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Great Captain IslandUSA 346Hist -Connecticut------
New Haven Long WharfUSA 1276Hist -Connecticut------
Essex Reef (Connecticut River)USA 1210Hist -Connecticut------
Stonington West BreakwaterUSA 1118Hist -Connecticut------
Hayden's Point (Connecticut River)USA 1117Hist -Connecticut------
Chester RockUSA 1116Hist -Connecticut------
New Haven Outer Breakwall/Sperry Light
Sperry Light/New Haven Outer Breakwall, CT H
USA 1009Hist -Connecticut------
Morgan PointUSA 514- -Connecticut------
Stonington HarborUSA 813- -Connecticut41° 19.7' N071° 54.3' WMapFN41bh-4
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 429Hist -Connecticut41° 18.0' N071° 56.0' WMapFN41ah--
Avery PointUSA 023- -Connecticut41° 18.9' N072° 3.8' WMapFN31xh-2
New London LedgeUSA 542- -Connecticut41° 18.4' N072° 4.6' WMapFN31xh-1
New London HarborUSA 541- -Connecticut41° 19.0' N072° 5.4' WMapFN31wh--
Saybrook Breakwater/Saybrook Outer
Saybrook Outer/Saybrook Breakwater, CT
USA 740- -Connecticut41° 15.8' N072° 20.6' WMapFN31tg-1
Lynde Point/Saybrook Inner
Saybrook Inner/Lynde Point, CT
USA 462- -Connecticut41° 16.3' N072° 20.6' WMapFN31tg-2
Falkner Island/Faulkners Island
Faulkners Island/Falkner Island, CT
USA 282- -Connecticut41° 13.0' N072° 39.0' WMapFN31qf--
Five Mile Point/New Haven Harbor
New Haven Harbor/Five Mile Point, CT
USA 539- -Connecticut41° 14.9' N072° 54.2' WMapFN31nf-2
New Haven Breakwater/Southwest Ledge
Southwest Ledge/New Haven Breakwater, CT
USA 778- -Connecticut41° 14.1' N072° 54.7' WMapFN31nf-2
Middleground/Stratford Shoal
Stratford Shoal/Middleground, CT
USA 1010- -Connecticut41° 4.0' N073° 6.0' WMapFN31kb-1
Stratford PointUSA 816- -Connecticut41° 9.1' N073° 6.2' WMapFN31kd-3
Bridgeport HarborUSA 086- -Connecticut41° 10.0' N073° 10.7' WMapFN31jd--
Penfield ReefUSA 590- -Connecticut41° 7.0' N073° 13.0' WMapFN31jc-1
Black Rock Harbor/Fayerweather Island
Fayerweather Island/Black Rock Harbor
USA 059- -Connecticut41° 9.0' N073° 13.0' WMapFN31jd-1
Pecks LedgeUSA 588- -Connecticut41° 5.0' N073° 22.0' WMapFN31hb--
Norwalk/Sheffield Island/Smith Island
Sheffield Island/Smith Island/Norwalk, CT H : Smith Island/Norwalk/Sheffield Island, CT H
USA 753Hist -Connecticut41° 3.0' N073° 24.0' WMapFN31hb-3
Greens Ledge/Greens Reef
Greens Reef/Greens Ledge, CT
USA 355- -Connecticut41° 2.5' N073° 26.6' WMapFN31ga--
Chatham Rocks/Ledge Obstruction/Stamford Harbor
Ledge Obstruction/Stamford Harbor/Chatham Rocks, CT : Stamford Harbor/Chatham Rocks/Ledge Obstruction, CT
USA 807- -Connecticut41° 0.8' N073° 32.5' WMapFN31fa--

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