La Quinta Inner Range RearUSA 1369- -Texas27° 54.0' N097° 15.0' WMapEL17iv-1
Corpus Christi Channel Cut A West Range RearUSA 1362- -Texas27° 48.0' N097° 16.0' WMapEL17it--
Brownsville Range B RearUSA 1375- -Texas26° 1.0' N097° 17.0' WMapEL16ia--
Brownsville Range G RearUSA 1381- -Texas25° 59.0' N097° 18.0' WMapEL15ix--
Brownsville Range D RearUSA 1377- -Texas25° 58.0' N097° 20.0' WMapEL15ix--
Brownsville Range F FrontUSA 1379- -Texas25° 57.0' N097° 24.0' WMapEL15hw--
Corpus Christi Channel Cut B West Range FrontUSA 1364- -Texas27° 49.0' N097° 24.0' WMapEL17ht-1
Corpus Christi Channel Cut B West Range RearUSA 1365- -Texas27° 49.0' N097° 25.0' WMapEL17ht-1
Port Mansfield Range FrontUSA 1403- -Texas26° 33.5' N097° 25.5' WMapEL16gn--
Port Mansfield Entrance Range RearUSA 1401- -Texas26° 33.5' N097° 25.5' WMapEL16gn--
Brownsville Range F RearUSA 1380- -Texas25° 56.0' N097° 26.0' WMapEL15gw--
Laguna Madre Channel Range FrontUSA 1322- -Texas26° 33.0' N097° 26.0' WMapEL16gn-1
Laguna Madre Channel Range RearUSA 1323- -Texas26° 33.0' N097° 26.0' WMapEL16gn-1
Lake BuchananUSA 1408- -Texas30° 47.6' N098° 25.8' WMapEM00st--
Harbor Island
Tom Ham's Lighthouse
USA 1439- -California32° 43.5' N117° 12.8' WMapDM12jr--
Ballast PointUSA 033Hist -California32° 41.2' N117° 14.0' WMapDM12jq--
San Diego Entrance Range RearUSA 1440- -California32° 42.5' N117° 14.0' WMapDM12jr--
Point Loma (old)USA 627- -California32° 40.3' N117° 14.5' WMapDM12jq--
Point Loma (new)USA 626- -California32° 39.9' N117° 14.6' WMapDM12jp--
Long Beach (Old)USA 1315Hist -California33° 43.0' N118° 11.0' WMapDM03vr--
Long Beach/Robot Light (New)
Robot Light/Long Beach (New), CA
USA 447- -California33° 43.0' N118° 11.0' WMapDM03vr-1
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 1148- -California33° 46.0' N118° 12.0' WMapDM03vs--
Parker's/Shoreline Marina
Shoreline Marina/Parker's, CA
USA 1238Hist -California33° 46.0' N118° 12.0' WMapDM03vs-2
Angel's Gate/Los Angeles Harbor/San Pedro Harbor
Los Angeles Harbor/San Pedro Harbor/Angel's Gate, CA : San Pedro Harbor/Angel's Gate/Los Angeles Harbor, CA
USA 014- -California33° 43.0' N118° 15.0' WMapDM03vr-2
Point Fermin - San PedroUSA 621- -California33° 42.0' N118° 18.0' WMapDM03uq-2
Point VicenteUSA 640Hist -California33° 45.0' N118° 25.0' WMapDM03ss-2
Clover IslandUSA 1455- -Washington46° 13.1' N119° 7.0' WMapDN06kf--
Point HuenemeUSA 623- -California34° 9.0' N119° 13.0' WMapDM04jd-1
Anacapa IslandUSA 012- -California34° 1.0' N119° 22.0' WMapDM04ha-5
Santa BarbaraUSA 736Hist -California34° 24.0' N119° 43.0' WMapDM04dj-1
Point ConceptionUSA 620- -California34° 27.0' N120° 28.0' WMapCM94sk--
Point ArguelloUSA 612Hist -California34° 35.0' N120° 39.0' WMapCM94qo--
Point San Luis/San Luis Obispo/Port Harford
Port Harford/Point San Luis/San Luis Obispo, CA : San Luis Obispo/Port Harford/Point San Luis, CA
USA 720- -California35° 10.0' N120° 46.0' WMapCM95oe--
Piedras BlancasUSA 598- -California35° 40.0' N121° 17.0' WMapCM95iq--
Point SurUSA 639- -California36° 18.0' N121° 54.0' WMapCM96bh--
Point PinosUSA 634- -California36° 38.0' N121° 56.0' WMapCM96ap-2
Santa Cruz West Breakwater/Walton Lighthouse
Walton Lighthouse/Santa Cruz West Breakwater, CA
USA 1001- -California36° 58.0' N122° 0.0' WMapCM86xx--
Mark Abbot Memorial/Santa Cruz (New)
Santa Cruz (New)/Mark Abbot Memorial, CA
USA 1000- -California36° 57.0' N122° 2.0' WMapCM86xw-1
Santa Cruz (Old)USA 737Hist -California36° 57.0' N122° 2.0' WMapCM86xw--
Anthony'sUSA 1109- -Washington48° 0.0' N122° 13.0' WMapCN88va-1
MukilteoUSA 517- -Washington47° 56.9' N122° 18.4' WMapCN87uw-3
Lightship Swiftsure
Swiftsure Lighship, LV-83, WA
USA 831- -Washington47° 37.7' N122° 20.2' WMapCN87tp-2
Goat Island/Yerba Buena Island
Yerba Buena Island/Goat Island, CA
USA 908- -California37° 48.0' N122° 22.0' WMapCM87tt-1
Point RobinsonUSA 637- -Washington47° 23.3' N122° 22.5' WMapCN87tj-4
Pigeon PointUSA 599- -California37° 10.9' N122° 23.6' WMapCM87te-2
Alki PointUSA 005- -Washington47° 34.6' N122° 25.2' WMapCN87sn-3
Alcatraz IslandUSA 003- -California37° 49.6' N122° 25.3' WMapCM87st-2
East Brother IslandUSA 258- -California37° 57.8' N122° 26.0' WMapCM87sx-3
West PointUSA 878- -Washington47° 39.7' N122° 26.1' WMapCN87sp--
Browns PointUSA 089- -Washington47° 18.4' N122° 26.6' WMapCN87sh-2
Fort PointUSA 295- -California37° 48.6' N122° 28.6' WMapCM87st--
Lime PointUSA 434- -California37° 49.5' N122° 28.7' WMapCM87st--
Mile RocksUSA 496Hist -California37° 47.6' N122° 30.6' WMapCM87rt--
Point MontaraUSA 629Hist -California37° 32.0' N122° 31.0' WMapCM87rm--
Point No PointUSA 631- -Washington47° 54.7' N122° 31.6' WMapCN87rv-6
Point BonitaUSA 618Hist -California37° 49.0' N122° 31.8' WMapCM87rt--
Gig HarborUSA 1064- -Washington47° 19.6' N122° 34.5' WMapCN87rh--
Admiralty HeadUSA 002- -Washington48° 9.6' N122° 40.9' WMapCN88pdNA-0653
Marrowstone PointUSA 478- -Washington48° 6.1' N122° 41.3' WMapCN88pc-3
Burrows IslandUSA 098- -Washington48° 28.7' N122° 42.8' WMapCN88pl--
Point Wilson (New)USA 641- -Washington48° 8.6' N122° 45.2' WMapCN88od-2
Point Wilson (Old)USA 1318Hist -Washington48° 8.6' N122° 45.3' WMapCN88od--
SemiahmooUSA 747Hist -Washington48° 59.5' N122° 47.0' WMapCN88ox--
Smith IslandUSA 763Hist -Washington48° 19.1' N122° 50.6' WMapCN88nh--
Dofflemyer PointUSA 232- -Washington47° 8.4' N122° 54.3' WMapCN87nd--
Patos IslandUSA 584- -Washington48° 47.3' N122° 58.3' WMapCN88ms--
Farallon IslandUSA 281- -California37° 42.0' N123° 0.0' WMapCM87lq-1
Point ReyesUSA 636- -California37° 59.7' N123° 1.4' WMapCM87lx-3
Point RobertsUSA 1237Hist -Washington48° 58.3' N123° 5.0' WMapCN88kx--
New DungenessUSA 538- -Washington48° 10.9' N123° 6.6' WMapCN88ke-5
Lime KilnUSA 433- -Washington48° 31.0' N123° 9.2' WMapCN88km--
Turn PointUSA 858Hist -Washington48° 41.3' N123° 14.2' WMapCN88jq-2
Point ArenaUSA 611Hist -California38° 57.3' N123° 44.4' WMapCM88dw-5
Columbia Lightship (WLV-604)
Lightship Columbia, WLV-604, OR
USA 184Hist -Oregon46° 11.4' N123° 49.5' WMapCN86ce-2
Point CabrilloUSA 619Hist -California39° 20.9' N123° 49.6' WMapCM89ci-2
Desdemona SandsUSA 982Hist -Oregon46° 13.5' N123° 57.3' WMapCN86af--
Cape MearesUSA 128- -Oregon45° 29.2' N123° 58.7' WMapCN85al-1
Tillamook RockUSA 849- -Oregon45° 56.2' N124° 1.1' WMapCN75xw--
Cape DisappointmentUSA 112- -Washington46° 16.5' N124° 3.1' WMapCN76xg-2
Yaquina BayUSA 906- -Oregon44° 37.4' N124° 3.8' WMapCN74xo-2
Cape Mendocino
Mal Coombs Park
USA 129M- MuseumCalifornia40° 1.3' N124° 4.2' WMapCN70xa--
North HeadUSA 553- -Washington46° 17.9' N124° 4.6' WMapCN76xh-2
Yaquina HeadUSA 907- -Oregon44° 40.6' N124° 4.8' WMapCN74xq-3
Cleft Of The RockUSA 964- -Oregon44° 17.4' N124° 6.6' WMapCN74wg-3
Grays Harbor/Westport
Westport/Grays Harbor, WA
USA 342- -Washington46° 53.3' N124° 7.0' WMapCN76wv-2
Heceta HeadUSA 368- -Oregon44° 8.2' N124° 7.7' WMapCN74wd--
Trinidad HeadUSA 855- -California41° 3.0' N124° 9.0' WMapCN71wb-1
Umpqua RiverUSA 866- -Oregon43° 39.7' N124° 11.9' WMapCN73vp-1
Battery Point/Crescent City
Crescent City/Battery Point, CA
USA 043- -California41° 44.6' N124° 12.2' WMapCN71vr--
Humboldt HarborUSA 1108Hist -California40° 46.0' N124° 14.0' WMapCN70vs--
Slip PointUSA 762- -Washington48° 15.9' N124° 15.0' WMapCN78vg--
Pelican Bay/Port of Brookings-Harbor
Port of Brookings-Harbor/Pelican Bay, OR
USA 1005- -Oregon42° 3.0' N124° 16.0' WMapCN72ub-1
Cape AragoUSA 106- -Oregon43° 20.5' N124° 22.5' WMapCN73ti-1
Cape MendocinoUSA 129HHist -California40° 26.3' N124° 24.5' WMapCN70tk--
Coquille River (Bandon)USA 194- -Oregon43° 7.4' N124° 25.4' WMapCN73sc-2
Destruction IslandUSA 225- -Washington47° 41.0' N124° 29.0' WMapCN77sq--
Cape BlancoUSA 107- -Oregon42° 50.2' N124° 33.8' WMapCN72ru-5
Cape FlatteryUSA 117- -Washington48° 23.6' N124° 44.2' WMapCN78pj--
Upper Red Light Bend Inbound Range Rear LightUSA 1450- -Texas29° 44.0' N095° 1.2' EMapNL79mr--
Corpus Christi Channel Cut B East Range FrontUSA 1391- -Texas27° 48.6' N097° 13.7' EMapNL87ot-1

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