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Belle Isle South West (Labrador)CAN 649- -Newfoundland and Labrador------
Point LatineCAN 842Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador------
Saddle Island (Old)CAN 750- -Newfoundland and Labrador------
Tikkerasuk Island/Winsor Harbour Island (Kanairiktok Bay)
Winsor Harbour Island/Tikkerasuk Island (Kanairiktok Bay), NF H
CAN 1361Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador------
Indian Tickle/White Point (Rocky Bay)
White Point/Indian Tickle (Rocky Bay), NF H
CAN 1360Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador------
Sloop Harbour Point/South Teapot (Brig Harbour Island)
South Teapot/Sloop Harbour Point (Brig Harbour Island), NF H
CAN 1359Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador------
Sandy Point IslandCAN 1358Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador------
Hawke Bay/Red Island
Red Island/Hawke Bay, NF H
CAN 1357Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador------
Pack's Harbour (Sandwich Bay)CAN 1356Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador------
Belle Isle North East (Labrador)CAN 648- -Newfoundland and Labrador------
St. Lawrence PointCAN 843Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador------
Cape PineCAN 653- -Newfoundland and Labrador46° 1.0' N053° 32.0' WMapGN36fa--
Fortune Bay North (Wharf)CAN 185- -Newfoundland and Labrador46° 20.0' N062° 21.0' WMapFN86th--
Cape Race (New)CAN 118- -Newfoundland and Labrador46° 40.0' N053° 4.0' WMapGN36lp-1
Powels HeadCAN 698- -Newfoundland and Labrador46° 41.0' N053° 24.0' WMapGN36hq--
Cape St. Mary'sCAN 721Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador46° 49.0' N054° 12.0' WMapGN26vt--
Allan's Island/Lamaline
Lamaline/Allan's Island, NF H
CAN 670Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador46° 51.0' N055° 48.0' WMapGN26cu--
Green Island (Fortune Bay)CAN 658- -Newfoundland and Labrador46° 52.0' N056° 5.0' WMapGN16xu--
Bear Cove Point/Fermeuse
Fermeuse/Bear Cove Point, NF
CAN 1326- -Newfoundland and Labrador46° 56.0' N052° 54.0' WMapGN36nw--
Little Burin IslandCAN 691- -Newfoundland and Labrador46° 59.0' N055° 12.0' WMapGN26jx--
Ferryland HeadCAN 656- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 1.0' N052° 51.0' WMapGN37na--
Fortune Head (Fortune Bay)CAN 1284- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 4.0' N055° 52.0' WMapGN27bb--
Tides Cove PointCAN 1341- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 6.0' N055° 4.0' WMapGN27lc--
Grand BankCAN 686Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 6.0' N055° 45.0' WMapGN27dc--
Point VerdeCAN 807- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 14.0' N054° 1.0' WMapGN27xf--
GarnishCAN 685Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 14.0' N055° 22.0' WMapGN27hf--
Brunette Island (Fortune Bay)CAN 797Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 15.0' N055° 52.0' WMapGN27bf--
Long Island (Placentia Bay)CAN 692- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 18.0' N054° 42.0' WMapGN27ph--
Bay Bulls/Bull Head
Bull Head/Bay Bulls, NF
CAN 650- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 19.0' N052° 45.0' WMapGN37ph--
Marticot IslandCAN 694Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 19.0' N054° 35.0' WMapGN27qh--
Harbour Island (Penguin)CAN 689Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 23.0' N056° 59.0' WMapGN17mj--
St. JacquesCAN 669- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 28.0' N055° 24.0' WMapGN27hl--
Rocky Point (Harbour Breton)CAN 699- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 29.0' N055° 48.0' WMapGN27cl--
Cape Spear (Old)CAN 748- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 31.0' N052° 37.0' WMapGN37qm--
Cape Spear (New)CAN 148Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 31.0' N052° 37.0' WMapGN37qm--
Northwest Head (Ramea)CAN 695- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 31.0' N057° 25.0' WMapGN17gm--
BrigusCAN 832- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 33.0' N053° 11.0' WMapGN37jn--
Fort AmherstCAN 683- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 34.0' N052° 41.0' WMapGN37pn--
North Head (Brigus)CAN 664- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 34.0' N052° 41.0' WMapGN37pn--
West Point (Francois)CAN 701- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 34.0' N056° 44.0' WMapGN17pn--
Channel Head/Port aux Basques
Port aux Basques/Channel Head, NF
CAN 654- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 34.0' N059° 7.0' WMapGN07kn--
Colombier IslandCAN 837- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 35.0' N058° 54.0' WMapGN07nn--
Boar Island (Burgeo)CAN 676Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 36.0' N057° 35.0' WMapGN17fo--
Rose BlancheCAN 668Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 36.0' N058° 42.0' WMapGN07po--
Bay Roberts/Green Point
Green Point/Bay Roberts, NF
CAN 659Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 37.0' N053° 11.0' WMapGN37jo--
Cape Ray, NewCAN 645- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 37.3' N059° 18.2' WMapGN07io-2
Cape Ray (Old)CAN 992Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 37.3' N059° 18.2' WMapGN07io--
Dawson Point (Hermitage Bay)CAN 838- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 38.0' N056° 9.0' WMapGN17wp--
Ireland Island (La Poile Bay)CAN 840Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 38.0' N058° 22.0' WMapGN07tp--
Bell IslandCAN 673Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 39.0' N052° 55.0' WMapGN37np--
Cape St. FrancisCAN 835- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 49.0' N052° 47.0' WMapGN37ot--
Hearts ContentCAN 543- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 53.0' N053° 23.0' WMapGN37hv--
Cape AnguilleCAN 651- -Newfoundland and Labrador47° 54.0' N059° 25.0' WMapGN07gv--
Hant's HarbourCAN 688Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador48° 1.0' N053° 15.0' WMapGN38ja--
Baccalieu Island SouthwestCAN 672- -Newfoundland and Labrador48° 6.0' N052° 49.0' WMapGN38oc--
Random HeadCAN 667- -Newfoundland and Labrador48° 6.0' N053° 33.0' WMapGN38fc--
Baccalieu Island NortheastCAN 671Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador48° 9.0' N052° 48.0' WMapGN38od--
Fort PointCAN 746Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador48° 22.0' N053° 21.0' WMapGN38hi--
Harbour Point/Sandy Point
Sandy Point/Harbour Point, NF
CAN 690- -Newfoundland and Labrador48° 27.0' N058° 29.0' WMapGN08sk--
Green Island (Catalina)CAN 687- -Newfoundland and Labrador48° 30.0' N053° 3.0' WMapGN38ll--
Manuel Island (Catalina)CAN 693- -Newfoundland and Labrador48° 31.0' N053° 4.0' WMapGN38lm--
King's Cove HeadCAN 662Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador48° 35.0' N053° 19.0' WMapGN38io--
Little Denier IslandCAN 663Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador48° 41.0' N053° 35.0' WMapGN38fq--
Cape BonavistaCAN 093Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador48° 42.0' N053° 5.0' WMapGN38lq--
Broad Cove Point Range RearCAN 834- -Newfoundland and Labrador48° 45.0' N058° 39.0' WMapGN08qs--
Broad Cove Point Range FrontCAN 833- -Newfoundland and Labrador48° 45.0' N058° 39.0' WMapGN08qs--
Frenchman's HeadCAN 839Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 3.0' N058° 10.0' WMapGN09vb--
Puffin IslandCAN 418- -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 4.0' N053° 33.0' WMapGN39fb--
South HeadCAN 751- -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 9.0' N058° 22.0' WMapGN09td--
Cabot IslandCAN 068Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 10.0' N053° 22.0' WMapGN39hd--
North Penguin IslandCAN 841Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 27.0' N053° 49.0' WMapGN39ck--
Woody PointCAN 703Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 30.0' N057° 55.0' WMapGN19bl--
Surgeon Cove PointCAN 490- -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 31.0' N055° 7.0' WMapGN29km--
Peckford IslandCAN 697- -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 32.0' N053° 51.0' WMapGN39bm--
Change IslandsCAN 836Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 34.0' N054° 25.0' WMapGN29sn--
Offer Wadham IslandCAN 696- -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 36.0' N053° 46.0' WMapGN39co--
Burnt PointCAN 677- -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 36.0' N054° 10.0' WMapGN29vo--
East End Long Island/Long Island East End
Long Island East End/East End Long Island, NF
CAN 682- -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 36.0' N055° 34.0' WMapGN29fo--
Lobster Cove Head (Bonnie Bay)CAN 646Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 36.0' N057° 57.0' WMapGN19ao--
Shoal Tickle/Tickle Point
Tickle Point/Shoal Tickle, NF
CAN 460- -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 39.0' N054° 46.0' WMapGN29op--
Bacalhao IslandCAN 647- -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 41.0' N054° 33.0' WMapGN29rq--
Long PointCAN 285- -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 41.0' N054° 48.0' WMapGN29oq--
Westport CoveCAN 702Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 47.0' N056° 37.0' WMapGN19qs--
Cow HeadCAN 680- -Newfoundland and Labrador49° 55.0' N057° 48.0' WMapGN19cv--
Gull Island (Cape St. John)CAN 660Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador50° 0.0' N055° 22.0' WMapGO20ha--
Keppel IslandCAN 661Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador50° 38.0' N057° 19.0' WMapGO10ip--
Pointe RICHECAN 666- -Newfoundland and Labrador50° 42.0' N057° 25.0' WMapGO10gq--
Conche/Silver Point
Silver Point/Conche, NF
CAN 749- -Newfoundland and Labrador50° 53.0' N055° 54.0' WMapGO20bv--
Ferolle Point/New Ferolle Peninsula
New Ferolle Peninsula/Ferolle Point, NF
CAN 655Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador51° 1.0' N057° 6.0' WMapGO11ka--
Flower's Cove/Flower's Island
Flower's Island/Flower's Cove, NF
CAN 657- -Newfoundland and Labrador51° 18.0' N056° 45.0' WMapGO11ph--
Fishing Point/Fox Point
Fox Point/Fishing Point, NF
CAN 684- -Newfoundland and Labrador51° 21.0' N055° 33.0' WMapGO21fi--
Pointe Amour (Labrador)CAN 665- -Newfoundland and Labrador51° 27.0' N056° 52.0' WMapGO11nk--
St. Modeste Island (Labrador)CAN 700- -Newfoundland and Labrador51° 36.0' N056° 41.0' WMapGO11po--
Cape BauldCAN 652- -Newfoundland and Labrador51° 38.0' N055° 26.0' WMapGO21gp--
Cape NormanCAN 679- -Newfoundland and Labrador51° 38.0' N055° 55.0' WMapGO21bp--
Belle Isle South End Upper (Labrador)CAN 675- -Newfoundland and Labrador51° 53.0' N055° 23.0' WMapGO21hv--
Belle Isle South End Lower (Labrador)CAN 747- -Newfoundland and Labrador51° 53.0' N055° 24.0' WMapGO21hv--
Belle Isle North End (Labrador)CAN 674- -Newfoundland and Labrador52° 1.0' N055° 17.0' WMapGO22ia--
Camp Islands (Labrador)CAN 678Hist -Newfoundland and Labrador52° 10.0' N055° 38.0' WMapGO22ed--
Double Island (Labrador)CAN 681- -Newfoundland and Labrador52° 15.0' N055° 33.0' WMapGO22fg--

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