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CoordinatesGridsquareIOTA# of
AbseconUSA 001- -New Jersey39° 22.0' N074° 24.8' WMapFM29ti-4
Ambrose Light TowerUSA 009- -New Jersey40° 27.0' N073° 48.0' WMapFN30ck--
Old Barney
USA 039- -New Jersey39° 45.9' N074° 6.4' WMapFM29ws-4
Barnegat Lightship (LV-79) Camden
Lightship Barnegat, LV-79, Camden, NJ
USA 040- -New Jersey39° 57.4' N075° 6.7' WMapFM29kw-4
Bergen PointUSA 052Hist -New Jersey------
Brandywine ShoalUSA 076- -New Jersey38° 59.0' N075° 7.0' WMapFM28kx-2
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 093- -New Jersey------
Cape May PointUSA 127- -New Jersey38° 56.0' N074° 57.6' WMapFM28mw-5
Chapel Hill Rear RangeUSA 153- -New Jersey40° 24.0' N074° 4.0' WMapFN20xj-1
Chapel Hill Front Range/Conover Beacon
Conover Beacon/Chapel Hill Front Range, NJ
USA 191- -New Jersey40° 25.0' N074° 3.0' WMapFN20xk-1
Deepwater Point Range FrontUSA 218Hist -New Jersey39° 41.2' N075° 30.5' WMapFM29fq--
Deepwater Point Range RearUSA 219Hist -New Jersey39° 42.0' N075° 30.0' WMapFM29fq--
East Point/Maurice River
Maurice River/East Point, NJ
USA 262- -New Jersey39° 11.8' N075° 1.6' WMapFM29le-4
Egg Island PointUSA 267Hist -New Jersey39° 10.0' N075° 9.0' WMapFM29ke--
Elbow of Cross LedgeUSA 270- -New Jersey39° 11.0' N075° 16.0' WMapFM29ie-1
Finns Point Range (Front)USA 284Hist -New Jersey------
Finns Point Range (Rear)/Fort Mott
Fort Mott/Finns Point Range (Rear), NJ
USA 285Hist -New Jersey39° 37.0' N075° 32.0' WMapFM29fo-5
Fort Mifflin Bar Cut Range RearUSA 293Hist -New Jersey------
Great BedsUSA 344Hist -New Jersey40° 29.0' N074° 15.0' WMapFN20ul-1
Hereford InletUSA 370- -New Jersey39° 0.4' N074° 47.5' WMapFM29oa-7
Horseshoe Range East Group (Rear)USA 381Hist -New Jersey------
Horseshoe Range East Group (Upper Front)USA 382Hist -New Jersey------
Horseshoe Range East Group (Lower Front)USA 383Hist -New Jersey------
Ludlam BeachUSA 461Hist -New Jersey------
Miah Maull ShoalUSA 492Hist -New Jersey39° 8.0' N075° 13.0' WMapFM29jd-3
Navesink TwinUSA 530- -New Jersey40° 23.8' N073° 59.1' WMapFN30aj-2
Robbins ReefUSA 695- -New Jersey40° 39.0' N074° 4.0' WMapFN20xp--
Romer ShoalsUSA 701- -New Jersey40° 31.0' N074° 1.0' WMapFN20xm--
Sandy HookUSA 731- -New Jersey40° 27.7' N074° 0.1' WMapFN20xl-4
Sea GirtUSA 744- -New Jersey40° 8.2' N074° 1.6' WMapFN20xd-2
Ship John ShoalUSA 758- -New Jersey39° 18.0' N075° 23.0' WMapFM29hh-3
Statue of LibertyUSA 810- -New Jersey40° 41.3' N074° 2.7' WMapFN20xq-1
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 851Hist -New Jersey39° 51.0' N075° 15.0' WMapFM29ju--
Tinicum Island Range (Rear)USA 852Hist -New Jersey39° 50.8' N075° 14.4' WMapFM29ju-4
Lightship Winter Quarter
Winter Quarter Lighship, LV-107, NJ
USA 902- -New Jersey------
Tucker Island
Little Egg Harbor, Sea Haven
USA 911Hist -New Jersey39° 30.0' N074° 18.2' WMapFM29ul-6
Cross LedgeUSA 931Hist -New Jersey39° 12.0' N075° 14.0' WMapFM29je--
Billingsport Front Light Station/Tinicum Island Range Front/Fort Mifflin Bar Cut Front Range
Fort Mifflin Bar Cut Front Range/Billingsport Front Light Station/Tinicum Island Range Front, NJ H : Tinicum Island Range Front/Fort Mifflin Bar Cut Front Range/Billingsport Front Light Station, NJ H
USA 932Hist -New Jersey39° 51.0' N075° 15.0' WMapFM29ju--
PassaicUSA 933Hist -New Jersey------
Bayside Beacon/Waackaack Front Range/Point Comfort
Point Comfort/Bayside Beacon/Waackaack Front Range, NJ H : Waackaack Front Range/Point Comfort/Bayside Beacon, NJ H
USA 934Hist -New Jersey30° 27.0' N074° 8.0' WMapFM20wk--
Waackaack Rear RangeUSA 935Hist -New Jersey30° 27.0' N074° 8.0' WMapFM20wk--
Cohansey CreekUSA 1033Hist -New Jersey39° 20.0' N075° 22.0' WMapFM29hi--
Maurice River Cove Range (Front)USA 1034Hist -New Jersey------
Maurice River Cove Range (Rear)USA 1035Hist -New Jersey------
Sandy Hook East Beacon
Sandy Hook North Beacon, Sandy Hook Point
USA 1036Hist -New Jersey40° 27.3' N074° 0.5' WMapFN20xk--
Elbow BeaconUSA 1192Hist -New Jersey40° 42.0' N074° 7.0' WMapFN20wq--
Sandy Hook West Beacon
Sandy Hook South Beacon
USA 1209Hist -New Jersey40° 27.8' N074° 0.5' WMapFN20xl--

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