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AssateagueUSA 021- -Virginia37° 54.7' N075° 21.4' WMapFM27hvNA-1395
Back RiverUSA 025Hist -Virginia37° 5.2' N076° 16.2' WMapFM17uc--
Bells RockUSA 051Hist -Virginia37° 29.0' N076° 45.0' WMapFM17pl-2
Bowlers RockUSA 074Hist -Virginia37° 49.5' N076° 44.0' WMapFM17pt-2
Cape Charles (1st)USA 1402Hist -Virginia37° 7.3' N075° 53.3' WMapFM27bcNA-083-
Cape Charles (2nd)USA 1059Hist -Virginia37° 7.2' N075° 53.5' WMapFM27bcNA-083-
Cape Charles (New)USA 109- -Virginia37° 7.4' N075° 54.4' WMapFM27bcNA-083-
Cape Henry (New)USA 121- -Virginia36° 55.6' N076° 0.4' WMapFM16xw-3
Cape Henry (Old)USA 122- -Virginia36° 55.5' N076° 0.5' WMapFM16xw-4
Cherrystone BarUSA 166Hist -Virginia37° 15.4' N076° 1.9' WMapFM17xg--
Chesapeake Light TowerUSA 168- -Virginia36° 54.6' N075° 42.6' WMapFM26dv--
Craney IslandUSA 202Hist -Virginia-----2
Deepwater ShoalsUSA 220Hist -Virginia-----2
Dutch Gap CanalUSA 1062Hist -Virginia-----2
Fort WoolUSA 1061- -Virginia36° 59.2' N076° 18.0' WMapFM16ux-3
Great Wicomico RiverUSA 351Hist -Virginia37° 48.3' N076° 16.1' WMapFM17ut-2
Hog IslandUSA 374Hist -Virginia------
Jones PointUSA 409- -Virginia38° 47.4' N077° 2.4' WMapFM18ls-10
Jordan PointUSA 995- -Virginia37° 18.8' N077° 13.4' WMapFM17jh-3
Killock ShoalUSA 422Hist -Virginia37° 56.8' N075° 22.6' WMapFM27hwNA-0831
Lambert PointUSA 427Hist -Virginia------
Lightship Portsmouth
Portsmouth Lightship, LV-10, VA
USA 663Hist -Virginia36° 50.2' N076° 17.8' WMapFM16uu-2
Nansemond RiverUSA 519Hist -Virginia------
New Point ComfortUSA 543- -Virginia37° 18.1' N076° 16.7' WMapFM17uh-4
Newport News Middle GroundUSA 549- -Virginia36° 56.7' N076° 23.5' WMapFM16tw-5
Old Plantation FlatsUSA 566Hist -Virginia37° 13.7' N076° 2.8' WMapFM17xf--
Old Point ComfortUSA 567- -Virginia37° 0.1' N076° 18.4' WMapFM17ua-6
Pages RockUSA 577Hist -Virginia37° 18.7' N076° 35.2' WMapFM17qh-3
Point of ShoalsUSA 632Hist -Virginia-----1
Pungoteague CreekUSA 678Hist -Virginia------
Rappahannock Shoal Channel South Range RearUSA 1060- -Virginia37° 29.5' N075° 57.9' WMapFM27al-1
Smith PointUSA 764- -Virginia37° 52.8' N076° 10.8' WMapFM17vv-2
Stingray PointUSA 812Hist -Virginia-----2
Tangier SoundUSA 834Hist -Virginia37° 47.3' N075° 58.4' WMapFM27asNA-083-
Thimble ShoalUSA 842- -Virginia37° 0.9' N076° 14.4' WMapFM17va-4
Tue MarshesUSA 856Hist -Virginia37° 14.1' N076° 23.1' WMapFM17tf--
Watts IslandUSA 873Hist -Virginia------
White ShoalUSA 996Hist -Virginia-----1
Windmill PointUSA 898Hist -Virginia37° 35.8' N076° 14.2' WMapFM17vo-2
Wolf TrapUSA 903- -Virginia37° 23.4' N076° 11.4' WMapFM17vj-3
York SpitUSA 909Hist -Virginia37° 12.6' N076° 15.3' WMapFM17uf--

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