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Southampton ShoalsUSA 777- -California------
Point KnoxUSA 1288- -California-----1
Point DiabloUSA 974Hist -California------
Rubicon Point (Lake Tahoe)USA 917Hist -California------
Carquinez StraitUSA 142Hist -California-----1
Sugar Pine Point (Lake Tahoe)USA 916Hist -California-----2
Table Bluff (Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum)
Table Bluff, CA H
USA 832MHist MuseumCalifornia------
St. George's ReefUSA 793- -California-----1
Oakland HarborUSA 560- -California------
Point BluntUSA 617- -California-----1
Point Stuart (San Francisco Bay)USA 1204Hist -California------
Roe IslandUSA 700Hist -California------
Ano Nuevo IslandUSA 017Hist -California------
Mare IslandUSA 475Hist -California------
Punta GordaUSA 679Hist -California------
Table BluffUSA 832HHist -California-----1
Point Loma (new)USA 626- -California32° 39.9' N117° 14.6' WMapDM12jp--
Point Loma (old)USA 627- -California32° 40.3' N117° 14.5' WMapDM12jq--
Ballast PointUSA 033Hist -California32° 41.2' N117° 14.0' WMapDM12jq--
San Diego Entrance Range RearUSA 1440- -California32° 42.5' N117° 14.0' WMapDM12jr--
Harbor Island
Tom Ham's Lighthouse
USA 1439- -California32° 43.5' N117° 12.8' WMapDM12jr--
Point Fermin - San PedroUSA 621- -California33° 42.0' N118° 18.0' WMapDM03uq-2
Long Beach/Robot Light (New)
Robot Light/Long Beach (New), CA
USA 447- -California33° 43.0' N118° 11.0' WMapDM03vr-1
Long Beach (Old)USA 1315Hist -California33° 43.0' N118° 11.0' WMapDM03vr--
Angel's Gate/Los Angeles Harbor/San Pedro Harbor
Los Angeles Harbor/San Pedro Harbor/Angel's Gate, CA : San Pedro Harbor/Angel's Gate/Los Angeles Harbor, CA
USA 014- -California33° 43.0' N118° 15.0' WMapDM03vr-2
Point VicenteUSA 640Hist -California33° 45.0' N118° 25.0' WMapDM03ss-2
No longer an ARLHS light
USA 1148- -California33° 46.0' N118° 12.0' WMapDM03vs--
Parker's/Shoreline Marina
Shoreline Marina/Parker's, CA
USA 1238Hist -California33° 46.0' N118° 12.0' WMapDM03vs-2
Anacapa IslandUSA 012- -California34° 1.0' N119° 22.0' WMapDM04ha-5
Point HuenemeUSA 623- -California34° 9.0' N119° 13.0' WMapDM04jd-1
Santa BarbaraUSA 736Hist -California34° 24.0' N119° 43.0' WMapDM04dj-1
Point ConceptionUSA 620- -California34° 27.0' N120° 28.0' WMapCM94sk--
Point ArguelloUSA 612Hist -California34° 35.0' N120° 39.0' WMapCM94qo--
Point San Luis/San Luis Obispo/Port Harford
Port Harford/Point San Luis/San Luis Obispo, CA : San Luis Obispo/Port Harford/Point San Luis, CA
USA 720- -California35° 10.0' N120° 46.0' WMapCM95oe--
Piedras BlancasUSA 598- -California35° 40.0' N121° 17.0' WMapCM95iq--
Point SurUSA 639- -California36° 18.0' N121° 54.0' WMapCM96bh--
Point PinosUSA 634- -California36° 38.0' N121° 56.0' WMapCM96ap-2
Mark Abbot Memorial/Santa Cruz (New)
Santa Cruz (New)/Mark Abbot Memorial, CA
USA 1000- -California36° 57.0' N122° 2.0' WMapCM86xw-1
Santa Cruz (Old)USA 737Hist -California36° 57.0' N122° 2.0' WMapCM86xw--
Santa Cruz West Breakwater/Walton Lighthouse
Walton Lighthouse/Santa Cruz West Breakwater, CA
USA 1001- -California36° 58.0' N122° 0.0' WMapCM86xx--
Pigeon PointUSA 599- -California37° 10.9' N122° 23.6' WMapCM87te-2
Point MontaraUSA 629Hist -California37° 32.0' N122° 31.0' WMapCM87rm--
Farallon IslandUSA 281- -California37° 42.0' N123° 0.0' WMapCM87lq-1
Mile RocksUSA 496Hist -California37° 47.6' N122° 30.6' WMapCM87rt--
Goat Island/Yerba Buena Island
Yerba Buena Island/Goat Island, CA
USA 908- -California37° 48.0' N122° 22.0' WMapCM87tt-1
Fort PointUSA 295- -California37° 48.6' N122° 28.6' WMapCM87st--
Point BonitaUSA 618Hist -California37° 49.0' N122° 31.8' WMapCM87rt--
Lime PointUSA 434- -California37° 49.5' N122° 28.7' WMapCM87st--
Alcatraz IslandUSA 003- -California37° 49.6' N122° 25.3' WMapCM87st-2
East Brother IslandUSA 258- -California37° 57.8' N122° 26.0' WMapCM87sx-3
Point ReyesUSA 636- -California37° 59.7' N123° 1.4' WMapCM87lx-3
Point ArenaUSA 611Hist -California38° 57.3' N123° 44.4' WMapCM88dw-5
Point CabrilloUSA 619Hist -California39° 20.9' N123° 49.6' WMapCM89ci-2
Cape Mendocino
Mal Coombs Park
USA 129M- MuseumCalifornia40° 1.3' N124° 4.2' WMapCN70xa--
Cape MendocinoUSA 129HHist -California40° 26.3' N124° 24.5' WMapCN70tk--
Humboldt HarborUSA 1108Hist -California40° 46.0' N124° 14.0' WMapCN70vs--
Trinidad HeadUSA 855- -California41° 3.0' N124° 9.0' WMapCN71wb-1
Battery Point/Crescent City
Crescent City/Battery Point, CA
USA 043- -California41° 44.6' N124° 12.2' WMapCN71vr--

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